Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts

Most of the large publishing houses require an agent, but smaller houses often accept manuscripts and proposals directly from writers, as do some of the genre publishers (notably sci-fi and romance). While small houses don't have the clout or distribution of large publishers, they are often quite successful because they appeal to niche markets.

Important tips for submitting your work to a publisher

Follow these simple rules, and your chances of having your manuscript read will be greatly increased:

1) Make sure your manuscript has been edited to perfection. All manuscripts contain mistakes - make sure yours doesn't.

2) Follow submission guidelines to the letter. If you don't, the publisher will not look at your manuscript. There are no exceptions to this rule.

3) Make sure your cover letter contains all the information that the publisher has requested. Keep it professional.

4) Read the publisher's website carefully. If they contact you, they will expect you to be familiar with what they have published.

5) Nonfiction publishers want proposals, not manuscripts. Most nonfiction publishers will tell you exactly what they want in a proposal, so read their submission guidelines carefully.

A word of warning: If you submit your work to a publisher and are rejected, you cannot resubmit it later through an agent. Agents do not handle work that has been "shopped around."

!! If a publisher offers you a contract, but wants to charge you for "printing," or for "editing services," or for "misc. additional costs" do not sign their contract. Some unscrupulous vanity presses masquerade as small presses or "self-publishing" presses. They are nothing of the kind. No legitimate publisher charges an author to publish a book. 

Additional resources:

List of Small Publishers - Organized by Long-Established, Well-Awarded, High-Revenued



!!! Pan Macmillan Australia accepts electronic manuscript submissions of fiction and commercial nonfiction, including memoir, directly from writers.

!!! Penguin Australia accepts unsolicited manuscripts the first week of every month. Australians only.

!!! Penguin Random House SEA was launched in October 2018 to bring local writing from the South East Asian region to a wider audience, breaking barriers of language and geographies. "As one of the world’s premier English-language publishers, we publish across a whole range of genres and are home to some of today’s most revered names in fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose. We are publishing and discovering new and established, local and international voices in English for adults and children primarily for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. We have a strong fiction and non-fiction list across every genre including biography, travel, business, politics, history, religion and philosophy, lifestyle and self-help."

!!! Tundra Books, Puffin Canada, Penguin Teen Canada publish books for teens and children. They are open to direct submissions by underrepresented authors and illustrators only. Authors need not be Canadian.

!!! Random House Australia accepts manuscripts from writers. Please read their requirements carefully.

!!! Text Publishing Australia accepts non-fiction and fiction manuscripts, including middle grade and young adult, from Australian or New Zealand residents.

!!! Hachette Australia accepts work from Australian or New Zealand residents. They do not accept science fiction/fantasy, illustrated children’s books, illustrated books, cookbooks, poetry, self-help, screenplays or academic submissions.

!!! Penguin Random House New Zealand publishes a wide range of literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction for adults and a variety of books for children. "We are open to submissions for most types of adult books for the general market, from biography to business to baby books, cookbooks to all sorts of other lifestyle subjects, adult fiction to Māoritanga, and much in between. However, currently we are not considering poetry, romance, adult fantasy, adult science fiction, crime novels, educational text books or scripts. Submissions are currently closed until 2025 for any children’s or young adult submissions from previously unpublished authors. Please note that we are not currently accepting manuscripts from outside New Zealand unless by a New Zealand author or of special relevance to this part of the world."

!!! Allen & Unwin (Australia) accepts pitches for fiction and nonfiction manuscripts on Fridays. Please only apply to the Friday Pitch if you are currently living in Australia or New Zealand.

11:11 Press is a small indie publisher located in Minneapolis. They publish full length fiction, poetry, and hybrid manuscripts. See submission details here.

404 Ink was founded by Heather McDaid & Laura Jones in 's Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2016 with the view that publishing could be "a little louder and a little more fun." Their books have won awards and have appeared in The Guardian,, CNN, Huffington Post, Bustle, Publisher’s Weekly, The Times, and more both nationally and internationally. They publish fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They are also open to pitches for a new non-fiction pocket book series called ‘Inklings.’ Submissions: For fiction, non-fiction, and poetry please submit the first 30 pages of your book, a 150-word synopsis / description of your book, and a 150-word biography about you and why your project is a fit for 404 Ink. They also consider works in progress. This publisher has submission periods.

55 Fathoms is looking for submissions of book length works (40,000 to 120,000 words). Novels, story collections, and nonfiction works only. Fiction: They are particularly interested in books that are high-concept literary, as well as those that exist on the boundary between literary and speculative—books of profound imagination and exquisite writing. In your submission please include, in a single document: a query letter and the first 10 pages of your book. A synopsis of 1-2 pages is optional. Nonfiction: Topics of interest include current social and political events, science, nature, environment, history, mathematics, and true crime. A collection of essays is also welcome. They will also consider memoir. See guidelines here.

8th & Atlas is currently seeking novels, memoirs, nonfiction/long-form journalism, YA, hybrid works, essay/short story collections, graphic novels, and anthologies. Read submission guidelines HERE. Note: They are closed to submissions in December.

8th House Publishing is a small company based in Montreal and New York. They publish poetry, literary novels, philosophy, and other "earnest work." Their list consists of 34 books by 26 authors. Submissions: "What we like at 8th House: modern, radical, enduring, insightful, inventive..." Read submission guidelines HERE.

Able Muse is a small literary press. They publish poetry and fiction. Most of the fiction they publish is short story collections. They have one free reading period every year, from May 1 through July 15. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Absey & Co., Inc. accepts mainstream fiction and nonfiction, poetry, educational books, especially those dealing in language arts. Snail mail submissions onlyRead submission guidelines HERE.

Acre is an imprint of the Cincinnati Review. They are interested in novels, poetry, and short story collections. Read submission guidelines here.

Adelaide Books (Australia) publishes General and Literary Fiction, Mainstream, History, Memoir, Religion/Spirituality, Poetry and Short Story Collections. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Aether Avenue Press. "We want the strangest, most experimental, most fascinating and memorable manuscripts you can possibly make. Think "Alice in Wonderland", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "Enter The Void", "Humanifestos", And So On." Read submission guidelines here.

Agora Press (UK) is interested in fiction for adults. (No children's or YA fiction, nonfiction or poetry.) "Authors that sign with Agora Books will be welcomed into the Peters Fraser + Dunlop group and we work closely with the agency to develop our authors’ careers." Pays 50% royalties. E-publication only. Read submission guidelines here.

Alcove Press, a new imprint of Crooked Lane Books, is focused on publishing Book Club fiction that “explores family, friendship, and community." Crooked Lane Books is distributed through Penguin Random House. They are represented by Biagi Literary Management for subsidiary rights licensing in foreign and domestic markets, and their business relationships include Bookspan, home of the country’s largest book clubs, and Dreamscape Media, one of the nation’s largest independent audiobook publishers. Read submission guidelines here.

AM Ink publishes Biographies, Children’s Books, Novels and Short Story Collections. "We've published more than sixty titles, including bestsellers, as well as sold television rights, seen movies made from our books and our titles on hundreds of media outlets worldwide.  All this has been done independently as a Mom and Pop small business in Western Massachusetts." Dark Ink is their horror imprint. Spooky Ink publishes themed kid’s books includes fun picture books for children and young adult novels. Read submission guidelines here. 

A Public Space welcomes submissions of fiction, essays, poetry, as well as graphic and hybrid work. "A Public Space is an independent nonprofit publisher of an eponymous award-winning literary, arts, and culture magazine, and A Public Space Books. Under the direction of founding editor Brigid Hughes since 2006, it has been our mission to seek out overlooked and unclassifiable work, and to publish writing from beyond established confines." A Public Space Books are distributed by PGW. Has submission periodsRead submission guidelines here.

Arsenal Pulp Press is a book publisher in Vancouver, Canada with over 400 titles currently in print, which include literary fiction and nonfiction; books on social issues; gender studies; LGBTQ and diverse literature; graphic novels and non-fiction; cookbooks; alternative crafts; youth culture and young adult literature; visual arts; and books in translation. "We are interested in literature that engages and challenges readers, and which asks probing questions about the world around us." Read submission guidelines here. Snail mail submissions only.

Artemesia Publishing publishes primarily fiction for general audiences for both adults and children. "On rare occasions we will publish non-fiction titles, however we ask that you first approach us with a proposal for any non-fiction title. For fiction, we will consider proposals for manuscripts in most genres, however we will not accept any work that contains erotica, sexually explicit, or other hard-core material. We do not publish poetry." Read their guidelines here.

Ashland Creek Press is an established press with an environmental focus. They are open to many genres of fiction (including young adult, mystery, literary fiction) as well as nonfiction, centering on the environment, animal protection, ecology, or wildlife, or a combination of those themes. They have submission windows. Read their guidelines here

August Books is one of the three main imprints of Canelo, a UK-based press open to receiving direct submissions in the following areas:
  • Fiction
  • Historical Adventure
  • Non-Fiction
  • History
  • Popular Culture
  • Popular Science
  • Health
  • True Crime
Read their guidelines here

Autofocus Books publishes book-length prose, poetry, or in-between manuscripts of artful autobiographical writing in its various genres and/or forms: personal essay, memoir, curated journal/diary, curated letters/e-mail, confessional prose-poetry, hybrid explorations of the self, and anything that makes art from your life. Length: 15,000-25,000 words preferred, 50,000 words max. Has reading periods. Read guidelines HERE.

Balestier Press is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity in writing and publishing. They welcome a wide range of creative works, such as original manuscripts in various genres like fiction, poetry, short stories, graphic novels, creative non-fiction, memoirs. They also encourage submissions of translated works and literary studies, especially from Asian languages. Read guidelines HERE.

Baobab Press is currently considering completed manuscripts in all genres. They publish nonfiction (including memoir), fiction, poetry, comics, and picture books. (No MG or YA). "We like risk. We like invention. More importantly, we look for a quality of thought that adds depth to a writer's concerns. And although it is not an official requirement, we tend to select literary work with a strong sense of place at its core. Ultimately, our goal is to publish work that resonates in the  contemporary climate and that will continue to resonate in years to  come. We believe that that this goal and the goal of staying financially viable are one in the same." Read submission guidelines here.

Bancroft Press publishes a wide variety of trade fiction and nonfiction, including memoirs. They publish "what they like." Though they've been around for decades, their catalog is surprisingly sparse. Read their submission guidelines here.

BearManor Media publishes books on movies, television, old time radio, theater, animation, and previously unpublished scripts. "BearManor Media is considered a leader and innovator in publishing rare autobiographies and biographies of African-American show business legends, famous voice actors, well-known sitcom stars, and celebrated producers, directors, and screenwriters." Read submission guidelines here.

Ben Yehuda Press publishes fiction, poetry, and children's books by Jewish authors. "All kinds of books for all kinds of Jews." Read submission guidelines here.

Berkley is a division of Random House. Genre: Full-length romance, women’s fiction, mystery, suspense and thrillers, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Payment: Royalties. Occasionally opens for submissions.

Better Than Starbucks publishes full-length poetry and fiction manuscripts. They prefer books of 90–110 pages, including front and back matter, a forward or introduction, credit pages, etc. At present, they only publish books with black and white interior, no color. Author receives royalties, a print proof (or more than one if required) and five author’s copies upon publication. Read submission guidelines  here.

Between the Lines publishes science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, romance, nonfiction, and books for young adults. They have two imprints. Liminal Books publishes liminal fiction and nonfiction, Willow River Press is for mainstream subjects. Read their guidelines here.

BHC Press is an award-winning independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction, based in southeast Michigan and founded in 2016. "We publish the best in independent books in the adult, teen, and children's market. We’re always looking for new, fresh and innovative work. We enjoy discovering talented, emerging writers and also working with more established authors interested in growing their platform. Our books have been favorably reviewed and featured in Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and many more. We are distributed through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bertrams, Overdrive, and Perma-Bound." Read their guidelines here.

Black Lawrence Immigrant Writing Series publishes books by any individual living in the U.S. who identifies as an immigrant and who either (i) was born in another country, (ii) has at least one parent who was born in another country (iii) is a refugee, or (iv) lives in the United States under Asylum or a Protection Program, such as TPS or DACA . Read submission guidelines here.

Blacklight Press is an imprint of The City of Light Publishing. For Blacklight Press, they are interested in fiction from new perspectives, with diverse, interesting characters. Authors must have a marketing plan. Read submission guidelines here.

Blair is a small, independent press interested in publishing voices from beyond the mainstream. They publish prose and poetry by underrepresented writers such as women, people of color, authors with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ authors. Seeking: Poetry, literary fiction, and nonfiction, including memoir. Note: They only accept submissions through their contests. There is no entry fee. Read submission guidelines here.

Black Heron Press is a small literary press located in Seattle, Washington. They primarily publish literary fiction. Black Heron Press prints 4-6 books a year. They distribute through Independent Publishers Group (IPG). Their books are also available from Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Brodart, and most regional wholesalers. Snail mail submissions only. Read submission guidelines  here.

Black & White Publishing is an established Scottish press. They publish nonfiction and fiction in a variety of genres. Seeking: Commercial women’s fiction, especially chick lit, saga and romance, crime and psychological thrillers, contemporary YA and New Adult crossover books, children’s fiction. In nonfiction: memoirs, sport (UK and Ireland in particular), humour, food and drink, activity books. Read submission guidelines here.

Blackwater Press publishes fiction, non-fiction, essay, short story collection, novella and memoir manuscripts. They do not accept erotica or genre fiction. For book-length titles they prefer manuscripts to be over 30,000 words. For short story collections, they ask that the majority of the work be unpublished. Read submission guidelines here.

BlazeVOX [books] is an independent small press publisher located in Buffalo, New York. To date, BlazeVOX has published 280 books and over 1000 writers in their online journal and other publishing outlets. They are in the process of developing a book series that promotes the work of women who are courageous, innovative, definition defying writers. Seeking:  Poetry, short stories, experimental fiction, literary criticism (including companions, studies and histories), women authors. Submissions online.

Bloomsday publishes works "that speak boldly about the current cultural landscape and contribute to an engaged citizenry, our discerning readers. We particularly prioritize the work of historically excluded writers. Bloomsday readers want books that change us, reorder our thinking, & make us feel hopeful about what good literature can accomplish in the world." They are seeking novels, novellas, poetry, creative non-fiction, hybrid, and essay collections. Read submission guidelines here.

Bluemoose Books is an independent publisher based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. They publish adult fiction (no children's books or poetry). "We don’t have the heft of a London publishing house with the millions of pounds to promote our writers but we do manage through innovative marketing to get our books into high street bookstores and reviewed in the national press. If you’re looking for orange headed celebrity books, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. But if you want brilliant stories that have travelled from Hebden Bridge, across the border into Lancashire, down to London across to Moscow, Sofia and Budapest and into the United States, Australia, India, Colombia and Greenland, Iceland and Bosnia Herzagovina then Bluemoose is the publisher for you." Read submission guidelines here.

Bottlecap Press is currently accepting chapbook submissions for their ongoing multi-genre chapbook series, Bottlecap Features. All genres are welcome. They are looking for poetry, prose, mixed media, and more. Manuscripts may include individual pieces that have been previously published elsewhere. Read submission guidelines here.

Bottom Dog Press is a small independent press that publishes about six  books a year. "We believe in a sense of place and person, in writing that reveals through its directness an essential human story. We also support the history and development of Working Class Literature and Appalachian Literature, and we work to provide outlets for that writing and information on that vital art. We use print-on-demand technology to print our books, and they are published as any other books. We pay royalties on net sales on all of our books including the Kindle version which we will produce for Amazon." Read submission guidelines here.

Brick Mantel Books is seeking literary fiction that is character-driven, engaging, provocative, lyrical, and artistic, as well as out-of-the-ordinary. They also publish contemporary, innovative poetry that pushes boundaries. When submissions are open, they accept full-length novels (between 40,000 and 120,000 words) and poetry books (between 40 and 80 poems suggested). Chapbooks and novellas are not accepted. Read submission guidelines here.

Broadstone Books primarily publishes poetry, but they are willing to consider work in most fiction and nonfiction genres, provided that the writing is literary. They do not publish children's literature, self-help, religion and spirituality, erotica, or technical/ professional subject matter. Although they try to respond in two months, submissions can take up to three months for a response. They provide a sample contract on the website. This is a print only publisher. Read submission guidelines here.

Broken Sleep Books (UK) is a small, innovative press, publishing a range of pamphlets and collections in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. "We particularly wish to encourage more working-class writers, LGBTQ+, and BAME writers to submit. Politically we are left-leaning, and have no interest in misogynists, racist, sexists, the alt-right, or dickheads in general." Has submission periods. Read submission guidelines here.

Bookouture is an ebook publisher that was acquired by Hachette in 2017. Before it was sold, Bookouture was quite successful. It was founded in 2012 by former Harlequin/Mills & Boon marketing controller Oliver Rhodes. In 2013 it sold 81,000 e-books, in 2014 362,000, and in 2015 it sold 2.5 million ebooks. By 2018 Bookouture had sold 8.5 million ebooks. Seeking: Bookouture primarily publishes women’s fiction, romance, thrillers, nonfiction, and chick lit. Read their guidelines here.

CamCat publishes genre fiction for adults and young adults. They are looking for "polished, edited, and properly formatted manuscripts," which means they don't do much editing. No simultaneous submissions. Read their guidelines here.

Camel Press is the genre imprint of Coffeetown Press. "Camel Press is a feisty little publisher with a mission: to be your trusted purveyor of popular literature—the stuff that makes you lie in the sun too long and read in bed until the cock crows, the urban chickens start clucking, or your neighbor leaves for her 6 am shift." Seeking: Genre fiction: mystery/suspense, cozy mystery, mystery thrillers, romantic suspense and romance (contemporary and historical). They also consider general fiction, historical fiction and westerns. Read their guidelines here.

Campfire Press focuses on long-form fiction that interrogates borders and boundaries of any kind. We are drawn to compelling voices, articulate points of view, tight pacing, and immaculate prose. Genre fiction does not deter us if the aforementioned criteria is met. Read guidelines HERE.

Castle Bridge Media is an independent publisher that focuses on genre fiction, particularly horror, science fiction, thriller, and fantasy. Manuscripts should be between 80,000 and 120,000 words in length. They allow simultaneous submissions and try to respond to queries within six months. Click here for submission guidelines.

Champage Book Group is primarily an ebook publisher with a print-on-demand option. Seeking: Romance and all subgenres of romance. They also publish Fantasy. Science Fiction/Space Opera, Suspense/Mysteries/Thrillers, Horror and YA. They accept self-published books as well as books that have been previously released by another publisher provided that the author has the rights. Read their guidelines here.

Chronicle Books  "We're always looking for the new and unusual." Chronicle Books publishes 90 titles per year. Seeking: Art and design, art, craft, graphic design, interior design, photography, food and drink, kids and teens, literature, lifestyle, pop culture. Read submission guidelines here.

Circling Rivers publishes poetry and nonfiction on literary topics. Circling Rivers does not publish fiction. For nonfiction, they consider only works about literature. Read submission guidelines here.

City Lights Publishers has launched several famous poets, including Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, but this press also specializes in literary fiction and nonfiction. City Lights publishes 12 books a year. Seeking: Fiction, essays, memoirs, translations, poetry, and books on social and political issues. They do not publish New Age, self-help, children’s literature, how-to guides, or genre works such as romance, westerns, or science fiction. Read their submission guidelines here. Closed to submissions during pandemic.

Coffee House Press is an independent book publisher and arts nonprofit based in Minneapolis, MN; through their literary publications and Books in Action program, CHP acts as a catalyst and connector—between authors and readers, ideas and resources, creativity and community, inspiration and action. Seeking: Literary novels, full-length short story collections, poetry, creative nonfiction, book-length essays and essay collections, and the occasional memoir. CHP does not accept submissions for anthologies. CHP also does not publish genre fiction, such as mysteries, Gothic romances, Westerns, science fiction, or books for children. Read submission guidelines here.

Coffeetown Press publishes nonfiction—including memoir—literary fiction, and historical fiction. They prefer the word count to be between 70,000 and 100,000, but books between 50,000 and 70,000 words will still be considered. Most of their memoirs concern growing up in other cultures or have a strong theme that will appeal to a specific audience. They only consider literary fiction with a strong story and a distinctive voice. It also helps if the author has a developed author platform. Read submission guidelines here.

Creative James Media publishes Adult, YA, MG Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Women’s Fiction, Paranormal. Read submission guidelines here.

Creative Texts Publishers is an independent traditional small press publishing new and classic texts for all ages to enjoy. Their current offerings include fiction and non-fiction titles in various genres, including Action and Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Biography, Western, Science Fiction and Historical Texts. "If you have a title outside of this genre, you are welcome to submit it for consideration as we do keep an open mind regarding all submissions and do appreciate your consideration." Read submission guidelines here.

Crowsnest Books is on the lookout for new imaginative literature. "We are currently accepting submissions in all literary genres, with special interest in imaginative literature, speculative fiction, and novel-length works." Read submission guidelines here.

Curious Curls accepts manuscripts for all creative works, but they are most interested in full-length fiction and poetry projects. Novels, collections, and chapbooks are some of the most common submissions. They also ​welcome nonfiction, children's books, and other content as well. Read submission guidelines here.

Cybirdy Publishing accepts Literary fiction, Poetry, Short stories, Romance, Sci-fi & fantasy, YA,, Illustrated books & graphic novels, Action & adventure, Historical fiction, Memoirs & autobiographies, Medical stories, Non-gory horror, Novellas, French poetry to be translated and/or illustrated. Read submission guidelines here.

Dalkey Publishers primarily publishes literary fiction, rarely poetry or non-fiction. They place a heavy emphasis upon fiction that belongs to the experimental tradition of Sterne, Joyce, Rabelais, Flann O’Brien, Beckett, Gertrude Stein, and Djuna Barnes. They also accept scholarly work. Read their submission guidelines here

Daunt Books Publishing is an independent publisher based in London. They grew out of Daunt Books, an independent chain of bookshops in London and the South-East. They publish literary fiction – novels and short stories – and narrative non-fiction, including essays and memoir. Daunt Books Publishing is part of the Independent Alliance. Their books are distributed by Faber & Faber in the UK, and are available in their own shops and on their website. Read their submission guidelines here

Deep Vellum publishes literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry in English and works in translation. It is a nonprofit, rather than a commercial publishing house. They ask for a link to your manuscript (via google docs or dropbox) instead of a sample. There isn't any information about publishing terms on their site. Read their submission guidelines here

Delphinium Books publishes literary fiction and non-fiction, including memoir. They only accept completed manuscripts. They do not make offers on spec. They prefer submissions with a minimum of 50,000 words. "Modest advance." Read their submission guidelines here

duopress is an imprint of Workman. They publish non-fiction books and gift books as well as books for young children, including board books and picture books. Workman imprints have excellent distribution. Read their submission guidelines here

EMP Press "Don't be Bashful. Just be weird. We love original and unconventional book concepts. Maybe we won't like your brand of bat-shit-delightful, but how the hell do you know one way or the other? We thrive on your creativity and your courage to be different. We aren't just a poetry press - even if that's what we've been doing primarily. Give us your essays, your collections of short stories, your novelettes, your photographic narratives, your mixed media commentaries on the decline of human civilization. We look forward to reading all your work - you know, cause we are book nerds who like to read. If we really, really like it, we'll ask you if it's ok that we've already been telling our friends about your super cool book coming out soon." Read their submission guidelines here

Encircle Publications is a small press that focuses primarily on publishing genre fiction and poetry. They were established 2016, but they have a full roster of authors. Note: Some of their covers are absolutely hideous. Read their submission guidelines here

époque press. "As a new independent publisher we are seeking out strong new voices representing the very best in literary fiction. We publish adult literary fiction (novels and short story collections) and do not currently consider other genres such as children's fiction, poetry, memoir or fantasy." Read their submission guidelines here

Fairlight Books (UK) is open to literary submissions of short stories, novellas (between 25,000 and 50,000 words) and novels. Fairlight Books was founded in 2017 to publish and promote writers of highly original literary and quality fiction. Since its inception, its authors have been longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction and the Republic of Consciousness Prize, shortlisted for the Paul Torday Prize and the BBC National Short Story Award and included on the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction Recommended List. Read their submission guidelines here

Familius is an imprint of Workman. Their categories include parenting, marriage, family fun, education, cooking, health and wellness, children’s books, and fiction for both adults and young adults. Read their submission guidelines here

Featherproof Books publishes "strange and beautiful fiction and nonfiction and post-, trans-, and inter-genre tragicomedy." There are no advances. Royalties are 50% (split equally between author and publisher). They have periodic submission windows. Read their submission guidelines here

Felony Books accepts submissions from aspiring authors interested in publishing their novels, novellas, and short stories. They are looking for writers in the following genres: Street lit, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Mystery. Read their submission guidelines here

fine. press publishes full-length collections of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and visual art collections. "We aim to publish books that experiment, provoke, and engage with humour and heart." Payment: $600 CAD publishing contract, 15% royalties and promotion by fine. press. Read their submission guidelines here.  Has submission periods.

Fireside Fiction publishes novels and novellas (20,000-120,000 words). Genre: Fantasy, speculative fiction, and mystery. They are open to all genres. They don’t pay advances, but Fireside offers royalties on sales of all books They have one open reading period every year. Read their submission guidelines here

Freelines Press is interested in "work that breaks conventions and explores new directions for creative writing and art in general; work that is experimental, and rich in creativity, emotion and thought. We believe in the myth of the avant-garde and want to publish art that brings us to a new place, uplifts our consciousness and helps us to imagine the art of the future." Read their submission guidelines here

Game Over Books publishes poetry and/or prose (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, hybrid, etc.) "Game Over Books is looking to publish work that is entertaining and thought-provoking, cheery, dark, or otherwise. The type of work that makes you say “oh shit!” and you have to pause and look around to make sure no one actually heard you say that out loud. We like manuscripts that tell a story and have an overall arc to them. Be honest. Be weird. But most of all, be you!" Has submission periods. Read their submission guidelines here

Gemma Media is a nonprofit niche market publisher. They are currently seeking books for their  Gemma Open Door series for adult literacy. Works should center on topics of relevance to adults and young adults improving their reading. Gemma Media titles are distributed through Ingram. Read their submission guidelines here

Gibson House Press publishes novels written by working musicians and musicians at heart. Gibson House Press is distributed by Publishers Group West (PGW). Writers are invited to submit complete full-length-novel manuscripts (in the range of 50,000 to 80,000 words). Provide a brief bio and include a synopsis of your novel in your cover letter. Read their submission guidelines here. 

Golden Scales is a brand new publisher focusing on works of fiction in the fantasy, romance and paranormal genres. They don't specify whether they are a print or ebook publisher. (But I suspect the latter.) Read their submission guidelines here

Golden Storyline Books publishes trade, industry, academic and non-fiction. The publication and editorial team are always open to receiving submissions for proposed books in the following genres: Mystery/Thriller, Crime Fiction, Sci-fi/ Fantasy, Young Adult, Woman’s Fiction, Historical Fiction and Suspense/ Psychological. We are pleased to receive proposals in the genres: Humanities and Social Sciences, Lifestyle/ Culture, Current Events, Memoir and the Arts. Read their submission guidelines here.

Green Writers PressGenres: Poetry, fiction, short story collections, environmental essay collections, middle-grade and YA/teen fiction, artwork, and photography. Green Writers Press is an independent, Vermont-based publishing company, is dedicated to spreading environmental awareness and social justice by publishing authors who promulgate messages of hope and renewal through place-based writing and environmental activism. Read their submission guidelines here

Handheld Press (UK) was set up by Kate Macdonald — a literary historian, editor, reviewer and a former lecturer in British literature and cultural history. She has published over fifty books, chapters and articles of her own research on twentieth-century British book history and publishing culture. As an editor she spent fifteen years helping other writers tell their stories, in archaeology, history, clinical practice and building conservation. She is Handheld’s commissioning editor, editorial director, production manager, image researcher, print buyer, and publicity & marketing coordinator. Read their submission guidelines here

Harvard Square Editions
was started by a group of Harvard University graduates who met on one of the university’s online discussion boards. The press focuses on novel and novella submissions with environmental and social themes. HSE does not offer an advanceRead submission requirements  here.

Hera is a brand new, female-led, independent digital publisher located in the UK. They are currently seeking crime and thriller, romance, saga, and general fiction. Terms are 50% of net. Read guidelines HERE

History Through Fiction publishes fiction that is based on historical research. "We are looking for stories about real people and real events. Though fictionalized, our books include nonfiction elements such as footnotes, endnotes, and/or a bibliography. When submitting, consider whether your historical novel is informative and educational in addition to being a compelling fictional story." History Through Fiction also publishes short story and novel excerpt submissions that will be published in the member-only content area of their website. Stories and excerpts must be previously unpublished and should be between 2,000 and 8,000 words long. Payment for short work: $25. Novels receive an advance and royalties. Has reading periods. See guidelines HERE.

Histria Books publishes general interest books, fiction and literature, and children’s books, under several imprints, as well as scholarly books in broad range of categories. Originally established in 1997 as an academic publishing house, Histria Books is now an independent publishing house with offices in Las Vegas and Palm Beach. They have only recently begun publishing fiction. Read submission requirements here.

Hobby Horse Press accepts original, novella-length submissions of literary writing that can fit in your pocket. They consider novella-length to be about 80 – 120 pages, or 20,000 to 30,000 words. Hobby Horse is seeking fiction, poetry, and memoir/nonfiction, as well as comics/ graphic novels. "We are flexible about form, and excited to experiment and collaborate with different kinds of submissions." Read submission requirements here

Holland Park Press (UK) publishes books in English and Dutch. No advance. They accept literary fiction in the form of a novel, novella or collection of short stories. They also welcome poetry collections. Read submission requirements here.

Holy Cow! Press was established in 1977, by founding editor and publisher Jim Perlman. They have published over 125 books of poetry, short fiction, novels, biographies, memoirs, and anthologies centered on specific themes. They routinely publish books by Native American authors. Read submission requirements here.

Ig Publishing is a New York-based award-winning independent press dedicated to publishing original literary fiction and progressive political nonfiction. Their books have been reviewed in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Oprah Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, NPR, among many other places. While Ig does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, they do accept queries. Read submission requirements here.

Immedium publishes picture books, Asian-America: Contemporary viewpoints on our evolving  national identity and changes that have universal resonance, and Arts and Culture: Cutting-edge commentary on the intersection of popular culture, social trends, and our modern lifestyle. Read submission guidelines here.

Improbable Press (UK) is a genre press. "We want adventures, mysteries, contemporary supernatural, and certain sci-fi/fantasy tales, and about characters who have, for too long, been footnotes in another person's story." Read submission guidelines here. Note: They have published very few books.

