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Mega-List of Paying Markets for Horror, Dark Fiction and Poetry

Much like other genres of speculative fiction, horror enjoys a loyal, and possibly fixated, fan base. Horror isn't all blood and gore. The subgenres include everything from the mildly unsettling (like Twilight Zone), to splatterpunk (which is exactly what you think it is). Some of the genres accepted by horror magazines include: humorous horror, holiday horror, psychological horror, science fiction horror, slasher horror, supernatural horror, gothic horror, erotic horror, teen horror and, of course, anything with zombies, werewolves, vampires, or other malevolent creatures. Many of the magazines on this list also accept dark fiction, dark fantasy, and other genre crossovers that evoke a sinister mood.

Read the submission guidelines, and make sure to follow them carefully before submitting.

Many more paying markets, organized by topic and genre, can be found here: Paying Markets. You can find markets and submission calls specifically geared to dark fiction on Dark Markets.

Note: Many speculative fiction magazines accept horror in addition to science fiction and fantasy. You can find a long list of speculative fiction magazines here: Speculative Fiction Magazines Accepting Submissions.

Publication Payment Submission Guidelines Notes
Apex $.06 per word http://www.apex-magazine.com/submission-guidelines/ No simultaneous submissions

See submission periods
Nightmare $.06 per word https://johnjosephadams.moksha.io/publication
Accepts horror and dark fantasy

No simultaneous submissions

See submission periods
Tales from the Moonlit Path $10 https://talesmoonlitpath.com/ See submission periods

Themed issues
Liquid Imagination $8 for short stories (1001 words up to 6000 words) and poems, and $3 for flash stories (up to 1000 words). A $2 bonus will be added for authors who accept payment via Paypal http://liquidimagination.silverpen.org
Accepts horror and dark fantasy

See submission periods
Albedo $.06 per word http://www.albedo1.com/submission-guidelines/ No simultaneous submissions

See reading periods

Preferred length is between 2,500 and 8,000 words
Gothic.net Payment is negotiated http://www.gothic.net/submissions/

Online form
Length between 2,000 and 10,000 words
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 1.25 cents/Word (AUD) with a A$20 minimum per piece https://www.andromedaspaceways.com/
Accepts works up to 10,000 words in length. Submissions of up to 20,000 words are permitted from subscribers and from authors resident in Australia and New Zealand

See submission periods

AU$20 to $60 per 1000 words https://aurealis.com.au/submissions/

Submissions from Australian and New Zealand writers: 1 February – 30 September
Submissions from anyone anywhere: 1 August – 30
Accepts short stories between 2000 and 8000 words

Kaleidotrope $0.01/word http://www.kaleidotrope.net/guidelines/ Open to submissions Jan 1 - March 31

Also accepts poetry
Three-lobed Burning Eye $100 for short fiction, $30 for flash fiction http://www.3lobedmag.com/submissions.html No simultaneous submissions
Three Crows $0.01/word

Dark and weird fantasy, horror, and sci-fi
Hypnos $0.01/word http://radiumtownpress.com/guidelines.html Accepts weird fiction
Crimson Streets $0.01/word http://www.crimsonstreets.com/submission-guidelines/ Pulp fiction

See submission periods
Midnight Bites $50 https://cronegirlspress.com/submissions/ Horror

Word Count: 10K – 25K words
Black Petals Horror/Science Fiction Magazine & Yellow Mama William Clark http://www.blackpetals.net/id4.html Bizarre tales and chilling poetry
Pseudopod $.06/word for original fiction, $100 flat rate for short story reprints, and $20 flat rate for flash fiction reprints (stories below 1500 words) http://pseudopod.org/submissions/ Podcast
Weirdbook  $5 per thousand words up to a maximum of $30  http://weirdbook-magazine.com/submissions/ See reading periods
Grinning Skull Press
0.025 cent/word
Novels, novellas, short stories
Black Hare Press 5,000 to 10,000   – $25 USD; 10,000 to 17,000 – $50 USD https://www.blackharepress.com/submissions/ 5,000 words minimum
Hungur $12
$5 for reprints
Dark Peninsula Press $25 - $50 for anthologies https://www.darkpeninsulapress.com/submissions.html Anthologies

See calls for submissions
Gathering Storm $25/story (2000 words max), $10/poem, $25/comic http://www.gatheringstormmagazine.com

See reading periods
Dreams and Nightmares $12 http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.com
Mostly poetry
Disturbed Digest $4 for original poems, $2 for reprints

