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Science Fiction and Fantasy are near and dear to my heart, which means I frequently write posts about these genres.

Below are all of my speculative fiction-related posts, including reviewers, agents, calls for submissions, publishing houses that take submissions directly from authors, and general news.

I've arranged them so that submission opportunities are towards the top. The rest are listed according to general usefulness.

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Top 5 Sites for Science Fiction Writers
If you write sci-fi, these sites will be invaluable to you.
Promoting Your Scifi or Fantasy Novel on Social Media
Top social media sites for promoting your science fiction and fantasy books.
10 Scifi and Fantasy Review Sites for Indie Authors
Here are ten great sites that publish reviews of self-published science fiction and fantasy books. All offer reviews for free, the only exception being RT Book Reviews. Some accept books for review, while others accept freelance reviews, in which case someone - not the author - would have to submit a review. The advantage of these sites is traffic. While there are hundreds of bloggers who review self-published books, review sites, with their multiple reviewers, offer more exposure.

Speculative Fiction Magazines Accepting Submissions
There are scores of magazines, ezines, and websites that publish sci-fi, horror, fantasy, dark fiction, steam punk, and any combination of spec plus non-spec genres you can think of (i.e. romance/time travel, horror/humor). You can find loads of them here.
Agents Looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers 
Here is a list of reputable agents who represent fantasy and/or science fiction novels. All of them are accepting queries as of this writing. (I update this list continually.)
Mega-List of Paying Markets for Horror, Dark Fiction and Poetry
In addition to horror and its many subgenres, many of the magazines on this long, long list also accept dark fiction, dark fantasy, and other genre crossovers that evoke a sinister mood.


6 Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts from Writers

Science Fiction Digital Imprints Accepting Manuscripts From Writers
Four established science fiction publishers accepting eBook manuscripts from authors.

4 Major Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts
One of these, ACE, appears to have changed its policy. But the other 3 are still open to submissions.

7 Graphic Novel Publishers Accepting Manuscripts Directly From Writers
Superheroes, dark heroes, imaginary lands - what better medium for visual artists? These publishers are looking for both artists and writers. No agent needed.

Horror falls into the speculative fiction genre. Most horror publishers are also open to dark sci-fi and dark fantasy.

7 Horror Publishers Accepting Manuscripts Directly from Writers - No Agent Required
Here are seven more horror publishers that want your work. No agent required.

Speculative Fiction Magazines Accepting Submissions
Mega-list of 200 SFF markets accepting submissions for stories, poems, art, reviews and articles. Pro, semi-pro, and token markets are included along with whether they accept simultaneous submissions and reprints.


Calls for Submissions - Speculative Fiction Anthologies
Eight publishers are putting out anthologies in 2015 and 2016. They are looking for sci-fi and fantasy short stories. All are paying markets. Deadlines are in spring 2015.


12 Agents Looking for Science Fiction - NOW

14 Agents Seeking Science Fiction

7 Agents Looking for Fantasy Writers

Agents Looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers
Here is a long list of reputable agents who represent fantasy and/or science fiction novels.

Agents Seeking Paranormal Romance Writers
A list of good solid agents looking to represent paranormal romance.


Fantasy and Sci-fi Reviewers  Accepting Self-Published Authors
A list of 146 online book reviewers who accept self-published work in speculative fiction (scifi, fantasy, horror, paranormal).


Hugo Awards "Broken"George R.R. Martin pronounces the Hugo Awards "broken" after two right-wing group attempt to jimmy the nominations.

Science Fiction &Fantasy Lead Juvenile Sales in 2014
It turns out that not only are young people reading more fiction than adults - they are reading science fiction.

Graphic Novel Market Rises to 10-Year High in 2014, Print Holds Strong
Building on its previous year's high of $870 million, 2014 saw an increase to $935 million in graphic novel sales, divided equally among digital and print.

Graphic Novel Sales Hit $870 Million in 2013
Not just for kids any more. Adults are buying "comics" in droves.

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