Interlink Publishing is a Massachusetts-based independent publishing house that offers a global, cosmopolitan perspective. "Our list is devoted to works of literature, history, contemporary politics, art, cultural guides, international cuisine, and illustrated children’s books from around the world." Interlink publishes approximately 50 titles each year and has an active backlist of over 1000 titles under the following three imprints: Interlink Books publishes a general trade list of adult fiction and non-fiction with an emphasis on books that have a wide appeal while also meeting high intellectual and literary standards. Series include: Traveller’s Histories · Traveller’s Wine Guides · International Folk Tale Series · Interlink Cultural Histories · Interlink Cultural Guides · Interlink Traveller’s Companions · Interlink On-the-Road Histories · Interlink Travellers’ Wildlife Guides · Interlink World Fiction · Interlink Pocket Explorers · Interlink Pocket Timelines. Olive Branch Press publishes socially and politically relevant non-fiction, concentrating on topics and areas of the world often ignored by the Western media. Titles also include works on a wide range of contemporary issues such as Middle East studies, African studies, women’s studies, religion and translated works by academics of international stature. Crocodile Books publishes high-quality illustrated children’s books from around the world. Titles published under this imprint include quality picture books for preschoolers, as well as fiction and non-fiction books for children ages 3-8. Read submission guidelines here

JackLeg does not publish chapbooks or novellas. Their nonfiction titles focus on creative nonfiction. They publish between 6-10 titles a year. Currently, JackLeg only publishes U.S.-based writers. Query first with one PDF. Please include a cover letter, your bio with acknowledgments, and a work sample. Please only send one query at a time. Please include 10-15 poems or two chapters, stories, or essays.  Read submission guidelines here.  

Jaded Ibis welcomes submissions from women, writers of color, writers with disabilities, queer writers, and other silenced or culturally marginalized or disenfranchised writers. At this time, they publish prose only. Manuscripts can be fiction or nonfiction. Manuscripts must be extremely well written, compelling, and contain ideas that contribute to the progress of social justice. They offer authors royalties of 40% net profit of book sales. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Joffe Books is a small publisher located in London. They accept full-length manuscripts in following genres: Mysteries, Romance, Thrillers, Detective, Suspense. They do not publish children's books, sci-fi, non-fiction, conspiracy theories, or erotica but they'll take a quick look at just about anything. Joffe gives royalties, but there is no information on whether they offer an advance. Read submission guidelines here.

Kensington Publishing Corp. is the last remaining independent U.S. publisher of hardcover, trade and mass market paperback books. Seeking: Fiction and non-fiction. They do not publish science fiction, fantasy, poetry, or plays. Read their submission guidelines here

Lamar University Literary Press published literary fiction—novels and short story collections, poetry. "While our focus is upon original literary work, we will consider books on or about the following if written to our standards: graphic art, biography, regional interest for East Texas." Accepts submissions in April and November. Read their submission guidelines here

Legend Press (UK) specializes in original fiction, crime thrillers and historical. In 2023 Legend Press announced a partnership with South African publisher Blackbird Books, with the aim of helping bring more African literary voices to a wider global audience. Legend Press has a global sales and distribution network with the target of reaching readers in multiple formats across the world. It is also passionate about licensing its content to publishers, whether into different languages, formats such as audio and large print, or into key English language markets. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Literary Wanderlust is a Denver-based independent publisher. Seeking: Women’s Fiction & Romance, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, Crime & Mystery Fiction, Historical & Western Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Well-Written LGBTQ and #OwnVoices. Read their submission guidelines here.

Luath Press, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, publishes a wide range of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Read their submission guidelines here. Snail mail submissions only.

The Mad Duck Coalition has simple quackteria: if you have something written up that’s academic, radical, or revolutionary (or just a little too unconventional/niche for the regular agent/publisher to take on), we want to see it! Buzz words we love: experimental, innovative, literary, genre, speculative, new, and original—hell, even weird. For now, The Mad Duck Coalition has four imprints: Big Ripple Books, In The Weeds Provocations, and Flights of Fancy Publications. Big Ripple Books publishes traditionally literary narratives, fiction and non-fiction, of all lengths. In The Weeds Provocations is concerned with long-form, non-fiction works of discovery and supposition and textbooks. Read their submission guidelines here.

Flights of Fancy Publications focuses on speculative works of all sub-genres and lengths.
McSweeney's publishes literary fiction, poetry and nonfiction. They are not always open to submissions. Read their submission guidelines here

McPherson & Company specializes in four areas: contemporary fiction (mostly American authors), great “lost” literary works from the Twentieth Century (our Recovered Classics series), non-fiction books dealing with contemporary art, film, aesthetics, and related cultural issues (often presented under the Documentext imprint), and, finally, translations of distinguished works by authors of Italian, Spanish, French, and German fiction and non-fiction. Particular attention is given to the design and quality of the productions: the paper is acid free, the hardcovers employ full cloth over sturdy boards, and some of the paperbacks are both sewn and jacketed. Their books are distributed through a select group of independent bookstores across the United States, and through a few wholesalers. They are also to be found in most major American libraries, public and academic, and are utilized widely in universities for courses in literature, art, philosophy (aesthetics), anthropology, and film. Read their submission guidelines here. Queries only.

Madrona Books welcomes submissions of booklength manuscripts. "We’re best suited for authors working within the genres of literary fiction, memoir, longform ecological and adventure journalism, and select place-based genre fiction. Irrespective of genre, all authors with ambitious, emotionally nuanced manuscripts are encouraged to submit." Terms: Madrona authors would be paid: 20% of all net dollar receipts on the book’s first $10,000, 35% on the next $10,000, 50% on net dollar receipts thereafter. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Meadowlark Books publishes memoir, poetry, short stories, novels. Read their submission guidelines here

Milkweed Editions is one of the nation’s leading independent, nonprofit literary publishers. Publishing fifteen to twenty books each year, they have some three hundred titles in print, and nearly four million copies of our books in circulation. Genres: Fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry collections. Submissions: Milkweed Editions accepts unsolicited manuscripts from authors of all backgrounds, Submissions that do not initially meet the guidelines will not be considered. Please read full guidelines here. Milkweed has one open submission period a year.

Mimbres Press of Western New Mexico University welcomes agented and unagented submissions in the following genres: literary fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, memoir, poetry, children’s books, historical fiction, and academic books. We are particularly interested in academic work and commercial work with a strong social message, including but not limited to works of history, reportage, biography, anthropology, culture, human rights, and the natural world. We will also consider selective works of national and global significance. Mimbres Press of Western New Mexico University will not consider romance novels, erotica, science fiction, thrillers, horror, play scripts or film scripts. Read their submission guidelines here

Monkfish publishes fiction and nonfiction books related to the subjects of spirituality and religion. They do not publish children’s books or poetry. Read their submission guidelines here

NCM Publishing is soliciting manuscripts in all genres of fiction, non-fiction, self-help and young adult fiction. "Our editors are seeking tasteful provocative, intelligent fiction manuscripts in the areas of sexuality and erotica, romance, urban and street, science fiction, Christian fiction, and general interest, as well as nonfiction, and lively stories of all genres of fiction for the general population between the ages of 18 and older (as well as Young Adult fiction).  A novel must be well written, and professionally edited, in order to find a place on the list. The editors prefer to see completed manuscripts. Query letters are accepted. Along with your submission, please include a book marketing and promotions plan." (Note: If a publisher requires a marketing plan, it is usually because they will do very little to market your book.) Read guidelines here.

New Europe Books publishes trade fiction and nonfiction, mostly from Eastern Europe (i.e., the Eastern reaches of Central Europe) or written through a lens reflecting that region’s historical/cultural experience—allowing for occasional digressions into other parts of the Old World. Distributed by Minneapolis-based Consortium Book Sales & Distribution—an Ingram-owned firm that distributes more than 100 leading independent literary presses—it is based in Williamstown, Massachusetts, but works with authors, designers, and others from across Europe, North America, and beyond. Since its founding in 2012, New Europe Books has released some twenty engaging, vital, and often timely books whose appeal to both general readers and academics, and to a relatively broad demographic, counters the stereotype of Eastern Europe as obscure, opaque, and inaccessible. Read guidelines here.

Nimbus Publishing. "Locally, nationally and internationally, Nimbus is best known and widely recognized as the premier publisher of books about Atlantic Canada. Our books usually fall into one or more of these categories: biography, art, history, science and nature, political and social issues, folklore, children’s fiction and non-fiction, sports, guidebooks, cookbooks, and photographic books. Nimbus does not publish in the following sub-genres: self-help, religion, philosophy, poetry, drama, erotica." Read guidelines hereHas submission periods.

Nobrow Press publishes graphic novels, picture books, novels and novellas for YA and adults, as well as nonfiction. Flying Eye is their children's imprint. They require a brief synopsis of your novel as well as the complete first draft which should be sent as attachments. Manuscripts should be a minimum of 40,000 words and not exceed 90,000 words in length. Read guidelines here.

Not a Pipe Publishing publishes:
  • Young Adult and Mass Market Genre Fiction (especially if there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist)
  • Fantasy (Got faeries? Witches? Vampires? Elves? We dig it!)
  • Science Fiction/Speculative (Got cli-fi? Solarpunk? Political dystopia? Aliens? Space exploration? We love it!)
  • Paranormal (Creepy is cool, but if your horror verges on torture-porn, that's not our thing.)
  • Humor (if there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist)
  • Romance (if there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist)
  • Poetry (collections of 100ish pages. We love chapbooks, but we can only successfully market larger collections.)
  • We're particularly interested in under-represented characters and writers from marginalized communities
Has reading periods. See guidelines here.

Olympia Publishers has offices in the UK, US and India. "We work under the hybrid model of publishing, where all initial work submitted to us is considered for a ‘traditional publishing contract’. This is where no costs are incurred by the author and the whole cost for producing, publishing and marketing the work is covered by Olympia Publishers. However, please bear in mind that not all work can be accepted under these terms. As we receive hundreds of submissions each month, we cannot guarantee which titles will be selected for publication. However, we do try to offer advice to authors if there is anything about the publishing process that confuses them or they are unsure of, even if we cannot publish your work. Should we be unable to offer a traditional contract, but we feel the work has potential an alternative offer may be made. This offer is known as a ‘Hybrid contract’ and is based on a contribution, to be paid by the author, to cover the initial production and printing cost of the book." See  submission information HERE.

One More Chapter is HarperCollins UK’s digital-first publisher. They accept commercial fiction in these genres: Crime & thriller, Historical, Romance, Contemporary, YA fantasy. Read guidelines here.

Outpost19 Books publishes novels, memoirs, biographies, short fiction and essay collections, reportage and innovative hybrids. They are based in San Francisco. Read guidelines here.

Page Street Publishing. "Page Street Publishing Co. does around sixty original titles a year and is distributed by Macmillan everywhere except Canada, where Manda does the sales and PGC handles distribution. Our books are large format, full-color throughout, packed with original photography and nearly two hundred pages for around twenty dollars. Most titles feature lay-flat binding for ease of use. Page Street is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of its annual revenue to environmental groups. We have an established line of credit with Berkshire Bank. Page Street Publishing Co. was founded in 2012 and is located just outside of Boston." Seeking: YA and children's fiction (all genres) and nonfiction. Submission guidelines are here.

PALOMA PRESS is a San Francisco Bay Area-based, Filipino American women-led, independent literary press publishing poetry, prose, and limited edition books. "We, at Paloma Press, believe in the power of the literary arts, how it can create empathy, bridge divides, change the world. We believe in kapwa, in community strengthening and cooperation, and in nourishing connections and shared identities. To this end, we have released fundraising books, and continue to donate a portion of our proceeds to nonprofits committed to working for racial and environmental justice, animal welfare, human rights, and marginalized communities."

Panhandler Books (published by the University of West Florida) welcomes submissions of previously unpublished, book-length collections of poetry, fiction (both short fiction and novels), and nonfiction (all forms). The open submission period will run from February 1 – April 30. Panhandler Books is especially interested in receiving manuscripts from writers from underrepresented backgrounds and communities. The press also welcomes “New and Selected” poetry, short story, and essay collections from writers both established and overlooked. Please include a cover letter with your submission. Submission guidelines are here.

Paper Angel Press publishes general/literary fiction, mysteries, and historical fiction. They generally accept submissions February through October. No advance, royalties only. Submission guidelines are here.

Penmore Press accepts manuscripts in most genres of adult fiction and nonfiction. They do not publish self-help books, romance novels, or young adult fiction at the present time. In general, only manuscripts with word counts between 90,000 and 150,000 are considered. Penmore has very specific guidelines for manuscript formatting. They will not accept any submissions that do not adhere strictly to their guidelines. They initially want a query only. If they are interested they will ask for pages. Read their guidelines here.

Permanent Press accepts mysteries and general fiction. They mainly distribute to bookstores. They do not accept electronic submissions. Please submit your first 25 pages via USPS. Read their guidelines here.

Persea Books is an independent, literary publishing house founded in 1975 by Michael Braziller and Karen Braziller, who still own and direct the company. Genres: Poetry, fiction, essays, memoir, biography, titles of Jewish and Middle Eastern interest, women's studies, American Indian folklore, and YA. Response time: Eight weeks for proposals and 12 weeks for requested manuscript. Submissions: Queries should include a cover letter, author background and publication history, a synopsis of the proposed work, and a sample chapter. Send queries and manuscripts to or to the appropriate editor (Fiction or Nonfiction), Persea Books, 277 Broadway, Suite 708, New York, NY 10007. Read their submission guidelines here.

Platypus Press is a small press based in the UK. Genres: Poetry, prose, short story collections. Submissions: They consider poetry manuscripts of any length. Fiction (novels, novellas, short stories) and non-fiction (memoir, essay collections) manuscripts must be at least 25,000 words. For full-length manuscripts please send half of the completed book, for chapbooks you may send the entire work. For poetry and short story collections, please ensure that at least 50% of the work is unpublished. Read their submission guidelines here.

PM Press is an independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Seeking: Coloring books and cookbooks, polemics, memoirs, novels, pamphlets, treatises, manifestos, and comics. "PM’s topics are encyclopedic – bicycles, vegetables, squatting, sex, soccer, punks, Wobblies, self-defense, parenting, striking, sitting in, you name it." Read their submission guidelines here.

Polis Books is currently acquiring in fiction: Mystery, Commercial literary fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Procedural, Traditional crime (i.e. 'cozies'), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, Romance, Commercial Women's Fiction, Young Adult. They are currently acquiring in non-fiction: Humor/Essays, Pop Culture, True Crime. They do not publish stand-alone novellas or short stories, and novel-length submissions should generally be a minimum of 60,000 words. Read their submission guidelines here.

Propertius Press publishes literary fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and short-story anthologies. They consider submissions in all genres, including action-adventure, urban contemporary, biography, memoir, high-quality romance and women’s literature, children’s stories, young adult, satire, mystery, historical fiction, thrillers, humor, philosophy, and educational works. Read their submission guidelines here.

Querencia Press is an independent publisher, seeking to amplify overlooked voices. Querencia accepts poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and hybrid work. "We welcome submissions from emerging and established voices, alike." Read their submission guidelines here.

Roan & Weatherford (formerly Oghma Creative Media) welcomes any form of original fiction and non-fiction and they have multiple imprints that can be a home for your work. "We want to tell good stories and share those stories with others.  We prefer working with authors who submit either multiple completed books—be they stand-alone or in a series or shared universe—or a proposal for such. We ask that at least four completed manuscripts in a new series is ready before the first one enters the production process. We will work with you on this. We are not interested at this time in novellas or novelettes. The minimum word count for novel consideration is 60,000 words." Read guidelines here.

Roundabout Press is always looking for fiction manuscripts. "Our primary concern is literary excellence. If you have a book that you would like us to consider, please feel free to contact the editor by regular mail with the first 20 pages, a one- or two-page query letter and a self-addressed, stamped envelope, addressed to:
Roundabout Press
P.O. Box 370310
West Hartford, CT 06137
Read their submission guidelines here.

Roxane Gay Books accepts novels, short fiction, memoirs, essay collections, and nonfiction. "Most genres are welcome but my tastes skew to not only literary fiction but contemporary romance, and science fiction and fantasy." Will be open to submissions in 2022. Read their submission guidelines here.

Reagent Press publishes Children's Fiction, Teen Fiction, Adult Fiction, Nonfiction and market Specialty Merchandise. They are particularly interested in fantasy. They publish their books in print, digital, and audio with simultaneous distribution in the US, Canada, and UK. They work directly with foreign agents and publishers to sell rights internationally. Accepts novels and novellas. This press does not edit manuscripts, so your book must be professionally edited prior to submission. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Red Adept publishes all fiction genres, with the exception of Erotica, Young Adult/Teen, Middle Grade, and Children’s books. They do not accept non-fiction, short story collections, or poetry. They do not accept previously published works, including self-published works or mid-series books, only first books in a series. Minimum length: 50,000 words. US authors onlyRead their submission guidelines HERE.

Roseway Publishing publishes works of fiction, creative non-fiction, memoirs, biographies and other literary writing that reflects our interest in social justice issues. "We publish primarily for an adult audience, but have occasionally published young adult material as well. We tend not to publish children’s books or poetry." Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Rosewood publishes contemporary YA and adult novels. Not interested in: High-fantasy, middle grade, graphic novels, non-fiction. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Santa Monica Press is a small independent press founded in 1993 by Jeffrey Goldman. Their books are distributed by Publishers Group West. What they are seeking: Biography & Memoir, California, Film, Theater, & TV, Humor, Music, Pop Culture, Reference & Social Sciences, Sports, Travel as well as Young Adult Fiction (Historical Fiction only), and Young Adult Narrative Non-Fiction (both Contemporary and Historical Narrative Non-Fiction), Memoir. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Sapere is looking for full-length Historical Fiction (including Crime, Mysteries, Thrillers and Sagas), Action and Adventure (Military, Naval and Aviation Fiction), Crime Fiction, Mysteries, Thrillers, and History. Currently open to out-of-print books. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Schaffner Press publishes: Fiction: literary adult fiction, short fiction collection, historical with socially relevant content, crime fiction. Non-fiction, memoir, autobiography, biography. Journalistic Expose or Narrative, True Crime, Art, Culture, pop culture, World History, current events, science, arts and letters, US history, military history music, are some of the preferred categories. No Children’s or Young Adult fiction or non-fiction. No science fiction, romance, or fantasy. Length: Manuscripts must be between 60,000 – 100,000 words. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Sea Crow Press is home to an eclectic collection of creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. "At Sea Crow, we believe the small press plays an essential part in contemporary arts by amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard. Our books celebrate our connection to nature and each other while charting a positive direction for the future. We are small but mighty and we work closely with our authors. We are international with a focus on our New England roots. We welcome emerging writers and experienced authors." Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Skyhorse Publishing accepts proposals for non-fiction books through its main website. Its distributor is Perseus Book Group. Skyhorse has 14 imprints, including Talos and Nightshade (speculative fiction), Sky Pony Press (children's book imprint), and several imprints for fiction. They have hundreds of titles on their list. Read guidelines here.

Skylight Press is a small publisher based in the UK. They publish occult books (focusing on things like paganism, and Arthurian/Grail traditions), as well as literary fiction, and non-fiction with a history or horticultural focus. Read submission guidelines here.

Sley House publishes novels and short stories heavily grounded in science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, or thriller, or some blend of genres. They also accept short stories in those genres that speak to pulp and/or literary conventions. Sley House also publishes anthologies and hosts a podcast. Read guidelines here.

Small Beer Press was founded in 2000 and is run by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link. It publishes books as Small Beer Press, Big Mouth House, and Peapod Classics, and occasionally chapbooks and a zine - on recycled paper. Generally, they publish 6-10 books per year. Seeking: Fiction (leaning toward the speculative), both short story collections and novels. No poetry. Read their submission guidelines here.

Soho Press publishes literary fiction. "In general, we are interested in bold voices and original ways of seeing the world." Their titles are distributed through Random House. Snail mail submissions only. Read their submission guidelines here. Currently closed to submissions.

Spurl Editions (est. 2015) is an independent publisher of unusual literature and photography, specializing in works fitting for our current decrepit and apocalyptic world. "We love the unexpected, the peculiar, the seedy, and the absurd. We’ve published French, Italian, & German literature in translation, surreal Hollywood memoirs, radical political writing, and more, including a forthcoming new American novel. Other than the essay My Suicide, we do not offer e-books; that’s because our printed books look so great, we want you to have them, lend them, and be able to destroy them when they offend your sensibilities." Read their submission guidelines here.

Storey Publishing publishes practical information that encourages personal independence in harmony with the environment. "The books we select to carry out this mission include nonfiction titles for adults and children on gardening, home reference, crafts, cooking, beer & wine, nature, raising animals, horses, building, farming, homesteading, and mind/body/spirit. We are always pleased to review new proposals on these topics directly from authors and from agents. (Note: no fiction, poetry, or children’s picture books, please.)" Read their submission guidelines here.

Sword and Silk publishes adult, young adult, and new adult fiction in the following genres:
  • Gripping mystery/thriller (especially women sleuths)
  • Ghostly paranormal (all levels of spice and romance)
  • Horror novels with just the right amount of creepiness
  • Contemporary Romance with unique concepts
  • Adult Fantasy Romance with spice and whimsy
  • LGBTIA+ and other intersectionalities in underserved genres such as fantasy and contemporary romance.
  • #ownvoices (ND, chronically ill, disabled, BIPOC, etc) stories of all kinds woven into plots that pack a punch.
Read their guidelines HERE.

TCK Publishing is a mass-market book publishing company. They publish both fiction and nonfiction books in all major genres. Authors receive 50% of net royalties and 50% of all payments received for subsidiary rights licensing deals. They accept books that have been self-published. Read their submission guidelines here.

Tell-Tale Publishing is a small e-publisher with several imprints:  Dahlia: Romance: Romantic Suspense, Gothic Suspense, Regency, Single Title Contemporary; Stargazer: Fantasy: Paranormal, High Adventure Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk; Nightshade: Horror; Casablanca: Mystery; Thistle: Middle School, Young Adult, New Adult; Déjà Vu: Republication from all genres. There is a useful style sheet on the guidelines page. Read guidelines here.

The Story Plant is a new publisher of fiction. Titles are distributed by the National Book Network. Many of their book covers are exceptionally bad. Read guidelines here. (Query only)

Thinking Ink Press primarily publish children’s health, writing inspiration, diverse science fiction, flash fiction and poetry, and short story collections and anthologies. They also publish "snack books," short volumes that can be read in a single sitting. To date, most of their publications have been anthologies. Read guidelines here. 

Third Man Books publishes four to six titles per year in a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, history, music, speculative fiction. Third Man Books is distributed to bookstores, libraries, and academia by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution. Read guidelines here. 

Third World Press Foundation, Inc. is an African-centered publishing house. "A publisher of progressive material for more that forty-plus years, our goal is to be the best provider of material which is life-giving and life-saving to the community, and other communities on the Diaspora. We look for the maximum effect of creative expression and cultural enlightenment in all of the written genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, young adult, and children’s books which may not have an outlet otherwise." Read guidelines here.

Three Rooms Press is a New York-based independent publisher inspired by dada, punk, and passion. Founded twenty-five years ago by editors Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges, Three Rooms Press serves as a leading independent publisher of cut-the-edge creative, including fiction, memoir, poetry translations, drama and art. In addition, Three Rooms Press produces and promotes a variety of literary and cultural events worldwide, including readings, plays, workshops and concerts. Three Rooms Press books are distributed by PGW / Ingram. Read guidelines here.

Tin House is open to submissions three times per year, Tin House offers a two-day submission period for writers to submit their work. Eligible writers must not currently have an agent, and must not have previously published a book (chapbooks okay). They accept works of fiction, literary nonfiction, and poetry, both originally in English and in translation (please only submit translation projects which the translator has already been granted formal permission to translate). In particular, they are looking to engage with work by writers from historically underrepresented communities, including—but not limited to—those who are Black, Indigenous, POC, disabled, neurodivergent, trans and LGBTQIA+, debuting after 40, and without an MFA. Read guidelines here.

Tiny Fox Press is looking for the following with series potential:
  • Fantasy — Norse Mythology, Gaslamp, Humorous, Urban
  • SciFi — Steam Punk, Space Opera, Post Apoc, Humorous
  • YA — Something fun, adventurous and with plenty of magic
They also accept Magical Realism, Historical Fiction, Funny/Satirical Cozy Mysteries, Commercial, Bizarre. Read guidelines here.

Tirgearr Press is a small independently-owned publishing company of commercial adult genre fiction located in Ireland. It is a digital-first publisher, which means in most cases it is a digital-only publisher. Tirgearr does not offer an advance. Rights are purchased for five years. Read guidelines here.

Tiger Claw is a new publisher of genre fiction. All genres are accepted. Their minimum manuscript length is 25,000 words. They offer a 50% royalty rate, which is generous, but no advance. Read guidelines here.

Torrey House Press publishes 8-10 books per year including literary novels, full-length short story collections, essay collections, creative nonfiction including literary journalism, and the occasional anthology and memoir. They are interested in well-crafted work with environmental, natural history, or natural landscape themes, and writing which explores the value of well-managed public lands and the transformative power of wilderness. THP does not currently accept submissions for poetry or books for children. Read guidelines HERE. Has submission periods.

TouchPoint Press publishes titles across multiple genres and sub-genres. "Our focus is not so much on a specific genre or sub-genre but on acquiring manuscripts that are exceptionally well-written, fast-paced, and engaging." They accept fiction, nonfiction, romance, and anthologies. Please note: At this time, TouchPoint Press is only accepting manuscripts from the U.S., with the exception of manuscripts for their Love Abroad romance series. Read guidelines HERE.

Turner Publishing is an award-winning, independent publisher of books. The company is in the top 101 independent publishing companies in the U.S. as compiled by and has been named five times to Publishers Weekly's Fastest Growing Publishers List. Operating since 1984, Turner currently publishes 5,000 titles. Turner has a broad array of titles in fiction & non-fiction, including business, young adult, history, romance, mystery, cookbooks, health & wellness, animals, design, and more. Turner Publishing Company has the following imprints:
  • Turner
  • Wiley: Turner publishes under the Wiley name, with permission, for over 1,000 acquired titles
  • Hunter House: Health, Wellness & Sexuality Titles
  • Ancestry: Genealogy (acquired assets of the book division of
  • Fieldstone Alliance: Business Books for Non-profits (acquired assets of Fieldstone Alliance)
  • Basic Health Publications: Titles on Health and Wellness
  • Iroquois Press: Fiction and Literature imprint
  • Ramsey & Todd: for children's books
  • Specific Titles formerly published by Cumberland House Press
Read their submission guidelines here.

Two Plum Press produces slim volumes of literary works both contemporary and classic. Titles include works of poetry, essays, fiction, philosophy, visual art, travel and food writing. Read their submission guidelines here.

Unnamed Press is an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction, based in Los Angeles and founded in 2014. Their books have been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NPR, NBC, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Miami Herald, the Chicago Review of Books, Playboy, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and many other outlets. Their authors include Man-Booker, Granta Best American Novelist, Philip K Dick and Pulitzer Prize award winners and have been finalists for many other book prizes. "Our books represent a diverse list of voices—ones that challenge conventional perspectives while appealing to a broad general audience: exciting, radical, urgent. We nurture emerging talent and partner with more established authors to help their platform grow." Their titles are distributed by Publishers Group West. Read their submission guidelines here.

Vine Leaves Press is looking for: novels (all genres accepted, but with a literary bent), book-length vignette collections, memoirs/biographies/autobiographies, creative nonfiction, and writing/publishing reference books, and short story collections. Read their submission guidelines here.

Wakefield Press is an Australian publisher seeking literary and popular fiction, young adult fiction, history, biography, art, poetry, food, wine, the environment, education and true life (ordinary people in extraordinary situations). Picture books not accepted. Read their submission guidelines here.

Waywiser is a small publisher located in the UK. They publish literary fiction and nonfiction. Poetry is only accepted through their yearly contest, for which there is an entry fee. Snail mail submissions only. Read their full submission guidelines HERE

Wet Cement Press is interested in discovering our next books of handheld genius."If you have a manuscript that seems to resonate with our list, send us a query and tell us about it. If your vision intrigues us, we will ask to see your manuscript, which we will read with care and respond to personally. Lyricism, far-flung locations, daring, desperation, and experimentation are all of interest." Send queries to

Whiskey Tit welcomes submissions of varying length and types. "We prefer experimental, sui generis, impossible to categorize texts. While our current catalog comprises fiction and memoir, we have art books and poetry in the pipeline, and welcome submissions of any medium in line with our mission." Read their full submission guidelines HERE

White Cat publishes mystery, romance, thrillers, suspense, ghost stories and horror stories (no slasher stories, please), westerns, steampunk and fantasy. White Cat also publishes short stories for online publication. Length: 2,500- 3,000 words. Short stories payment: $.02 per word, Read guidelines here.

Wildhouse Publishing curates books for unconventional people with adventurous spirituality. "We publish a variety of genres, in several imprints, but WHP focuses on trade publication (so not academic tomes or textbooks for classrooms) and always keeps our target audience in mind. We want to support gifted authors who also intend to address the WHP audience, even when it is financially risky to do so. We only do traditional publishing, where the publisher carries all of the financial burden of bringing a book to reality and authors are paid through royalties. We do not consider hybrid publishing projects. We do not consider fee-for-service publishing projects." Accepts fiction, poetry and nonfiction. Read guidelines here.

Wilkinson Publishing (Australia) is currently interested in receiving non-fiction and fiction submissions, including children’s content, in the following categories:
  • Art
  • Biography & Memoir
  • Business & Finance
  • Children’s
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • History
  • Humour
  • Fiction
  • Personal Development
  • Philosophy & Religion
  • Politics & Opinion
  • Sport
  • Society & Culture
  • True Crime
Read guidelines here.

Wolfpack Publishing
is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts in the following fiction genres: men's adventure, crime, historical, action-adventure, and westerns. Previously published titles and back lists are accepted as well. Read guidelines here.

Woodhall Books publishes poetry, fiction and nonfiction. "Every submission will receive a personal reply. Please, allow thirty days before following up." Read guidelines here.

Word West RevueGenre: Fiction, poetry, nonfiction, books, videos and photography that engage with "the west." Payment: Short prose and poetry: $100 for each accepted print piece. $25 for each accepted online piece. Photography: $5 per photo used online. $15 per photo used in print. Video: $50 for each two week block of screening. Books: authors recieve an advance upon acceptance, 15% royalties on print sales, and 35% on ebook sales, paid out quarterly. Has submission periods. Read guidelines here.

Zibby Books is a new publishing house for fiction and memoir founded by Zibby Owens and Leigh Newman. Please do NOT pitch any books in the fantasy, science fiction, young adult, middle grade, or children’s book categories. "She truly just loves beautifully written stories, particularly memoirs, novels, and some self-improvement/advice/inspiring books. She covers a few thrillers, historical fiction, and rom-coms, but not that many." Send an email with author name, book title, pub date, link to more info, digital galley if available, book cover image, author bio, and headshot. Read their full submission guidelines HERE. 



Anansi publishes literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, graphic novels, and crime fiction by Canadian authors. "We publish approximately fifty new books a year, four of which are poetry. We have a roster of talented authors who have previously published with us and continue to produce award-winning progressive new works." Has reading periodsRead submission guidelines here.

