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Mega-List of Paying Markets for Horror, Dark Fiction and Poetry

Much like other genres of speculative fiction, horror enjoys a loyal, and possibly fixated, fan base. Horror isn't all blood and gore. The subgenres include everything from the mildly unsettling (like Twilight Zone), to splatterpunk (which is exactly what you think it is). Some of the genres accepted by horror magazines include: humorous horror, holiday horror, psychological horror, science fiction horror, slasher horror, supernatural horror, gothic horror, erotic horror, teen horror and, of course, anything with zombies, werewolves, vampires, or other malevolent creatures. Many of the magazines on this list also accept dark fiction, dark fantasy, and other genre crossovers that evoke a sinister mood.

Read the submission guidelines, and make sure to follow them carefully before submitting.

Many more paying markets, organized by topic and genre, can be found here: Paying Markets. You can find markets and submission calls specifically geared to dark fiction on Dark Markets.

Publication Payment Submission Guidelines Notes
Apex $.06 per word http://www.apex-magazine.com/submission-guidelines/ No simultaneous submissions
Nightmare $.06 per word https://johnjosephadams.moksha.io/publication
Accepts horror and dark fantasy

No simultaneous submissions
Red Sun $100 for stories; $150 for stories 15-17k; and $300 for serializations. For art and comics, $35 per piece of artwork; $100 for a cover https://redsunmagazine.submittable.com
No simultaneous submissions
Liquid Imagination $8 for short stories (1001 words up to 6000 words) and poems, and $3 for flash stories (up to 1000 words). A $2 bonus will be added for authors who accept payment via Paypal http://liquidimagination.silverpen.org/submission-guidelines/ Accepts horror and dark fantasy
Albedo $.06 per word http://www.albedo1.com/submission-guidelines/ No simultaneous submissions

See reading periods

Preferred length is between 2,500 and 8,000 words
Gothic.net Payment is negotiated http://www.gothic.net/submissions/

Online form
Length between 2,000 and 10,000 words
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 1.25 cents/Word (AUD) with a A$20 minimum per piece http://andromedaspaceways.com/
Accepts works up to 10,000 words in length. Submissions of up to 20,000 words are permitted from subscribers and from authors resident in Australia and New Zealand

AU$20 to $60 per 1000 words https://aurealis.com.au/submissions/

Submissions from Australian and New Zealand writers: 1 February – 30 September
Submissions from anyone anywhere: 1 August – 30
Accepts short stories between 2000 and 8000 words

Kaleidotrope $0.01/word http://www.kaleidotrope.net/guidelines/ Open to submissions Jan 1 - March 31

Also accepts poetry
Three-lobed Burning Eye $100 for short fiction, $30 for flash fiction http://www.3lobedmag.com/submissions.html No simultaneous submissions
Bete Noire $10 http://www.betenoiremagazine.com/
See submission periods
Hypnos $0.01/word http://radiumtownpress.com/guidelines.html Accepts weird fiction
Crimson Streets $0.01/word http://www.crimsonstreets.com/submission-guidelines/ Pulp fiction
Body Parts Magazine $10 for flash fiction, $20 for short stories http://www.bodypartsmagazine.com
See reading periods
Black Petals Horror/Science Fiction Magazine & Yellow Mama William Clark http://www.blackpetals.net/id4.html Bizarre tales and chilling poetry
Pseudopod $.06/word for original fiction, $100 flat rate for short story reprints, and $20 flat rate for flash fiction reprints (stories below 1500 words) http://pseudopod.org/submissions/ Podcast
Weirdbook  $5 per thousand words up to a maximum of $30  http://weirdbook-magazine.com/submissions/ See reading periods
Grinning Skull Press
0.025 cent/word
http://www.grinningskullpress.com/Submissions-Guidelines.html Novels, novellas, short stories
Wicked Words Quarterly $0.01 per word up to a maximum of $150 http://www.wickedwords.co.uk/submissions/ Flash fiction, short stories, novellas
Hungur $12
$5 for reprints
http://samsdot.com/guidelines/hungur/ Vampires
Bosley Gravel's Cavalcade of Terror $5 for feature story http://dreadfullittlepress.com/cavalcade/?page_id=2 Accepts reprints
Gathering Storm $25/story (2000 words max), $10/poem, $25/comic http://www.gatheringstormmagazine.com
See reading periods
Dreams and Nightmares $12 http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.com
Mostly poetry
Disturbed Digest $4 for original poems, $2 for reprints

$20 for original stories, $10 for reprints
http://albanlake.com/guidelines-disturbed/ Dark fantasy and horror short stories, poems, art, articles, reviews, and interviews
Electric Spec $20 http://www.electricspec.com/Submissions.html Macabre

See reading periods
Year's Best Hardcore Horror 1 cent/word http://www.redroompress.com/submission-guidelines/years-best-hardcore-horror/ See reading periods

Reprints only
Blood Bath Litzine £10 per 1,000 words for prose, and £10 per poem https://bloodbathlitzine.com/ See reading periods

Accepts poetry
Wolfpack Press $15 https://wolfpackpress.org/submission-guidelines/ See reading periods

"We crave the wild, weird, wonderful, and witty."

Accepts poetry
Transmundane Press Anthologies $10-20, depending on length, and author copies https://www.transmundanepress.com/
See submission periods

Themed issues
Thuggish Itch AU$5.00 for stories under 2000 words / AU$10.00 for anything above 2000 words http://www.gypsumsoundtales.com
See submission periods

Themed issues
Mad Scientist Journal 2 cents/word http://madscientistjournal.org/submissions/ See submission periods

Themed issues

Length: 500-8,000 words
Unnerving Magazine 1¢/word https://unnervingmagazine.submittable.com/submit Horror, dark science fiction (light), dark fantasy, crime, thriller, suspense, and dark literary
Martian Migraine Press 3 cents/word (CAD) http://martianmigrainepress.com/monstrous
See submission periods

Themed issues
Some submissions are paid, some not https://horroraddicts.wordpress.com/current-submission-calls/ HorrorAddicts.net is a podcast, blog, and publisher run by horror addicts, for horror addicts.
Don't Flinch Podcast $100 https://dontflinchpodcast.com/script-submissions/ Scripts 20 - 30 minutes in length
Underbelly Zine $10 https://underbellyzine.blogspot.com/p/what-we-want-extreme-horror.html Extreme Horror
Twelfth Planet Press Advance of US$300 and royalties of 40% of all monies received by the publisher http://www.twelfthplanetpress.com/news/advance-notice-novella-series Novellas between 17,000 and 40,000 words
Feed Your Monster £3.50 for original flash fiction and £6 for original short stories over 1000 words. For all reprints, £2.50 https://www.darkmarkets.com/search?updated-max=2017-12-20T10:00:00-08:00&max-results=5&start=40&by-date=false Monsters
Apparition Lit $0.01 per word ($10 minimum) https://www.apparitionlit.com/submission-guidelines/ Accepts poetry

See reading periods
Unfading Daydream $5 - $10 https://unfadingdaydream.wordpress.com
1,000 - 7,000 words

