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7 Agents Seeking Children's Books: Picture Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult

Here are seven literary agents actively building their client lists. All work with reputable literary agencies with solid track records. These agents are seeking children's literature, including picture books, middle grade, and young adult in all genres.

Always check the agency website and agent bio before submitting. Agents can switch agencies or close their lists.

You can find a full list of agents actively seeking new clients here: Agents Seeking Clients


Ms. Christy Ewers of The CAT Agency Inc.

Christy Ewers is the new owner and lead representative of the CAT agency. Christy has been working in the children's literature industry since her mother started the agency in 1994, and joined as an agent in 2013. Although Christy is not an artist herself, art has been a huge part of her life and career, even before joining the agency. With a degree in English/Journalism and over a decade of experience in various creative fields, Christy offers a different perspective to the agency, while maintaining the enthusiasm and love that her mother brings to the industry. She works closely with the entire “family” of artists, spearheading the promotion and deals for CAT Agency illustrators, as well as working alongside the authors in the group to help craft their stories and hone their writing for young readers.  

What she is seeking: Author illustrators, and children's book authors.

How to submit: Illustrators: please submit your artwork via email to by sending 4-6 jpegs of samples, a live link to your website and a short letter of introduction. Please send work that shows character development (animal and human), style, color and narrative story-telling. Author/Illustrators: please email a brief synopsis of your manuscript, along with several accompanying illustrations or samples of your artwork.


Ms. Kelsey Klosterman of Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency

Kelsey holds a certificate in publishing from the Columbia Publishing Course, and graduated from Emory University with high honors in English and creative writing.

What she is seeking: I’m an editorial-style agent looking primarily for young adult (YA) fiction, middle grade (MG) fiction, and graphic novels in the YA and MG spaces, though I'll take on a picture book if it's really something special! I’m also on the hunt for some good new adult (NA) fiction. My preferred areas for all the above age groups are fantasy of all types, contemporary fiction, magical realism, speculative fiction, and genre-benders. I’m open to suspense, thrillers, and mild horror in YA and MG spaces. In addition to authors, I’m also looking for illustrators

How to submit: Please send your submission to with “query” and the title of your book in the subject line. Include your query letter and the first one or two chapters pasted in the email—no attachments unless it’s an illustration sample, please! Include the word count, genre, target audience, your writing / publishing creds if applicable, whether you’ve had agent representation before, and whether the book is meant to be a standalone or part of a series.


Nicole Tugeau of Tugeau2, Inc.

Nicole Tugeau is the agent/owner behind the T2 Team. She is ecstatic about the ever-growing agency and committed to working happily for the network of illustrators surrounding her. What she enjoys most about being an Agent is the partnership-making, the relationships and of course the success stories.  Nicole's husband, Jeremy, is a long-time children’s illustrator. He continues to work as an artist and public school art teacher while maintaining some involvement with Tugeau 2, Inc. as a creative resource and promotional guru.

What she is seeking: Author illustrators, and children's book authors.

How to submit: Please send an email introducing yourself, along with five samples of your work and/or a link to your personal website.


Ms. Sharon Chudnow of InkWell Management

Sharon Chudnow moved from California to New York with her heart set on working in publishing and seeing a proper snowfall. After studying English and fine arts & design at Hofstra University, she spent time as an intern at New Leaf Literary and an assistant at Janklow & Nesbit Associates before joining InkWell Management. 

What she is seeking: She is drawn to the full gamut of children’s literature from picture books to YA, with special interest in SFF, contemporary fiction and the occasional creative nonfiction.

How to submit: Queries should be emailed to: submissions [at] inkwellmanagement [dot] com
In the body of your email, please include a query letter and a short writing sample (1-2 chapters). Emails with large attachments will be discarded.


Kortney Price of Corvisiero Literary Agency

After graduating with a B.A. in English from Greenville University in 2014, Kortney started out with her first agency internship. Since then she has interned with Andrea Hurst & Associates, Amphorae Publishing Group, and Inklings Literary Agency. She was an associate agent at Holloway Literary before finding her home with Corvisiero. 

What she is seeking: Kortney specializes in books for children. This includes picture books, early readers, chapter books, middle grade and young adult works. In middle grade Kortney is desperately looking for adventure and survival stories, mysteries, science fiction, historical, fantasy and contemporary novels. Graphic novels are one of her favorite mediums. 

How to Submit: Use the agency's online form HERE. Note: Only submit to one agent at Corvisiero. If you submit to Kortney, do not submit to Megan.


Ms. Megan Manzano of Corvisiero Literary Agency

Megan received a BA in English with a minor in philosophy. She considers herself to be a YA advocate, insisting these stories have a lot to offer and teen readers should be supported as much as possible. She has and continues to wear many hats in the publishing world: freelance editor, writer, assistant editor in New York, Pitchwars 2018 mentor, and now a Literary Agent Apprentice at Corvisiero Lit.

What she is seeking: Megan is on the hunt for the following in Upper Middle Grade and Young Adult:
  • Science Fiction: Literally everything. "Give me your end of the world disasters, your post-apocalyptic societies, your stories of survival, your stories set in space, time travel, your gripping futuristic worlds filled with robots. Give me virtual reality, AIs, and overall chaos."
  • Fantasy: "Give me a spin on classic fairytales, light fantasy, magical realism, your everyday societies with a spark of magic, and your gritty urban underground worlds. Got Fae? Hell yes. Got someone overthrowing a magical overlord? Even better."
  • Contemporary: "While I'm open to romance in contemporaries, I generally look for stories where romance isn't the main component. But do give me some darker contemporary with complex family dynamics or odd jobs or shadows lurking in a forest. I am also massively requesting quiet young adult stories – ie stories with more personal and character driven stakes."
How to submit: Use the agency's online submission form HERE. Note: Only submit to one agent at Corvisiero. If you submit to Megan, do not submit to Kortney.


Ms. Andrea Walker of Olswanger Literary

Andrea is a literary associate at Olswanger Literary. She first fell in love with books as a child, searching the dusty shelves of a flea market bookstore and has been on the hunt for her next great read ever since. Andrea has a Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Creative Writing, Finance, and Education and is currently pursuing her Masters. She got her start in publishing in 2016, interning for a literary agent and then a publisher before joining Olswanger Literary as a contracts intern. She has worked closely with literary agents and editors as an editorial intern reading queries, submissions, and providing editorial and contractual feedback.

What she is seeking: Picture books, MG and YA.

How to submit: Please send your Query with a brief synopsis of your work, bio, and first 10 pages to:

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