Anstruther Books publishes poetry "that takes risks and represents a diverse cross-section of the Canadian literary community." Has reading periodsRead submission guidelines here.

Anvil Press publishes 10 to 15 books per year in the following genres:
• literary fiction (short story collections, novels, uncategorizable prose)
• creative nonfiction
• memoir
• essay collections
• poetry
• books about Vancouver history (preferably off-beat or little-known history)
Canadian writers only. Read submission guidelines here.

At Bay Press is a literary publisher. "We are only interested in literary fiction and literary non-fiction—including poetry. We do publish literary mysteries, thrillers, and noir and are interested in quality submissions in the science fiction, fantasy and graphic novel genres as well. At Bay Press will occasionally accept art submissions for our books, should there be a requirement. We also consider black and white art plate submissions for our “From the Heart” series (see “From the Heart” series submission guidelines below). We are interested in seasoned as well as new writers. From the Heart Series "We are currently open for submissions for our “From the Heart” series. The focus of this series is to bring short works to the trade in a small, well designed, inexpensive book format. We are accepting short poetry collections (minimum 5 poems, maximum 10 poems per manuscript), literary short fiction stories, genre fiction short stories, non-fiction short works, short essays, graphic novellas etc. Ideally, the text should embolden the theme of the series title “From the Heart”. In short, work submitted would be emotionally themed. Some examples could be: passion, health, loss, friendship, sympathy, celebration, birth, death etc." Read their guidelines here.

Baraka Books is a Quebec-based English-language book publisher specializing in creative and political non-fiction, history and historical fiction, and fiction. "Our belief is that books are a haven of freedom and that they remain the foremost vector for change."  Read submission guidelines here.

Biblioasis is a small press located in Windsor, Ontario. They publish sixteen to twenty works of literary fiction, short fiction, nonfiction, translation, and poetry per year. While the majority of their authors and translators are Canadian, they do selectively consider international submissions. Read submission guidelines here.

Book*hug Press is a Canadian independent literary publisher working at the forefront of contemporary book culture. "We specialize in bold and exciting literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, poetry, and literature in translation. We champion emerging established writers whose work meaningfully contributes to and reflects contemporary culture and society, books that challenge and push the boundaries of cultural expectations. Please note that we do not publish children’s literature, genre fiction, cookbooks, textbooks, or self-help books." Read submission guidelines here.

BookLand Press publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and Indigenous literature. "We are particularly interested in submissions from culturally diverse Canadian authors, Indigenous authors, people with disabilities, and official language minority authors. All manuscripts submitted must be copies only. Please do not mail originals, as we will recycle all manuscripts we choose not to publish. Manuscripts must be typewritten and double-spaced. Each submission must be accompanied by a cover letter, a brief literary resume, and a synopsis." Read submission guidelines here.

Brick Books publishes full-length poetry collections by both new and established writers. They are interested in seeing work from as broad a range of aesthetics and experiences as possible. They encourage submissions from Indigenous poets, racialized poets, poets from LGBTQ+ communities, and poets with disabilities. Open to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants only. Submissions accepted between February 1 and May 31. Submissions received outside of this period will go unread. Read submission guidelines here.

Caitlin Press publishes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. "We publish work by Canadian authors with a majority being BC-based. We are interested in topics concerning BC or by writers from the BC Interior, stories about and by Canadian women, and LGBTQ+ voices. Dagger Editions is our imprint for the voices of queer womxn (anyone who includes this in their personal history)—visit Dagger Editions’ submission page for details about how to submit. We encourage writers from marginalized backgrounds, including BIPOC-identifying folks, to submit their work." Read submission guidelines here.

Coach House publishes innovative poetry, literary fiction, drama and select nonfiction by Canadian authors onlyHow to submit: For poetry submissions, please send your complete manuscript, along with an introductory letter that describes your work and compares it to at least two current Coach House titles, explaining how your book would fit our list, and a literary CV listing your previous publications and relevant experience. Electronic submissions are preferred. Read their submission guidelines  HERE.

Cormorant Books is a Canadian independent publisher of literary fiction and nonfiction. They publish books by authors from across Canada "whose life experience and work reflect the diversity of the country. Because we are a literary press, we place great emphasis on the quality of the writing and the editing process, paying attention to each manuscript individually." Read submission guidelines here.

Double Dagger is a Toronto-based publisher of military-focused fiction and non-fiction works. They are interested in material that sheds new light on familiar topics, or that changes what we think we know about a topic. Although they are primarily interested in Canadian or Canada-based authors, they will consider works by writers who are farther afield. Read submission guidelines here.

Douglas & McIntyre is based in Canada. They primarily publish Canadian authors. They have good distribution across Canada and into the US and UK. Genres they accept are literary fiction and nonfiction (politics, history, biography, memoir, cookbooks, art). Read their submission guidelines here

Dundurn Press is one of Canada’s largest and leading independent trade publishers. With over 2,300 books in print, Dundurn Press is recognized for producing high quality, award-winning books across multiple genres. "We publish books that reflect the world, satisfy curiosity, enlighten, and entertain. We seek to amplify and elevate exceptional Canadian voices to the world, particularly those that have not yet been discovered or have been previously underrepresented in trade publishing. We publish across numerous genres, from literary and genre fiction, to lifestyle, memoir and biography, history and public policy, and middle-grade and teen fiction." Read their submission guidelines here

ECW is a Canadian press publishing nonfiction, poetry, and fiction. They accept fiction and poetry from Canadian authors only. There are no citizenship restrictions on writers submitting nonfiction, including memoir. Read their submission guidelines here

Ekstasis Editions publishes literary novels, short fiction and poetry, as well as books for children. They also publish nonfiction titles concerned with alternative approaches to spirituality. Ekstasis Editions is not currently publishing mainstream science fiction/fantasy or mainstream mystery novels, but will consider original works in these genres. They are not considering any romance, detective, western, horror or action/adventure novels, nor any biographies/autobiographies. They normally consider unsolicited submissions from Canadian authors only. Read their submission guidelines here

fine. press publishes full-length collections of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and visual art collections. "We aim to publish books that experiment, provoke, and engage with humour and heart." Payment: $600 CAD publishing contract, 15% royalties and promotion by fine. press. Read their submission guidelines here.  Has submission periods.

Freehand Books publishes innovative and literary novels, short story collections, graphic literature, and works of creative non-fiction. They do not currently publish poetry, young adult fiction, or children’s books. They only publish Canadian authors. They are particularly interested in submissions of graphic literature (memoir, etc). "Freehand Books supports and is deeply interested in diversity, and we welcome and encourage submissions from Indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers from the LGBTQ2S community, writers with disabilities, and women. We are especially open to work that challenges expectations and expands readers’—and our own—empathy and knowledge. We are also interested in publishing Western Canadian writers, as we are proudly based in Calgary." Read their submission guidelines here

Gaspereau Press publishes literary titles aimed at a Canadian readership by Canadian authors. They are interested in novels, short-story collections, poetry, literary essays and creative non-fiction, history, and biographies and memoirs with a literary sensibility. Read their submission guidelines here

Great Plains Press publishes fiction, nonfiction, children's and YA books. They publish between 8- 10 books every year. They accept submissions from both emerging and established writers who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. "We value stories that are unique and thought-provoking, and non-fiction titles that examine an undiscovered or underexplored aspect of our region. We seek out diverse writers and stories that reflect the full Canadian experience and welcome submissions from BIPOC writers, 2SLGBTQIA writers, and writers living with disabilities." Read their submission guidelines here

Groundwood Books publishes award-winning literary picture books, fiction, poetry, nonfiction and graphic novels from Canada and around the world. "Before submitting, prospective authors are encouraged to visit a library or bookstore to familiarize themselves with our books in order to judge their work’s compatibility with our publishing program." Read submission guidelines HERE.

Heritage House Books mainly publishes Canadian authors who write about topics that are relevant to the history, arts and culture, socio-political life, or natural environment of Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB, YT). They accept: History, Biography, autobiography, and memoir, Humour, Indigenous studies (with strong preference given to Indigenous authors), Art and photography, Nature guides, Children’s picture books and board books, Fiction for early- and middle-grade readers. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Invisible Publishing is currently accepting literary manuscript submissions, including works of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. All narrative works with contemporary themes will be considered, however, they are not interested in genre fiction or YA projects. Open to Canadian writers only. Read their submission guidelines here

Kids Can Press invites kids into books that capture different experiences and open their minds to new ideas and perspectives. "As a proudly Canadian publisher, we’re particularly keen to showcase homegrown talent, but we also welcome submissions from authors, illustrators and agents around the world." Kids Can Press is currently accepting the following:
  • Non-rhyming picture books for ages 3–5 / 3–7 / 4–8
  • Nonfiction for ages 5–8 / 7–10 / 8–12 / 10–14
  • Fiction for ages 6–9 / 7–10 / 8–12 /10–14
  • Graphic novels (fiction and nonfiction) for all age categories
Read submission guidelines HERE.

Mansfield Press publishes poetry, fiction and literary non-fiction by Canadian writers at all stages of their careers. That’s Canadian writers and only Canadian writers. It is unlikely that Mansfield will publish a first book by someone with no publishing history. Please include a list of publication credits with your submission. You may submit your work via mail or email. Read their submission guidelines here

Mother Tongue Publishing is a small regional press considering Poetry, Literary Fiction, Literary Non-Fiction by all emerging, mid-career, established and elder British Columbia writers. Our writers must live in B.C. Please send a query letter first before sending any manuscripts. Read their submission guidelines here

NeWest publishes literary works by established and emerging Canadian authors. On average, we publish from 10 to 12 books a year. They publish fiction (including mysteries), poetry, drama, and non-fiction works with literary merit; they are especially interested in publishing books by Western Canadian authors or which explore Western Canadian themes. They also welcome submissions from people of colour and Indigenous authors, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and writers with both visible and invisible disabilities. Read their submission guidelines here

Nightwood Editions publishes poetry and fiction by writers across Canada. "Our goal is to give readers a chance to explore the high-quality work of emerging Canadian writers, and new writers an opportunity to publish their work in book form. Ultimately, Nightwood Editions strives to publish books that foster a community of writers and readers, providing a forum for thought, discussion and interaction while reflecting the diversity our country is known for." Nightwood is also dedicated to producing Canadian non-fiction that helps support its literary list. Read their submission  guidelines here

Orca Book Publishers publishes children's fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels for all ages from picture books to young adults. They only accept work from Canadian writers. Read their submission  guidelines here

Palimpsest Press publishes poetry, literary fiction, and non-fiction titles that deal with poetics, cultural criticism, and literary biography. "We look for poetry that displays technical mastery, precise language, and an authentic voice, and fiction that is rich in imagery, well crafted, and focused on character development. Our non-fiction titles are essays or memoirs written by poets, and books that examine Canadian poetry and the Canadian cultural landscape. In an effort to remove barriers for BIPOC, Deaf, and Disabled authors, Palimpsest Press is officially opening submissions year-round for authors who identify as BIPOC, Deaf, or Disabled. These guidelines take effect immediately. Please include “Year-round Submission” in the email subject line if you submit outside of our designated January1st-March 31st submission period." Read their submission guidelines here

Partridge Island Publishing is a community-minded, family-like company. Our greatest wish is to help Canadian authors get their works out into the world. We accept most genres and content - with the exception of stories that contain child pornography, child abuse or rape. All manuscripts will be delivered to our Submission Committee for consideration. We are looking for works of fiction including; fantasy, romance, historical fiction, poetry, literary fiction, horror and comedy. We are not accepting self-help or non-fiction works at this time." Read their submission guidelines here

Radiant Press publishes and promotes only Canadian authors and artists. Their books include poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, as well as those that defy genre. Read their submission guidelines here.

Renaissance is dedicated to publishing novels and graphic novels from diverse Canadian voices. They publish fiction in every genre, though they have a strong preference for the stories which don’t fit neatly in one genre. They specialize in fiction but are open to narrative non-fiction and memoirs. Read their submission guidelines here

Rising Action publishes and promotes only BIPOC Canadian authors. They are interested in Romantic Comedies/Book Club Fiction, Fantasy, Thrillers/Mysteries/Horror that delves from usual tropes, as well as nonfiction true crime stories. Read their submission guidelines here

Ronsdale Press was established in 1988 as a literary publishing house in order to publish fiction, poetry, biography, regional history and children’s literature. Ronsdale has published a wide range of both beginning and established authors. Ronsdale Press accepts manuscripts only from Canadian citizens or landed immigrants to Canada. Read their submission guidelines here

Rutherford Press publishes fiction and nonfiction by British Columbia writers. "We publish for those who appreciate a good read, whether it comes from experience or the creative sparks from one side or the other of the corpus callosum. We encourage that remarkable new force on this planet – writing. It is the fixing of memory for the ages, stirred with varying parts of wonder, mentoring, weirdness and, ultimately, love of life. Keep writing! Please keep reading!" Read their submission guidelines here.

Stelliform Press publishes science fiction, fantasy, quiet horror and literary works with speculative elements, such as novellas (17,500–39,999 words), novels (60,000–100,000 words), and short story collections and non-fiction books/collections (40,000–60,000 words) which build narratives around climate change and its resultant ecological destruction, and acknowledges the work necessary to live within the problems Western lifestyles have created. All manuscripts submitted must have a science fictional or fantastic element; non-fiction must be speculative. Narratives should be interrelational, demonstrating some ways in which the environment changes us (and others) just as we change it. Has reading periods for general submissions. They are always open to BIPOC authors living in Canada/Turtle Island. Read their submission guidelines here.

Stonehewer Books publishes fiction and nonfiction by Canadian authors. "We are looking for elegant and imaginative work in the areas of memoir, history, biography, literary travelogues, and belles lettres. Our press will favour Canadian authors whose work has been published in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, and books. The Emerging Writers’ Fiction Line is designed to promote the talents of authors who have not yet published fiction in book form. As such, if you’ve already published a novel or a short story collection, we ask that you kindly submit your manuscript elsewhere. Other than that, any Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada is welcome to submit." Read their submission guidelines here.

Stonehouse Publishing publishes literary and trade fiction, with a special focus on historical fiction. "Our list includes a diverse selection of titles and authors. Our Stonehouse ‘Originals’ imprint publishes the best of Canadian literature by new and established authors, while our ‘Classics’ line aims to introduce you to your favourite new classic novel, which you may not have heard of before. Our latest ‘Gothic’ imprint releases classic or modern titles every Fall." Read their submission guidelines here

Talonbooks publishes work of significant literary and/or cultural importance by Canadian authors. They accept submissions of drama, criticism, history, cultural studies, and fiction. Read their submission guidelines here

Thistledown Press is committed to publishing literary work, including novels, short story collections, creative non-fiction, and collections of poetry. "We will consider YA novels and—occasionally—books for younger children. We only publish Canadian authors, and acknowledge a preference for Western Canadian voices. We are committed to diversity in all its richness and complexity." Open to submissions between September 1st and May 1st. Read their submission guidelines here.

TouchWood publishes a wide variety of nonfiction as well as literary fiction and memoir. They only publish Canadian writers, with a strong preference for writers based in western Canada. See submission guidelines HERE.

Tundra Book Group: Puffin Canada, Penguin Teen Canada, and Friends publishes children's books. "We are currently only accepting manuscript and art submissions by creators from underrepresented communities. If you identify as Black, Indigenous or as a person of color, LGBTSQI2S+, having a disability or have ever had refugee status, we want to hear from you!" Read their submission guidelines here

Turnstone is open to receiving our usual interests of literary fiction, literary non-fiction, and poetry, however they are particularly interested in Environmentally Aware Literary Fiction and Winter-themed Literary Fiction at present. "We publish Canadian authors and landed immigrants and strive to publish a significant number of new writers, to publish in a variety of genres, and to have a portion of each year's list authored by Manitoba writers and/or books featuring prairie content. We are always looking for titles that reflect the diversity of both Manitoba and Canada and encourage Indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers from the LGBTQ2S community and writers with disabilities to send us their work." Read their submission guidelines here

University of Alberta Press is open to Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. They accept poetry manuscripts between September 1 and 30 each year. Creative nonfiction manuscripts are accepted throughout the year, including books of travel/adventure literature for their Wayfarer series. They do not accept novels. Read their submission guidelines here

Wolsak and Wynn is a Canadian press "dedicated to publishing clear, passionate Canadian voices. As such, we publish very few non-Canadians. However, we encourage Canadian authors of diverse backgrounds and communities to submit. Our submission period runs from January 1st to March 31st of each year; submissions sent outside this period will be returned." They publish poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Read their full submission guidelines HERE


Affirm Press accepts all literary and genre fiction. For non-fiction, they are interested in most subjects that have a market as long as the manuscript is entertaining, engaging and likely to leave readers better off. They only accept Australian authors or authors based in Australia, and only manuscripts that haven’t been previously published. They only accept submissions on the first Monday of each month, Read their submission guidelines here

Big Sky Publishing is an Australian publisher of nonfiction books for adults in the following genres: history, military history, true crime, self-help, health, parenting, business, auto/biography, humor and lifestyle. They also publish children’s books during open windows. Read their submission  guidelines here

Black Inc. and Nero Books accept proposals from Australian writers only, for general and commercial non-fiction – including history, current affairs, sports, and biography – and for literary and commercial fiction. They do not accept submissions for the following genres: fantasy, science-fiction, travelogues, crime/mystery, erotica, poetry or picture books. Read their submission guidelines here

Brain Jar Press is primarily interested in science fiction, horror, fantasy, crime, and thriller fiction, as well as short story collections in those genres. Brain Jar Press is open to publishing:
  • Chapbooks (4000 to 10,000 words)
  • Novellas (10,000 to 40,000 words)
  • Short novels (up to 60,000 words)
They are particularly interested in serial and series works, whether they are written at short story, novella, or novel length, and works that fit into some of their established product lines such as the Writer Chaps series (chapbook collections of writing-oriented non-fiction). They are also interested in non-fiction that’s focused on the craft and business of writing, or topics aligned with the fiction genres they cover. Brain Jar Press publishes in ebook and print on demand, working on a digital-first model that only produces print editions when they’re ordered. They do not pay advances, but they do offer a slightly higher royalty rate on print books sold than larger publishing companies. Read their submission guidelines here

Deadset Press publishes speculative fiction by writers from Australia and New Zealand. They are currently accepting novellas. Payment: Each successful author will receive a payment of $100 upon publication, plus 50% royalties of ebook sales and 40% royalties of paperbacks. Has submission periods. Read their submission guidelines here

Exisle Publishing, located in New Zealand, is an established non-fiction publishing house with 25 years of industry experience. They publish simultaneously in North America, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Read their submission guidelines here.

Fremantle Press welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from authors of Western Australian origin or whose main place of residence is Western Australia. Work by non–Western Australian authors will be considered when the subject matter has a strong Western Australian focus. They accept manuscripts in the genres of non-fiction, fiction and narrative non-fiction, poetry, and books for children and young adults. They also welcome portfolio submissions from photographers and illustrators. Read their submission guidelines here.

Ginninderra Press is a small press focusing on story collections, nonfiction, and poetry. They do not accept manuscripts from writers resident outside Australia. In non-fiction they prefer a focus on matters of social, cultural or political concern. Previous publication is not essential. Maximum word limit is 100,000. They are not accepting novels at present, but they welcome collections of stories, for which previous publication is not essential. They look for manuscripts that are socially aware, combining emotional impact with convincing storytelling. Maximum word limit is 80,000. In poetry they look for manuscripts that combine emotional impact with arresting imagery. Social awareness is also looked on favorably. Previous publication is not essential. Read their submission guidelines here

Giramondo Publishing is an independent, Australian, university-based literary publisher of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. "Giramondo was established in December 1995 in order to publish innovative and adventurous literary work, that might not otherwise find publication because of its subtle commercial appeal; to stimulate exchange between Australian writers and readers and their counterparts overseas; and to build a common ground between the academy and the marketplace." Read their submission guidelines here. Has submission periods.

Hachette Australia is one of Australia’s largest publishers. They welcome submissions from fiction, non-fiction and children’s book writers who are residents of Australia or New Zealand. They are not looking for science fiction/fantasy, horror, illustrated books, cookbooks, poetry, screenplays or academic works, and will not consider any submissions within these genres. Read their submission guidelines here

Melbourne University Publishing has three nonfiction imprints: Melbourne University Press, The Miegunyah Press, and Custom Books. They do not publish fiction, children’s literature or poetry. Read their submission guidelines here.

New Frontier (Australia) publishes children's books: Picture Books - Maximum word length 600 words; Junior Fiction - For beginner readers, aged 5-8, word length 5,000-10,000, For confident readers, aged 7-10, word length 10,000-30,000, For middle readers, aged 11-14, word length 30,000-55,000. Read their submission guidelines here.

Odyssey Books (Australia) has three imprints:
– Odyssey Books: speculative fiction (50,000-120,000 words)
– Publisher Obscura: novelty and illustrated books for adults
– Ensorcellia: postcard-sized novellas (15,000-25,000 words) and poetry chapbooks (minimum 5,000 words)
They don't pay advances. Read their submission guidelines here.

Pantera Press is "proudly all about great storytelling. Our passion is publishing books readers rave about by discovering, launching and nurturing talented Australian authors who write quality fiction or non-fiction for a popular audience." Read their submission guidelines here.

Penguin Random House Australia comprises an adult publishing division and a children’s publishing division. Submissions are only open on select dates. They do not accept submissions from outside Australia, New Zealand or Oceania. Read their submission guidelines here

Puncher & Wattmann is a Newcastle-based publisher. Since 2005, they have published over 200 titles: poetry, fiction, life writing, poetry anthologies and critical non-fiction. Their current proprietors are founder David Musgrave, Ed Wright and Andy Kissane. Puncher and Wattmann books have won or been shortlisted for a number of literary awards including the Miles Franklin, Prime Minister’s awards and various state and Premiers’ literary awards. "Our titles treasure eclecticism, wit and iconoclasm. We also publish the Slow Loris chapbook imprint curated by Chris Brown. Our Puncher and Wattmann First Poetry Book Prize is helping some of Australia’s best young poets on the path to publication. We are also proud to be the co-publisher of World Poetry, an international, bilingual journal in English and Mandarin." Read their submission guidelines hereHas submission periods.

Rockpool is an Australian press interested in Mind Body Spirit; Health and Wellness; Self-help and Gift titles as well as Tarot, Oracle and Affirmation cards. They also accept submissions for the Gelding Street Press imprint in the areas of Sport and Australian Stories. Read their submission guidelines  here

Te Herenga Waka University Press is New Zealand’s leading publisher of new fiction and poetry, and a scholarly publisher specializing in NZ history, biography and essays. Submissions are restricted to people who live in or are strongly connected with Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Read their submission guidelines here

Text Publishing considers manuscripts from citizens or residents of Australia and/or New Zealand. They are broadly interested in publishing fiction and non-fiction, including middle grade and young adult. It takes approximately three months for submissions to be considered. Read their submission  guidelines here

University of Queensland Press has launched the careers of many celebrated Australian writers, such as David Malouf, Peter Carey, Kate Grenville, Doris Pilkington and Nick Earls. Originally founded as a traditional university press, UQP has since branched into publishing books for general readers in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, Indigenous writing and youth literature. UQP publishes books across the following categories: non-fiction (history, politics, current affairs, biography and memoir, environmental issues), literary fiction, including short stories, children’s and young adult (YA) books (fiction and non-fiction), poetry. They do not publish books in the following categories: Genre fiction (including romance, science fiction, fantasy, and erotica), travel guides, cookbooks, self-help books, plays/scripts/music scores, textbooks, unrevised theses or conference proceedings. Read their submission guidelines here

Ultimo Press is a new Australian publisher. They are seeking general and literary fiction and non-fiction "that inspires and ignites." "Our ambition is to publish compelling new voices and original perspectives that reflect the full spectrum of Australian life." They do not accept children’s, young adult or picture books. Read their submission guidelines here

Ventura Press welcomes the submission of manuscripts and book proposals in the following categories: Contemporary fiction, Historical fiction, Crime/thriller fiction, Memoir, Mental health, History. They do not accept submissions from people outside Australia or New Zealand, or manuscripts in the genres of children’s fiction and nonfiction, or poetry, or young adult fiction and nonfiction or illustrated books of any kind. Read their submission guidelines here

Victoria University Press welcomes inquiries from prospective authors. They publish literary fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and scholarly nonfiction. Most of their authors live in Aotearoa New Zealand and/or their work is suitable primarily for a local audience. They do not consider submissions from overseas writers whose work does not have a connection with Aotearoa New Zealand. Read their submission guidelines here

Walker Books Australia and New Zealand publishes children’s books. They are open one day a year to unsolicited submissions through Walker Wednesday. Walker Wednesday is open to Australian and New Zealand citizens and residents only, for projects in English. You can read more about Walker Wednesday here.


Acair Books publish books in Scottish Gaelic and English. Many of their titles are related to Scotland history, nature and social issues. Read submission guidelines here.

Atlantic Fiction is interested in complete novels, extensive partials or short stories. "All submissions should come with a one line pitch and a one paragraph pitch, outlining the submission. We will not read anything outside the literary genre and we are unable to respond personally to every submission." Read guidelines here. (Scroll down)

Claret Press is only open to literary submissions from the UK. "We don't publish the following: poetry, self help or spiritual, erotica, kiddie books, picture books, art books, cookbooks, academic, educational, textbooks or screeds. We also don't republish self-published books." Read submission guidelines here. Note: Has reading periods.

Currach Books is an independent publisher of Irish interest books. Read submission guidelines here.

Dahlia Books is a small UK based press. They are only currently only interested in short fiction and short stories when presented as a collection from a UK based writer. Read submission guidelines here.

Dedalus Press is one of Ireland’s best-known and longest established poetry publishers. "Our main interest is in new poetry by Irish poets or by poets from elsewhere but living in Ireland. We publish on average 8 books per year, and our open reading periods regularly draw hundreds of new manuscripts, of which we can hope to take on just one or two per annum."  Read submission guidelines here.

The Gallery Press was established in 1970 to publish the work of writers who are Irish by birth, residence, citizenship (or who have applied for citizenship). They also publish plays. Read  submission guidelines here.

Galley Beggar Press publishes adult literary fiction (novels and short story collections) and narrative non-fiction. You do not have to live in the UK to submit to us: they welcome submissions from across the world. Read  submission guidelines here.

Gill Books is a publisher of adult and children's nonfiction. They are based in Ireland. In general they focus on books of Irish interest.

Lucent Dreaming publishes accessible literary, fantasy, sci-fi, speculative and/or surreal fiction, 40,000-80,000+ words, by UK residents. Terms: Advance of £500, 20% royalties. Read submission guidelines here.

Penned in the Margins is a small UK publisher accepting new poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Their focus is UK-based writers. "We make books for readers not afraid to take risks." Read submission guidelines here.

Salt Publishing is a UK company that publishes fiction (novels and short stories), narrative non-fiction, and poetry. “We particularly welcome submissions from women, BAME, disabled, working class and LGBTQ+ writers.” Distributed by Random House. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Sandycove is the Dublin-based imprint of Penguin Random House Ireland. They consider manuscripts and proposals, in all genres. They do not accept children's books. They are open to submissions from the UK and Ireland. Read submission guidelines here.

Tramp is a small press based in Ireland. They publish literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, and short story collections. "If you’re a person of colour, we’re particularly looking for you. If you identify in any way with a group that has been under-represented in literature, we’re looking for you." They don't accept submissions from the US or Canada. Read their submission guidelines here.


Alaska Literary Series publishes poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction. Successful manuscripts have a strong connection to Alaska or the circumpolar north, are written by people living in the far north, or both. Read guidelines here.

Allium Press of Chicago publishes literary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and middle grade/young adult fiction. All of their titles have a strong Chicago connection. They only publish a small number of titles each year. They only publish full-length novels, not novellas or short stories. They do not publish memoirs, self-help books, how-to guides, horror/fantasy/science fiction, romance fiction, erotica, poetry, etc. They are actively seeking works by diverse authors/own voices and novels with diverse characters. Read guidelines here.

April Gloaming Publishing is a Nashville-based independent press that aims to capture and better understand the Southern soul, Southern writing, and "the Southern holler." They publish fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and graphic novels. Read guidelines HERE.

Belle Point Press is a Mid-Southern regional press. They are primarily interested in seeing work from writers tied to Arkansas and the surrounding area, including Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, etc. as well as other Southern states. (This connection doesn’t necessarily have to be explicit in the work itself.) "Show us what it means to be from around here." They publish: 
  • Prose collections (including essays, short stories, flash)
  • Novels and novellas
  • Memoirs
  • Hybrid collections
  • Poetry collections
Read guidelines HERE.

Brother Mockingbird Press focuses on Southern Fiction and authors, but they will never reject a good story no matter where it originates. They are looking for: Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Commercial literary fiction, Thrillers, Suspense, Traditional crime (i.e. 'cozies'), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, Young Adult. Their new imprint, Small Town Girl, focuses on fiction and nonfiction set in or about the 1980s. Note: Brother Mockingbird asks writers for a complete marketing plan, This is an indication that the publisher will not market your book, or will only do so minimallyRead guidelines HERE.

Buffalo Heritage Press is an imprint of The City of Light Publishing. "We want Buffalo authors telling Buffalo stories. We want to celebrate the renaissance of this great city—and prove that Buffalo, New York, is more than just another snow storm. These books can be fiction set in Buffalo, but more often than not, they are nonfiction—and frequently they are great gifts for Buffalovers." Read guidelines HERE.

Cat & Mouse Press is a small press that is only interested in publishing work that has a direct connection to the Delmarva area. The Delmarva Peninsula, also known as the Eastern Shore, embraces the state of Delaware and the Eastern Shore counties of Maryland and Virginia. Read guidelines HERE.

Cune Press publishes literary nonfiction by West Coast writers as well as Middle East-related books, with a focus on Syria and the Levant. Read guidelines here.

Cinco Puntos Press focuses on the U.S. / Mexico border region, the Southwest and Mexico. They do not accept children's books, poetry, or books exclusively in Spanish. They will only consider a manuscript when it is completely finished. Read their full submission guidelines HERE

Craven Street Books is an imprint of Linden Publishing, Inc. located in downtown Fresno, California. Its primary focus is on the history, people, and places of California. Craven Street Books is a traditional, royalties paying imprint of Linden Publishing. Read their full submission guidelines HERE

Down East focuses on Maine. It is an imprint of Globe Pequot, the trade division of Rowman & Littlefield. (They have many imprints.) Read guidelines here.
Down the Shore focuses on New Jersey, the Jersey Shore, the mid-Atlantic, and seashore and coastal subjects. They specialize in regional histories; pictorial, coffee table books; literary anthologies; and natural history titles. As a rule, they do not publish poetry, memoirs, or personal histories, although they have included these genres in anthologies. Read guidelines here. Has submission periods.