See reading periods
Solarcide $50 https://solarcide.com/solarcide/guidelines-update/ 1,000 - 3,000 words

See reading periods
Black Dandy $0.03 (NZD)/word https://blackdandy.co/submissions/ 2,500 - 5,000 words

See reading periods
Gallows Hill Fiction: up to $50; Poems: up to $15; Artwork: negotiable https://gallowshillmagazine.com/guidelines/ Fiction up to 9,000 words

Accepts poetry

Horror Bites 1/4 cent per word http://www.horrorbitesmagazine.com/submit.html See reading periods
Hinnom Magazine $30 for stories under 3,000 words

$55 for stories over 3,000 words
Up to 5,000 words

Horror, dark fantasy, dark scifi

See reading periods
The Wyrd $10 http://www.wyrdmagazine.com/submission-guidelines/ 1000 - 5000 words

Weird and Slipstream
Broadswords and Blasters $15 https://broadswordsandblasters.com/submissions/ Pulp fiction: westerns (Weird or otherwise); horror (Cosmic, Southern Gothic, visceral, and psychological)

Pulp Modern$10 https://pulp-modern.blogspot.com/ 2,000 - 3,500 words

See reading periods

"No subject is taboo"
The WiFiles $3 http://thewifiles.com/?page_id=8 1,000 - 5,000 words
Arsenika $60 USD for fiction and $30 USD for poetry http://arsenika.ink/submissions/ Poetry and fiction up to 1,000 words

See reading periods

"Not bound by genre"
Anathema $50 (CAD) for fiction and non-fiction http://www.anathemamag.com/submissions/ Any genre with speculative content

You must be a queer person of colour/Indigenous
/Aboriginal to submit to Anathema
Mithila $50 for short fiction, $10 for original poetry/essays
http://mithilareview.com/submission-guidelines/ 4,000 - 8,000 words

Flash, under 2,500

Accepts poetry
Robbed of Sleep $10 for short stories, $5 for flash fiction http://www.robbedofsleep.xyz/p/submissions.html 100-1,000 words, flash

Under 4,000 short stories

See reading periods
Helios 0.06/word micro fiction; 0.03/word for flash fiction, short stories, & serial stories; 0.25/line poetry + digital contributor copy http://heliosquarterly.com/index.php/submissions/ Gothic Horror, Punk, Weird Westerns

See reading periods

The Dark 6 cents/word for original fiction up to 6,000 words on publication for first world rights; and 1 cent/word for reprint fiction up to 6,000 words http://thedarkmagazine.com/submission
Horror and Dark Fantasy

2,000 – 6,000 words
Ink Stains Anthologies Flat fee of $5 for stories 4,999 words and under, $10 for stories 5,000-9,999 words and $15 for stories 10,000-15,000 http://www.darkalleypress.com/
3,000-20,0000 words

Dark fiction (including lit fic), Gothic fiction, Supernatural/
paranormal fiction, Horror, Steampunk, Black comedy, Dark fantasy
Gallery of Curiosities originals, 3 cents/word

reprints 1 cent/word
https://gallerycurious.com/fiction/ "Anachropunkish retro-vintage elements"

Magazine and podcast

length up to 7500 words

See reading periods

Aliterate 6 cents/word https://www.aliterate.org/submit/ See reading periods
Turn to Ash 1 cent/word Table Cell 3,000 to 5,000 words

See reading periods
Liminal Stories 6 cents/word http://liminalstoriesmag.com/submissions/ Up to 10,000 words

See reading periods
Allegory $15 http://www.allegoryezine.com/submissions See reading periods
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell

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51 Paying Markets for Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is shorter than the normal range of short stories, which are generally 3,000 words or more. The precise length remains somewhat elusive. Some literary journals ask for 2,000 words or less, others set maximum word counts in the hundreds. Each publication has its own style, its own format, and its own needs, so whether your 1,953-word short story qualifies as "flash" is entirely up to the editors.

Flash fiction is very popular. There are dozens of sites where you can read flash fiction on a daily basis. This is perfect for people who are commuting on a train, waiting to see a doctor, or have other brief, potentially interrupted periods of time to fill.

Below is a list of paying markets for flash fiction. I have included links to submission guidelines, payment information, and word counts where available. Make sure you follow their guidelines carefully. (Editors don't consider submissions that fail to follow guidelines.) None of these magazines charge submission fees.

For my excellent list of paying markets, nicely organized by genre and form, see Paying Markets.

Journal Submission Guidelines Payment Notes
Confrontation http://confrontationmagazine.org
more for commissioned work.
Reading period for all submissions: August 16 – April 15

500 words max
Contrary http://contrarymagazine.com
$20 Asks for rights "in perpetuity"
Fabula Argentea http://www.fabulaargentea.com/
$3 Accepts all genres
Flash Fiction Online http://flashfictiononline.com/main
$60; reprints $.02 (two cents)
per word
500 to 1000 words
Splickety http://splickety.com/submission-guidelines/ $0.02 per word Under 1,000 words
Every Day Fiction https://everydayfiction.com
$3 Up to1,000 words
Opossum  http://opossumlit.com/submissions/ $100 (?) Must be related to music
Page and Spine http://www.pagespineficshowcase.com
$0.01/word with a $20 minimum, microflash (up to 150 words) = $5, flash (up to 500 words) = $10, all submissions capped at $30 No simultaneous submissions, 6-month turnaround
The Quilliad https://thequilliad.wordpress.com
$13 Canadians only
Manawaker Studios http://www.manawaker.com/ffp-submissions/ $3 Flash fiction podcast

he ideal length is around 800 words, but stories as short as 250 or as long as 1500 may be considered
Craft https://www.craftliterary.com/submit/$100 Reprints accepted (no pay)
Baltimore Review http://baltimorereview.org/index.php
$40  You can submit up to 3 pieces of flash fiction

See submission periods
The Cafe Irreal http://cafeirreal.alicewhittenburg.com/ 1 cent/word Magical realism

2000 words max
Cicada https://cricketmag.submittable.com/
Up to 10 cents/word For teens
The Cincinnati Review https://www.cincinnatireview.com
$25/page 500 words maximum

Submit up to 3 pieces
Electric Lit https://electricliterature.com/submit-ebdd3b73083a $100 Electric Lit has short, infrequent submission periods
Odyssa https://odyssamagazine.com/submit/ $30 Travel themes

700-1500 words
Timeless Tales $20 Fairy tale re-tellings

Under 1,500 words preferred
Bayou Magazine https://bayoumagazine.org/submissions/ $25  Submission period September 1- May 1
Copper Nickel http://copper-nickel.org/submit/ $30/printed page Submission periods September 1 to December 15, January 15 to March 1
Winter Tangerine http://www.wintertangerine.com
$50 At least 200 words
Books 'N Pieces http://www.altpublish.com/writer-guidelines/ 5 cents/word 2,000 words max
Devilfish Review https://devilfishreview.com/submission-guidelines/ $10 Speculative fiction
Funny Times https://funnytimes.com/about/
$60 Humor