$20 for original stories, $10 for reprints

Dark fantasy and horror short stories, poems, art, articles, reviews, and interviews
Electric Spec $20 http://www.electricspec.com/Submissions.html Macabre

See reading periods
Year's Best Hardcore Horror 1 cent/word http://www.redroompress.com/submission-guidelines/years-best-hardcore-horror/ See reading periods

Reprints only
Blood Bath Litzine £10 per 1,000 words for prose, and £10 per poem https://bloodbathlitzine.com/submissions/ See reading periods

Accepts poetry
Wolfpack Press $15 https://wolfpackpress.org/submission-guidelines/

See reading periods

"We crave the wild, weird, wonderful, and witty."

Accepts poetry
Transmundane Press Anthologies $10-20, depending on length, and author copies https://www.transmundanepress.com
See submission periods

Themed issues
Thuggish Itch AU$5.00 for stories under 2000 words / AU$10.00 for anything above 2000 words http://www.gypsumsoundtales.com
See submission periods

Themed issues
Mad Scientist Journal 2 cents/word http://madscientistjournal.org/submissions/

See submission periods

Themed issues

Length: 500-8,000 words
Unnerving Magazine 1¢/word https://unnervingmagazine.submittable.com/submit Horror, dark science fiction (light), dark fantasy, crime, thriller, suspense, and dark literary

See submission periods
Martian Migraine Press 3 cents/word (CAD) http://martianmigrainepress.com/monstrous
See submission periods

Themed issues
Some submissions are paid, some not https://horroraddicts.wordpress.com/current-submission-calls/ HorrorAddicts.net is a podcast, blog, and publisher run by horror addicts, for horror addicts.
Don't Flinch Podcast $100 https://dontflinchpodcast.com/script-submissions/ Scripts 20 - 30 minutes in length
Underbelly Zine $10 https://underbellyzine.blogspot.com/p/what-we-want-extreme-horror.html Extreme Horror
Twelfth Planet Press Advance of US$300 and royalties of 40% of all monies received by the publisher http://www.twelfthplanetpress.com/news/advance-notice-novella-series

Novellas between 17,000 and 40,000 words
Feed Your Monster £3.50 for original flash fiction and £6 for original short stories over 1000 words. For all reprints, £2.50 https://www.darkmarkets.com/search?updated-max=2017-12-20T10:00:00-08:00&max-results=5&start=40&by-date=false Monsters
Apparition Lit $0.01 per word ($10 minimum) https://www.apparitionlit.com/submission-guidelines/ Accepts poetry

See reading periods
Unfading Daydream $5 - $10 https://unfadingdaydream.wordpress.com
1,000 - 7,000 words

See reading periods
Solarcide $50 https://solarcide.com/solarcide/guidelines-update/

1,000 - 3,000 words

See reading periods
Black Dandy $0.03 (NZD)/word https://blackdandy.co/submissions/ 2,500 - 5,000 words

See reading periods
Gallows Hill Fiction: up to $50; Poems: up to $15; Artwork: negotiable https://gallowshillmagazine.com/submission-guidelines/ Fiction up to 9,000 words

Accepts poetry

Horror Bites 1/4 cent per word http://www.horrorbitesmagazine.com/submit.html See reading periods
Cosmic Horror Monthly 1 cent per word for original fiction. 1/2 cent per word for reprints; $10 – $20  for interior artwork. Negotiable; $100  for cover art. Negotiable. https://cosmic-horror.net/submissions/ Up to 7,500 words

Horror, dark scifi

The Wyrd $10 http://www.wyrdmagazine.com/submission-guidelines/ 1000 - 5000 words

Weird and Slipstream
Broadswords and Blasters $15 https://broadswordsandblasters.com/submissions/ Pulp fiction: westerns (Weird or otherwise); horror (Cosmic, Southern Gothic, visceral, and psychological)

Pulp Modern$10 https://pulp-modern.blogspot.com/ 2,000 - 3,500 words

See reading periods

"No subject is taboo"
The WiFiles $3 http://thewifiles.com/?page_id=8 1,000 - 5,000 words
Scare Street $10 for every 1,000 words prorated https://scarestreet.com/submissions/ 3,000 to 7,000 words


See reading periods

"horror stories with a focus on ghosts, the supernatural, paranormal, monsters, and dark tales"
Anathema $50 (CAD) for fiction and non-fiction http://www.anathemamag.com/submissions/ Any genre with speculative content