Epicenter Press publishes nonfiction and fiction submissions that relate to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest: biography & memoir, history, humor, life in the North, Native American culture, true crime. "We seek well-written, fast-paced, absorbing, compelling, and entertaining nonfiction including memoir and fiction manuscripts. We currently do not publish poetry, young adult or children’s titles." Read their full submission guidelines HERE

Heyday Press is a nonprofit publisher that focuses on California and the American West. They publish nonfiction books that explore history, celebrate Native cultural renewal, fight injustice, and honor nature. Read guidelines here.

High Plains Press publishes poetry and prose focused on the American West, with special interest in things relating to Wyoming. They publish about four books a year and have been in business since 1986. "We focus on "Old West" history and Poetry of the American West. Old West history is what we can sell best. We are also interested in other nonfiction and historical nonfiction relating to the West." Read guidelines here.

Hub City Press publishes books of literary fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, regional nonfiction, nature, and art. "We are seeking new and extraordinary voices from the American South. Well-crafted, high-quality works by new and established authors. We are particularly interested in books with a strong sense of place. Hub City publishes writers living in or from the South. What's the South? A complicated issue, to say the least, but the short answer for our purposes: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. At the same time, we're interested in boundaries, borders, and in-betweens, so if you want to make a case for a state not listed here, we'll take a look. We do not publish romance, science fiction, true crime, mystery, cookbooks, how-to books, horror/paranormal or specific-religion inspirational books. We do not publish books for young people (YA, middle grade or children's). Please do not send us a query if your book has already been self-published, even only as an eBook. We are not looking for single stories, essays, or poems at this time." Read guidelines here. See submission periods.

Islandport Press publishes books about the Northeast. Submissions should reflect a New England sensibility and primarily be set in and tell stories about this region, as well as characterize the culture and people. They consider adult books, picture books, story books, middle grade chapter books, and young adult titles. For middle grade and YA titles, you must submit a completed manuscript as well as a one-page synopsis of the book. Read guidelines here.

Kelp Books is an independent press located in Pebble Beach, California. The press seeks to discover new talents and publish brave, off-beat, and adventurous fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. "We're looking for submissions of literary, crime, thriller, mystery, and horror manuscripts. A sense of place is important to us, and while no place is excluded from our appetite, we strongly prefer coastal themes, West Coast locales, surfing, and works that embody travel and adventure. We will consider novel-length (70,000-120,000 word) manuscripts. We also consider short story collections, poetry, and non-fiction." Read guidelines here.

Loblolly Press is a small, independent press, publishing poetry, short fiction, & novels from new and established writers. Loblolly Press is seeking submissions that embody a profound sense of place, particularly focusing on the Southern and Appalachian regions. Preferably, submissions will convey a strong and unique relationship with the landscape. As a Press based in Asheville, NC, they prioritize writers and submissions from Asheville and the surrounding area. Read guidelines here.

Mutual Publishing considers submissions of quality manuscripts on a variety of subjects related to Hawaii and of local interest. "We do not accept manuscripts on topics not related to the Hawaiian Islands as it falls outside our areas of expertise. It has become important for authors to take an active role in selling and marketing their books. With fewer bookstores and limited space in non-bookstores, the author’s efforts in marketing and publicity have assumed greater importance. Please indicate how you can help and through what channels you can reach customers, whether it’s retail, civic clubs, book clubs, social media, professional or personal organizations, blogs, etc." Read guidelines here.

Red Sweater Press (RSP) is looking to publish full-length collections of poetry and short fiction, with the goal of producing select works of adult and young adult fiction and memoir in the future. "Free verse poems that detail the depth of human emotion, experience and expression appeal to us in a big way, and we love thrillers, literary fiction and speculative stories featuring well-developed characters." Alaska residents receive priority for all services, followed by non-resident authors with strong connections to Alaska. However, works need not be about Alaska or reference Alaska to be considered for publication. Read guidelines here.

Secant Publishing, LLC is an independent publishing company located in Salisbury, Maryland. "Secant Publishing has a special interest in Chesapeake Bay-centric fiction and nonfiction. The transom is wide open for all aspiring authors, including Black and Native American writers, who continue to be under-represented in the literature of the Eastern Shore." Read guidelines here.

SFK Press seeks book-length fiction in a wide variety of “southern voices.” They especially encourage submissions from indigenous, LGBTQIA+, disabled, currently or previously incarcerated, and non-binary people, people of color, and women. Read guidelines here.

Three Hills, a trade imprint of Cornell University Press, publishes smart, informative, entertaining, and provocative fiction and non-fiction books about New York State and the Northeast. From history to unusual hobbies, from politics to pop culture, from the environment to the economy, from sports to tourist spots, Three Hills covers the Empire State, its people, heritage, Cornell University, and much more. For information on submitting proposals for non-fiction publication consideration, click here.
For guidelines on how to submit a work of fiction or creative nonfiction, click here.

Wayne State University publishes books in African American studies; fairy-tale studies; film, television, and media studies; health humanities; Jewish studies;  labor studies; and regional studies: books about the state of Michigan, the city of Detroit, and the Great Lakes region. They also acquire books of short fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry written by Michigan authors in their Made in Michigan Writers Series. Read guidelines here.

                    REGIONAL PRESSES (ELSEWHERE)

New Europe Books publishes trade fiction and nonfiction, mostly from Eastern Europe (i.e., the Eastern reaches of Central Europe) or written through a lens reflecting that region’s historical/cultural experience—allowing for occasional digressions into other parts of the Old World. Distributed by Minneapolis-based Consortium Book Sales & Distribution—an Ingram-owned firm that distributes more than 100 leading independent literary presses—it is based in Williamstown, Massachusetts, but works with authors, designers, and others from across Europe, North America, and beyond. Since its founding in 2012, New Europe Books has released some twenty engaging, vital, and often timely books whose appeal to both general readers and academics, and to a relatively broad demographic, counters the stereotype of Eastern Europe as obscure, opaque, and inaccessible. Read guidelines here.

Peepal Tree Press is the world’s leading publisher of Caribbean and Black British writing. They publish around 15 titles a year. Founded in 1985, Peepal Tree brings readers the best of international writing from the Caribbean, its diasporas and Black British writers. Read guidelines here.

Mukana Press publishes full length books (short story collections, memoirs and novels). They do not publish self-help books, picture books and previously self-published books. They welcome YA and Adult novels. "We are particularly intrigued by OWN voice stories, coming of age stories, protagonists wrestling with identity and belonging, stories with international settings, stories about immigration and emigration plus we love strong feminist protagonists. We seek to champion authors from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds with a focus on authors from Africa, South America, The Middle East and Asia." Read guidelines here.

Earnshaw Books is actively seeking new manuscripts of all sorts, particularly historical fiction, Young Adult fiction, China-related topics, and Chinese language learning-related books and materials. Read guidelines here.

Epigram Books is an independent publisher with imprints in Singapore and London, established in 2011. "We are keen to read and publish new writing by Singaporean authors and authors writing about Singapore. We accept and evaluate completed manuscripts all year round." Read guidelines here.


Albert Whitman & Company has been publishing award-winning children’s books since 1919. Albert Whitman’s special interest titles address subjects such as disease, bullying, and disabilities. Submissions: Albert Whitman and Company currently has an open submissions policy. They read and review unagented manuscripts and proposals for picture books, middle-grade fiction, and young adult novels. Novellas accepted. Email submissions only. Note: They will not review any submissions that do not follow their submission guidelines.

Annick Press accepts submissions of picture books, middle grade fiction, YA fiction, and non-fiction for kids of all ages. "Our stories feature contemporary themes (even if the setting is historical) and aim to instill kids with the joy of reading." Read guidelines HERE.

Arbordale. "Our mission is to get children excited about science and math through fun-to-read picture book stories. We are primarily looking for fiction manuscripts with non-fiction facts woven into the story, although we will also consider some non-fiction stories. In every manuscript we look for a "cuddle factor" that will make parents and children want to read it together." Submissions: Submit manuscripts about: physical science, engineering, earth science. science or math manuscripts with a cultural/social studies connection, manuscripts for Pre-K3 to kindergarten-age children. Manuscripts written in Spanish by bilingual authors (English and Spanish) are accepted. Please send your manuscript in Spanish and English, and all accompanying materials only in English. Authors and illustrators living in the US and Canada onlyRead submission guidelines here

ABDO publishes fiction for children in series only (4 titles per series). Send an overall summary/overview of the proposed series; Individual summaries of each of the four books; One to two sample chapters from the first book. Books must contain educational content and should be focused on children between the ages of 4 and 12. Read submission guidelines here

Bala Kids, an imprint of Shambhala Publications, is dedicated to encouraging the values of wisdom and compassion for children of all ages with books on Buddhism, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and more. Shambhala books are distributed by Penguin/Random House. Read submission guidelines here

Chesapeake Press publishes fiction and non-fiction books for children about American democracy. We are looking for original fiction manuscripts and non-fiction book proposals related to civics education for readers in grades K-8. They are also looking for illustrators, graphic artists, and book designers. Read submission guidelines here

Common Deer Press publishes approximately eight books per year, most of which are novels for children or teens. They aim to recognize and represent the varied ways to come of age and, therefore, do not shy away from challenging topics. Read submission guidelines here

Creston Books "fills the void left behind by the major New York publishers who no longer put out a broad range of quality picture books. The golden age of picture books, when fine books were edited and published despite not being blockbusters, does not have to be over. Creston Books is author/illustrator driven, with talented, award-winning creators given more editorial freedom and control than in a typical New York house. We work hard to promote every book we print, not just the few we think will sell the best." Distributed by Lerner Books. Read submission guidelines here

Levine Querido Founded in 2019 by Arthur A. Levine, Levine Querido is an independent publisher of children's books. SubmissionsPicture Books: Query letter + the full text; Novels: Query letter + the first two chapters + synopsis; Other: Query letter + five page samples (five poems, five nonfiction pages, etc.); Illustration: Three sample illustrations via attachment, and links to online portfolios. Do not send full manuscripts. Read submission guidelines here

August House focuses on world folktales and storytelling. Submissions are by regular post only. Please review their guidelines before contacting.

Capstone publishes both fiction and nonfiction books for struggling and reluctant readers. They have four imprints and three separate divisions with over 3,000 books in print. Submissions: Most of Capstone's books are produced in-house, but they are also interested in receiving writers’ manuscripts and reviewing artists' portfolios. Fiction submissions should be sent via email, nonfiction by regular post only. Read guidelines here.

Cardinal Rule Press publishes children’s picture books that empower children through meaningful stories for readers, age 4-11. They also publish non-fiction books for parents (word count up to 70k). They only accept submissions during their open reading periods. Read guidelines here.

Charlesbridge publishes both picture books and transitional “bridge books” (books ranging from early readers to middle-grade chapter books). Nonfiction books focus on nature, science, social studies, and multicultural topics. Fiction titles include lively, plot-driven stories with strong, engaging characters. As of September 2015, they accept young-adult novels for consideration. Submissions: Please submit only one or two manuscript(s) at a time. Regular mail only. No simultaneous submissions. Read guidelines here.

Dawn Publications accepts creative nonfiction manuscripts for children that relate to nature and science. "We are currently looking for picture books for grades kindergarten through 4th grade. Our books must have a strong early elementary science curriculum connection." Read guidelines here.

Enchanted Lion is a small children's book publisher based in Brooklyn, NY. "We publish illustrated books from around the world, convinced by the power of cultural exchange to inspire curiosity, awareness, and wonder in children everywhere. We reach across time and oceans to find new authors and old treasures to share with a new generation of readers." Read guidelines here. They occasionally close.

Flashlight Press publishes books for 4 - 8-year-olds. Books must be under 1000 words, have a universal theme, and deal with family or social situations. Read guidelines here.

Free Spirit publishes nonfiction books and learning materials for children and teens, parents, educators, counselors, and others who live and work with young people. They do not publish fiction. Submissions: Proposals to be considered must be sent by mail (not by fax or email). Include cover letter, your relevant expertise, résumé, chapter-by-chapter outline, two sample chapters and market analysis. Read detailed guidelines here.

Holiday House specializes in hardcovers, from picture books to young adult, both fiction and nonfiction for ages four and up. They do not publish mass market books, including pop-ups, activity books, sticker books, coloring books, or licensed books. Submissions: Holiday House only responds if they are interested in publishing your manuscript. Please send the entire manuscript, whether submitting a picture book or novel. They do not accept submissions by email or fax. Read guidelines here.

Heartdrum is an imprint of HarperCollins focusing on Indigenous stories that reflect Native people whose Nations are located within the borders of what’s now called the United States and Canada. "We are open to considering picture book, chapter book, middle grade novel, and young adult novel manuscripts as well as middle grade and young adult nonfiction manuscripts, and both poetry and graphic novel formats. Writing that reflects young protagonists and/or youth-related topics are welcome. Our emphasis will be on contemporary, near histories and/or futuristic works, including realistic fiction and genre fiction." Read guidelines here.

Incentive Publications by World Book produces supplemental resources for student use and instruction and classroom management improvement materials for teachers. "Incentive specializes in supplemental resources for middle grades students and teaching strategies for grades K–12. More than 400 titles are available through over 2,000 retailers and distributors (including Barnes & Noble) nationally and internationally—and now titles are also available in e-book format online. Teachers, school administrators, librarians, and parents use Incentive Publications by World Book to help their students enjoy the learning process as they improve their learning skills and overall academic achievement. Many Incentive Publications products are designed specifically to enhance teachers’ ability to successfully implement the Common Core State Standards in today’s classrooms." They have very minimal guidelines. Read guidelines here.

Just Us Books publishes children’s books that celebrate the diversity of Black history, culture and experiences. Submissions: Just Us Books is currently accepting queries for chapter books and middle reader titles only. Please send a query letter pitching us your manuscript, 1-2 page synopsis of your manuscript, 3-5 sample pages of your manuscript, a brief author bio that includes any previously published work, self-addressed stamped envelope. (Submission guidelines are located on Contact page.)

Lee & Low Books  is a children’s and young adult book publisher focusing on diversity. As of 2012, Lee & Low Books has published more than 650 titles in hardcover, paperback, lift-the-flap, and board book formats. Many titles have also been adapted for Spanish editions. They publish 12-14 titles per year.  Read their submission guidelines here.

Lerner Publishing Group is one of the nation’s largest independently owned children’s publishers with more than 5,000 books in print. Their Jewish-themed imprint, Kar-Ben, is the only division accepting submissions. Submissions: (Scroll down page for PDF submission guidelines.) Kar-Ben accepts unsolicited manuscripts by regular post only.

Little Bigfoot is an imprint of Sasquatch Books. They publish fiction and nonfiction books for kids ages four to twelve and board books for kids ages three and under that fit their West Coast publishing program. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Little Pickle Press is a small children's publisher located in Sacramento, CA. Their list is focused on books that make a better world: Kindness—the power of it, Dare To Be Different, Choices: It’s Not All Black And White; Most of Life is Gray, Racism—the deleterious effects of it, Refugees, Adoption, Complex Family Structures, Anti-Princess Themes, Creativity—the importance of it, fostering it, etc., Leadership and/or Entrepreneurship, Divergent (vs. Convergent) Thinking, Systems Thinking, Responsibility/Accountability/Moving Beyond Gen M Thinking, Taking Care of Yourself and Your Community/Planting the Seeds of Being a Locavore. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Little Press Publishing is a traditional publisher located in Wood Ridge, New Jersey. They publish picture books, early readers, chapter books (5,000 - 15,000 words), MG and YA. Books are distributed through Baker & Taylor.  Read submission guidelines HERE. Note: See submission periods.

Marble Press an independent, traditional publishing house offering advances and royalties to writers and illustrators. "We publish juvenile, literary, and commercial fiction books, picture books, early-middle-grade books, (early readers), middle grade novels and graphic novels. We are interested in narrative nonfiction and books that challenge traditional forms.  At this time, Marble Press is accepting unsolicited manuscripts from both represented and unrepresented authors and author-illustrators. We will read from established authors as well as new talents." Read submission guidelines HERE.

Magination Press publishes books relating to social-emotional learning, mental health and wellness, and psychological topics for children and teens. Most of their books are written by PhD or PsyD-level psychologists, school counselors, or other mental health professionals. Although doctorate-level credentials are not a requirement, the author should have expertise in the topic area. Before submitting a manuscript for possible acquisition by Magination Press, you must send a query letter first. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Meadowbrook Press specializes in pregnancy, childcare, children’s poetry, juvenile novels, children’s activities, party planning, and adult humor. Submissions: Fiction writers, please send a cover letter, your credentials and market analysis along with a table of contents and a sample chapter. Poets may send completed (funny) poems. Postal submissions only. Response time: six months. Read guidelines here.

Mighty Media Press publishes children's books, mostly picture books but also those aimed at middle grade readers. On average, they only publish six new books annually. Read guidelines here.

OnStage Publishing publishes chapter books, middle grade novels and young adult novels. Submissions They do not publish picture books, short stories or poetry. Query first for non-fiction. They only publish fiction books for ages 8 to 18. Cover letter with market analysis is required. Submissions may be sent via regular mail or email. Please read author guidelines here.

Owlkids Books (Canada) publishes: Picture books for ages 3–5 / 3–7 / 4–8, Non-fiction for ages 5–8 / 7–10 / 8–12 / 10–14; Early fiction for ages 6–9, Graphic novels (fiction and nonfiction) for all ages. They publish about 15 new books each spring and fall, including board books, picture books, non-fiction, fiction, and graphic novels. Please read author guidelines here.

Pajama Press publishes picture books—both for the very young and for school-aged readers, as well as early chapter books, novels for middle grade readers, and contemporary or historical fiction for young adults aged 12+. PP also published nonfiction. Pajama Press is looking for manuscripts from authors of diverse backgrounds. Stories about immigrants are of special interest. See their submission guidelines here.

Pants On Fire Press publishes picture, middle-grade and young adult books. They are always on the lookout for Action, Adventure, Animals, Comedic, Dramatic, Dystopian, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-fi, Supernatural and Suspense stories. Submissions: Pants on Fire is acquiring Chapter Books, Middle-grade and Young Adult fiction. Please read complete author guidelines here.

Pelican publishes Young Adult Fiction & Nonfiction: Genres: Regional history, biography, adventure. 
Minimum word count: 25,000; Juvenile Middle Readers: Genres: Regional history, biography, cooking, adventure. Maximum word count: 25,000; Juvenile Picture Books: Genres: Holiday, regional history, biography, adventure. Maximum word count: 1,100 plus author’s note to children. Please read complete author guidelines here.

Penny Candy Press publishes kids' books that reflect a wide range of authors and illustrators from around the globe. "We are not interested in perpetuating a publishing culture that ALL authors, illustrators, and readers do not have access to. While we will not exclude anyone from our catalog, we focus on underrepresented, unheard, or forgotten voices as part of our mission." They are open to submissions from January to March. Please read complete author guidelines here.

Reycraft Books is primarily focused on developing books by authors and illustrators from underrepresented communities. They are actively seeking #OwnVoices contributors. They have an open submissions policy and are interested in looking at picture books, early readers, chapter books and illustrations for children ages 5–12. Please read complete author guidelines here.

Ripple Grove Press is a new family-owned publisher based in Massachusetts. They are seeking picture books. Read submission policy. Temporarily closed to submissions.

Sleeping Bear Press is a publisher of quality children’s books. They specialize in picture books and middle grade novels. They accept both fiction and nonfiction submissions. Please read complete author guidelines here.

Sterling Publishing  publishes both fiction and non-fiction, including classics, picture books, joke books, middle grade, and novelty formats—as well as books for babies and toddlers. Their Flash Kids imprint publishes workbooks and flash cards for preschool, elementary, and middle school students in essential curriculum areas such as reading, math, writing, test preparation, and much more. Additionally, their Sterling Teen imprint publishes fiction and non-fiction across all genres and formats. Sterling is a large house, with over 5,000 titles in print. Submissions: Please write a cover letter explaining your idea and enclose an outline and a sample chapter of the proposed book, along with sample illustrations where applicable. Read full guidelines here.

Red Deer Press is a Canadian company that publishes books for children across the ages, from picture books to young adult fiction and non-fiction. Please read complete author guidelines here.

The City of Light has several imprints. CrissCross AppleSauce publishes picture books that inspire and educate children of all ages. Cross Your Fingers books are chapter books for young readers with engaging and educational stories that will keep them hooked on reading as a lifelong passion. Cross Your Heart publishes young adult books that explore the joys and perils that every young adult can relate to as they navigate their own coming-of-age story. New Idea Press publishes innovative non-fiction books. Blacklight Press publishes innovative fiction books. Buffalo Heritage Press is committed to telling the stories of Buffalo, New York. Read guidelines HERE.

Tilbury House focuses on nonfiction picture books that appeal to children (ages 5 – 10) and their parents. They will also consider nonfiction chapter books and graphic nonfiction for early readers (ages 8 – 13), and nonfiction for young adult readers (YA, age 12+). Read guidelines here.

Tradewind is a Canadian company that publishes books for children and young adults. Tradewind does not accept novels by non-Canadian authors unless they are chapter books to be illustrated. Read guidelines here.

Versify is looking for "books that edify, electrify, and exemplify the wonders and woes of childhood." They accept YA novels, MG chapter books, picture books, and graphic novels. Read guidelines here.

Yeehoo Press is dedicated to publishing fun, enchanting, and socially responsible children’s books for audiences around the world. Their books are published and sold in simultaneous English and Simplified Chinese editions. Yeehoo Press has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, California, and Shanghai, China. Yeehoo is a boutique press publishing 10 to 15 books per year. They are looking for fictional and non-fiction picture books, both text-only and author-illustrator projects, aimed at ages 3-8. Read guidelines here.

                                                 YOUNG ADULT ONLY

Cedar Fort is an established house that publishes over 120 books a year. Their books are available nationally through major distribution companies including Ingram Content Group, Baker & Taylor, and ReaderLink as well as through major retail corporations like Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, and Indigo in Canada. Cedar Fort is active in selling foreign language rights, and they attend the Frankfurt Book Fair every year to present their frontlist titles internationally. Submissions: Cedar Fort accepts all manuscript submissions through Submittable. Cedar Fort also offers various paid "services" for editing, cover design, etc. This essentially means that the publisher is operating as a self-publishing platform. I find this practice highly questionable in a publisher that brands itself as "traditional." Read their guidelines here.

Charlesbridge Teen is a new imprint of Charlesbridge, a well known Watertown, Mass-based publisher of children's books. Fiction titles include lively, plot-driven stories with strong, engaging characters. Charlesbridge books are distributed by Penguin Random House. They are actively seeking debut authors. Submissions may be sent via email to Please send a detailed plot synopsis, a chapter outline, and three chapters of text. Read guidelines here.

Clean Teen publishes books that are rated according to violence, language, romance, and drugs/alcohol. They don't believe in censorship, but they do want their readers to be informed. Submissions: They are seeking YA (young adult) or NA (new adult) novels that are between 50,000 and 110,000 words. While they accept stand-alone books, their ideal submission would be the first two books in a series or a novel with a novella that is a prequel to the novel. Genres that they are specifically seeking include the following: horror, mystery, witches, fortune teller, psychic, magician, historical, escapism. When you submit to Clean Teen Publishing, your title may also be considered for one of their other imprints. This includes their new digital-first imprint— CTP Pulse. Read their guidelines here.

Entangled Press' young adult imprint, Entangled Teen publishes "swoon-worthy" romance in the following subgenres: contemporary, suspense, sci-fi, historical, paranormal and fantasy. (They require at least a romantic subplot.) Entangled’s titles are distributed by Macmillan, one of the largest book distributors in the world. Their royalties are generous. Digital-first releases receive up to 35% of cover price, while print royalties begin at 7.5% of cover price. When releasing simultaneously in print via brick and mortar bookstores, ebook royalties are 20% of cover price. Submissions: Manuscripts should feature 16-19 year old protagonists. Length: 50k to 100k words in length for all genres. Read guidelines here.

Flux is an imprint of North Star Editions, a Minnesota-based house specializing in trade fiction. Flux specializes in "alternative voices." The editors believe that young adult novels are a "point of view," not a reading level. Submissions: In addition to a query, and three chapters, Flux requires 3-5 comparative books published within the last 5 years with an explanation of how your book both ties into a trend in the Young Adult genre and offers something unique. Read their submission guidelines here.

Holiday House specializes in hardcovers, from picture books to young adult, both fiction and nonfiction for ages four and up. Submissions: Holiday House only responds if they are interested in publishing your manuscript. Please send the entire manuscript. All submissions should be directed to the Editorial Department, Holiday House, 425 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10017. They do not accept submissions by email or fax. Read their guidelines here.

Ink Road is a new young adult imprint of Black & White Publishing, an established Scottish publisher with over 300 books in print across a variety of genres. Their books are distributed through GBS. Publishers Group UK (PGUK) provides sales representation. Occasionally has open submissions windows. Seeking: Contemporary YA. Read submission guidelines here.

Jolly Fish Press is an imprint of North Star Editions, Inc., based in Minnesota. They publish trade fiction and select nonfiction books in the national and international market. Right now they are seeking middle grade and young adult titles in science fiction and fantasy with an epic and visual scope; thrillers with strong, carefully crafted characters and a unique voice; and unconventional love stories. See their submission guidelines here.

Polis Books is an independent publishing company actively seeking new and established authors. They are currently acquiring titles in a wide variety of genres. While Polis primarily publishes books for adults, they also publish young adult novels. Submissions: Novel-length submissions should be a minimum of 60,000 words. They only respond if interested. See their submission guidelines here.

Quirk Books is a Philadelphia-based company that publishes just 25 books per year. Their titles are distributed through Random House. They are always on the lookout for "strikingly unconventional manuscripts and book proposals. A well-written novel with an off-the-wall editorial premise? That’s Quirk. A playful cookbook or craft book with cool photography or crazy illustrations? That’s Quirk, too. We publish across a broad range of categories—always with the goal of delivering innovative books to discerning readers. Put more simply, we publish books that are smart, original, cool, and fun." They publish  a whole range of genres, including children’s books, YA, nonfiction, and science fiction. Read submission guidelines here.

Sky Pony Press is the children's book imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. They publish picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and YA fiction and nonfiction. "We’re open to any genre and style, and we’re always looking for something new and different. We love original concepts, fresh voices, and writing that knocks us off our feet." See their submission guidelines here.

Tor Teen is an imprint of Tor/Forge, which is an imprint of Macmillan. Tor is one of the top sci-fi/fantasy publishers in the world, but they also publish general fiction for young adults. Since Tor Teen launched in 2003, they have published fiction by Cory Doctorow, Brandon Sanderson, Kendare Blake, David Lubar, Veronica Rossi, Susan Dennard, and Kristen Simmons, among others. Submissions: Tor's guidelines are quite detailed. Make sure you follow them to the letter, otherwise your submission will not be read. They occasionally have an open window for unagented writers. See their submission guidelines here. 

Woodbine House specializes in books about developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism. The books they publish are written for and about children with certain disabilities. Their titles cover AD/HD, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, early intervention, inclusion, special education, communication skills, and more. See their submission guidelines here. 


Buster Books Buster Books is the children’s imprint of independent publisher Michael O’Mara Books. Submissions of fiction and non-fiction ideas are welcome from authors, compilers and illustrators. They do not accept picture book or poetry submissions. Synopses and sample text are preferred. Submissions by email or post. Read their submission guidelines here.

Buttercup Publishing. Children's books for ages 3-10. Despite a lack of information on the site, this publisher appears to be legitimate. They have 100 titles in their catalog. (There are no submission guidelines on the site. There is a form for authors and illustrators to submit.)

Candy Jar Books publishes both children's and adult titles. Marston Book Services Ltd, one of the leading independent distributors in the UK, is responsible for distributing their titles. They are currently only accepting non-fiction ideas with a strong market appeal. Read their submission guidelines here.

Floris Books is an independent publishing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They publish books in two main areas: non-fiction for adults, and books for children. Submissions: Scottish themed books only for ages 2-15. Printed submissions by regular post (no emails). Click here for details.

Hardie Grant Books launched in London in 2008. "Hardie Grant Children's Publishing is always looking for fresh, exciting and well-written stories that kids and teenagers will love to read. We especially welcome 'Own Voice' stories and manuscripts from diverse authors." Click here for details.

Hogs Back Books is a small publishing house that publishes picture books and YA novels. Submissions: For children’s books aged 0-10 years, send a complete manuscript along with a cover letter. For young adult novels, include a synopsis and the first three chapters of your manuscript. Click here for details.

Mantra Lingua specializes in bilingual books designed for teachers. Word count about 800 for children up to 7 years, and not over 1400 words for readers up to 12 years. They also need translators. Worldwide distribution. Submissions should be sent via email. Click here for details.

Maverick Arts is a picture book publisher in both print and Nook formats. They accept poetry or prose. Preferred style: "quirky." (Their website is suitably whimsical.)  Submissions: Maximum word count – 800 words, but under 600 is preferable - submitted either as a PDF or in a Word document. Postal submissions accepted. Click here for details.

Mogzilla and Caboodle books are two independent publishing companies. They've created a new imprint, Mogboodle, for authors and poets. Submissions: No submissions for the under 6 age group. Email them at and provide details of your proposal and they will send you the submissions address. Click here for details.

Nosy Crow is a small, independent company established in 2011. They publish commercial fiction and non-fiction books for children aged from 0 to 14. Submissions: They prefer email submissions, though regular postal submissions are also accepted. For novelty/picture books email the full text. For longer works, submit a short synopsis plus the first chapter (double-spaced) with a cover letter containing all relevant information about you and your work. Click here for detailsCurrently only accepting submissions from BAME authors.

O'brien Press is an Irish press publishing children's fiction, children's non-fiction and adult non-fiction. Submissions: For works of 1000 words or less, submit your entire manuscript. For anything over 1000 words, send a synopsis and 2 or 3 sample chapters. Regular post only. (No email submissions) Click here for details.

Ransom Publishing specializes in books for reluctant readers. They produce easily accessible, high-interest books which have a very low reading level. Submissions: If you have an idea for a proposal that you would like to discuss before submitting a manuscript, please email Jenny at or, if you are specifically proposing a YA title, email This helps them to get an idea about the nature of your submission, and whether it is suitable for them to publish.Click here for details.

Robinswood books are aimed at increasing literacy, especially for those who 'don't do books' (e.g. people with learning disabilities). Submissions: At present only titles with a purely educational content, especially meeting a specific difficulty teachers face in their tasks, are being considered. Click here for details.

Strident publishes fiction aimed at ages 8-12, teenagers (13-16), and young adults. They do not  accept submissions for: non-fiction, poetry, short stories (unless in a themed collection), or pre-school picture books.Submissions: Do not send manuscripts. Send an email query stating what you have written, appropriate age range, word count, blurb, books yours may be compared to, why your book stands out. Click here for details. Currently closed to submissions.

Top That caters to pre-school children. They focus on pop-up books, magnetic books, felt books, and other novelty books. They do not publish "regular" fiction. Submissions: Via email. They buy worldwide rights in all languages. No simultaneous submissions. Click here for details.

Walker publishes over 300 books a year in the UK alone. Its sister companies are Walker Australia and Candlewick in the USA. Submissions: Walker accepts illustrated picture-book stories and/or artwork samples via post or email. They do not accept fiction. Click here for details.