500-700 words
Futures http://blogs.nature.com/futureconditional/
$130 Science fiction

850 - 950 words
The Flash Reads https://www.flashfictionwriting.com/apply-to-write $50 if exclusive to the site No word counts
Pinball http://www.thisispinball.com/submit/ $15 Free submissions every other month
Perpetual Motion Machine http://perpetualpublishing.com
1 cent/word Dark fiction
Bards and Sages Quarterly https://www.bardsandsages.com/contact_us/
$10 Up to 500 words

Speculative fiction
PseudoPod http://pseudopod.org/submissions/ $20 Horror

THEMA http://themaliterarysociety.com
$10 Accepts reprints

Each issue has a theme
Banshee http://bansheelit.tumblr.com/
"Small" Up to 1000 words

See submission periods

Daily Science Fiction http://dailysciencefiction.com/submit 8 cents/word Speculative fiction only

100 - 1000 words
Bloodbond http://albanlake.com/bloodbond/ $8 1200 words max
The Puritan http://puritan-magazine.com/submissions/ $75 See submission periods

Submissions are free on a limited basis
Nanoism http://nanoism.net/submit/ $1.50 for stories and a flat $5 for serials Tweets

140 character limit
Disturbed Digest http://albanlake.com/guidelines-disturbed/ $8 Dark fantasy and horror

1,200 words max
Gathering Storm https://www.gatheringstormmagazine.com
$25 Themed issues, see submission periods

Speculative fiction

2,000 words max
Grievous Angel http://www.grievousangel.org/ 6 US cents per word Science Fiction, Fantasy, and related speculative fiction sub-genres, including Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Horror, Mythos, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Magical Realism, as well Humour/Satire riffs on these genres
750 words max
LampLight http://lamplightmagazine.com/submissions/
Unpublished Fiction: 3¢ per word, $150.00 max
Reprints: 1¢ per word
Dark fiction
New Myths https://sites.google.com/a/newmyths.com
1.5 cents/word with a minimum payment of $30 Speculative fiction (no horror)

Reading periods June 1-July 31 and from January 1-February 28
Body Parts http://www.bodypartsmagazine.com
$5 Horror

Themed issues, see reading periods

1,000 words or fewer
Perpetual Motion Machine http://perpetualpublishing.com/2014
$25 Horror, science fiction, crime, and noir

1,000 words max
Mad Scientist Journal http://madscientistjournal.org/submissions/ $10.00 original, $5.00 reprint Speculative fiction

Themed issues, see reading periods

500-2,000 words: 
Three-lobed Burning Eye http://www.3lobedmag.com/
$30 for flash fiction Horror and dark fantasy, magical realism, slipstream, cross genre, or weird fiction
Feed Your Monster https://www.feedyourmonster.eu
£3.50 for original flash fiction. For all reprints, £2.50 Horror
Hinnom Magazine https://gehennaandhinnom.wordpress.com
$30 for stories under 3,000 words Horror, dark fantasy, dark scifi

See reading periods
Arsenika http://arsenika.ink/submissions/ $60 USD for fiction and $30 USD for poetry Not bound by genre

See reading periods

Up to 1,000 words
Mithila http://mithilareview.com/submission-guidelines/ $10 Under 2,500 words

Speculative fiction
Robbed of Sleep http://www.robbedofsleep.xyz/p/submissions
$5 Horror

100-1,000 words
Helios http://heliosquarterly.com/index.php
0.06/word micro fiction; 0.03/word for flash fiction Micro fiction 100 words

Flash fiction 500-1000 words

Dieselpunk, Solarpunk, Arcanepunk, Weird Westerns, Cyberpunk, Magic Realism, Gothic Horror, Retrofuturism, Afrofuturism, and other lesser known sub-genres

See reading periods
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

3 New Literary Agents Actively Seeking Memoir, Kidlit, Adult Fiction & more

Here are three agents seeking to expand their client lists. Leslie Zampetti is interested in middle grade and young adult novels, especially mystery and contemporary. For adult fiction, Leslie is interested in literary mysteries, upmarket romance and women’s fiction, and historical fiction from lesser-known eras and places. For nonfiction, Leslie finds narrative nonfiction that straddles the boundaries between crime, memoir, and literature especially appealing. Dara Kaye represents nonfiction only. Léonicka Valcius is seeking under-represented voices in picture books, MG and YA, nonfiction, and adult fiction.

Be sure to check the agency website before submitting. Agents can switch agencies or close their lists, and submissions requirements may change.

If these agents don't suit your needs, you can find a comprehensive list of new and established agents expanding their lists here: Agents Seeking Clients.


Leslie Zampetti of Dunham Literary, Inc.

Leslie graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in English and has a Master’s of Library and Information Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. A former librarian with over 20 years’ experience in special, public, and school libraries, Leslie has cataloged rocket launch videos and Lego rocket ship models, presented SEC documents and story times, and negotiated with organizations from Lexis-Nexis to the PTA. Her experience as a librarian has given her a distinct perspective on publishing and readers. A writer herself, Leslie is very familiar with querying from both sides of the desk.

What she is seeking: For children’s books, Leslie seeks middle grade and young adult novels, especially mystery and contemporary. Historical fiction set in the recent past, novels in verse, and off-the-beaten path romances are on her wish list. For picture books, Leslie wants unusual true tales, biographies of unsung heroes and heroines, or stories that show everyday diversity to mirror under-represented readers and open windows to others. She is drawn to books about Florida, baseball, and kids with book smarts and big hearts.
For adult fiction, Leslie is interested in literary mysteries, upmarket romance and women’s fiction, and historical fiction from lesser-known eras and places. For nonfiction, Leslie finds narrative nonfiction that straddles the boundaries between crime, memoir, and literature especially appealing. An armchair adventurer, Leslie enjoys experiencing wild places and extreme challenges from the comfort of her chair.

How to submit: Paste the query letter and the first five pages in the body of your email and send to query(at)dunhamlit(dot)com. No attachments. This agency shares, so only send to one agent.


Dara Kaye of Ross Yoon Literary Agency

Before joining Ross Yoon, Dara spent two years in South Korea on a Fulbright fellowship, where she taught English, researched the history of Shakespeare in Korea, and mastered the art of making baked goods in a rice cooker. Dara holds a BA in English Language & Literature from Smith College and an MA in Renaissance literature from University College London. She lives in Foggy Bottom and also on Twitter at @darakaye

What she is seeking: Adult nonfiction, from memoir and history to biography, humor, and popular science.

How to submit: Send one of the following: query letter briefly explaining your idea, media platform, and qualifications for writing on this topic or a complete book proposal featuring an overview of your idea, author bio, media and marketing strategy, chapter outline, and 1-3 sample chapters. Please send these as attachments in .doc or .docx format to submissions@rossyoon.com.


Léonicka Valcius of Transatlantic Agency (Canada)

"I am eager to work with people of color, including (but not limited to) trans people, disabled people, religious minorities, and queer folks.

In Adult and Young Adult fiction, I like fun commercial fiction, romance that ranges from sweet to steamy, otherworldly fantasy, and sweeping historical fiction. I do not represent mysteries or thrillers.

