Tuesday, April 23, 2024

3 New Literary Agencies Seeking Nonfiction and All Genres of Fiction

New literary agencies are usually started by established agents with considerable experience in the publishing industry. They have reliable contacts in publishing houses and a roster of successes getting writers published. New agencies are looking to expand, and are eager to take on prospective clients.

Always check the agency website and agent bio before submitting. Submission requirements can change. 

NOTEDon't submit to several agents at the same agency simultaneously. If one rejects you, you may then submit to another. 

You can find a full list of agents actively seeking new clients here: Agents Seeking Clients


Anjali Singh Agency  

Anjali Singh founded her agency in 2024. Most recently, she was an agent at Ayesha Pande Literary for nine years; she has also worked as an editor at Vintage Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Simon + Schuster and as Editorial Director of Other Press. She is best known for having championed Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis after stumbling across it on a visit to Paris. She has always been drawn to the thrill of discovering new writers and among the literary novelists whose careers she helped launch are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Samantha Hunt, Saleem Haddad and Nawaaz Ahmed. She focuses on literary fiction, memoir, and narrative nonfiction as well as representing graphic novel writers and illustrators across all age ranges. 

If you would like to query Anjali, please send a pitch letter along with the first 5 pages of your MS in the body of the email, and the title of your project in the subject line, to queries@anjalisinghagency.com


The Eck Agency

Connor Eck is the Founder and Principal Agent of Tea. He spent 8 years at Lucinda Literary as an Agent and Chief Operating Officer.

His authors are novelists, journalists, producers, professors, humorists, creative directors, athletes, and change-agents. He is most interested in books that tug at the heart strings, stimulate the mind, and have an emotional arc. Connor loves championing underrepresented authors and original thinkers with diverse backgrounds. He is known for his personable, transparent approach, dynamic editorial and pitching skills, and for his ardent advocacy of his authors.

They welcome the following genres only: adult fiction, young adult fiction, narrative nonfiction, science, sports, history, and humor. If you’re a ghostwriter, please submit your portfolio. 

Submit your query HERE.


The Ballpoint Agency  (CANADA) 

The Ballpoint Agency is a new, artist-centred literary agency with many enthusiasms, but mostly books. We currently serve a small roster of writers with focused attention, creativity and care.  The three founders have 75 years of professional experience between them: Dave Bidini has spent 25 years writing books, earning valuable insight into the industry from an artist’s perspective. Warren Sheffer has 20 years as a lawyer, representing authors and performers and specializing in intellectual property law. Janet Morassutti has 30 years of publishing industry experience, most recently as a founder and  managing editor of a non-profit newspaper.

Read submission guidelines HERE.

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