Welbeck Children’s is divided into four distinct imprints. "Welbeck Editions is a boutique imprint, passionately curated, matching stunning illustration with brilliantly crafted text to present non-fiction and picture books in original highly designed editions. Welbeck Children’s publishes illustrated non-fiction titles covering multiple themes and subjects including STEM, history, nature, environmental, hobbies and mental wellbeing. Mortimer Books is a trend-led imprint that taps into popular culture, gaming and licensing brands that resonate with children of today while Welbeck Flame publishes middle-grade fiction full of hope, heart and humour, originality of voice and above all stories that transport readers to worlds beyond their own. Welbeck Publishing Group is also partnering with Mosquito Books of Barcelona to create a global English language imprint, Orange Mosquito, which will produce and sell around 20 books for children and young adults per year. The books will be distributed through Welbeck’s partners and channels in the English language speaking world. Orange Mosquito will officially launch in January 2022." Read submission guidelines HERE



Agora Books is an imprint of Polis Books focusing on crime fiction from unique and diverse social and cultural viewpoints. Read more about Agora here. You can also find more details about Agora Books here. (Scroll down) Read submission guidelines here.

Black Beacon Books publishes mysteries, thrillers, horror, and post-apocalyptic fiction. They regularly publish anthologies. Submissions should be between 50,000 and 90,000 words and be fully edited and polished. (That means they don't edit.) Read submission guidelines here.

Bloodhound Books (UK) specializes in crime fiction, suspense, mystery, domestic noir and psychological thrillers and chillers. They have sold well over 4 million books worldwide and have had many top 10 best-sellers in the UK, USA, Canada & Australia. They do not consider any work that is less than 60,000 words. Read submission guidelines here.

Brash Books publishes psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, international espionage, and police procedurals. To submit send a one-page summary of the book and the first 25 pages as a Microsoft Word document to If they like the sample, they’ll request the entire manuscript. Read submission guidelines here.

Close to the Bone is looking for bank robberies gone bad, double-crossing bastards going at it, serial killers with a heart (maybe literally), redemption and revenge. "We like it thoughtful and well written. We publish work that is gritty, graphic and disturbing and stress readers err on the side of caution when reading certain themes. We will consider other genres such as western, science fiction, transgressive fiction and maybe fantasy, as long as they fit in with the grit theme we are looking for. We are not bothered about form and shape. As long as it’s noir and punchy, we will consider it. We publish novels, novellas, short story collections and sometimes, chapbooks." Also publishes short fiction. Read submission guidelines here.

Cozy Cat Press. "Our standard publication is the cozy mystery—a light, gentle mystery with little or no blood, violence or sex. We do NOT publish any other type of book. The main character of a cozy mystery is typically an amateur sleuth--not a professional. The story usually takes place in a small town. Often the main character has a cat or a dog. We LOVE stories with CATS in them. We like manuscripts of about 50,000 to 70,000 words, and are looking primarily for books that are, or will be, part of a series." Read submission guidelines here.

Crooked Lane publishes mysteries, thrillers, and suspense. titles in both print and electronic editions. Crooked Lane Books is distributed through Penguin Random House. They are represented by Biagi Literary Management for subsidiary rights licensing in foreign and domestic markets, and their business relationships include Bookspan, home of the country’s largest book clubs, and Dreamscape Media, one of the nation’s largest independent audiobook publishers. Read submission guidelines here.

Fahrenheit Press exclusively publishes mysteries and thrillers. They accept self-published and previously published work, provided the author has all the rights. They offer a generous royalty rate of 50% on both eBooks & paperback editions for a 5 year contract. Read submission guidelines here.

Felony and Mayhem was launched in 2005, and now has more than 100 titles in print. Their focus is on literary mystery fiction. "We love wit, we love elegance, we love distinctive narrative voices. And while we may sound a little snotty, the truth is that we would love nothing more than to find your witty, elegant, distinctive manuscript in our inbox." The minimum length is roughly 75,000 words. Read submission guidelines here.

Hard Case Crime publishes old-fashioned, hard-boiled crime novels with "bare-knuckled" prose. They are unabashedly dedicated to "reviving the vigor and excitement, the suspense and thrills—the sheer entertainment—of the golden age of paperback crime novels, both by bringing back into print the best work of the pulp era and by introducing readers to new work by some of today's most powerful writers and artists. Determined detectives and dangerous women...fortune hunters and vengeance seekers...ingenious criminals and men on the run..." Read submission guidelines here.

Joffe Books is one of the UK’s leading independent publishers of crime and mystery novels. Many of their authors have topped the best-seller lists. They accept submissions from published authors and new writers, as well as authors who wish to relaunch their back-list titles. They are seeking mysteries, crime fiction, psychological thrillers, detective, thrillers, and suspense. Read submission guidelines here.

Level Best, a publisher of anthologies, has recently opened its doors to full-length manuscript submissions. They are seeking crime fiction novels in the following categories: mystery, thriller, suspense, historical, traditional, and contemporary. No works of erotica or science fiction at this time. Read submission guidelines here.

Lyrical Press, an imprint of Kensington, publishes suspense fiction, thrillers, and cozy mysteries. They have a penchant for romance. Submit to one editor only. (The list of editors includes the genres they are receiving.) Response time is three months. Read submission guidelines here.

Oceanview Press is an independent publisher of original mystery, thriller, and suspense titles.  Oceanview Publishing’s titles have received many awards and award nominations. Submissions will be accepted if the author has previously been published by a traditional publishing house (not self-published or published by a vanity press). Read submission guidelines here

Run Amok publishes crime fiction, So far, they have only published two books (by the same author). Read submission guidelines here.

Seventh Street Bookswhere fiction is a crime—is devoted to publishing quality mystery, thriller, and crime fiction. It is an imprint of Prometheus Books, an independent publisher of progressive nonfiction. A number of their debut titles have won prestigious awards, including the Edgar Award, the Mary Higgins Clark Award, and the Anthony Award. Read submission guidelines here.

Severn River accepts submissions in Crime Fiction, Legal Thriller, Mystery, Military Thriller, Historical Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Domestic Thriller, Science Fiction, Dystopian and Young Adult works in any of their accepted genres. Read submission guidelines here.

Tule Publishing specializes in romance and mystery ebooks. In mysteries they are looking for Domestic suspense, Cozy mysteries, Private Investigators, Mystery stories with diverse characters, Detective mysteries with women sleuths, Police Procedural, Thrillers. Read submission guidelines here.

Verve Books is a digital-first publisher of crime, thriller and commercial fiction genres. They are looking for strong narrative voices, well-drawn characters and page-turning plots. They are focused on digital, but print books will be available via Print On Demand. They are based in the UK. Read submission guidelines here.



Committed Comics
was officially formed in 1999 and since then they have worked extremely hard in making sure they stay on track with the vision they started with. In spring of 2000 they partnered with Dawnfire Inc to produce the innovating RPG Dawnfire. It was released worldwide and had a beautiful original cover by renowned fantasy and comic book artist/painter Ray Lago. The summer of the new millennium was also when Committed Comics attended Comic Con International (better known as San Diego Comic Con) for the first time as an exhibitor. At the 2015 San Diego Comic Con a partnership was created with world famous artist Sean Dietrich. Submissions: "Committed Comics is always looking for talented and driven creators. We are not looking for people who think this might be a fun way to occupy a month or two of their time. If that is you then do us both a favor and go away. The first rule of submitting to Committed Comics is "DON'T SUCK!" and the second rule is BE COMMITTED!!!!" Read full guidelines here.

Dark Horse Comics was founded with the concept of establishing an ideal atmosphere for creative professionals. Dark Horse publishes many licensed comics, including comics based on Star WarsAvatar: The Last AirbenderBuffy the Vampire SlayerAliensPredatorMass EffectDragon AgeConan and Who Wants to be a Superhero? Dark Horse also publishes creator owned comics Submissions: Dark Horse accepts two types of unsolicited submissions -- Art Samples or Story/Series Proposals from writer-artists or writer and artist teams. View full guidelines here.

Drawn & Quarterly is currently the most successful and prominent comics publisher in Canada. It has a strong reputation in the comics community and its anthologies have won a number of Harvey Awards. The publisher has a reputation for the quality of the books it publishes, both in terms of content as well as the books' paper, binding and design. Submissions: "Drawn & Quarterly welcomes submissions for consideration in a number of our publishing venues. We have a seasonal selection of general graphic novels, strip collections, and children's focused publications. We do not review scripts." For submissions, please email a low resolution PDF and cover letter to

Fantagraphics Books is an American publisher of alternative comics, classic comic strip anthologies, magazines, graphic novels, and the adult-oriented Eros Comix imprint. Many notable cartoonists publish their work through Fantagraphics. Submissions: "Fantagraphics Books publishes comics for thinking readers who have a sophisticated understanding of art and culture, and appreciate personal expression unfettered by uncritical use of cliché. Fantagraphics will practically always reject any submissions that fit neatly into (or combine in a gimmicky fashion) the mainstream genres of superhero, vigilante, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. While some of our publications are suitable for young readers, we do not publish children's picture books." Read submission FAQs here.

Image Comics was founded in 1992 by high-profile illustrators as a venue where creators could publish their material without giving up the copyrights to the characters they created, as creator-owned properties. It was immediately successful, and remains one of the largest comic book publishers in North America. Submissions: "Image Comics only publishes creator-owned material. We do not contract creators; we’re only interested in publishing original content for which you would retain all rights. Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters—Image characters or otherwise—as they will automatically be declined. Image Comics publishes creator-owned/creator-generated properties and WE DON’T PAY PAGE RATES. Image takes a small flat fee off the books published and it will be the responsibility of the creators to determine the division of the remaining pay between their creative team members." Read full guidelines here.

Oni Press is an American independent comic book publisher based in Portland, Oregon. They have published well over 100 titles, with multiple books undergoing reprints. Read full guidelines here.

Titan Publishing Group is an independently owned British publishing company.The books division has two main areas of publishing: film and television tie-ins, and cinema reference books; and graphic novels and comics references and art titles. The company is a division of Titan Entertainment Group, which also owns Titan Magazines. The company has a backlist of over 1,000 graphic novels. Submissions: "The majority of our graphic novel titles are licensed from overseas publishers or acquired through agents. We do however publish a growing number of originated graphic novels. We are interested to hear from writers and artists who would be interested in working on licensed projects we have already contracted. Please send initially a brief synopsis and covering letter only, not a full manuscript." Read full guidelines here.

Top Shelf Productions is an American publishing company based in Marietta, Georgia, Portland, Oregon, and New York City, New York. Top Shelf publishes comics and graphic novels by authors such as Alan Moore, Craig Thompson, James Kochalka, Alex Robinson, Jeff Lemire, and Matt Kindt. Submissions: Just email us a download link of what you'd like us to review. NOTE: We cannot accept cover letters, plot synopses, or scripts unless they are accompanied by a minimum of 10-20 completed pages (i.e., fully inked and lettered comic book pages). You can send submissions to Chris Staros at:



Bad Dream Entertainment has specific calls for the types of dark fiction they are seeking. (Right now they want weird Gothic.) They accept very few novellas and full-length manuscripts. Bad Dream Entertainment pays $600-800 (depending on manuscript length) for a six-year exclusivity to the publishing rights plus a percentage on sales; this is not an advance (a loan paid back through sales), but is a fee for the publishing rights. Rights purchased are world-wide exclusive in print and digital but for English language only (rights-reversion optional after licensing term). Royalties are based on gross sales since they operate on a POD distribution model. They are usually 20-30% depending on the agreement.  Read guidelines here.

Bell Bridge Books / BelleBooks, Inc. BB is looking for dark, gritty, serious urban fantasy & horror. Vampires, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night on the mean streets of contemporary life. "A book we've currently bought is an epic series about a clan of vampires. (Right, epic means the series spans centuries. You can never trust guidelines.) Read Laurell K. Hamilton, Robin McKinley (Sunshine), Patricia Briggs, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, etc." Advance: Yes. Simultaneous submissions: No. Formats: Print and ebooks. Read guidelines here. CURRENTLY CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS

Black Bed Sheet Books. Black Bed Sheet Books specializes in publishing fiction of a dark nature: Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller. Accepting novels, novellas, short story collections. Black Bed Sheet Books has published over 80 authors. Advance: No information. Formats: Print and ebooks. Read guidelines here.

By Light Unseen Media. "By Light Unseen Media is currently seeking outstanding and unique manuscripts in the area of vampire fiction and non-fiction. Authors are asked to query before submitting manuscripts. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be considered." Advance: $200; Formats: Print (POD) and ebooks. Read guidelines here.

Cemetery Gates accepts submissions for 40k+ word manuscripts from authors who’ve never published a novel. Paying $500 signing bonus + $500 advance upon publication, and a 20% (publisher) / 80% (author) royalty share. Read guidelines here.

Chaosium Fiction. Currently, the Chaosium fiction line primarily features works centered on the Cthulhu Mythos. "We will consider original novels, anthologies, single-author collections, and non-fiction. Our target length for book releases is 90,000 to 100,000 words, though we will consider longer or shorter works if the content is compelling. We will consider reprints." Chaosium is a professional fiction market, offering advances, royalties, and, for short fiction, a word rate in line with HWA and SFWA guidelines. Read guidelines here.

Cosmic Egg. Cosmic Egg is an imprint of John Hunt Publishers, a mid-list house located in the UK. The publisher offers traditional publishing deals as well as co-operative publishing for authors. The parent company publishes a total of 300 titles per year with global sales and a focus on physical stores. Worldwide distribution. Cosmic Egg imprint publishes speculative fiction: Vampires, Werewolves. Dragons and Faeries or Angels and Demons, Fantasy (including magical realism and spiritual fantasy), Metaphysical Cosmology, Horror or Science Fiction (including Steampunk). Advance: None. Royalties are 10% of net. Formats: Print and ebooks. Note: It has come to my attention that in some cases authors are expected to pay for some or all of publishing costs. Legitimate publishers do not require authors to pay for publishing their books under any circumstancesRead guidelines here.

Cursed Morsels Press specializes in Weird, queer, often splattery horror with an anti-capitalist and anti-fascist spirit. They publish anthologies and horror collections by a single author. Read guidelines here.

Dark Hall Press. Dark Hall Press, a division of New Street Communications, LLC, was launched on October 31, 2011, "The Dark Hall list includes works of supernatural and non-supernatural horror, as well as cross-genre pollinations (sci-fi/horror, fantasy/horror, noir/horror, etc.) and experimental works." Formats: Print and Kindle. Read guidelines here.

Dark Regions Press is a small press specializing in dark fantasy, horror and science fiction. "Each book that is accepted for publication in Dark Regions Horror, Dark Regions Fantasy and Dark Regions Sci-Fi will have a Kickstarter/crowdfunding campaign associated with it. The campaigns will be created as a means for readers to preorder the book and to fully fund each project. Authors, artists, editors and everyone else involved in each book project will be asked to contribute to the campaign with videos, promotional efforts etc. Crowdfunding campaigns aren't always favored by authors, so it's important to know before thinking about submitting that if your manuscript is accepted for publication in Dark Regions Horror, Dark Regions Fantasy or Dark Regions Sci-Fi a crowdfunding campaign will be associated with it." Advance: Author will receive a base payment (or advance) in the amount of $500 and starting rates of 35% NET royalties (profit sharing) for trade paperback editions and 45% NET royalties (profit sharing) for ebook editions which can increase to 40% and 50%, respectively, based on sales thresholds being reached. Note: Books are crowd-funded. Please read guidelines here.

Dead Sky Publishing is on the lookout for fiction, noir fiction, thriller, mystery, gothic fiction, dark magical realism, literary horror, science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction stories. Dead Sky Publishing accepts novel, novella, creative samples and/or story/series proposals for comics, graphic novels, art books and photography books. Please read guidelines here.

Eraserhead Press focuses on Bizarro fiction only. They publish novellas and novels between 20,000 and 100,000 words in length. "We love weird characters with weird problems in weird places." See submission periodsRead full guidelines here.

The Evil Cookie Publishing specializes in horror anthologies and novels/novellas within the realm of Splatterpunk / Extreme Horror / Dark Humor. They are always on the lookout for "gore-rifically unique" novels/novellas. Fast-paced stories with high-octane gore with a perfect blend of splatterpunk and dark humor are preferred. Not looking for anything too religious or political. Read full guidelines here.

Flame Tree Press, an imprint of Flame Tree Publishing, specializes in speculative fiction, including horror. Flame Tree sells through all major wholesalers, retailers, and online outlets. In addition, foreign language co-editions and translation rights are sold to publishers in many countries around the world, including France, Germany, China and Brazil. They publish simultaneous hardcover, paperback and ebook editions to the trade market, online and retail stores, and library markets and pay industry standard royalties. Advances are modest. Read guidelines here.

Gravelight Press is a small press that primarily publishes horror anthologies. They are currently seeking full-length works. Read guidelines here.

Grinning Skull Press publishes novels, novellas, and anthologies. Terms: 50/50 split on royalties. Read full guidelines here. No simultaneous submissions.

Haunt Publishing is a small press dedicated to Gothic, horror and dark fiction. "Our aim is to shine a flickering candle on Gothic and horror in new areas. Think Frankenstein in Baghdad and the film Under the Shadow. We also love traditional Gothic! We particularly look for work that is engaged in some way with Gothic preoccupations, such as doubling, decay, occultism, supernatural monsters or beings, hauntings, the blurring between reality and the supernatural, or death." Read guidelines here. Has submission periods.

Haunted Doll House is an imprint of Agape Editions that publishes full-length books in print.
"As our name suggests, we aren’t afraid of the dark: we live there. We want your horror stories, your mystery novels, your dark sf/f, your genre-resistant writing about the ecstasies, traumas, and terrors that took you to the very edges of yourself." Accepts fiction and memoir. Read full guidelines here.

Hellbound Books wants Horror, Bizarro, Erotic Horror, and Dark Erotica. They publish novels (60,000 to 120,000+ words), novellas (30,000 to 60,000 words), and anthologies. Royalties are 25% of net. Read full guidelines here.

Journalstone wants horror in all its forms—from literary to weird, Gothic to psychological, and (almost) everything in between. Standard royalties. (Advance not mentioned.) No reading or application fees. Read guidelines here.

Madness Heart Press is a home for all dark literature. They publish horror novels, chapbooks, poetry, novellas, short story collections. They are also interested in non-fiction, plays, and any number of forms of storytelling. "So long as they are dark, and twisted, we are interested. We are interested in all manner of sub-genre as well. Erotic, Extreme, Splatter, Bizarre, Serial Killers, Sci-Fi. We hate to say it over and over again, but if your story is dark, we may be interested in it no matter what genre or format it comes in." Has submission periodsRead guidelines here.

The Parliament House publishes Urban fantasy, Supernatural thriller, Paranormal romance, Dark fantasy, Horror and paranormal fiction with an emphasis on uplifting marginalized voices and unconventional narratives. "We strive to inscribe magic onto every page and to capture our passionate readership with the enduring power of storytelling. Our mission is not only to offer readers fantastical escapes, to make the impossible possible, but to share stories that are thought-provoking, evocative, and speak to the complexities of our lived reality." Read their submission guidelines. Check site for open submission periods.

PsychoToxin Press has a variety of speculative fiction imprints: PTP Classic; Eye Tales: A weekly short story catalog; PsychoFlash: What They Deserve. In the inaugural PsychoFlash Anthology, creeps of all kinds get what they deserve! This is a charity anthology benefiting the Joyful Heart Foundation; Young Adult: Currently accepting novelettes, novellas, novels and short story collections. Your story must be suitable for readers age 11-15; LGBTQ+ Queer: Works that incorporate strong LGBTQ+ characters and themes. Read their submission guidelines. Check site for open submission periods.

Rainfall Books  is a British publisher of fantasy, horror and science fiction, specializing in modern works inspired by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. Submissions: Rainfall has published 150 chapbooks over the past three or four years and have many more waiting in the wings. They are always looking for submissions for chapbooks in the form of poetry and short stories. They are happy to publish reprints. Please read guidelines here.

Severed Press. "Established in 2008 Severed Press is a leading independent publisher of horror and science fiction. Publishing trade paperbacks and E-Books. Severed Press has earned a reputation for excellence, quality and commitment to new and established authors alike. We are proud of the diversity of our authors and aim in continuing to build strong relationships worldwide. Authors include seasoned masters of horrors such as Tim Curran, Mark Tufo and Jake Bible to best selling newcomers David Achord and Joseph Talluto." Severed Press is currently accepting novel submissions in the following categories: Apocalypse/Survival Horror, Dark Humour, Sci-Fi Horror, Anything out of the ordinary. Advance: None. Pays royalties. Note: Promotion and marketing for novels locally in Australia. Please read full submission guidelines here.

Sourcebooks Horror is actively acquiring agented and unagented Horror fiction including Own Voices, marginalized voices, inclusive and diverse stories. "We’re looking for strong writers of all ethnicities, races, sexualities, gender identities, abilities and ages, whose stories have something fresh to offer in the Horror genre.​" Please read full submission guidelines here.

Tartarus is a small British independent press founded in 1990. They specialize in collectible hardback limited editions of literary supernatural/strange/horror fiction. They also publish paperbacks and ebooks. Tartarus has been the recipient of four World Fantasy Awards, and in 2010 received a "Stoker" from the Horror Writers Association. Submissions: Tartarus is looking for short story collections and novels of between 75,000 and 120,000 words. They are not interested in high fantasy, violent horror or young adult fiction. Electronic submissions should be sent to as a Word or rtf attachment. Please send a synopsis or first two or three chapters/stories when first getting in contact. Please read full guidelines here. Has submission periods.

Tenebrous Press publishes New Weird Horror. They accept submissions of novels, novellas, and projects that fall under the graphic novel/comics umbrella, or other outside the box approaches to New Weird Horror. They are seeking work that starts at 20,000 words. They have no fixed upper limit. They ask for: “World English first rights in print, electronic, and ebook, and a three-year exclusivity period. All copyright belongs to the author”. They try to respond to all submissions within three months. Read full submission guidelines HERE.

Timber Ghost Press is a small press located in Utah, founded by C.R. Langille in 2021. Langille is a retired, disabled veteran with a deep love for weird and creepy tales. They accept novels and novellas as well as flash fiction, short fiction, poetry for their anthologies. Note: This is a brand new press. There is only one book in their cataloguePlease read full guidelines here.

Unnerving publishes Horror, Crime, Mystery, & Dark General Fiction novels and novellas. The finished products will need to be between 20,000 and 110,000 words in length. 50/50 net royalties split. No contract fees. 5-year publishing terms. Unnerving also publishes anthologies. Please read full guidelines hereHas submission periods.

Unveiling Nightmares welcomes works across a variety of genres, including horror (all sub-genres including extreme/splatterpunk), romance, science fiction, erotica, poetry, and young adult fiction. Whether your story sparks love, nightmares, adventure, passion, or discovery, we’re excited to explore its depths. Please read full guidelines here.



(See "Cookbook publishers" below. Most publish other nonfiction titles as well.)

AdventureKEEN is a nonfiction publisher of books on a wide range of subjects, including adventure, outdoors, travel, nature, local history, sports, and more. Their imprints are Adventure Publications, Clerisy Press, Menasha Ridge Press, Nature Study Guides, The Unofficial Guides, and Wilderness Press. "We love getting outdoors and exploring the world around us." Read their submission policy here

Allworth Press publishes business and self-help information for the general public and creative professionals. It is now owned by Skyhorse. Read their submission guidelines hereSeeking: Graphic Design, Business, Performing Arts, Interior Design, Art, Theater, Web Design, Book Arts, Photography, Crafts.

Amberley is a UK publishing house that focuses exclusively on history. They have published over 2,300 local, specialist and general history titles. They request an outline of no more than 3,000 words about the book you plan to write. This should include a brief summary of the subject, your approach to it, a contents list if possible, and who the likely readership is. Please send your outline as a Word document attached to your submission email. Read their submission guidelines here.

Andrews McMeel Publishing is the country's premier calendar publisher. Its core publication categories include: inspiration, middle grade children's books, comics and humor, puzzles and games, inspiration and gift, and comics for middle grade children. Interestingly, they also publish poetry. See submission guidelines HERE.

Apollo Publishers exclusively publishes timely and topical nonfiction for adult trade audiences, including memoirs. Topics may cover a broad spectrum as long as they are relevant today and are likely to be relevant in the years to come. Read their submission guidelines here.

Arcade is an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. They are open to receiving submissions for proposed books in the following categories: Adventure and Travel, Fiction, History, Literary Nonfiction, Military, History, Business, Memoir, Arts, Nature and Science, Food and Wine, Current Events. See submission guidelines HERE.

Barricade Books publishes quality non-fiction manuscripts--preferably that lean toward the controversial. Send an outline, one or two chapters, and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to Carole Stuart, Barricade Books, 2037 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. No email submissions. Website under construction.

Beacon Press, founded in 1854, is an independent publisher of serious non-fiction. Their books promote such values as freedom of speech and thought; diversity, religious pluralism, and anti-racism; and respect for diversity in all areas of life. Their current publishing program emphasizes religion, history, current affairs, political science, gay/lesbian/gender studies, education, African-American studies, women's studies, child and family issues and nature and the environment. They do not accept hard-copy submissions; they will only accept email queries to Read submission guidelines here.

Bellevue Literary Press exclusively publishes nonfiction geared toward a general readership. They do not publish poetry, single short stories, plays, screenplays, memoir, or self-help/instructional books. Distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution. Read submission guidelines here.

Ben Bella publishes niche market books, works by celebrities and experts in their fields, pop culture books, and anything that is associated with a brand. One of their imprints, SmartPop, is “actively looking for smart, quirky, engaging non-fiction titles on television, books, and film. ”Prospective authors should send a pitch.

Blue River Press has more than two hundred books and eBooks in print on the subjects of sports, health, fitness, education, games, popular culture, travel, regional interest, young adult and more. Their distributor, Cardinal Publishers Group, has placed their books in chain and independent book retailers, libraries of all sorts, mass-merchant retailers, gift shops, and many specialty retail and wholesale channels. Read submission guidelines here.

Blue Star Press focuses on the arts, creative processes, wellness, and witty non-fiction. "We collaborate with wildly creative authors and independent artists. Our team of thinkers, designers, and wordsmiths brings talent and hard work to every project, with a deep commitment to publishing Bold Fine Print in service of our mission to inspire wellness through creative expression." Read submission guidelines here.

Carrel Books is an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. They are open to receiving submissions for proposed books in the following categories: Sports (Team and Individual), Outdoor Sport (Hunting, Fishing, and Camping), Adventure and Travel, Health and Fitness, House and Home, History, Humor, Military History, Business, Games and Gambling, Horses, Pets and Animals, Nature and Science, Food and Wine, Aviation, True Crime, Current Events. Read submission guidelines here.

Career Press, Inc. publishes quality, nonfiction books for adult readers seeking practical information to improve themselves in careers, college, finance, parenting, retirement, spirituality, and other related topics. SeekingBusiness, Career, Job Search, HR & Work Place Issues, College Preparation, Small Business/Entrepreneurship, Motivation/Self-Help, Management, Marketing/Sales, Negotiation, Study Aids, and moreRead submission guidelines HERE

Chelsea Green is an established publisher of books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, publishing authors who bring in-depth, practical knowledge to life, and give readers hands-on information related to organic farming and gardening, ecology and the environment, healthy food, sustainable economics, progressive politics, and, most recently, integrative health and wellness. They are 100% employee owned. They receive more than 800 submissions annually and publish approximately 30 titles. Read submission guidelines here.

Chicago Review Press is one of the oldest publishing houses in Chicago. They exclusively publish nonfiction and have more than two hundred published titles on their list. Academy Chicago publishes about 60 new titles yearly under five imprints: Chicago Review Press, Lawrence Hill Books, Ball Publishing, Zephyr Press, Chicago Review Press Children's, Parenting Press, and Academy Chicago. SeekingChicago Review Press publishes nonfiction in the following categories: African American interest, autobiography/biography, memoir, DIY, film, food and drink (not cookbooks), history, music, parenting, politics, popular culture, popular science, social science, sports, regional (Midwest), nature/outdoor/travel, true crime, and women's interest. Chicago Review Press also publishes an award-winning line of children's and young adult titles. They do not publish children's picture books whether fiction or nonfiction. They do not publish books in the following subject areas: mind/body/spirit, religion, diet/fitness/nutrition, family memoir, self-help, business, poetry, or photography. Read submission guidelines here.

Circling Rivers publishes poetry and nonfiction on literary topics. Circling Rivers does not publish fiction. For nonfiction, they consider only works about literature. Read submission guidelines here.

CQ Press is an imprint of Sage, an academic publisher. It focuses exclusively on political science, journalism, and reference. Seeking: "CQ Press is your first source for information on politics, policy, and people. We are the leading publisher of books, directories, subscriptions, and Web products on American politics, federal and state government, American institutions, campaigns and elections, current events, and world affairs. Our content is known for its objectivity, breadth and depth of coverage, and high standards of journalistic and editorial excellence." Submissions: Prospective authors should submit a complete proposal. (Even if you don't write political science texts, take a look at their proposal outline HERE. It's quite useful for any nonfiction manuscript proposal.) Go HERE for general guidelines.

Cull & Co. Ltd is a UK-based literary agency formed in 2017, representing nonfiction and occasional fiction. Independent agency specialising in non-fiction for adults. Works in conjunction with overseas agents in translation and film/tv. Wide range of genres represented including history, espionage, biography, autobiography, pop culture, sport, politics and current affairs, and occasional fiction including literary fiction, crime and thrillers. Read submission guidelines here.

Duckworth is is one of Britain’s oldest publishers still under independent ownership. Some of their early authors include Hilaire Belloc, Virginia Woolf, W.H. Hudson, Elinor Glyn, Anton Chekhov, D.H. Lawrence, Henry James, W. Heath Robinson. Their areas of focus are memoir and biography, popular science, psychology, history and historical fiction. They ask for a one page synopsis of the manuscript highlighting the main story line, interesting selling points, how the book fills a gap or complements books already on the market, Two to three sample chapters or the completed manuscript, Your CV outlining any associated books published, awards or writing experience. Read submission guidelines here. (Note: Duckworth is currently closed to submissions, but their humor imprint, Farrago, is open. Read their guidelines HERE.)

The Experiment is an independent publisher distributed by Workman Publishing. They publish a range of nonfiction: health and fitness, psychology and personal development, parenting, relationships, sexuality, and nature. Read submission guidelines here.