In Adult non-fiction, I like narrative non-fiction that explains complex issues through the lens of a personal story. I am also seeking books that straddle the self-help/lifestyle line and the self-help/business line.

For Middle Grade and younger, I love humour, adventure, and make believe. I also enjoy stories about children navigating their changing relationships with family and friends. I strongly prefer books with at least 1 human character."

How to submit: Please send your query by email only to leonicka@transatlanticagency.com. Include a query letter, bio, synopsis, and a 20 page excerpt. If you are comfortable, please include your social and cultural identities in your bio, especially if you self-identify as a person of color and/or part of another underrepresented group.

If you are are submitting a non-fiction proposal, please include information about your expertise and platform, as well as a detailed table of contents. If you are submitting a picture book, please send the complete manuscript. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

11 Paying Markets for Pet-Loving Writers

If you are a writer who owns a pet, you can write about the experience. Most pet magazines are looking for nonfiction articles. But even if you are a fiction writer, there is room for creative writing. Many magazines explore the history of domestic pets, as well as other topical aspects of pet ownership.

What they are looking for:

Pet care: All pet magazines welcome articles on how to care for animals. Keeping pets healthy and happy is one of the primary concerns of pet owners.

Products: Which types of products do you use for your pet? Which are better avoided? Equipment articles are especially relevant to horse owners.

Activities: Taking your dog for a walk is rather mundane, but what if your pet's activity involves providing comfort to people who are bereaved? Even a simple aquarium can provide a feeling of peace and tranquility. Activities that promote a positive view of pets are strongly encouraged by magazine editors.

Profiles: Owners of  animals that have pedigrees are particularly interested in breed profiles. But any article that relates to specific sub-types is sought after: Dogs that don't shed (for people with allergies), fish that like small spaces (for dorm rooms, and children), cats that can be herded (that's a joke).

As with all freelance articles, make sure you perfect your pitch. Most magazine editors don't accept freelance articles on spec, but even those who do like a good, solid pitch.

Related articles: 13 Outdoor and Environmental Magazines that Pay Writers

Freelancing: Getting Paid to Write Nonfiction Articles


Your Pet Space posts cover a variety of needs—such as which books and products are especially helpful, profiles of pet breeds and organizations. They also love espousing causes for companion animals.Your Pet Space needs content from many writers to be able to give a wide range of perspectives on a variety of pets and pet subjects. They also encourage submissions from nonprofit organizations and pet vendors about their work and products. Payment: They pay $20 per article, upon publication, for each article that meets all of their submission guidelines. 

Nashville Paw magazine is Middle Tennessee's community pet magazine. It reaches an audience of 50,000+ pet lovers each issue in print and online. Print circulation is 16,000+ per issue. "While we look for intelligent, thoughtful articles that are well-researched and well-constructed, we also appreciate the humor and sarcasm that often comes through in the voice of many of our writers." Send a brief query letter outlining your topic, as well as possible interview contacts, any available hi-res images (300dpi saved as jpg files), sidebar ideas and any other relevant information. Payment is negotiated.

Dogs - Woof!

The Bark, a magazine about life with dogs, has a circulation of 250,000 readers. The magazine publishes essays and fiction, as well as a few short poems. They also publish book reviews. Reprints are accepted. Payment: Payment is upon publication; compensation varies according to complexity and length of article and is individually negotiated. Who Pays Writers lists a payment of 67 cents/word.

BlogPaws is "an inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media. We connect brands with pet parents and pet parents with each other." Send a brief, compelling pitch rather than a complete post. Payment: $75 per accepted post.

Dogster publishes opinion, editorials, columns and essays about dogs. Please send your query, background and link to writing samples via their online form. They will contact you only if they are interested in discussing your query. Payment: Who Pays Writers lists a payment of 3 cents/word.

Cats - Meow!

Catster publishes opinion, editorials, columns and essays about cats. Please send your query, background and link to writing samples via their online form. They will contact you only if they are interested in discussing your query. Payment: Who Pays Writers lists flat fees of $50 - $75 for news and opinion articles.

Horses - Neigh!

The Chronicle of the Horse is a national weekly magazine with approximately 16,000 subscribers. The magazine focuses primarily on dressage, hunters and jumpers, events, foxhunting and steeplechase racing. In addition to reporting sport horse news, we feature articles on horse care and profiles of prominent horse people. They occasionally accept humor, human interest and historical articles. No poetry, please. Send query first. Payment: $150 - $400.

Horse Network covers all facets—big and small—of the horse community, from news, to opinion, to satire. 500-750 words is a sweet spot for posts. Payment: They pay for original, published content on Horse Network. In addition to regular article fees, contributing authors have the chance to earn social share bonuses for their stories.

Horse Illustrated is looking for informative, in-depth, upbeat articles (limited to 2,000 words) that will help readers better care for and enjoy their horses. They may be about such topics as training (for both horse and rider), management or horse-related activities. Payment: Articles are paid upon publication. Rates of payment are based on quality, not length. Articles accompanied by high-quality photographs earn the highest rates.

Reptiles - Hiss!

Reptiles is a bimonthly magazine that caters to reptile and amphibian hobbyists at all levels of experience, from beginner to veteran. Publishes nonfiction only. Query via email before submitting. Article queries for new, original articles should be emailed to reptiles@pet360.com. No reprints. Payment: $300 is the usual payment for a 2,000 to 2,500-word article with photos. Payment is made in U.S. dollars no later than 90 days upon publication.

Fish - Glug!

Tropical Fish Magazine

Tropical Fish Magazine is all about the fascinating world of aquariums. It covers freshwater and  saltwater as well as aquatic plants, and any matter pertaining to fishkeeping. Their guidelines are very specific so follow them carefully. Nonfiction articles only. Photos required for most articles. Payment: Not specified. They do not pay by the word.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

6 New Agents Seeking Fiction, YA, Romance, Biography, SciFi/Fantasy and more

Here are six new agents seeking to expand their client lists. Cara Bellucci is looking to acquire women’s fiction, with a particular interest in novels with good food and women who save themselves. She is also interested in literary fiction about the African diaspora and immigrant experiences, domestic thrillers, and historical fiction, especially twentieth century stories that are not about the world wars.

David Laurell is looking for adult fiction and nonfiction.

Ann Rose is looking for MG and YA in all genres, romance, and light scifi-fantasy.

Madison Smartt Bell is seeking literary fiction, noir, criminal procedurals, and work from the Caribbean basin and other diasporas.

Jaidree Braddix is interested in both serious non-fiction and buzz-worthy topics that can make a big media splash. She is particularly interested in food, health, personal development, current events, and big ideas with the potential to influence the national conversation.

Alyssa Taylor is seeking stories from a diverse range of settings and characters. For non-fiction, she is interested in the subjects of psychology, sociology, the natural world, health, and fitness.

Before you send your query, make sure to check the agency's website. Agents may switch agencies or close their lists, and submission requirements can change.

If these agents don't suit your needs, you can find a comprehensive list of agents expanding their client lists here: Agents Seeking Clients.


