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Getting people to review your book can be an uphill battle - even if you have the backing of a publisher. If you have signed on with an established publishing house, ARCs of your book will be sent to Kirkus and other well-known review publications. (If you are self-publishing, these outlets will be less productive  - and very expensive.)

While traditional review publications are helpful for catching the eye of librarians and book stores, they do not necessarily result in reader reviews, which are important for online purchases.

Fortunately, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of bloggers who review books. I have listed below all of my blog posts that include resources for finding reviewers. (Click on the titles.)


Top 12 Sites for Finding Reviewers

Actually, this list now encompasses 20 of the best websites for finding reviewers. Once you get into these sites, you will find reviewers for every genre. Some sites contain lists of reviewers categorized by genre, which is enormously helpful. Other sites, like Goodreads, have a variety of groups, among which are reviewers.
These reviewers accept books that have been published by traditional (large or small) houses. While you may not think you need to line up reviewers if you have a publisher, the sad truth is that your publisher will do the bare minimum to solicit reviewers. It's up to you to find them. Even if you have self-published your book, this list will prove useful if you've published any short stories in literary magazines.

How to Get Reviews for Your Self-Published Book

This is a nice summary of all the ways self-published authors can find reviewers. It includes sites to find bloggers, paid review sites, as well as sites that do editorial and/or consumer reviews strictly for self-publishers.

Fantasy and Sci-fi Reviewers for Self-Published Authors

Here are 137 online book reviewers who accept self-published work in speculative fiction (scifi, fantasy, horror, paranormal). I've gleaned these bloggers/sites from Book Blogs, SFF websites, and various blogrolls, and have looked at each one of them personally to verify that they are up and running and are happy to accept requests from Indie writers.

High-Impact Paid Promotion for Indie Authors

I've listed the eight sites that will give you the most bang for your buck. This post also includes links to additional paid promotion sites, as well as helpful articles that analyze the different paid promotional strategies available to Indie authors.


  1. Over at Triskele Reviews, we accept submissions from authors and publishers. If the book meets the stipulations on the Policy page, we encourage the author/publisher to fill out the submission form on the front page of the blog.


  2. Triskele Reviews is listed on the post "Fantasy and Sci-fi Reviewers for Self-Published Authors" along with your contact information..

  3. I'm a Blogger and I love to review books! Visit my blog an check it out!

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