Fayetteville Mafia Press was founded in 2018 by David Bushman and Scott Ryan as a writer-centric independent publisher dedicated to producing high-quality nonfiction by authors with distinctive voices and original insights into the world around them. "Located in New York City and Columbus, Ohio, we are a full-service general-trade publisher offering short-run or high-volume printed editions in numerous sizes as well as electronic books in all standard formats. Our authors get highly personalized attention from the founding editors/publishers throughout, from editing to publishing to marketing to distribution and sales. We are looking for bold, gifted writers with distinctive voices and fresh perspectives. We specialize in media-themed books but eagerly accept submissions in all nonfiction genres." Fayetteville Mafia Press focuses on three genres: pop culture, sports, and true crime. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Feral House is a small independent publisher based in Port Townsend, Washington state. They are interested in:
  • Memoir - Extraordinary stories of exciting lives. (We are not interested in ‘therapy journal’-style recovery stories.)
  • Biography - Cultural and historical figures, unique characters, overlooked contributors to social and artistic movements, eccentric creators and artists.
  • Music - Influential yet underground genres and movements and important and overlooked creators.
  • History - People and events outside the “textbook” of American history.
  • Self-Reliance - Skills and practical how-to advice on living in the modern world (or living in the post-apocalyptic world.)
  • Realpolitik - Underground movements, philosophies, and people affecting and influencing government.
  • Criminal Justice - Experiences and narratives about the criminal justice system.
  • Mysticism & Occult - Stories about people, groups, and ideas that dwell in the outer realms of belief.
  • Children - Stories that explore civics, politics, and history for readers aged 7-10.
  • Food - Cookbooks and culinary histories of overlooked cooks, regional cuisines, and the intersection of food and other cultural movements.
Read submission guidelines here.

Fernwood Publishing is a Canadian non-fiction publisher that specializes in books that provide a critical analysis of society. "Our books address issues of activism and social change, Indigenous resistance and decolonization, international development, law, politics, social work, sociology, women and feminism, and more." Read submission guidelines here.

Free Spirit Publishing. "Our mission is to provide children and teens with the tools they need to overcome challenges and make a difference in the world. We publish high-quality nonfiction books and learning materials for children and teens, parents, educators, counselors, and others who live and work with young people."

G Editions accepts book proposals in the fields of fine art and popular culture, fashion and photography, architecture and design, cooking and gardening, children's interests, and lifestyle. They prefer to receive proposals in the form of an annotated table of contents (three-to-four-page table of contents with a brief description of every chapter). Read submission requirements here.

Gill Books is a publisher of adult and children's nonfiction. They are based in Ireland. In general they focus on books of Irish interest.

Gingko Press was founded in 1985 by Mo Cohen and Julie von der Ropp in Hamburg, Germany. They are currently based in Berkeley, California. They have also begun publishing ventures with Juxtapoz Magazine, ObeyGiant, Upper Playground, Victionary, and Kill Your Idols. A new imprint, Rebel Arts, will publish fiction and poetry, and will produce apparel and paper products. Read submission requirements here.

Globe Pequot is "at the forefront of the movement to save history for future generations. Our books tell untold or little-known stories from history, celebrate the unique or iconic characteristics of specific places, and tap into local pride. We publish books about iconic brands and people, regional interest, history, lifestyle, cooking and food culture, and folklore -- books that hit the intersection of a reader's interest in a specific place and their passion for a specific topic." Read submission requirements here.

Greystone Press. "We pursue high-quality non-fiction books about nature and the environment, travel and adventure, health, and current issues. We do not publish poetry or fiction." Read submission requirements here.

Gryphon House, Inc. publishes books that help teachers and parents enrich the lives of children from birth through age eight. They do not accept children's booksSeeking: Educational resource books for parents and teachers aimed at young children. Read submission policy.

Hamilcar Publications is a small Boston-based nonfiction publisher focused on professional boxing, true crime, hip-hop, and jazz. Has open reading periods. 

Hatherleigh publishes books about health and wellness, fitness and exercise, living with chronic diseases, as well self help books and books focused on sustainability and green living. Their books are distributed by Penguin Random House. Read submission guidelines here.

Haymarket Books. "We are interested in manuscripts that are accessible to a wide range of progressive and radical political activists, while also being useful to an academic audience. We are not accepting fiction submissions at this time." Read submission guidelines HERE.

Headpress was founded in Manchester, England, in 1991, ostensibly to release a film by cult German director Jörg Buttgereit on VHS. With revenue from the sales of that film (Der Todesking, limited to 500 copies), the publication of a magazine soon followed. In 1992 Headpress began publishing books. Subject matter of Headpress books is wide-ranging and includes cult film, strange music, pulp literature, fanzines, conspiracy theories, sex and gender, occult and folklore, true crime, and pop culture in general. Read submission guidelines here.

Hohm Press "Our books help you to sharpen your focus in finding the answers and direction you seek concerning your health and wellness, your inner life and the daily pressure of life's fast pace. We help educate the human spirit to instill an understanding of life’s basic questions concerning wellness, balanced psychology, mental clarity, family and matters of the heart." Read submission guidelines here.

How2Conquer. They prefer completed manuscripts with a target range of 40,000 – 70,000 words. They’re currently working to build their lists in the following categories:
  • Business – General (including Business Development, Business Leadership, Business Management)
  • Business – Industries (including Security, Business Resiliency, Franchise, Restaurant & Food Industry)
  • Hobbies & Home (including Crafts, Cooking, Pets & Animal Care)
  • Parenting & Relationships Self-Help & Personal Growth. 
Has reading periodsRead submission guidelines here.

Icon Books is an adult non-fiction publisher. Based primarily near Caledonian Road station in north London, Icon publishes books in all English-speaking markets of the world – and many non-English speaking ones too. Their books are sold by leading distributors around the world. Translation rights sales are managed by the Marsh Agency in London. Read submission guidelines here.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers was founded in London by Jessica Kingsley in 1987. In 2004 they opened a US office in Philadelphia and in 2017 they became part of the John Murray Press division of Hachette Group. In 2006 they launched new imprint, Singing Dragon, publishing authoritative professional books on Chinese Medicine, nutrition, yoga therapy and allied fields. "We publish books for professionals and general readers in a range of subjects. We are well known for our long established lists on the autism spectrum, social work, and arts therapies. More recently we have published extensively in the fields of mental health, counselling, palliative care, practical theology and gender diversity. We have a range of graphic novels across these subject areas, and books for children, on issues including bereavement, depression and anger." Read submission guidelines here.

John Blake Publishers is a British imprint of Bonnier. They focus on non-fiction, particularly on mass-market autobiographies/memoirs. They also have a music imprint, a children’s Dino imprint and an imprint dedicated to history, art, humor and gift books. Read guidelines here.

Korero Press is a nonfiction publisher based in London. "Our love of lowbrow and pop surrealism drives us to focus on pop culture and art, in particular kustom kulture, street art, illustration, erotica and horror." Their book covers are wild. Read guidelines here.

Lantern Publishing & Media publishes books "supportive of veganism, animal rights, humane education, recovery, therapy, and spirituality.” Read guidelines here.

Laurence King publishes books/gift products for adults, students and children. They focus on art and design, architecture, fashion and beauty, film, photography, practical art including painting and drawing, music and popular culture, nature and popular science. Read submission guidelines here.

Llewellyn is the oldest and largest publisher specializing in books for body, mind, and spirit. Their emphasis is on the practical: how it works, how it is done and self-help material. They accept complete manuscripts and proposals. Read submission guidelines here.

McFarland is an independent publisher of academic and nonfiction books. They are especially known for covering topics of popular appeal, including sports, military, history, true crime, and literature, among many others, in a serious and scholarly fashion. They do not offer an advance. Royalties range from 8% - 10% of net. See a sample contract here. Read more here

Michael O’Mara Books (UK) is always open to non-fiction ideas from authors, compilers and illustrators. Their books are distributed by Hachette within the UK. Read submission guidelines here.

Microcosm specializes in nonfiction DIY (Do-It-Yourself) goods that focus on the reader and teach self-empowerment. They publish a broad spectrum of titles, including:
  • Magick How to (Witchcraft, Paganism, Herbalism, and the like)
  • The Good Life (DIY, how-to, self-care, hands-on skills—anything from how to make or do something to parenting)
  • Scene History (what made a time and place into a unique climate for creativity, social justice, gender, sexuality, struggle, or a different way of thinking?)
  • Building the Bicycle Revolution (nonfiction about the promise of the bicycle to change society with a clear, new perspective on a familiar topic)
  • Queer Erotica ("romance" with trans and/or queer representation)
  • Travel guides (what makes a place truly special without costing a lot of money?)
  • Punx (the hidden stories of the musical style that became a social movement to fix shit up)
  • Comics Journalism (book-length nonfiction graphic novels that tell powerful stories. We do not pair writers with illustrators but we do perform full developmental edits for books that we publish. We'll sign a book based on your idea and portfolio alone and can help you workshop it together.)
  • Gift (humor, animals, fun but educational)
Read full guidelines HERE.

New Idea Press is an imprint of The City of Light Publishing. For New Idea Press, they are interested in books that explore ideas that haven’t been written about and fresh perspectives on ideas that have been written about. They’re looking for books with a well-defined target market. Although they will consider a complete manuscript, they prefer to receive queries with strong outlines and abstracts. However, if you are submitting a memoir, please submit the full manuscript. Read full guidelines HERE.

New Harbinger publishes self-help books that deal with a range of topics in psychology, health, and personal growth. Many of their books are based on a cognitive behavioral approach. Cognitive therapy translates particularly well into the self-help format because it typically uses step-by-step exercises and homework. They are also the leading publisher of books based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mindfulness-based techniques. Read their submission guidelines here.

New Internationalist is a multi-award winning, independent, non-profit media co-operative. "For over 40 years, we’ve specialized in investigative reporting, publishing our magazine and books on human rights, politics, social and environmental justice. We investigate global injustice and expose inequality. We cover stories the mainstream media sidestep and provide alternative perspectives on today’s global critical issues." Read submission policy here.

The New Press is a non-profit independent publisher focusing on contemporary social issues, with an emphasis on race relations, women's issues, immigration, human rights, labor and popular economics, and the media; education reform and alternative teaching materials; cultural criticisms; art and art education; international literature; and law and legal studies. The Press has also taken a leading role in publishing a wide range of new work in African American, Asian American, Latino, gay and lesbian, and Native American studies, as well as work by and about other minority groups. They are very selective. Read their submission guidelines here.

New Village Press "promotes and enriches public discussion and understanding of issues vital to the development of healthy, creative, and socially just communities. To that end, New Village publishes transdisciplinary books that animate emerging movements in societal transformation. In conjunction, the Press also sponsors lectures, forums, and exhibitions for the public, especially for those communities that are underserved." Read their submission guidelines here.

North Atlantic Books is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) publisher distributed by Penguin Random House. Submissions should be be in alignment with their mission of transforming self, society, and consciousness, as well as amplifying traditionally underrepresented voices. "Our strongest categories include bodywork and somatics, ecology and sustainability, health and healing, indigenous cultures and anthropology, psychology and personal growth, social justice and engaged activism, and spirituality and liminality. We also offer an imprint dedicated to the martial arts: Blue Snake Books."  Read submission policy here

OneWorld Publications was founded in 1986 by husband and wife team Juliet Mabey and Novin Doostdar as an independent publishing house focusing on stimulating non-fiction. Located in the UK. Read guidelines here.

Osprey is a UK publisher specializing in military history. Read submission guidelines here

Overcup Press is an independent publishing house with national distribution. Seeking: Creative nonfiction narrative and journalism, Popular Science Writing, Environmental/Nature Writing, Regional U.S. Northwest Topics, Travel (essay, other related), Architecture and Design, Contemporary Arts and Culture, Music / Music History / Long-form Music Journalism. Read guidelines here.

Pavilion Books is an independent London-based publisher specialising in illustrated books for the UK and all international markets. They publish around 150 books a year under a range of imprints; Batsford, Collins & Brown, National Trust, Pavilion, Pavilion Children’s, Pitkin and Portico. They specialize in crafts, cookbooks, children’s books, and textile art, as well as other nonfiction. Read submission guidelines here.

Periculum Press publishes non-fiction works on the subjects of alternative spirituality, Paganism, witchcraft, LGBTQ+ spirituality, self-development, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ issues. They currently are also accepting submissions of occult fiction. Read guidelines here.

Prestel is a nonfiction imprint of Random House. They publish art, architecture, design, and photography. Read guidelines here. (Scroll down)

Prometheus Books publishes intelligent nonfiction for the thoughtful lay reader. Prometheus Books has focused on several core categories including popular science, critical thinking, philosophy, history, atheism, humanism, current events, psychology, and true crime. Their guidelines can be downloaded as a PDF file. Read their submission guidelines here.

Pure Carbon accepts high-quality submissions for nonfiction books in business, psychology, personal growth, and health and wellness. We also accept proposals for books in these categories. Please query first for fiction. Read guidelines here.

The Quarto Group has many imprints, including cooking, arts and crafts, transportation, math and science, kids, gardening, health and spirituality. Read proposal guidelines here.

Reaktion is an independent UK publisher of innovative non-fiction. Reaktion now produces around 90 new titles each year, and has nearly 1000 titles in print. Their list ranges widely across art and visual culture, Asian culture, biography, food history, general history, music, natural history, philosophy, politics and popular science. Read their submission guidelines here. 

Repeater books is a UK publisher of politics and culture; philosophy; literary, art music criticism; fiction/poetry; and "other stuff." Their books are distributed by Penguin Random House Publisher Services. Guidelines are minimal. 

Rowman & Littlefield offers academic and scholarly works aimed at a professional audience. Their submission requirements include a CV and a list of potential peer reviewers. Read submission guidelines here.

Saraband (UK) is an independent publisher of outstanding fiction, absorbing nature writing, pressing environmental issues and compelling memoir. Note: They are not always open to fiction submissions. Read their submission guidelines here.

Scorched Earth Press is a small publishing house and zine dedicated to radical political ecology.
"We publish authors who are imagining a new kind of "nature writing": decolonial, anticapitalist, and expansive in its vision of what nature is, or was." Accepts cookbooks, crafts writing, natural history, academic works, etc.They also publish and distribute zines, games, comics, maps. Read their submission guidelines here.

Shambhala. "Our acquisition interests are on the topics of Buddhism, mindful living, yoga, psychology, parenting, crafting, creativity, and cooking. We do not accept proposals for fiction (children’s books excepted), poetry, exposés, end-time prophecies, channeled works, martial arts manuals, quotation books, card decks, or audio/video. Anything sent within these genres/formats will not receive a response." Read guidelines here.

Skyhorse publishes a broad range of nonfiction titles. They only accept submissions that fall into their categories, so make sure you consult their list before submitting. See submission requirements here.

SmartPop Books is an imprint of BenBella Books. They publish books on pop culture. "We are excited by books that appeal to an active, engaged niche audience–like fans of a particular show, movie, or game." See submission requirements here.

Soft Skull Press accepts unagented nonfiction in history, memoir, literary biography, religion and
philosophy, and natural history. Their distributor is Publishers Group West. Send a query letter, a detailed proposal, and two sample chapters via USPS to:

Editorial Submissions
Soft Skull Press
c/o Counterpoint LLC
2560 Ninth Street, Ste. 318
Berkeley, CA 94710

Currently closed to submissions.

Sourcebooks publishes adult nonfiction. Genres: Memoir, history, college reference and study aids, entertainment, general self-help/psychology, business, parenting and special needs parenting, health and beauty, reference, education, biography, love and relationships, gift books and women's issues.  Read nonfiction guidelines here.

Strange Attractor is a British press that focuses on nonfiction. Ideally your book will be breaking new ground, or presenting new perspectives on a story that has been told previously. They have published a handful of novels and short fiction anthologies. "Broadly speaking we are interested in fiction that sits uneasily alongside other strange tales of science fiction, fantasy or the supernatural." They do not offer an advance. Titles are distributed through MIT Press. Read nonfiction guidelines here.

Thames and Hudson is a family-owned UK Press established in 1949. Thames & Hudson is one of the world’s leading publishers of illustrated books with over 2,000 titles in print. They publish high-quality books across ‎all areas of visual creativity: the arts (fine, applied, decorative, performing), architecture, design, photography, fashion, film and music, and also archaeology, history and popular culture. Their children’s books list is also expanding. They have a sister company in New York and subsidiary sales and distribution companies in Hong Kong and Paris. They do not publish fiction. Read nonfiction guidelines here.

Thread is an imprint of Bookouture (owned by Hachette) that publishes ebooks in the following categories: self-development, personal finance, parenting, health and inspirational memoir. Read submission guidelines here.

Tilbury House is actively looking for submissions for reference/how-to (i.e., gardening, home improvement, etc.) and nautical titles (reference/how-to) that have national appeal. They also publish non-fiction books about Maine or the Northeast, particularly books that are documentary or about Maine’s history. Because the market for these books is small, they often seek out co-publishing arrangements with museums, historical societies, or other organizations. Read submission guidelines here.

Timber Press is an imprint of Workman. They are devoted to sharing the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history. Their list includes gardening how-to, garden design, popular science, nature, garden literature, and both regional and national field guides. Read submission guidelines here.

Ulysses Press is a small house focusing on niche markets. Genres they publish include Cleanse, Arts and Crafts, Coloring, Gifty Grabs, Fashion and Beauty, Healthy Eating, Krav Maga, Mmm Bites, Pop Culture, Prepping (for the apocalypse), Fitness, Special Diets, Trivia, Working Out, Rehab and Injury Prevention. See submission requirements HERE.

Welbeck Publishing publishes narrative non-fiction books within self-help, pop science and psychology, soft business, mainstream history and military, true crime, memoir and biography, sport and pop culture. Their illustrated non-fiction encompasses sport, entertainment, history, fashion and lifestyle, and puzzles and humour. They are an official partner of FIFA, Formula 1, Tour de France, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. Welbeck also has a children's division. Read submission guidelines here.

Workman Publishing is owned by Hachette. They have two imprints: Storey Publishing and Timber Press. Storey Publishing publishes practical information that encourages personal independence in harmony with the environment, including nonfiction titles for adults and children on gardening, home reference, crafts, cooking, beer & wine, nature, raising animals, horses, building, farming, homesteading, and mind/body/spirit. Timber Press is devoted to sharing the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history, gardening how-to, garden design, popular science, nature, garden literature, and both regional and national field guides. Read their guidelines here.


Aethon is open to all fiction genres with a focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy. "We don’t care what sub-genre you write in. Hard Sci-fi, Epic Fantasy, Space opera, Military SF, Alt/History, Time Travel and more." Aethon does not offer an advance, though they do give royalties. Books are published in all English-language territories – notably the US, Canada, UK and Australia – and are distributed through Ingram. Length should be between 60,000 and 80,000 words. Read their guidelines here.

Aggadah Try It is an imprint of Madness Heart Press. Their focus is on Jewish speculative fiction including Science Fiction Fantasy, and Horror. It only accepts Jewish stories written by Jewish authors. Read their guidelines here.

Air and Nothingness Press publishes speculative fiction poetry and story anthologies. Sometimes publishes books.  Read their guidelines here.

Ananke Press welcomes odd and unexpected stories, masterfully crafted with the love of language in mind. A speculative element is a must. Submit novels or a short story collections (80-110K words), rather than novellas (under 50K). Read their guidelines here.

Android Press is a small independent press that publishes science fiction, fantasy, light horror, and specializes in the various -punk subgenres. "We love stories that are full of hope and optimism, as well as stories that hold up a mirror to our society, forcing us reexamine our past and our values in order to move forward and build a better future." They publish novellas (17,000–40,000 words); short story collections [single author] (40,000–60,000 words); short story anthologies [numerous authors] (40,000–60,000 words); novels (60,000–100,000 words). Terms: $100 advance and royalties. Read their guidelines here. See submission periods.

Apex Publications. Apex was open to receiving dark scifi/fantasy/horror novellas and novels during the month of January 2018. They consider novellas of 30,000 to 40,000 words and novels up to 120,000 words. Pays royalties and an advance. Visit their site for their next open submission period.

Arcadia (UK) is Quercus’ imprint for science fiction, fantasy and horror. Established in 2011 as Jo Fletcher Books, and helmed by the inimitable Jo herself, the imprint established a reputation as the home for a small and beautifully curated list of incredible authors and modern classics Submissions: See their guidelines here.

Aqueduct Press publishes works of feminist science fiction as well as works about feminist science fiction or of particular interest to readers of feminist science fiction. "We are interested in seeing feminist sf novels of any length; for our Conversation Pieces series, we are interested in original novellas, poetry, and prose work of every kind at lengths ranging from 20,000-35,000 words. Please send a query to info[at] before sending us nonfiction or a collection of short fiction." Read guidelines HERE.

Angry Robot.Angry Robot normally accepts submissions via an agent, but every so often they have an open submission month. So, check their website every so often. What they are looking for:  SF/F "and a little pinch of WTF." Note that they are looking for full-length novels, not short stories, novellas, epic poems, comic book scripts, etc. Angry Robot books are aimed at adults, so no middle grade or young adult themes at this time. Terms: Competitive advances and royalties. English print versions in the UK, US and Australia plus region-free ebooks globally. Click here for details. Open to unagented manuscripts every couple of years. Possibly in May.

Baen Books was founded in 1983 by science fiction editor and publisher Jim Baen (now deceased). Baen was one of the first publishers to use the Internet as a means of "spreading the word" about a book or author. Seeking: Science fiction with powerful plots with solid scientific and philosophical underpinnings are essential for science fiction submissions. For fantasy, any magical system must be both rigorously coherent and integral to the plot, and overall the work must at least strive for originality. Manuscripts should be at least 100,000 words. Click here for submission guidelines.

Black Dawn Press is an imprint of AK Press, a worker-owned anarchist press. Black Dawn publishes science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, horror, and mystery works of 25,000 to 55,000 words.  Click here for submission guidelines.

Blind Eye Books publishes science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance novels featuring gay or lesbian protagonists. "We do not publish short story collections, poetry, erotica, horror or non-fiction. We would hesitate to publish any manuscript that is less than 70,000 or over 150,000 words."

Castle Bridge Media is an independent publisher that focuses on genre fiction, particularly horror, science fiction, thriller, and fantasy. Manuscripts should be between 80,000 and 120,000 words in length. They allow simultaneous submissions and try to respond to queries within six months. Click here for submission guidelines.

Cohesion Press is an award-winning press based in Australia. Seeking: Military spec-fic thrillers, military sci-fi, or military horror. ACTION is important. No romance, no thrillers based on tension, no subtle horror. Go here for complete submission details. Note: At present they only appear to be accepting short story submissions for anthologies.

Creature publishes up to four book-length works of feminist horror a year. "We are looking for books that celebrate fluidity—the ability to cross boundaries and inhabit more than one category at once. While we acknowledge that categories have a certain utility, we refuse to separate horror, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy from each other or the literary from the mainstream. Our definition of feminist horror is broad and inclusive, and we welcome writing that pushes boundaries. We are interested in: unreliable narrators, unlikeable female characters, the monstrous, sharp critical essays and social commentary, swamp witches, your nightmares, dystopias, psychological suspense, unraveling minds, unraveling social constructs, possession, intersectionality, hybrid genres, metafiction, dark nights, and writing on sexuality/the body, gender, race, class, disability, technology, religion, and anything and everything that makes our spines tingle." Length:  20,000–60,000 words; however, you may submit a longer work if you feel it is a strong fit. See submission requirements HERE. Has reading periods.

Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing is accepting submissions of complete, previously unpublished manuscripts in the speculative fiction genre that have series potential. Speculative fiction encompasses horror, fantasy, and science fiction—and all of the niche categories under those large umbrellas. They are only considering full length novels between 40K and 100K words. See submission requirements HERE.

Double Dragon publishes both ebooks and trade paperbacks. Seeking: SCIENCE FICTION, including Hard (Science) SF, Space Fiction, Sci Fi, Future Fiction, Lost Civilizations, Utopias, Dystopias, Disaster Novels, Alternate Histories, Time Travel, Parallel Worlds, etc., and FANTASY, including Horror, Gothic, etc. As well as HORROR. Other genres will be considered on a individual basis. Royalties are 30-40 % of the amount received from a reseller, and 8 % of the cover price for print books. Go here for complete submission details. Note: This company is now part of Fiction4All. I don't know what their terms are.

Edge Publishing is a small Canadian press. You do not have to be Canadian to submit your work, they accept manuscripts from any nationality worldwide. They have a distribution throughout North America. What they are looking for: Science Fiction and Fantasy between 75,000 and 100,000 words. Adult audience (20 and up). Terms: Advance and royalties. "We rarely ever negotiate the royalty percentages and/or advances that we offer, and if we do so, then only with previously published writers." Go here for submission details.

Flame Tree Press is a global publisher that sells through all major wholesalers, retailers, and online outlets. They sell foreign language co-editions and translation rights to publishers in many countries around the world, including France, Germany, China and Brazil, and attend all major book fairs including Frankfurt, Beijing, London and the American Booksellers Association. What they are looking for: SF, fantasy, horror and crime fiction in the range of 70,000 to 120,000 words. They accept some previously published work provided the author holds all rights. Terms: Advance and royalties. Go here for submission details.

Fractured Mirror Publishing is looking for novels that fall into the speculative fiction category. This is a large category including, but not limited to, dystopian, fantasy, and sci-fi genres. Go here for submission details. Has reading periods.

Future House Publishing publishes adult science fiction and fantasy, as well as middle grade adventure books that embrace community, liberty, and family. Future House Publishing is an imprint of Familius. Their books are represented for TV & Film Development by Kaplan Stahler Agency. Future House books are distributed by Workman, the largest independent distributor in North America. Science fiction and fantasy submissions should be aimed at ages 14+ or 18+ and approximately 70–90K words. Middle grade submissions should be 40–60K words and written for children ages 7+. Future House is not accepting picture book or early reader chapter book submissions. Go here for submission details.

Ghostwoods Books accepts science fiction and fantasy manuscripts during their open calls for submissions periods only. Seeking: Science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, chicklit, humor, cosmic horror, urban fantasy, LGBT. They split their profits (after expenses) with the author 50/50. Go here for more details. Only responds to open calls.

Gollancz, a Hachette imprint that publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror, periodically opens to submissions. Go here for submission details.

Hydra Publications publishes genre fiction. All speculative fiction genres are desired and include thriller, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, dystopian, and all reasonable sub-genres thereof. Hydra is actively seeking LitRPG of any type! If you have a LitRPG submission, please include your sub-genre in the subject line of your email to get access to immediate consideration. Subtypes include VR, no logout, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, dungeon core, harem, crunchy, light, moba, portal fantasy, town builder, and LitFPS, among others. See guidelines HERE.

Infernal Moose Publishing is looking for original, full length (80K+), speculative fiction novels. They prefer fantasy books, but are open to all speculative fiction. They are currently only targeting adult fiction, but may be open to YA or middle grade in the future. If you feel your work is on the edge, submit it anyway. See guidelines HERE.

Luna Press Publishing only publishes Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy (and their sub-genres). They have brief reading periods. See guidelines HERE.

LMBPN is searching for original fiction written as a series of at least three books. They give preference to fantasy fiction created for both adult and young adult readers. See guidelines HERE.

Mirror World Publishing is a small, independent, traditional-style publishing house based in Windsor, Ontario. They publish escapism fiction for all ages, including science fiction, fantasy, adventure, LGBT themes, paranormal, and portal fiction. Go here for submission details. They accept submissions October 1 through November 30.

Montag. "We are a micro-niche, nano publisher currently slated to offer about 10 titles a year. We are based upon a collective structure that enables editors to personally select projects and become Project Leads as the editor in charge. This means that starting with your acceptance, you'll have one person that is completely invested, from editing, through design and into publicity, in your project." What they are looking for: "Books worth burning." Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy. Terms: Montag Press retains a 70/30 share (net) with the author for worldwide primary and secondary rights including digital, options, film and video production, and print rights, which is exclusive for 10 years from the date of publication. Go here for more details. ONLY ACCEPTS SUBMISSIONS THROUGH REFERRALS.

Moonstruck Books publishes speculative fiction, science fiction, horror, fairy tales, gritty and gothic fiction, and experimental fiction. They do not publish young adult (YA), poetry, stage or screen plays, memoir, academic work, graphic novels or comics, fan fiction or spin-offs, coffee table books, how-to books, inspirational books, or books about current events. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Orbit Works is the new digital publishing imprint of Orbit, one of the world’s leading science fiction and fantasy publishers. Length: Your novel must be at least 70K words. If your novel is part of a series, you must include a series outline at the end of your manuscript (estimated number of books and a short synopsis for each). Read submission guidelines HERE.

PS Publishing is based in the United Kingdom. They produce high quality, collectible but affordable signed limited editions within the field of science fiction, fantasy and horror. They have won six British Fantasy Awards for the Best Small Press and have received similar recognition from the Horror Writers Association and have won the World Fantasy Award and the International Horror Guild Award. They are closed to submissions until the end of 2021.

Psychonaut Press is an imprint of Chapter House. "Psychonaut is a new futurist imprint brought to you by the people behind Black Ocean and Not a Cult, in league with acquisitions editor Sheree Renée Thomas. Together we publish singular books of fiction and nonfiction from diverse perspectives that inspire, speculate, and illuminate fantastic outcomes for humankind." Read guidelines here.

Second Sky is a project of Bookouture. They accept only full-length, science fiction and fantasy. Read guidelines HERE.

Starry Eyed Press publishes anthologies and full-length science fiction and fantasy. They also offer editing services. Read guidelines here.

Three Ravens publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror. They are open to reprints and previously published work as long as you have the rights. Royalty rates usually range from 50 to 70% of sales. Read guidelines here.

Tiny Fox Press is a (tiny) press located in Florida. They publish one to three books a year. (Their catalogue has a total of 24 books.) They are seeking: Fantasy — Norse Mythology, Gaslamp, Humorous. SciFi — Steam Punk, Space Opera, Post Apoc, Humorous. YA — Something fun, adventurous and with plenty of magic. According to their FAQs they offer "competitive" royalties and an advance in the "three figures." No distribution information is available. While I couldn't find any complaints about them online, this is an extremely small operation, which means you won't get much in the way of marketing. Click here for submission guidelinesSee submission periods.

TOR has published more award-winning and -nominated science fiction books than any other publisher. Seeking: Science fiction, as well as other genre fiction. Imprints include Starscape: science fiction and fantasy for middle grade readers ages 10 and up (grades 5 and up), published in hardcover and paperback, and Tor Teen, science fiction and fantasy for young adult readers ages 13 and up (grades 8 and up), published in hardcover and paperback. Click here for submission details. Currently open to novellas only.

Uproar Books, LLC, began accepting submissions in September 2018 and launched its first title in May 2019. Specializing in science-fiction and fantasy novels, the company produces hard cover and paperback books for distribution throughout the U.S., U.K., and Canada, as well as ebooks available worldwide. Currently opened to agented and invited authors only. A "Like" during #PitMad & other pitch events count as being “invited.” Click here for submission details.

Vernacular Books is currently accepting agented and un-agented submissions of sci-fi and fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories. Writers from traditionally underrepresented groups are specifically encouraged to submit. Query with “Submission, [genre], [title] in the subject to vernacularbookssubmissions at gmail dot com. Include a short cover letter with logline or synopsis, bio, and first 5 pages in the body of the email. Feel free to follow up with an email after 3 months. Payment: Competitive royalties and modest advance for ebook, print, and audio rights. $25 for short stories. Read guidelines HERE.