Jaidree Braddix of Sterling Literistic

Born and raised on Maui, Hawaii, Jaidree holds an MS in Publishing from Pace University and a BA in Journalism from the University of Northern Colorado. She now lives in Brooklyn. She is committed to helping authors turn their assets—be they exciting ideas, popular blogs, academic studies, or Instagram followings—into compelling proposals and noteworthy books.

What she is seeking: Jaidree is interested in both serious non-fiction and buzz-worthy topics that can make a big media splash. Formerly a publicist at an independent press, Jaidree is always on the lookout for projects with a “newsy” hook. She works closely with Celeste Fine and is particularly interested in food, health, personal development, current events, and big ideas with the potential to influence the national conversation. 

How to submit: Please submit using the agency's online form HERE.


David Laurell of Jennifer DeChiara Agency

David Laurell, who first negotiated the sale of a photograph and story to a Brooklyn, N.Y. newspaper when he was just 10 years old, came to The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency following an extensive career as a television writer/producer, newspaper and magazine journalist, and ghostwriter. He also served as a contributing editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief for Sports Market Report, Pop Culture Memories and Memorabilia, Autograph, and Life After 50 magazines, where he saw the publishing hopes and dreams of hundreds of writers realized. David joyously embraces the writers he works with as partners. More than just a literary agent, he is a mentor, sounding board, advocate, cheerleader, and fiduciary.

What he is looking for: Adult Nonfiction: "I'm most interested in celebrity biographies and autobiographies and all genres of popular culture, entertainment, broadcasting, professional sports, and politics from any era. I am also open to fresh takes on unique collectors and collections, and compelling stories of motivation, inspiration, faith, positive aging, and self-improvement."

Adult Fiction: "I am always on the lookout for unique and well-plotted stories about nontraditional, unconventional, and extraordinary families or individuals that are infused with passion, irony, sarcasm, intelligence, insight, kindness, hope, inspiration, and humor. I love richly presented quirky characters that brim with unforgettable personalities. Think Being There, The World According to Garp, Postcards from the Edge, Running with Scissors, Forrest Gump, and the play/film August: Osage County."

How to submit:  Please email a one-page query letter that includes a brief synopsis of your book, your bio or resume, contact information, and the first two chapters or 20 pages of your manuscript. Email to dclaurell@gmail.com with "Query" and your submission’s title in the subject line.

Cara Bellucci of Don Congdon Literary Agency

Cara got her start in publishing as an intern at the Jane Rotrosen Agency and joined Don Congdon Associates as an assistant in 2014. 

What she is seeking: Cara is now looking to acquire women’s fiction, with a particular interest in novels with good food and women who save themselves. She is also interested in literary fiction about the African diaspora and immigrant experiences, domestic thrillers, and historical fiction, especially twentieth century stories that are not about the world wars. Regardless of genre, any stories that have a hint of magic, families that are big, happy, and complicated, or female characters with jobs we see on the page always find a way to the top of her reading pile.

How to submit: Send query and first chapter to dca@doncongdon.com. Include the word “Query” and the agent’s full name in your subject heading. No attachments.


Ann Rose of  Prospect Agency

"I'm a California native who now resides in Texas after a stint in Florida. Each place has its pros and cons, but I can say that I left my heart in San Diego and dream of going back one day (although that will probably never happen). My degree is in Communication from San Diego State University, and my resume holds a gamut of jobs from Life Guard to Business Systems Analyst/Portfolio Manager, but books have always been my passion. I'm excited to finally merge my love of literature with my past professional experiences as a literary agent with Prospect. It is my honor to help authors build successful, sustainable careers."

What she is looking for: YA of all genres; MG of all genres, especially ones that push the boundaries of middle grade; Swoony romances; Light sci-fi or fantasy; Commercial fiction; Heartwarming (or heart wrenching) contemporaries. "I'm always looking for unique voices, diverse perspectives, vivid settings, and stories that explore tough topics. Give me your dark and edgy stories with unlikeable characters."

How to submit: Send a query letter, three chapters and a brief synopsis using the submission form here.


Madison Smartt Bell of Ayesha Pande

Madison Smartt Bell is the author of twelve novels. Bell has also published three collections of short stories. Born and raised in Tennessee, he has lived in New York, Paris and London. A graduate of Princeton University and the Hollins College graduate creative writing program, he has taught in many other writing programs, including Goucher College, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars. 

What he is seeking: He is interested in literary fiction, noir, criminal procedurals, work from the Caribbean basin and other diasporas, and anything genuinely original and fresh.

How to submit: Please query using the form on the website HERE.


Alyssa Taylor of Fletcher and Co.

Alyssa grew up in California and Massachusetts and graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in English and a minor in French. Before joining Fletcher & Company she worked at The New England Review and United Talent Agency.

What she is looking for: In fiction, stories from a diverse range of settings and characters. For non-fiction, she is interested in the subjects of psychology, sociology, the natural world, health, and fitness. She is not interested in crime thrillers, horror, travel, business, and political non-fiction.

How to submit: To query, please send a letter, brief synopsis. and the first 5-10 pages of the manuscript/proposal pasted into the body of the email to info@fletcherandco.com. Please do not include email attachments with your initial query, as they will be deleted.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

47 Calls for Submissions in May 2018 - Paying Markets

Public domain image
There are more than three dozen calls for submissions in May. Every genre and form is wanted, from speculative fiction to fairy tales and from novel excerpts to essays.

All of these markets pay, and none require submission fees.

For more paying markets you can find a list, organized by genre and subject matter here: Paying Markets.

Happy submitting!

Hashtag Queer. Genre: Fiction and nonfiction up to 7,500 words, poetry up to 5 pages and scripts for the stage and screen up to 10 pages. Payment: $5 per printed page. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

The FantasistGenre: Steam Punk. Length: Stories must be at least 15,000 words and at most 50,000. Payment: $100. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Mud Season ReviewGenre: Fiction up to 7,000 words, poetry. Payment: $50. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Carte BlancheGenres: Fiction, poetry, CNF, art, photography. Payment: Modest. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Midnight Hour: Vols 1&2. Genre: Supernatural horror (monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, etc.), Neo-noire (murder, conspiracy, mystery), Urban settings (not a must, but it catches our attention), Speculative Fiction (dark dystopian themes), Cyberpunk themes. Payment: 2 cents per word up to 8K words. Deadline: May 1, 2018. Reprints accepted.

Midnight Hour: Midnight Before Christmas. "There's no doubt that the Holidays are the most magical time of year, but that doesn't mean dark happenings aren't lurking beneath your Christmas tree as well." Genre: Supernatural horror (monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, etc.), Neo-noire (murder, conspiracy, mystery), Urban settings (not a must, but it catches our attention), Speculative Fiction (dark dystopian themes), Cyberpunk themes. Payment: 2 cents per word up to 8K words. Deadline: May 1, 2018. Reprints accepted.