You must be a queer person of colour/Indigenous
/Aboriginal to submit to Anathema
Mithila $50 for short fiction, $10 for original poetry/essays
http://mithilareview.com/submission-guidelines/ 4,000 - 8,000 words

Flash, under 2,500

Accepts poetry
Robbed of Sleep $10 for short stories, $5 for flash fiction http://www.robbedofsleep.xyz/p/submissions.html

100-1,000 words, flash

Under 4,000 short stories

See reading periods
Helios 0.06/word micro fiction; 0.03/word for flash fiction, short stories, & serial stories; 0.25/line poetry + digital contributor copy http://heliosquarterly.com/index.php/submissions/

Gothic Horror, Punk, Weird Westerns

See reading periods

The Dark 6 cents/word for original fiction up to 6,000 words on publication for first world rights; and 1 cent/word for reprint fiction up to 6,000 words http://thedarkmagazine.com/submission
Horror and Dark Fantasy

2,000 – 6,000 words
Dark Recesses 5 cents/word https://darkrecessespress.com/?page_id=29 Horror/dark fiction pieces between 500-5000 words
Gallery of Curiosities originals, 3 cents/word

reprints 1 cent/word
https://gallerycurious.com/fiction/ "Anachropunkish retro-vintage elements"

Magazine and podcast

length up to 7500 words

See reading periods

Aliterate 6 cents/word https://www.aliterate.org/submit/

See reading periods
Turn to Ash 1 cent/word DEFUNCT 3,000 to 5,000 words

See reading periods
Liminal Stories 6 cents/word http://liminalstoriesmag.com/submissions/ Up to 10,000 words

See reading periods
Allegory $15 https://www.allegoryezine.com/submissions See reading periods
Diabolical Plots 8 cents/word http://www.diabolicalplots.com/guidelines/
No simultaneous submissions

See reading periods
The Arcanist $50 https://thearcanist.io/submit-your-work/home

All forms of speculative fiction, 1000 words max
Medium-based publication, weekly
Ares 6 cents/word for originals,
2 cents/word for reprints

All forms of speculative fiction
See reading periods
The Vanishing Point $25

https://vanishingpointmagazine.com/index.php/submissions/ Horror, Sci-fi, Dark Fantasy, and all things speculative

No simultaneous submissions
Dark Void 5 cents per word https://darkvoidmagazine.com/submissionguidelines Science fiction horror

See reading periods
Sanitarium $5 http://sanitariumpublishing.com/submissions/ See reading periods
Black Static Not specified http://ttapress.com/blackstatic/guidelines/ No simultaneous submissions
Dream of Shadows

£20 https://www.dreamofshadows.co.uk/submission-guidelines Fantasy and horror short fiction of maximum 1500 words
The Asylum Diaries $5 (AUD) for poetry
$14 (AUD) for prose
https://www.oscillatewildlypress.net/submissions-1 They have two publications: Autopsy for gore, and Arkham for Lovecraftian horror
Red Cape Anthologies A-Z £10 https://redcapepublishing.com/submissions/ These is an anthology series. See themes and deadlines.
Dread Imaginings $0.01/word http://www.dreadimaginings.com/submission-guidelines.html Stories up to 4000 words
Perpetual Motion Publishing Newsletter $25 https://pmmpublishing.submittable.com/submit/34164/perpetual-flash-fiction Flash fiction up to 1500 words
LOM Media: Nightmares & Phantasms Podcast $5 https://www.lompublishing.com/submission-call Stories should be 1,000-6,000 words
The NoSleep Podcast $100 for short fiction, and $125 for regular submissions. https://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/submissions First-person perspective
MetaStellar $0.08/word for original fiction https://www.metastellar.com/write-for-us/short-story-submission/ Fantasy, horror, and science fiction of up to 7,500 words. Accepts reprints.
Common Tongue $0.03/word for original fiction https://www.commontonguezine.com/guidelines-submissions/ Dark fantasy
Boneyard Soup  $0.05/word for original fiction https://www.boneyardsoup.com/submit Dark fantasy, fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, art

Accepts some reprints
Novel Noctule $10 for original fiction, poetry and non-fiction https://www.novelnoctule.com/submissions Weird horror

Accepts some reprints
The Ghastling £15 https://theghastling.com/submit/ Psychological horror, folk horror, ghost stories and the macabre.
Dark Moon Digest $0.03 per word for original fiction/$0.01 per word for reprints https://darkmoondigest.submittable.com/submit Fiction reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Tales from the Crypt, and Tales from the Darkside
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
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