Wyldblood Press (UK) publishes short fiction, novels, and flash fiction. They only want original work between 50-100,000 words. They publish in print and digitally. Pays royalties.


5 Prince Publishing publishes all romance subgenres. They also accept fantasy, YA, and other popular fiction genres. They publish ebooks and distribute print books via Ingram through a POD platform. Authors must be a resident of the United States or Canada ONLY.  Read submission guidelines HERE.

Afterglow Books  is a new imprint of Harlequin. "Depth, relatability and sizzling spice, too: these characters are determined to live their best lives — and find the romance that makes them feel seen, unapologetically. In the pages of Afterglow Books, characters from all walks of life, all types of diverse identities, will pursue their dreams and discover love isn’t far behind. Because everyone deserves a happily ever after that’s true to who they are." Length: 65,00 - 70,000 words. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Avon is a division of HarperCollins comprising two imprints, Avon Romance and Avon Impulse (digital). In addition to mass market print and digital publications, Avon has a Wattpad-style writing community, Share Your Book, which votes on writing samples each month. Submissions: Avon Books (print): should be 80-95,000 words in length. Avon Impulse (digital first): Full-length novels of approximately 50-60,000 words. Formatting choices are up to you. If they can read it, you can submit it. No need to submit to a specific editor. If a specific editor has requested your manuscript, please let them know and they’ll get it to her. No need to submit to specific imprint, either; you’ll work with the same editorial team. Response time: You should receive an answer either way in about three months. Read guidelines HERE. See submission form HERE.

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC is a small, independent publishing house operating in Oregon. Established in January of 2007, it is a royalty-paying, Romance Writers of America-recognized publisher. Response time: 3 months. Read guidelines HERE.

Black Opal is a boutique publisher that has been in business since 2010. They accept submissions between June 1 and December 31 each year. All romance genres, including paranormal and erotic, as well as YA, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit, Historicals, Mysteries, and Thrillers are wanted. They publish novels (over 45,000 words) and novellas (15,000 – 45,000 words) in both paperback and ebook format. Royalties can go as high as 70%. Read guidelines HERE.

Blushing Books has been in business since 1991, and currently represents 350 professional romance authors who have met the RWA minimum guidelines.  They pay a 50% royalty rate rising to 60% for authors who write for Blushing Books exclusively. Blushing Books pays an advance of $500. "We accept stories from any conceivable setting: we publish works with a contemporary setting, historical novels, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romances, and everything and anything in-between. We do ask that your stories come to us well-edited, and that they be complete with original and good dialogue, clear descriptions, a dynamic plot structure, and original and interesting characters." Minimum length is 25,000 words, although they will accept related novellas of 16,000 words each provided that both novellas are submitted together. Ebooks only. Read full submission guidelines HERE

Bold Strokes Books is a publisher of LGBTQ fiction and non-fiction, including romance and erotica lines. They offer an advance (not-specified) as well as royalties. Books are listed in Bowker’s Books in Print, Baker and Taylor, Ingram, and other databases. Books are shipped to bookstores, libraries and online retailers in the United States and worldwide. EBooks are available for sale through all major retailers including Amazon, Apple,, Kobo, Google Play and Smashwords. In addition, they maintain an active online bookstore to sell print and e-books. Read FAQs HERE.

Boroughs Publishing Group is a digital-only publisher that focuses solely on romance novels, of all genres and lengths. What they are looking for: Contemporary Erotic Romance Fantasy Historical Multi-cultural Paranormal Romantic Suspense/Thrillers  Urban Fantasy  Young Adult  How to submit: Unpublished authors please submit your finished MS only. Published authors may submit first three chapters. Standard word counts are: 30 - 40,000 words for novellas; 70 - 120,000 words for full-length novels. Short  Romance fiction for their Lunchbox Romance line, 6,000 - 12,000 words. Please submit the full MS for Lunchbox Romances. Response time: 8 weeks. Read full guidelines HERE.

Carina Press is one of Harlequin’s digital-first adult fiction single-title imprints, publishing first in digital, with releases in audio and print as well. Carina Press publishes a wide range of adult fiction genres and features books from talented authors in all genres, including romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery and more. What they are looking for: All subgenres of romance with all levels of sensuality, from the very sweet to the incredibly erotic, featuring couples (or multiples) from all walks of  life and sexual orientation, including same-sex romances. They publish novels and novellas. How to submit: Please submit queries for only completed, fully polished manuscripts, unless previously arranged otherwise with an editor. If a response has not been received after 12 weeks, please follow-up via your submittable account by adding a note to your submission log.

City Owl Press publishes adult or new adult books in Romance and Speculative Fiction in the following sub-genres: Contemporary Romance; Historical Romance; Paranormal Romance; Sci Fi Romance; Romantic Suspense; Time Travel Romance; Dark Fantasy; Urban Fantasy. They do NOT currently accept dystopian, gaslamp, steampunk, or contemporary fantasy. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Cobblestone Press publishes sensual & erotic romance stories and short story erotica. All sexually active characters in the manuscript must be at least 18 no matter the time period. Royalty rate is 35% of cover price. They currently request electronic and audio rights. Print on Demand rights are contracted separately based on length and sales. Length: between 5,000-75,000 words. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Decadent Publishing is exclusively focused on romance. Romance submissions can be sweet to smoking hot. Sexual or sensual scenes should enhance, not BE, the story.  Length: 15,000 words up.  Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Dragonblade is a digital-first publishing house that focuses on historical romance. They are interested in anything pre-20th century except Westerns and Amish. They are also open to time travel, historical fiction, historical fantasies, and historical mysteries as long as there is a romance component that ends happily ever after. They are open to all LGBTQIA pairings. Read guidelines HERE.

Entangled. Entangled has published more than 970 titles, including the #8 bestselling book of 2012 by Jennifer Probst, The Marriage Bargain, as well as the blockbuster YA hit Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Entangled’s titles are distributed by Macmillan, one of the largest book distributors in the world. Their books are available at major online retailers around the world, as well as through trial runs with the newest subscription venues. Additionally, they have a joint partnership with St. Martin’s Press to showcase a select number of books in mass-market paperback. Seeking: All genres of romantic fiction, including YA, and NA. YA novels should be 50k to 100k words in length.  Go here for submission guidelines. Many of their imprints accept novellas.

is looking for romance with solid plots, well-developed settings and characters that are three-dimensional. History should be well-researched and totally fictional worlds in fantasy and science fiction must be visualized clearly. They accept submissions in all the sub-genres: romance, sensual romance, YA, BDSM, GLBT, interracial, African/American, Science Fiction, Gay, Lesbian, and any and all combinations thereof. How to submit: They are accepting Shorts: 12,000 - words and up; Novellas: 20,000 - words and up; Full novels/anthologies: 50,000 words and up. No simultaneous submissions. Read guidelines HERE.

Forever Yours is a digital-only imprint of Grand Central Publishing, which is part of Hachette Book Group. Forever Yours publishes new works as well as backlist titles from its nine-year-old Forever imprint. The imprint publishes two to four e-book titles a month. What they are looking for: Forever Yours is currently accepting romance submissions from all subgenres, including but not limited to: contemporary, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, western, historical, inspirational, paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy, futuristic, urban fantasy, steampunk, time-travel, and erotica. How to submit: They are accepting novella length works (8,000-35,000 words), as well as longer works from 35,000-100,000 words.

Harlequin Desire publishes contemporary romance novels that "feature strong-but-vulnerable alpha heroes and dynamic heroines who want love." *Please note that single title imprints comprising Harlequin MIRA, Harlequin HQN, Harlequin TEEN and Harlequin Nonfiction only accept agented submissions. How to submitFirst: check out the Harlequin Writing Guidelines and identify the Series that your novel best fits. The only lines accepting manuscripts are the Harlequin Series and Harlequin Kimani. Second: check the Electronic Manuscript Guidelines for further instruction.

ImaJinn Books is an imprint of Belle Books. They publish the entire spectrum of romance, including new adult, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, series, etc. They are interested in full length novels 50,000-90,000 words. Submit a query email with the full manuscript attached in .doc or .rtf form. Attaching a detailed synopsis is also appreciated to acquiring editor Brenda Chin: imajinn(at)bellebooks(dot)com Response time: 6 months after submission. See submission page HERE

Liquid Silver
is currently accepting all romance genres and romance subgenres. Liquid Silver Books is a royalty paying eBook Publisher, which includes: Editing, Final line editing and proofreading, Cover art, ISBN number, Digital publishing. Their standard contract is for worldwide, English, digital rights for two years. They pay 40% royalties on net monies received from sales in all outlets. Royalties are paid on a calendar quarter basis by company check. International authors are paid via PayPal. Minimum word count: 15,000 words. See submission page HERE.

Lyrical Press, an imprint of Kensington, publishes all sub-genres of romance. They also publish suspense fiction, thrillers, women’s fiction, new adult, and cozy mysteries. Submit to one editor only. (The list of editors includes the genres they are receiving.) Response time: three months.

Mills & Boon is an imprint of HarperCollins. Included on the website are helpful romance writing tips, which are quite useful for any sort of writing. There are specific guidelines for each one of their series. See submission guidelines HERE.

Pressed Clover Books is a startup actively seeking to build their author list. They plan to begin publishing in 2022. 

Riptide Publishing is accepting new submissions for completed LGBTQ manuscripts between 15,000 and 115,000 words for their Riptide, Anglerfish, and Triton imprints. The FAQs section of the site offers information on contracts. Advances are only offered to established writers. See submission guidelines HERE.

Satin Romance. Melange is seeking highly romantic romance stories, novellas, and novels for their new imprint, Satin Romance. Ebooks should be from 20k – 59k words, print books 60k-85k words. Authors receive 40% net royalties on digital formats and 20% on print. See submission guidelines HERE.

Soul Mate Books
publishes all sub-genres of romance. A blending of genres is allowed and encouraged. Varying levels of sensuality are welcome, however all stories should have an upbeat ending. (NO depraved or illegal acts, bestiality, or pedophilia.) Word count: 50,000 – 90,000 words for novels (e-pub & print) See submission guidelines HERE.

Sourcebooks Landmark is actively acquiring single-title and single-title series Romance fiction (90,000 to 120,000 actual digital words) for their Casablanca imprint. Read guidelines.

Touchpoint Press has several new clean series for all types of romance readers, from coast to coast and abroad. Heat must be tasteful and relevant to the story. Manuscripts under 40,000 words are digital only. Ideal submission length is 70,000 words. See submission guidelines HERE.

Torquere Press focuses on LGBT romance. They publish all the sub-genres of romance -- paranormal, contemporary, western, suspense, etc. They require a happy ending, whether that ending is happily ever after or happy for now. They publish lengths from 3000 words and up. Novels for paperback contract consideration must be 60,000 words to 100,000 (due to costs involved, manuscripts over 100,000 words will be considered on a case by case basis for print). Their pricing structure is based solely on word count. See submission guidelines HERE.

Tule Publishing specializes in romance and mystery ebooks. In romance they have several imprints: American Heart, Holiday, Muse (paranormal and fantasy), Western. Lengths: Short Novel: 45k – 60k words; Long Novel: 60k – 100k words. Read submission guidelines here.

The Wild Rose Press publishes all sub-genres of romance, as well as mysteries, women's fiction, historical fiction, and erotica. Manuscripts should be between 7,500 and 100,000 words. For print eligibility the manuscript must be a minimum of 45,000 words. Read more details HERE.



Acadian House began in 1979 as a regional book publisher specializing primarily in Louisiana-related titles, with particular emphasis on the state’s history, food and culture. Submissions: Send query letter summarizing the content of your book. A description of the audience for the book is also welcome in this letter. You will be contacted if the editor is interested. Snail mail only. Read full guidelines here.

Burford Books is an independent book publisher based in Ithaca, NY. Their specialty is books on the outdoors. Worldwide distribution. Submissions: Send a query letter to, with the word “Query” in the subject line. In this email please briefly describe the book you have written or are planning to write, and give us an idea of who you are and why you feel you are qualified to write this book. Read full guidelines here.

Camino Books specializes in non-fiction books with a focus on the Middle Atlantic states. They currently publish about 6 to 10 books per year, and are always looking for new material and projects. Submissions: Your proposal should include: a description of the subject of your book, as well as its format and length, an outline of the book or a sample table of contents, a sample chapter or two, your qualifications, the audience you hope to reach, your ideas for publicity and promotion. Please include SASE. Snail mail only. Read full guidelines here.

Chronicle Books publishes 90 titles per year. Submissions: Your proposal should include: a one-page cover letter giving a brief description of the project, why you think Chronicle should publish it, what's included in the package, and your contact information, a market analysis, SASE. Electronic submissions preferred. Read full guidelines here.

Fair Winds Press publishes instructional books in a range of categories, including lifestyle, cooking, health and body, self-help, spirituality, and history. It is owned by the Quarto Publishing Group. Submissions: Book queries are usually around five pages and must include: a paragraph introducing yourself, a paragraph offering an overview of the proposed idea/concept, a book outline or table of contents, your ideas for the type of visual materials to accompany the text, and marketability information. Read full guidelines here.

Gibbs Smith is a Utah-based publishing house focusing on social studies textbooks and digital materials for schools, special interest publishing, and cookbooks. They are a mid-sized house, publishing 60 new books a year. Submissions: Please send a proposal. If photographs or illustrations are a major component, attach a PDF or jpegs showing samples. Maximum size of attachments is 3 MB. Electronic submissions only. Read full guidelines here.

Great American Publishers is a traditional small press with an emphasis on regional cooking (any state). Submissions: Include a cover letter with a brief description of the project. Snail mail only. Read full guidelines here.

Grub Street publishes cookbooks and books on military aviation history only. Read full guidelines here.

The Harvard Common Press is an independent publisher of quality trade books specializing in cookbooks and parenting/childcare books. Submissions: Authors interested in publishing with The Harvard Common Press are encouraged to submit a full proposal. Read full guidelines here.

Nourish is an imprint of Watkins Publishing (UK). They are looking for titles that have a clearly identifiable, international market, as well as having an original and crystal clear concept. Their titles are distributed through Random House. Read full guidelines here.

Pelican Publishing Company is a medium-sized company with a backlist of over 2,500 titles and fifty to sixty new titles produced yearly. As a general trade publisher, Pelican is presently the largest independent trade book publisher in the South. Submissions: Query letter (for details, see site)
Author publication credits (ISBN/link to Amazon), sales history (life to date and first 12 months), and translation/subsidiary rights sales if any, Author platform, including social media links, Synopsis (max 250 words), Table of contents, if applicable. Read full guidelines here.

Sasquatch Books is one of the country’s leading independent publishers, known for its innovative and eclectic list of nonfiction books featuring authors such as Nancy Pearl, Lynda Barry, and Art Wolfe, and top-selling titles in food & wine, travel, and gardening. Submissions: Send a query letter, proposal, or a complete manuscript, along with information about you as an author, by mail. Please do not send original materials of any sort. They are not responsible for misplaced items. No email queries. Snail mail only. For submission details go here.

Seaside Publishing is an imprint of the University Press of Florida with a regional focus. Submissions: To submit a manuscript, please send a one-page letter of inquiry to Interim Editor-in-Chief, Meredith Morris Babb, to determine the University Press of Florida's interest in your project. Please include your full postal address. If they are interested, they will contact you for more information. Email query. Read instructions here.

Sourcebooks, Inc. is an independent publisher located in Naperville, Illinois. The company publishes books, ebooks, and digital products in most consumer categories, including college guides, memoir, children's books, young adult, fiction, romance, and reference books. Sourcebooks publishes over 300 titles a year and boasts many bestsellers. Submissions: Please send a proposal. Electronic submissions only. Read full guidelines here.

Square One specializes in books on cooking, parenting, business/personal finance, self-help, history, and health among others. Square One has been named one of the top ten fastest-growing indie book publishers in North America by Publishers Weekly for six years in a row. Submissions: When submitting your manuscript proposal, please include the following items: a cover letter explaining the concept of your book, why you wrote it, and its intended audience, a detailed table of contents, a brief overview of the book, biographical information about you and any coauthors or illustrators, a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). Snail mail only. Read full guidelines here.

Stone Pier is a San Francisco-based nonprofit working towards a healthier, more humane, and climate-friendly food system. We do it by publishing good books about good food and producing solutions-oriented news and tips. Much of our focus is on how to grow, eat, and dispose of food in a way that’s good for the planet. We are accepting books in the following categories: narrative nonfiction, memoirs, guidebooks, biographies, and literary fiction. We will consider cookbooks as well. Read guidelines here.

Storey Books is an imprint of Workman Publishing Company. Founded in 1968, Workman is an independent publisher of adult and juvenile trade books. The mission of Storey Publishing is to serve our customers by publishing practical information that encourages personal independence in harmony with the environment. The books we select to carry out this mission include nonfiction titles for adults and children on gardening, home reference, crafts, cooking, beer & wine, nature, raising animals, horses, building, farming, homesteading, and mind/body/spirit. Submissions: Please send a proposal including: a cover letter giving a short description of the project and what materials are included in the package, a proposal, which includes an outline, introduction, art list, and sample text/chapters, sample illustrations or photographs (duplicates, not originals), and a comparison to similar books, author biography and credentials. Read full guidelines here.

Surrey Books is focused on food, nutrition, and entertaining. It was acquired by Agate in 2006. In addition to conventional cookbooks, Surrey also publishes specialized cookbooks focusing on gluten-free, vegan, and diabetes cooking. SubmissionsAgate is considering submissions in the general areas of food, cooking, and nutrition-related nonfiction, for its Surrey imprint. Email query. (Do not send full proposal.) Read instructions here.

Tuttle specializes in Asian cultures. They currently have a backlist of over 6,000 titles and publish 150 new titles per year. Tuttle is a part of the Periplus publishing family. Submissions: Unlike most large publishing houses, Tuttle offers a hands-on approach, working closely with individual authors. Please submit a complete proposal by email or snail mail. Electronic submissions are preferred. Please note that Tuttle publishes Asian cuisine cookbooks. Read full guidelines here.

Victory Belt Publishing was founded in 2006 by New York Times bestselling author Erich Krauss. Their focus is Ketogenic and Paleo diets, as well as health and wellness books. Their titles are distributed by Penguin Random House. Submissions: Victory Belt Publishing only accepts book proposals in PDF format. In the proposal, please include a Table of Contents, a sample of the material (10-20 of the most compelling pages, 5-10 recipes, photos/graphs/charts/illustrations, a sample chapter, etc) and the unique selling proposition of your title. In addition, provide a letter that details the concept of your book, the intended size/scope, your target readership, and your personal website/blog and social media channels. Read full guidelines here.

Willow Creek Press is a publisher specializing in nature, outdoor and sporting topics, gardening, wildlife and animal books, and cookbooks. Submissions: Send a cover letter detailing the work as a whole. Include who your target audience is and provide a rationale for why Willow Creek Press is the best publisher for your work. Also include: a chapter-by-chapter outline of the entire work, one or two sample chapters, a brief bio or a note describing who you are and why you are the right person to write this book. Read full guidelines here.



The African Poetry Book Fund publishes the Contemporary African Poetry Book Series for new poetry written by African poets, the African Contemporary Classics Series, highlighting the breadth and length of African poets’ careers and contributions to world literature, and On African Poetry, a multi-genre, nonfiction series focused on African poetry, including critical studies, biographies, essay collections, and anthologies, among other relevant genres." See submission guidelines HERE.

Against the Grain Poetry Press publishes 4 or 5 titles a year. Authors must be currently living in the UK or Ireland. Has submission periods. See submission guidelines HERE.

Apogee Press was founded in 1997. "Our goal was to publish innovative and experimental poets who were formally and culturally diverse and shared an original use of language." Has submission periods. See submission guidelines HERE.

Arteidolia Press is an artist-run press based in Ridgewood, Queens with focus on publishing collections of poetry, visual poetry, essays &  experimental poetic encounters. "Work should be diverse and inventive. Adventuresome and intriguing. A place of intersections & fusions." See submission guidelines HERE.

Arte Público Press, affiliated with the University of Houston, specializes in publishing contemporary novels, short stories, poetry, and drama based on U.S. Hispanic (Cuban American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, and others) cultural issues and themes. How to submit: Arte Público uses an online submission form. See submission guidelines HERE.

Backroom Window Press, located in Saint Louis, Missouri, is seeking to publish high quality collections of poetry. "In the future we anticipate expanding to include other genres and forming a non-profit." See submission guidelines HERE.

Black Mountain Press: "Black Mountain Press is a literary press for outstanding emerging writers publishing several different genres of books annually. For the next three years from 2014 through the end of 2017 our focus will be in collections of poetry, memoir, novels and collections of short stories. Our editors are looking for the highest quality literary fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry that combines a distinct voice and vision.Genres: Book-length literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. How to submit: Manuscripts accepted via regular mail only. Send one hard copy of your finished, book-length manuscript, along with a cover letter containing contact information, and relevant biographical information. Manuscripts should be typed on one side of the page only. Read full guidelines HERE. Charges for submissions through Submittable.

BlazeVOX [books] is an independent small press publisher located in Buffalo, New York. To date, BlazeVOX has published 280 books and over 1000 writers in their online journal and other publishing outlets. They are developing a book series that promotes the work of women who are courageous, innovative, definition-defying writers. Genres: Poetry, short stories, experimental fiction, literary criticism (including companions, studies and histories) by women authors. Submissions online. Read complete guidelines HERE.

Bloodaxe is one of Britain's leading poetry publishers with an internationally renowned list of writers. "We do not publish anyone who has only recently started writing. Every poet we take on already has a track record of magazine or small press publication." Read complete guidelines HERE.

BOA Editions: "Founded in 1976 by the late poet, editor, and translator A. Poulin, Jr., BOA has published more than 300 books of American poetry, poetry-in-translation, and short fiction. The first publication bearing the BOA imprint was The Fuhrer Bunker: A Cycle of Poems in Progress by W. D. Snodgrass. The Fuhrer Bunker received tremendous critical attention and was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry, optioned for the stage by Joseph Papp, and produced by Wynn Handman for The American Place Theater." Poets must have already published a full-length poetry book. Read full guidelines HERE. Has reading periods.

Carcanet Press is a British publishing house specializing in poetry. "Now in its fifth decade, Carcanet publishes the most comprehensive and diverse list available of modern and classic poetry in English and in translation." How to submit: Carcanet considers submissions and book proposals submitted in hard copy form only. Writers should send between six and ten pages of poetry and a stamped and self-addressed return envelope. Response time within eight weeks. Read full guidelines HEREHas reading periods

City Lights Publishers has launched several famous poets, including Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg. City Lights publishes 12 books a year. How to submit: City Lights accepts book proposals by snail mail only. Response time six months. Read their submission guidelines HERE. Currently closed to submissions.

Dedalus Press is one of Ireland’s best-known and longest established poetry publishers. "Our main interest is in new poetry by Irish poets or by poets from elsewhere but living in Ireland. We publish on average 8 books per year, and our open reading periods regularly draw hundreds of new manuscripts, of which we can hope to take on just one or two per annum."  Read submission guidelines here.

Faber & Faber is one of the last of the great independent publishing houses in London. They have published books by no fewer than twelve Nobel Laureates and six Booker Prize winners. Among its luminaries are T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Jean Cocteau. How to submit: Send six examples of your work to the poetry department by regular post. Email submissions are not accepted. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Fernwood Press publishes poetry, especially from previously unpublished and lesser-known authors. They select manuscripts through an open, year-round submissions process. Manuscripts should be 50 to 100 pages of poetry, submitted in .rtf, .doc, or .docx formats only. All submissions are eligible for publication by Fernwood Press with a standard royalty contract. Read their submission guidelines HERE.

Four Way Books publishes 14-15 collections of poetry and short fiction a year by emerging and established writers. They also sponsor contests (fee required). Genre: Poetry, short story collections, and novellas. How to submit: Submission period is June 1 - June 30, 2023. Read full guidelines HERE.

Futurepoem books is a New York City-based publishing collaborative dedicated to presenting innovative works of contemporary poetry and prose by both emerging and important underrepresented writers. How to submit: Futurepoem has an open reading period in December of each year. Submissions are usually from 50-200 pages. Read full guidelines HERE.

Glass Poetry Press publishes poetry chapbooks. "We are interested in poetry that enacts the artistic and creative precision of glass. We are not bound by any specific aesthetic; our only mission is to publish collections of high quality writing. All styles, forms and schools of poetry are welcome, though easy rhymes and "light" verse are less likely to inspire us. We like poems that show a careful understanding of language, music, passion and creativity." Authors receive ten complimentary copies and may purchase additional copies at a discounted price. Authors also receive a complimentary copy of the other chapbooks published during their year and a 15% royalty on the sales of their chapbooks. Read full guidelines HERE.

ignitionpress publishes poetry chapbooks. They are open to poets who have not published a collection of poetry or pamphlet. (Individual poems are okay.) Authors receive £125 upon acceptance of the final manuscript and an additional payment of at least £50 in travel expenses for launches. They also give poets 15 free copies of their pamphlet. Read full guidelines HERE.

June Road Press is a small press that currently publishes collections of poetry. They hope to expand to publish literary fiction and creative nonfiction down the road. Of particular interest is work that engages with the natural world or carries a strong sense of place, especially first or second books by writers who identify as women. They do not publish work by international writers. (Americans only) Read full guidelines HERE.

Kaya Press is a publisher of Asian and Pacific Islander diasporic writers in the United States. Their diverse list of titles includes experimental poetry, noir fiction, film memoir, avant-garde art, performance pieces, and “lost” novels. How to submit: Send your manuscript in electronic format. Files must be sent in a Word document or as a PDF. They will only accept works related to the Asian diaspora. Read full guidelines HERE.

Manic D Press is an American literary press based in San Francisco, California publishing fiction novels and short stories, poetry, and graphic novels. It was founded by Jennifer Joseph in 1984 as an alternative outlet for young writers seeking to bring their work into print. Manic D Press books are distributed throughout the US by Consortium, Last Gasp, and wholesalers including Ingram and Baker & Taylor; in the UK and EU by Turnaround PSL; in Canada by Publishers Group Canada; and throughout the world by Perseus. How to submit: Email submissions are preferred. Printed manuscripts are read twice a year, during the months of January and July ONLY. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, just let them know if your work has been accepted elsewhere or if (and where) it has been previously published. Read full guidelines HERE.

Measure Press publishes poetry, criticisms, and poetry instruction, as well as a semi-annual literary journal that focuses on publishing formal poetry. Poetry manuscripts should contain between 50 and 100 pages of poetry. Read full guidelines HERE.

Milkweed Editions is a nonprofit literary press, publishing between fifteen and twenty books each year. They have published nearly three hundred titles. "Our mission is to identify, nurture and publish transformative literature, and build an engaged community around it." Milkweed publishes fiction, literary nonfiction (not academic), middle grade and YA novels, poetry collections by single authors (60+ pages).  How to submit: Milkweed is currently closed for submissions, but they plan on opening submissions once they have responded to all submissions from their last reading period. Check HERE for updates and submission guidelines.

Nine Arches accepts submissions for both debut collections from new or emerging poets and submissions from established poets with previous collections published. "We welcome poets of all ages." Read full guidelines HERE.

Phoenix Poets Series: University of Chicago Press accepts unsolicited submissions for the series during the month of October. This submission period is open to all poets aged twenty-one or older. Poets may submit one manuscript per year, and manuscripts may not be resubmitted in subsequent years. Read full guidelines HERE

Plan B Press is a small independent publishing company that produces high-quality, limited-run poetry chapbooks. They are in the process of becoming a nonprofit. How to submit: Plan B accepts manuscripts from authors who have published fewer than three books (including chapbooks). Read full guidelines HERE.

Poets Wear Prada, also known as PWP Books, is a small press based in Hoboken, New Jersey devoted to introducing new authors through limited edition, high-quality chaplets and anthologies. How to submit: PWP solicits poems for yearly anthologies on specific themes. They do not accept unsolicited chapbooks, but they do request manuscripts from poets who appear in their anthologies. Read their submission policy HERE.

Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets is committed to publishing the work of emerging and established poets alike, including works by Robert Pinsky, Ann Lauterbach, Jorie Graham, and others. They accept submissions every May. Read full guidelines HERE.

Salmon Poetry was established in 1981 as an alternative voice in Irish literature. It has since broadened its scope to include poets from other cultures. How to submit: Email your query, with a short biographical note and 5 - 10 poems, to Read full guidelines HERE.

Shearsman Books (UK) publishes poetry, plus some essays and literary criticism—but only focused on poetry—and, very occasionally, memoirs by poets. They publish mainly poetry by British, Irish, North American and Antipodean poets, plus poetry in translation from any language—although they have a particular interest in German, Spanish and Latin American poetry. Read full guidelines HERE.

Tia Chucha Press is a small cross-cultural press, focused on socially engaged poetry. They publish full poetry manuscripts of more than 60 pages. They are interested in all types of poetic expression and are not bound by poetic style, form, school, or era. Their poets have been Chicano, African American, Jamaican American, Native American, Irish American, Italian American, Korean American, Japanese American, Puerto Rican, Cuban American, and more. All ages, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, and spiritual persuasions are welcome. Read full guidelines HERE.

Tram Editions is a publisher of chapbooks of poetry and hybrid forms. "We view the chapbook as a complete work unto itself—not a fragment of something larger, but an artistic offering in its own right. We encourage authors to consider the power of a discrete project—the chapbook as a distinct articulation. We are invested in work that speaks from a variety of voices, and strongly encourage submissions from women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC authors." Manuscripts should be 22-40 pages in length. (There is no information regarding their contract or author compensation on their website.) Read full guidelines HERE.

Unicorn Press seeks to publish excellent works of poetry that are unlikely to find a home elsewhere. "We do not publish short fiction, non-fiction, novels, science fiction, how-to or self-help books, reference texts, individual poems, or children’s literature. We have an open reading period from 1 May to 30 June. Work that is received outside of this reading period will not be considered. We accept open reading submissions through our online submission manager and through the mail." Read full guidelines HERE.

University Professors Press: Poetry, Healing, and Growth Series includes poetry collections and scholarly works on poetry. "We only consider poetry books that fit with our poetry, healing, and growth series. These books have clear psychological themes that are likely to be of relevance to mental health professionals and consumers. Poetry volumes must include an introduction that provides a psychological framework for the poetry included in the volume and the focus of the book. It is highly beneficial to review current volumes to get a sense of what is expected with the introduction." Read full guidelines HERE.

Wake Forest University Press publishes Irish poetry only. They do not accept manuscripts from American poets, including Irish-American poets. Submissions: "If you are a native of Ireland and wish to submit a poetry manuscript, please email a representative sampling of your poetry and your biographical information to Alternatively, you may mail a hard copy of your work, biographical and contact information to Wake Forest University Press, PO Box 7333, Winston-Salem, NC 27109. Should you want the return of your submission, please include a self-addressed envelope with adequate postage. We consider manuscripts from September through mid-May, and the average turnaround time is three months." Read guidelines here.