Visions. Genre: Speculative fiction on theme of "Home." Payment: 4 to 5p (~6¢) per word. The final fee will be decided together with the author. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Lethe Press: The DecadentsGenre: Gay male short stories. Stories should be set during the 18th or 19th century. Payment: Payment for reprints is 1.5 cents per word. Payment for original fiction is 5 cents a word. Deadline: May 2018 (no date).

Havok: Rampage! Monsters vs. RobotsGenre: Speculative fiction. Length: Story should be between 300 and 1,000 words long. Sub-genres: Giant robots, giant monsters, giant giants, Kaiju. From Transformers to King Kong, from Voltron to Godzilla, these are classics of the sci-fi genre. In this issue, we’re looking for a twist on the classic monsters vs. robots trope. Whether they’re duking it out over territory, bumbling and making things worse for the humans they’re trying to save, or are well-meaning but unable to control their own power and rage, these creatures need to tear up the pages and make us cower in fear from the destruction they leave in their wake. Who saves the world better? Let the games begin. Payment: 2 cents/word. Deadline: May 4, 2018.

Pulp Modern. Genre: Crime, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and westerns. Absolutely NO SUBJECT is taboo. Payment: $10. Deadline: May 10, 2018.

Sword & Sorceress. Genre: Fantasy "sword and sorcery" stories with a strong female protagonist. Length: up to 9,000 words, with preference given to shorter stories. Payment: 6 cents per word as an advance against a pro rata share of royalties and foreign or other sales. Deadline: May 13, 2018.

Spider MagazineGenres: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, activities, crafts, and recipes for children on theme of Inventions. "We are looking for LGBTQAI+ inclusive fiction, poetry, and non-fiction manuscripts. We would like to see warm family stories, an entire story without gender pronouns, children with different gender expressions, and gentle realistic or metaphorical coming out stories. We are especially interested in matter-of-fact stories where being different isn’t the heart of the story, but part of the character’s identity." Payment: Stories and articles: up to 25¢ per word, Poems: up to $3.00 per line; $25.00 minimum, Activities and recipes: $75.00 flat rate. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Tor.com. Genre: Science fiction and fantasy novellas, 20,000 - 40,000 words. Payment: Advance against royalties. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Tesseracts Twenty-twoRestrictions: Canadians only. Genre: Speculative fiction on the theme of Alchemy and Artifacts. Payment: Payment for short stories is prorated as follows: $50 for stories up to 1,500 words, rising to a maximum of $150 for stories up to 5,000 words. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Bennington ReviewGenre: Prose and poetry. Payment: $100-$200 for prose, $20 per poem. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Alaska Quarterly Review. Genre: Fiction, short plays, poetry, photo essays, and literary non-fiction in traditional and experimental styles. Payment: $50-$200 for prose; $10-$50 for poetry. Deadline: May 15, 2018. Snail mail submissions only.

Cast of Wonders PodcastGenre: Speculative fiction for teens. Length: 3,000 words max.  Theme: Banned Books Week, an annual international event celebrating the freedom to read and raising awareness of the immense social value of free and open access to information. Payment: 6 cents/word. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Broadswords and Blasters. Genre: Pulp fiction: sword and sorcery; westerns (Weird or otherwise); horror (Cosmic, Southern Gothic, visceral, and psychological); detective tales; two-fisted action; retro science fiction. Payment: $15 + digital contributor copy. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

CricketGenres: Middle Grade (9 - 14) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, recipes, and activities on theme of Endless Summer. Payment: Fiction: up to 10¢ per word, Nonfiction: up to 25¢ per word, Poems: up to $3.00 per line; $25.00 minimum. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Hinnom Magazine. Genre: Horror, dark fiction. Payment$30 for stories under 3,000 words, $55 for stories over 3,000 words. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

AugurGenre: Reprints of flash and/or short stories. "We’re looking for dream-touched realism, slipstream, fabulism, magical realism." Payment: $20 for short stories, $10 for flash fiction. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space): A Pirate Anthology. Genre: Pirate stories. "We’re looking for stories about pirates who sailed the Caribbean under the Jolly Roger, Barbary Corsairs, pirates in the China Sea, pirates in the Irish Sea, pirates in the ancient Mediterranean, pirates in outer space, pirates in fantastical settings, you name it." Payment: $100, $50 for reprints. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale MagazineGenre: Fairy tale on theme of "Summer." Length: 1, 500 words. Payment: Story $20. US dollars only. Deadline: May 20, 2018.

Griffith Review 62: Novella Project VI (Australia). Genres: Novella and CNF. "We are open to fiction and long-form creative non-fiction that explore individuals, social movements, particular moments or notable episodes in the struggle towards equality. We’re looking for novellas, memoirs, biography or reportage that bring to life issues, and the stories around them, in the national narrative. They can be historical or contemporary, small scale or global, personal or philosophical, but which illustrate and bring to life the realities of political struggle in its many forms across the nation." Payment: Rates vary. Deadline: May 21, 2018.

Every Day Fiction. Genre: Flash fiction, 1000 words max. Payment: $3. Deadline: May 27, 2018.

Pedestal MagazineGenre: Poems. Payment: $40 for each poem accepted. Deadline: May 27, 2018.

Kweli Journal. "Kweli is the first online journal of its kind to celebrate community and cultural kinships. In this shared space, you will hear the lived experience of people of color. Our many stories. Our shared histories. Our creative play with language. Here our memories are wrapped inside the music of the Muscogee, the blues songs of the South, the clipped patois of the Caribbean." Genre: Self-contained novel excerpt, short story, or creative non-fiction piece, poetry. Length: No more than 7,000 words. Payment: "upon publication." Deadline: May 30, 2018.

The Wyrd. Genre: Stories that come with a heavy dose of the uncanny, the strange, and blend literary, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror tropes. Payment: $10. Deadline: May 30, 2018.

Blood in the Rain. Genre: Vampire erotica. Length: 2,500-7,000 words. Payment: $75, one print copy to US authors, e-book to all. Deadline: May 30, 2018.

ArcGenre: Poetry. Payment: $50 per page for poetry or prose published in the magazine. $50 per webpage for online reprints on the website. $50 per column for How Poems Work. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Beyond the Infinite - Tales from the Outer ReachesGenre: Dark Fiction. Payment: $50 AUD for a story, as well as a copy of the book in paperback form.  Deadline: "End of May."

Baltimore ReviewGenre: Fiction, poetry, CNF. Payment: $40 per piece. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

One StoryGenre: Literary Fiction. Length: Between 3,000 and 8,000 words. Payment: $500. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Goliad ReviewGenres: Fiction, poetry, and essays. Payment: $25 per poem, up to 5 poems. For short fiction and essays, $15 per page (up to 20 pages). Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Contemporary Verse 2Genre: Poetry and critical writing about poetry, including interviews, articles, essays, and reviews. Length: Varies. Payment: Poetry: $30 per poem; Interviews: $50-$100, depending upon length; Articles: $50-$100, depending upon length; Essays: $40-$150, depending upon length; Reviews: $20-$75, depending upon length. Deadline: May 31, 2018. No simultaneous submissions.

The Gettysburg ReviewGenre: Poetry, fiction, essays. Payment: $2.00 per line for poetry and $15 per printed page for prose. Published authors also receive a copy of the issue containing their work and a one-year subscription. Deadline: May 31, 2017. (Charges small fee for online submissions. No fee for snail mail.)

AgniGenre: Poetry, short stories, essays, stand-alone novel excerpts. Payment: $20 per page for prose and $40 per page for poetry, with a $300 maximum. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Grain MagazineGenre: Poetry, short stories, literary non-fiction. Payment: $50 per page to a maximum of $250, plus 3 copies of the issue. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

ZYZZYVAPayment: Token to semi-pro. Deadline: May 31, 2018. Snail mail submissions only.

Nashville Review. "Nashville Review seeks to publish the best work we can get our hands on, period. From expansive to minimalist, narrative to lyric, epiphanic to subtle—if it’s a moving work of art, we want it." Genre: Short stories and poems. Payment: $100/story, $25/poem. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Antioch ReviewGenre: Nonfiction articles and some fiction geared to an educated audience. Payment: $20/page. Deadline: May 31, 2017. Snail mail submissions only.

New Rivers PressGenre: Manuscripts of creative nonfiction, essays, and mixed-genre work between 70 and 120 pages in length. Payment: Royalties. (Advance?) Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Black Coffee & Vinyl. Genre: Nonfiction, Poetry, Fiction, Visual Art, Photography, Music on the theme of "Ice Culture." "We are seeking work that features the physical and spiritual beauty of our world's ice, explores the life of the people and cultures that are connected to the ice from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, and addresses important political issues related to ice." Payment: $50.  Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Gehenna & Hinnom Books. Genre: Novellas, novelettes and chapbooks of weird fiction and cosmic horror. See themes. Payment: $300-$400 (depending on length) signing bonus against royalties, which will be paid before publication; 35-40% (depending on length) net royalties, paid either monthly or bi-monthly. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Blood Bound Books: ‘Best of’ Anthology. Genre: Horror. Payment: At least $0.05/word, up to $0.08/word. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Apotheosis 2: More Stories of Survival After the Rise of the Elder Gods. Genre: Stories inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft and associated writers. Payment: $0.03/word. Deadline: May 31, 2018. Reprints accepted.

FurPlanet Anthology: Exploring New Places. Genre: Furry stories about going someplace new.  That journey can be anything, from a comedy about someone going on a packaged vacation to an exotic resort where everything goes wrong, or a romance where they find Mr. or Ms. Right, to a horror story about an expedition to explore a new planet, or a historic drama about a sailing ship blown off course in a hurricane to an unknown continent. Payment: 1/2 cent per word. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Apparition Lit. Genre: Speculative fiction on theme of Visions. Payment: $0.01 per word, minimum of $10. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Note: I am adding some June 1 deadlines to this list because it is good to get submissions in a little early.

Spark: The “Aww” FactorGenre: Flash fiction between 300 and 1000 words. "Write us a story where a single parent meets his daughter’s science teacher and there’s chemistry or maybe a vet falls for a police officer who brings in his K9. Think sweet and charming stories that make us go “aww!”  Payment: 2 cents/word. Deadline: June 1, 2018.

Nature’s Healing Spirit: Real Life Stories to Nurture the SoulGenre: Nature essay between 1,200 and 2,000 words. Payment: $50 per essay. Accepted poems pay at the rate of $25. Deadline: June 1, 2018.

SliceGenre: Poetry, prose. Payment: $250 for long stories and essays, $75 for flash fiction, and $75 for poems. Deadline: June 1, 2018.

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37 Writing Contests in May 2018 - No entry fees

There are three dozen free writing contests in May, some with substantial prizes.

As always, these contests cover every genre, form and style, from full-length manuscripts, to speculative fiction short stories and poems, to essays.

Make sure to read the guidelines carefully. Many writing contests have regional and/or age restrictions.

Note: Many of these contests are held every year, so if you missed one you'd like to enter, you may be able to catch it next year. For a month-by-month list of free contests, go to Free Contests.

Great Plains Emerging Tribal Writer AwardRestrictions: Open to writers enrolled in a Native American tribe from the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Nebraska who have not published a book of creative writing. Genres: Short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, or drama/screenplays. Prize: $500. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Remastered Words Short Story CompetitionGenre: Short story up to 5,000 words. Prize: £75, £50, £25. The winning stories will be produced as audio shorts by voiceover artists. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

When to Now Time Travel Contest. Genre: Speculative fiction. Prize: Publication in an anthology. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

John Kaniecki's Great 100 Poetry PrizeGenre: Poetry. Prize: $100. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Erbacce-prize for Poetry (UK) Genre: Poetry collection. Prize: Winner will be given a publishing contract with erbacce press who will publish a perfect-bound collection of the winner's book. "We will pay all costs including the legal registering of the book and supplying copies to the major libraries. The book will be sold through our sales/shop pages and the poet will be paid 20% royalties." Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Frontier New Voices FellowshipRestrictions: Open to poets who are 50 or older and who do not have a full-length collection published or forthcoming at the time of submission. Prize: $500 grant meant to be used toward covering industry submission costs, multiple publications (original poetry and prose) in Frontier, participation in our editorial community, and introductions to agents and presses. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Crucible: Poetry and Fiction Competition is sponsored by the Barton College Department of English. Genres: Fiction (limited to 8,000 words or less) and poetry (limited to five poems). Restrictions: All work must be original and unpublished. Prizes: $150.00 First Prize. $100.00 Second Prize. Publication in the CrucibleDeadline: May 1, 2018. 

Questions Writing PrizeRestrictions: Open to authors aged 18-30. Genre: Short stories of any genre or nonfiction between 1500 and 2000 words. Prize: First place winners (or prize pool for a tie) is $2000. The work will also be published in a book. Deadline: May 1, 2018. 

Polari First Book PrizeGenres: The prize is for a first book which explores the LGBT experience and is open to any work of poetry, prose, fiction or non-fiction published in English. Self-published works in both print and digital formats are eligible for submission. Restrictions: Writer must be born in UK or resident in the UK. Prize: £1,000.00. Deadline: May 1, 2018. 

West Virginia Fiction CompetitionRestrictions: Open to West Virginia residents or students. Genre: Short fiction, 5,000 words max. Prize: $500. Deadline: May 1, 2018. 

Whiting Foundation Creative Nonfiction GrantRestrictions: Open to US citizens and residents only. Genre: Creative nonfiction. Whiting welcomes submissions for works of history, cultural or political reportage, biography, memoir, the sciences, philosophy, criticism, food or travel writing, and personal essays, among other categories. Writers must be completing a book of creative nonfiction that is currently under contract with a publisher. Writers who signed a contract before May 2, 2016, are eligible. Prize: $40,000. Deadline: May 2, 2018. 

Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers ProgramRestrictions: Debuting authors and writers with fewer than three previously published books who have yet to receive a major literary award are eligible for consideration. Exceptions are sometimes made for authors who have published more titles, but have yet to break out to a larger audience. Submissions must be original publications, penned by one author. Self-published works not allowed. Genres: Published or scheduled to be published fiction and literary nonfiction. Prize: $10,000 in each genre and in-store marketing/merchandising from Barnes & Noble. 2nd Place $5,000 in each genre, 3rd Place $2,500 in each genre. Deadline: May 3, 2018.