Affinity Rainbow Publishing publishes works of lesbian literature in electronic media (eBooks) and Print on demand. Affinity is wholly owned by authors and the content of works will reflect their collective writing vision. No simultaneous submissions. Manuscripts sent to multiple publishers will be rejected. The genre is unlimited. No pornographic material. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Amble Press primarily publishes fiction and narrative non-fiction from writers who identify as people of color, and those writing across the broader queer spectrum. Seeking: Contemporary General Fiction
Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Action/Adventure, Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Cli-Fi/Spec Fiction/Steampunk, Graphic Novels, Young Adult/New Adult, Romance, Narrative nonfiction, Memoirs/Biographies. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Aunt Lute Books is a nonprofit multicultural women’s press based in San Francisco. For over thirty years, they have been publishing literature that voices the perspectives of women from a broad range of communities. They have published a number of well-known feminist and lesbian authors. They are seeking manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, by women from a variety of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and subcultures. Note: They publish very few books per year. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Bella Books the largest lesbian-owned press devoted to the publication of books written for, by and about women-loving-women. Bella’s books reach worldwide audiences through print, eBooks, translations and distribution.  They now partner with a number of other publishers and independent authors to offer a range of reading choices on their website— Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

BLF Press is open to various types of literary work. They are especially interested in work that centers women of color and same gender loving women. Their preferred genres are short fiction, literary fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction. Prose (fiction and non-fiction) manuscripts should be from 40,000-80,000 words; poetry collections should be at least 50 pages.  If your work is under serious consideration elsewhere, please wait until you've received a decision before submitting it here. They ask for limited print and electronic rights. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Blind Eye Books publishes science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance novels featuring LGBTQ protagonists. They do not publish short story collections, poetry, erotica, horror or non-fiction. Length: 70,000 to 150,000 words. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Bold Strokes Books offers a diverse collection of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer general and genre fiction. BSB genre fiction includes all romance sub-genres as well as action, adventure, crime, mystery/intrigue, and speculative fic (sci-fi/fantasy/horror). They will consider previously published works (including self-published works). Read submission guidelines HERE.  No simultaneous submissions.

Bywater Books is looking for well-written commercial fiction targeted to lesbian readers. They are especially interested the following fiction and non-fiction categories: Romance, Mystery, Action/Thriller, Science-fiction/Fantasy, Eco-fiction, Young Adult/New Adult, General Fiction, Cross-genre, Memoir, Essay, and Autobiography/Biography. They do not publish poetry or erotica. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

Chelsea Station Editions publishes books of gay and lesbian interest. Their books are distributed by several wholesalers, including Ingram and Bella Distribution Services. Our books are easily ordered by libraries and booksellers, both online and brick-and-mortar, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, and TLA. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Deep Hearts YA is a publisher of LBGTQ+ fiction for young adults. They publish all genres and sub-genres, including aro and ace lead characters. While they are primarily a romance publisher, romance need not be the primary plot; submissions need to have some theme of self-empowerment, self-acceptance, or other related message. Given that the characters and target readers are underage, there is to be no erotic content. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Desert Palm Press welcomes fiction and nonfiction by lesbian authors. They are interested in fiction manuscripts where the main characters are lesbians. The story should be engaging, new and fresh. DPP prefers a HEA ending, or at least a happy ending for now, but will consider all well written stories. Non-fiction will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Desert Palm Press (DPP) produces e-books and print books that are available worldwide through Amazon, Smashwords, Bella Books, and CreateSpace. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Dreamspinner Press publishes gay male romance stories in all genres. While works do not need to be graphic, they must contain a primary or strong secondary romance plotline and focus on the interaction between two or more male characters. The main characters of the story must end in a gay or gay polyamorous relationship. Other relationships (heterosexual, lesbian, mixed gender polyamory) are acceptable in secondary pairings or as part of the development of a main character. Accepts novellas. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Flashpoint is looking for LGBTQI novels with plots of action, adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery, thriller, romance and science fiction, or romance coupled with sub-plots of action, adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and science fiction.  They accept most genres, including non-fiction works. Manuscripts of 15,000 to 59,999 will be considered for eBook formats only, with the exception that manuscripts that fall between 50,000 and 59,999 words will be looked at on a case-by-case basis for print publication. Manuscripts with a minimum of 60,000 words and a maximum of 120,000 words will be considered for print and eBook publication. Longer works will need to be edited down in size or split into multiple volumes. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissionsHas submission periods.

Gurt Dog publishes Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal and any and all speculative fiction. "We’re looking for books that, at their very forefront, feature LGBTQ+ identities of all varieties, including Polyamory and other forms of non-Monogamy." Read submission guidelines HEREHas submission periods.

Harrington Park Press was previously the LGBTQ imprint of The Haworth Press (now part of Routledge/Taylor & Francis). The imprint is now relaunched by Haworth’s founding owner/publisher Bill Cohen as a specialized academic/scholarly print and e-book publisher devoted to emerging topics in LGBTQ diversity, equality, and inclusivity. "Our forthcoming books are intended for classroom adoption in advanced college courses and graduate and professional schools. They are primarily for LGBTQ faculty members teaching either from a disciplinary perspective, within the areas of psychology, sociology, social work, and health care, or cross-disciplinary topics significantly represented within the LGBTQ higher-education arena. We focus on books that are useful as required or recommended reading but also will interest book-reading members of the international LGBTQ community." Distributed by Columbia University Press. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Intaglio Publications publishes lesbian fiction only. This is a very small press, with a limited number of titles. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Interlude Press focuses on LGBTQ-focused titles. They are looking for well-crafted original novels, novellas, and short stories of 10,000 to 90,000 words featuring diverse casts with lead characters from across the LGBTQ spectrum, and welcome and encourage manuscripts written by authors from all backgrounds. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

JMS Books LLC is a small electronic press publishing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender erotic romance, romance, and young adult romance. Length: Between 20,000 and 90,000 words. They do not pay advances. Authors earn 50% royalties on all electronic and print sales from their website and distributors. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Lethe Press is known for speculative fiction, especially queer speculative fiction, though not everything we publish has to be fantastical or LGBT-themed. The publisher also has a keen interest in historical fiction. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Midnight Meadow Publishing's goal is to publish engaging and unique LGBTQ+ stories while elevating marginalized voices. They are interested in a wide variety of genres. Read submission guidelines HEREHas submission periods.

NineStar Press is seeking submissions of LGBTQA+ romance fiction and literary novels. Standalones, series & serials all considered across the board. Serials must have a defined ending in each installment. Previously published or self-published books are considered. Authors with orphaned books after the folding of a publishing company are encouraged to submit. You must own all rights to the story. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Painted Hearts Publishing welcomes submissions for all genres of LGBT+ romance from both new, unpublished authors and those already established in the field. Length: 15,000 words minimum. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Pride Publishing is an imprint of Totally Entwined, a romance publisher. Pride Publishing is actively acquiring empowering, enchanting and endearing storylines that are sure to capture readers’ imaginations from start to finish. We’re looking for stories with lead characters who identify as GLBTQI. 10,000 -100,000 word count per story. Series and serials will be also be considered. No advance, royalties unknown. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Rebel Satori Press’s Queer Mojo imprint publishes new and cutting edge LGBTQ+ books including poetry, fiction, and memoir. Their Queer Space imprint is looking for all subgenres of speculative fiction involving LGBTQ+ characters written by LGBTQ+ authors, including but not limited to: sci-fi, interstitial, slipstream, horror, and supernatural fictional manuscripts. Read submission guidelines HERE.

RedBone Press publishes work celebrating the cultures of black lesbians and gay men, and work that further promotes understanding between black gays and lesbians and the black mainstream. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Ride the Rainbow Books is looking for well-written lesbian fiction. If your book is under 55,000 words, it may be considered a novella or a short story. If this is the case, they may combine it with other works by you or by other authors in the same book. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Riptide Publishing accepts all genres of LGBTQ romantic, erotic, and literary fiction under the following three imprints: Riptide Publishing: primarily adult genre fiction with romantic or erotic focus; all heat levels from sweet romance to erotica are welcome; Triton Books: YA genre and literary fiction; Anglerfish Press: upmarket fiction (literary genre fiction) with little or no romantic or erotic focus; HEAs are not required here. You can find details about their publishing contract on the site under FAQs. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Riverdale/Magnus is the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) imprint of Riverdale Avenue Books. They are actively looking for titles, both fiction and nonfiction, in a wide variety of areas, including popular culture, entertainment, biography/memoir, self-help, spirituality, and current affairs, among others. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Sapphire Books welcomes high-quality unsolicited manuscripts by lesbian authors. They are seeking specifically: romance, mystery/intrigue with romantic elements and young adult. Novel manuscripts must be a minimum of 50,000 words. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Tiny Ghost Press is looking for young adult novels written from a queer perspective. That is, stories featuring a queer protagonist or from a queer author. "We're interested in everything from contemporary romance, to dystopian adventures, and if your story dabbles in the spooky, the supernatural, or the paranormal, or has a speculative element even better! We're especially looking for stories featuring trans, BIPOC, and neurodivergent characters in lead roles written by authors from these communities." Read submission guidelines HERE.  

Ylva Publishing is looking for new, talented authors, who write about lesbian and bisexual heroines. Authors are not expected to contribute to the expenses involved in publishing and marketing their work; however, they are looking for authors who will actively participate in every step of the publishing process and in the marketing of their book. Length: Minimum word count 60,000. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

Zero Street invites submissions of novels and short story collections, from LGBTQ+ authors new and established, that feature LGBTQ+ characters and/or themes. "We are particularly interested in BIPOC authors, trans authors, and queer authors over 50. Zero Street is committed to literary fiction with commercial potential, and to providing marginalized authors opportunities for a wide readership in the trade fiction market." Seeking: Literary fiction of all kinds, from stories of modern life to innovations on traditions of genre. The manuscript must be in English and should be between 60,000 and 100,000 words. Read submission guidelines HERE.



Aqueduct Press publishes works of feminist science fiction as well as works about feminist science fiction or of particular interest to readers of feminist science fiction. "We are interested in seeing feminist sf novels of any length; for our Conversation Pieces series, we are interested in original novellas, poetry, and prose work of every kind at lengths ranging from 20,000-35,000 words. Please send a query to info[at] before sending us nonfiction or a collection of short fiction." Read guidelines HERE.

Aunt Lute Books is a nonprofit multicultural women’s press based in San Francisco. "For over thirty years, we have been publishing literature that voices the perspectives of women from a broad range of communities. We have published a number of well-known feminist and lesbian authors, including Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldúa, Judy Grahn, LeAnne Howe, Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Audre Lorde, and Alice Walker." They seek manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, by women from a variety of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and subcultures. Read guidelines HERE.

Bedazzled Ink is a press that exclusively publishes work by women authors. They are dedicated to literary fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books that celebrate the unique and under-represented voices of women and books about women. Read guidelines HERE.

Clash Books is looking for strong voices & POVs in any genre. Fiction, nonfiction, including memoir, & poetry. "Especially looking for unique voices of female identifying & POC from all over the world. CLASH Books is about global perspectives, contrasts, & juxtapositions." (There is literally no other information about submissions on their site.) Read guidelines HERE.

Clover Valley Press, LLC, founded in 2007, publishes quality manuscripts written by women. Genres may include fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. They are interested in book-length manuscripts (at least 50,000 words), either fiction or nonfiction, written by women. Read guidelines HERE. (May be closed?)

Creature publishes up to four book-length works of feminist horror a year. "We are looking for books that celebrate fluidity—the ability to cross boundaries and inhabit more than one category at once. While we acknowledge that categories have a certain utility, we refuse to separate horror, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy from each other or the literary from the mainstream. Our definition of feminist horror is broad and inclusive, and we welcome writing that pushes boundaries. We are interested in: unreliable narrators, unlikeable female characters, the monstrous, sharp critical essays and social commentary, swamp witches, your nightmares, dystopias, psychological suspense, unraveling minds, unraveling social constructs, possession, intersectionality, hybrid genres, metafiction, dark nights, and writing on sexuality/the body, gender, race, class, disability, technology, religion, and anything and everything that makes our spines tingle." Length:  20,000–60,000 words; however, you may submit a longer work if you feel it is a strong fit. See submission requirements HERE. Has reading periods.

Dorothy is an award-winning feminist press dedicated to works of fiction or near fiction or about fiction. "Each fall, we publish two new books simultaneously. We work to pair books that draw upon different aesthetic traditions, because a large part of our interest in literature lies in its possibilities, its endless stylistic and formal variety. Dorothy books are available through most major retail channels, but we offer special sales on titles purchased together through this website, to encourage readers to approach them as a conversation (a project)." Has submission periodsRead guidelines HERE.

The Feminist Press is an educational nonprofit organization founded to advance women's rights and amplify feminist perspectives. FP publishes classic and new writing from around the world, creates cutting-edge programs, and elevates silenced and marginalized voices in order to support personal transformation and social justice for all people. They publish fiction and nonfiction. No poetry, drama, doctoral dissertations, or literary criticism. Read guidelines HERE.

Honno publishes Welsh women writers – for the purposes of submission to Honno this means that you must be a woman born in Wales or resident in Wales at the time of submission. Honno also publishes titles of exceptional interest to women within Wales from writers who may not meet the first two criteria i.e. that they are female and that they are of Welsh birth or residence. They publish full length works of fiction and non-fiction for adults (manuscripts of between 60,000 and 120,000 words). Honno is open to all genres of fiction and is particularly interested in increasing the number of literary fiction, crime/thriller, commercial women’s fiction, science fiction and fantasy titles it publishes. Honno is also building a list of non-fiction works to include biography (untold tales of remarkable Welsh women, places and industries), memoir, nature and travel writing. Read guidelines HERE.

Inanna Publications and Education Inc. (Canada) was founded in 1978 with the goal of making current writing and research on a wide variety of feminist topics accessible to the largest possible community of women. "We welcome fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and essays on ideas, society, politics, culture and the arts that speak to the diverse lives of women around the world. While we do not restrict our always-expanding sense of what makes a contribution "feminist" -- we strive for a presentation of different perspectives -- we will not publish writing that is sexist, racist, homophobic or in any other way discriminatory or harmful to women." Read guidelines HERE.

Second Story Press is a Canadian feminist press publishing books of special interest to women. Their list is a mix of fiction, non-fiction, and books for young readers. They look for manuscripts dealing with the many diverse and varied aspects of the lives of girls and women, as well as social justice, diversity, and children's empowerment. They not publish poetry, short story collections, traditional romance novels, rhyming picture books, or books with anthropomorphized animals. Canadian authors only. Read guidelines HERE.


The Cornerstone Press is a small, independent publishing house and teaching press. "As the only press of its kind in the University of Wisconsin system, and one of four undergraduate, student-staffed presses in the United States, the Press operates with the support of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of English, the School of Humanities and Global Studies, and the College of Letters and Science. The Cornerstone Press publishes up to five titles per year. All books are produced in classes and internships offered by the Department of English. From acquisitions and editing, to layout and design, to marketing and sales, students get a chance to work in all fields of professional publishing. Established in 1984, the press has published over 45 titles to date in multiple genres. Cornerstone Press seeks book-length manuscripts in any genre and makes publishing decisions based on the clarity of thought and the marketability of the manuscripts submitted. We read and evaluate manuscripts throughout the year. We only consider original material not previously published in book form for our fiction/nonfiction series, while we do consider “collected” or “selected” poetry manuscripts from established poets for our poetry series on a case-by-case basis." Read submission guidelines HERE.

Brandeis University Press extends the university’s mission of teaching, research and service by promoting, publishing and disseminating works of intellectual and cultural significance and enduring value. Brandeis University Press is dedicated to the advancement of the humanities, arts and social, natural and physical sciences, and to the values of social justice, cultural diversity and intellectual integrity. Read their guidelines here.

Duke University Press publishes books on a number of scholarly subjects including, Latin American studies, social movements, gender environmental studies, anthropology, postcolonial theory, lesbian and gay studies, construction of race, gender and national identity, social studies of science, new media, literary criticism, film and television, popular music, visual studies political theory, sociology and social theory, geography, cultural studies, gender studies, American studies, literary theory and criticism, Asian American studies, science and technology studies, food studies, religion, women's studies, world history, and humanities. Because their titles are nonfiction, they require a proposal. Read their guidelines here.

Equinox Publishing is an independent academic publisher based in the UK. They publish journals, textbooks, anthologies, monographs and reference books in the areas of archaeology, linguistics, cultural history, the academic study of religion,  cookery and popular music. They have a back list of approximately 400 published books and are currently publishing around 40 books per calendar year as well 50 journals. Read their guidelines here.

LSU Press was founded in 1953 by Louisiana State University. In addition to scholarly monographs, they also publish general interest books about Louisiana and the South. Areas of interest include:
  • African American studies
  • American history
  • Atlantic World history
  • Caribbean history
  • Civil War studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Fan studies
  • Foodways
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Literary studies
  • Louisiana archaeology
  • Louisiana history and culture
  • Media studies
  • Poetry
  • Roots Music
  • Southern environmental history
  • Southern history
  • Southern social justice issues
  • World War II
Read their guidelines here.

Mad Creek Press is the literary trade imprint of The Ohio State University Press. With a mission to foster creativity, innovate, and illuminate, Mad Creek Books champions diverse and creative literary nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Read their guidelines here.

North Dakota State University Press: Contemporary Voices of Indigenous Peoples Series features the authentic stories, poetry, and scholarly works of Native Americans, First Nations, Maori, Aborigines, Indians, and more to give voice to contemporary Indigenous peoples. NDSU Press considers book-length manuscripts of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Read guidelines here.

Northwestern University Press publishes scholarly work, trade fiction, creative nonfiction, and trade poetry. Hybrid works and translations are accepted as well. Read their guidelines here.

Oxford University Press publishes nonfiction with an academic focus on a wide range of subjects. Read their proposal guidelines here.

Princeton Architectural Press welcomes book proposals for general and professional audiences in the following categories: architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, graphic design, visual culture, photography, craft, and gardening. They also accept fiction and general nonfiction picture books for children ages three to eight. Read their guidelines here.

RIT Press is the not-for-profit scholarly book publishing enterprise at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). RIT Press is dedicated to the innovative use of new publishing technology while upholding high standards in content quality, publication design, and print/digital production. The Press offers specialized titles for niche academic audiences, trade editions for mass-market audiences, books on subjects of regional interest, occasional limited editions with unique aesthetic standards, as well as gift items. Read their guidelines here.

Rutgers University Press, a nonprofit academic publishing house operating in Piscataway under the auspices of Rutgers University, was founded on March 26, 1936. Over the last 75 years, the Press has grown in size and the scope of its publishing program. Among the original areas of specialization were Civil War history and European history. The Press’ current areas of specialization include sociology, anthropology, health policy, history of medicine, human rights, urban studies, criminology, Jewish studies, American studies, film and media studies, the environment, and books about New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic region. Rutgers University Press is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students, and the general reading public. The Press reflects and extends the University’s core mission of research, instruction, and service. We enhance the work of our authors through exceptional publications that shape critical issues, spark debate, and enrich teaching throughout the world for a wide range of readers. Read their guidelines HERE.

University of Alberta Press is open to Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. They accept poetry manuscripts between September 1 and 30 each year. Creative nonfiction manuscripts are accepted throughout the year, including books of travel/adventure literature for their Wayfarer series.

University of Georgia Press publishes scholarly and general-interest books in the following areas:
  • African American studies
  • American history
  • American literature
  • American studies
  • Atlantic World studies
  • Ecocriticism
  • Environmental history
  • Environmental studies
  • Food studies
  • Geography
  • International relations
  • Landscape studies
  • Natural history
  • Regional interest (books about Georgia and the South)
  • Security studies
  • Southern studies
  • Urban studies
Read submission guidelines HERE.

University of North Georgia Press publishes Scholarly Nonfiction as well as Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. In fiction they are interested in: 
  • Regional Fiction 
  • Appalachian
  • Contemporary Southern
  • Multicultural
  • Military Fiction (visit the book list and catalogs for relevant topics)
  • Literary Fiction
Read submission guidelines HERE.

University Press of Mississippi publishes scholarly works and works for the general public, including monographs and edited collections, as well as nonfiction in the humanities. The hallmarks of the Press are African American studies and popular culture studies, with emphasis on subjects such as comics, film, literature, and music. We also publish within the fields of Caribbean studies; folklore; history; and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; as well as regional titles on Mississippi, Louisiana, and the Gulf South. Read submission guidelines HERE.

The University of Tampa Press has a long history of publishing books and series in the areas of regional history, poetry, and the fantastic. "We invite proposals for trade and scholarly books focusing on Florida art, culture, and history, especially from African American, Latinx, or Indigenous perspectives. We also welcome proposals for studies of global/international issues, translations of fantastic works, Florida field guides, and creative work in experimental forms, such as cross-genre, multimedia, and short format work." Read submission guidelines HERE.

University of Wisconsin Press publishes academic works in the areas of human rights; Jewish studies; modern European history; Southeast Asian studies; African studies; Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest as well as Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies; classical studies; and folklore. "We publish a limited number of novels and short story collections. Historically, we have focused on works with LGBTQ themes or works set in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. We are open to considering well-written works of literary fiction that do not meet either of these criteria. However, we do not publish science fiction, fantasy, romance, young adult, and most other genre fiction. We are unable to consider free-standing novellas or works of fewer than 60,000 words in total length." Open to submissions of fiction from June 15 to August 30, and December 15 to March 1. Inquiries received outside of these windows may not be read and will not be acknowledged.

UNO Press. The University of New Orleans publishes fiction, nonfiction, and academic work with a focus on, but not limited to, the Southeastern region of the United States. To submit a book to the University of New Orleans Press, please send a proposal containing a one-page description of the work, a table of contents, and biographical information about the author. They take 6 to 8 months to review new submissions.

Wayne State University publishes books in African American studies; fairy-tale studies; film, television, and media studies; health humanities; Jewish studies;  labor studies; and regional studies: books about the state of Michigan, the city of Detroit, and the Great Lakes region. They also acquire books of short fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry written by Michigan authors in their Made in Michigan Writers Series. Read guidelines here.

Wesleyan University Press focuses on poetry, music, dance, science fiction studies, film-TV, and Connecticut history and culture. Wesleyan publishes approximately twenty new books each year, primarily in the fields of music, dance, and the arts, including 6-8 titles each year in poetry. Since 1957, the Press has published over 1,500 books, nearly 1,000 of which are still in print, and has distributed over 3.5 million books—all bearing the WUP imprint—across the world. Read submission guidelines here

Yale University Press publishes nonfiction. They also publish Margellos World Republic of Letters, a series of global literature in translation, for which they are interested in works by writers in Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean.  Read submission guidelines here


Sley House: GRIMOIRE SUBMISSIONS for Scholars and Translators agented and un-agented. "We are interested in publishing your annotated, originally-translated texts. We'll open for submissions for the month of October 2022. Please send a brief synopsis complete with your professional qualifications and a sample chapter all in the body of your email. We are especially interested in rarer works or those that aren't currently in circulation. You must show that you own the copyright for the translation. Compensation will mirror the compensation for novels." 


  1. How do you make sure that your manuscript has no mistakes before sending it to a publisher? I think you can send it to multiple people to edit and it still might not be perfect. It would be really nice to know someone in the publishing business to ask what they think you should change about your manuscript!

  2. I'm speaking as someone with 30+ years of writing and editing experience. Don't worry about perfection. If you have written a compelling story, an editor is probably not going to reject your ms on the basis of a few words that escaped spell check. However, if the first page is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors an editor's patience will be quickly exhausted and the ms will be tossed. The irony is that the type for many books is now set overseas and I'm seeing more and more typos, even in books by best-selling authors. Although an editor may have sent in a "perfect" ms, it will probably be less than perfect when some foreign typesetter gets through with it.

  3. Erica, thanks for all this great information. I plan to share this wealth.

  4. Surely there are more publishers of poetry anthologies than you list.

    1. Yes, there are many more poetry publishing companies out there, but very few accept unsolicited submissions for the mere fact that some people perceive poetry as easy and simple to write and will thus send their awful poetry to a publisher. These types of people also get upset when their submission is rejected, so it is easier on poetry publishers to require an agent for all submissions.

      If you would like, you can do more research yourself to find the very few poetry publishers that accept unsolicited submissions.

      Best of Luck.

    2. There are 23 publishers on this page that accept poetry. Scroll to the Poetry section.

  5. Hi Ken, There are dozens of poetry publishers accepting manuscripts from writers. Before I place them on this list, I research how many books they've published, the terms of their contracts (when available), and whether they are still open to submissions. (I don't include any publishers I would not submit my own work to.) Once I've assembled a complete list, I post it on my blog, and on this page.

  6. Where did you read that Dial Press no longer accepts unsolicited manuscripts? According to their submission guidelines, they do. If they've changed their policy, I'd like verification.

  7. Erica, thank you for your exhaustive and meticulous list. I've been querying agents (unsuccessfully) and I think I will give this a try. Best of luck to you and thanks again!

  8. thank you for the list! I have just finished writing my "Memoirs of an Exotic Dancer" (I was a dancer for 17 years) and have no idea what to do with it now. None of the publishers you listed seem to fit the style of my book. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. It might fall under Non Fiction.

    2. This absolutely seems as though it is a memoir, as long as there is nothing fictional about it. (A publisher will do their research before publishing). If you include a timeline of when and where you were born, make it more fact-based in general, it might fall under autobiography.

  9. Hi Trish, here is a list of publishers that accept unagented memoirs. I have not checked them to see if they are still in business, or if any of them are vanity presses. (Read their websites carefully.)

    Good luck!

  10. thanks for taking the time to compile this list. Great help!

  11. I am ready to send my ms to a publisher. My problem is do I need an agent? How do I know if the publishing company is a good one?

  12. You don't need an agent for any of the publishers on this list. And all of the publishers on this list are reputable. If you want to know more about writers' experiences with publishers, you can type the name of the publisher and "absolute write" into a google search. Absolute Write is a forum where writers post their experiences with agents and publishers. It's a good way to get information.

  13. How do publishers feel about books that have been self-published. Mine are available Amazon, but I'm looking for a publisher to give them a fresh look and more visibility. I'm thinking of publishers in the UK, for example. Thank you.

  14. Publishers have a double standard when it comes to self-published work. If your book has been a success, they are more than happy to publish it. If not, they are reluctant. If you have written a genre book (sci-fi, fantasy, romance) it is a little easier.

  15. Thank you, Erica. Mine is a YA contemporary/period fantasy; a trilogy of adventures. It's worth a try. I'll let you know the results.

  16. Speaking as a small publisher, we do not view submissions of a self-published work any differently than any other submission. We're looking for quality and individuality in a story. Only after we've decided to pursue the submission further do we research and review information about the writer and any previously published works on the internet. This is based upon the fact that being self-published, agented, or unagented is no indicator of quality. Some of the worst submissions we've received were agented or from previously-published authors. Some of the most interesting have come from first time or self-published writers who need a boost with graphics, or some serious editing.
    Another way we differ considerably from other presses is the fact that genre fiction is generally not to our taste. Send us something interesting and unique - your best story. We promise to give it a fair reading and feedback.
    While we pursue less than 1% of submitted work, we are happy to review anything that fits our criteria. Thank you for this opportunity to clarify.

    Best regards,
    Susannah Smith
    Publisher, Propertius Press

    1. We have received a number of emails since posting this. I should mention that submissions do need to go through a normal submission process. This article lists a number of important inclusions. Our submissions page is on our website and contains guidelines to be followed. Thanks so much.

  17. Thank you for the wealth of valuable information. Are the list current for 2016?

  18. I believe the list is current, but things change rapidly in the publishing world.

  19. Wow, thank you so much for this wealth of information. It's so comprehensive! Thank you very much!

  20. You're a rock star Erica Verrillo! Thank you for the well researched, well organised list. Too bad for Samhain; I enjoyed their work.

  21. You can add Elphame Press to your list. We are a start-up digital publisher of YA/NA Fantasy and will be open to (unagented) submissions in August 2016. :)

  22. Thank you for the info. I have written an inspiration memoir and am having trouble finding a publisher for that genre. Since this is my first completed work, I would love to find a publisher that would work with me to promote it with out charging an arm and a leg. Are there still traditional publishers out there?

  23. The publishers on this page are traditional. That is, they pay an advance (most of them) and do not charge. You should not pay any publisher to print, distribute or promote your book.

  24. For romance and YA, check out City Lights Press an independent, hybrid publisher.

  25. Thanks for the listing Erica, well done. I have one question though: You mentioned that the publishers here are "traditional". I noted that several refer to themselves as "independent" or "independent non-profit". Would these "independent" publishers then be considered traditional, in the sense that they do not charge the author for any publishing or marketing services? Thanks.

    1. Traditional publishers offer an advance, however modest. They also offer royalties, again, however modest. And they do not charge for printing, editing, distribution, or any other services. Some of the publishers on this list offer "hybrid" arrangements as well as the traditional advance/royalties contract. I would steer clear of hybrid contracts. There is no reason for authors to pay to publish, or to be responsible for their own marketing.

  26. This is great info. I am currently working on my fourth book(the first three are createspace and KDP published)Hoping I have some luck. Thank you very much for posting this!


  27. Thank you so much Erica Verrillo. I was misreading the term "independent" as "indie". And again, thank you so very much for putting this list together. You have saved me weeks of research on my own.

  28. I liked the article. I am doing a c-author mermaid book. I am hoping to do five books total. My co-author book is a young adult book.

  29. Hello, very good and informative article. Do you know if any of those accept submission of books that are already self-published on Amazon?

  30. You have to look at their submission guidelines. May publishers will accept a self-published book nowadays, especially if it has been successful. But some won't.

  31. Giving you four more:

    Love Knot Books - - romance
    Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications - - SciFi and Fantasy
    Tumbleweed Books - - General fiction and non-fiction
    Wicked Tales - - Horror

    Tumbleweed published an award winning memoir last year. Sci-fi and Wicked Tales have anthologies.

  32. Thank you for the elaborate list ! :)

  33. Just a note--Parvus has closed subs for 2017.

  34. ReInvented publishing is accepting unsolicited submissions!
    They are new company but not new to tje publishing world. They have been involved in the publishing world for 7+ years.
    They do not charge fees for their traditional publishing. They do also offer services by service by service basis. Which are low cost and you dont have to be a published author through them to request those services either.
    Their website isn't fancy and is growing and changing all the time… and should improve within the next month or so.

    Genres we accept ~
    - EROTICA!!!!
    - Young Adult
    - Romance
    - Historical
    - Dystopian
    - Paranormal
    - ZOMBIE!!!
    - Hero stories
    - fairy tale retellings / fractured fairy tales
    - Fantasy- Werewolf / shifter
    - Drama

  35. Wolfpack Publishing is accepting Manuscripts in every genre:

    City Lights Press is accepting manuscripts in Romance/YA/NA:

    CKN Christian Publishing is accepting manuscripts in the Christian Genre:

    Erotic Pleasures Publishing is accepting Erotica genres:

  36. Any chance you can help me know if there are any American publishers accepting manuscripts in French?

  37. If you type "American publishers in French" into a google search, you can find quite a few. Here are some:


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