Bacopa Literary ReviewGenres: Fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry. Prizes: First ($200) and Runner-Up ($160) prizes in each genre. All published will receive $20 and a copy of the print journal. After publication, Bacopa 2018 will be promoted online. Deadline: May 3, 2018.

Enterprise Through Literature Contest for High School StudentsRestrictions: Open to high school students teams (up to four people). Genre: Video and essay. "The theme of this year’s ETL contest is Individual Identity in Utopia and Dystopia. In a utopia/dystopian society, how does the restriction of an individual’s rights impact their role in society and therefore entrepreneurial spirit? Cite examples from both your chosen piece of literature and real world examples. The essay should be between 250 and 500 words and should concisely explain the link between the video and the work of literature." Prize: $2,000. Deadline: May 4, 2018. 

Letters Never Meant to be ReadGenre: Stories in the form of letters from the author to someone in his/her life. Letters should tell a story, but can range from heartfelt to funny to sarcastic to vengeful – whatever works. Prize: $50-200 and print publication. Deadline: May 4, 2018. 

A Very Short Story ContestGenre: Flash fiction (10 words max). Prize: Free Gotham 10-week workshop. Deadline: May 14, 2018.

The James Laughlin Award is sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. Genre: A second book of poetry forthcoming in the next calendar year. Must be under contract with US publisher.  Restrictions: Open to US citizens and residents only. Prize: $5,000, an all-expenses-paid week long residency in Florida, and the Academy will purchase approximately 1,000 copies of the book for distribution to its members. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Leeway Foundation: Transformation AwardRestrictions: Women and transgender poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers in the Philadelphia area who have been creating art for social change for five or more years. Writers who have lived for at least two years in Bucks, Camden, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia counties, who are at least 18 years of age, and who are not full-time students in a degree-granting arts program are eligible. Award: $15,000. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Little, Brown Emerging Artist AwardGenre: High-quality picture books that resonate with readers of diverse backgrounds and experience. Diversity includes literal or metaphorical inclusion of characters of underrepresented ethnicity, religious background, gender identity, class, mental or physical disability, or any other nondominant populations. Prize: American Express® gift cards totaling $1,500, round trip travel to New York City, and the honor of a one-day mentorship with a Little, Brown Books for Young Readers’ professional children’s book design and editorial team. Submission will be reviewed for publication. Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction PrizeGenre: Fiction. Restrictions: Titles must be published in Canada and written by Canadians. No self-published works. Prize: $25,000 will be awarded to a novel or short-story collection published between March 14, 2018 and May 15, 2018. Prizes of $2,500 will be awarded to each of the finalists. Deadline: May 16, 2018.

Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Non-FictionGenre: Literary non-fiction. Restrictions: Titles must be published in Canada and written by Canadians. Prize: $60,000 will be awarded to a literary nonfiction book published between March 14, 2018 and May 15, 2018. Deadline: May 16, 2018.

Texas Book Festival Youth Fiction Writing Contest. Hosted by the Texas Book Festival and the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (DDCE) at the University of Texas at Austin. Restrictions: Junior and high school Texas students. Genre: Original fiction, no more than 2,000 words in length on theme of “What Really Happened.” Prize: Winners receive a cash prize: $250 for first place, $100 for second, and $50 for third. In addition, winners are awarded a plaque, have their stories published on the TBF website, and are invited to participate on a panel during the Texas Book Festival weekend. Deadline: May 18, 2018.

DSC Prize for South Asian LiteratureGenre: Published book with themes based on South Asian culture, politics, history, or people. Entries must have been first published in English between February 15 of the previous year and April 15 of the deadline year. Must be submitted by publisher.  Prize: $25,000. Deadline: May 20, 2018. Extended to May 31.

Nick Darke Writers' AwardGenre: Stage play. Prize: £6,000. Deadline: May 21, 2018.

Narratively. Untold Story Award. Genre: Nonfiction on the theme “Renegades.” An epic feature story that requires long-term, in-depth reporting. The reporter should spend time as a fly on the wall in the daily lives of their subjects, and become an expert on the characters and the topic (up to 6,000 words). "We’re looking for stories of rebels with a cause, dedicated activists, game changers, anyone going against the grain and making a real, measurable impact. Not limited to the political world, we’re seeking stories of people who are leading the charge and shaking up whatever sphere they occupy." Prize: One Grand Prize Winner will receive $5,000 to fund their story. Deadline: May 21, 2018.

I Must Be Off! Travel Writing ContestGenre: Travel articles, travel anecdotes and travel reflectionsPrize: $200. Deadline: May 30, 2018.

Eden Mills Teen Poetry ContestRestrictions: Open to Canadian teens. Genre: Poetry. Prize: Two $50 prizes, 2 $25 prizes. Deadline: May 30, 2018.

The Canadian Women Artists’ AwardRestrictions: Open to Canadian women living in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. and between the ages of 21 and 35 before the application deadline. Genre: Fiction, poetry. Grant: $5,000. Deadline: May 30, 2018.

Online Writing Tips Short Fiction PrizeGenre: Short story of 2000-5000 words. Prize: £150Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Claudia Ann Seaman Awards For Young WritersRestrictions: High school students. Genre: Stories and poems. Prize: $200. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

The Wolfe Pack Black Orchid AwardGenre: Mystery novellas in the style of Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe novellas. Manuscript length: 15K-20K words. Prize: $1,000, plus recognition and publication in a forthcoming issue of AAMM. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Cromwell Article PrizeGenre: Articles published in 2017 in the field of American legal history. Restrictions: Open to early career scholars. Prize: $2,500. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Jerry Jazz Musician Fiction ContestGenre: Unpublished fiction approximately 1,000 - 5,000 words. Story should pertain to music, social history, literature, politics, art, film and theater, particularly that of the counter-culture of mid-twentieth century America. Prize: $100 and publication in Jerry Jazz MusicianDeadline: May 31, 2018.

James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing AwardsRestrictions: Open to aboriginal youth, 18 years or younger, residing in Ontario, Canada. Prize: $2,500. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Southern Fried KarmaGenre: Unpublished book-length fiction "with a Southern accent."   Prize: $1500 advance on a book publishing contract with SFK Press. All finalists will be eligible for contracts as well. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

bpNichol Poetry Chapbook AwardGenre: Published poetry chapbook. Restrictions: Canadian publishers only. Prize: The author receives $4,000 and the publisher receives $500. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

The Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans. This creative writing contest for U.S. military veterans and active duty personnel is hosted by The Iowa Review and made possible by a gift from the family of Jeff Sharlet (1942–69), a Vietnam veteran and antiwar writer and activist. The contest is open to veterans and active duty personnel writing in any genre and about any subject matter. Prizes: First place: $1,000 plus publication in The Iowa Review. Second place: $750. Three runners-up: $500 each. Deadline: May 31, 2018.

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