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33 LGBT Publishers Accepting Manuscripts - No agent required (Plus 27 paying journals)

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Updated 5/13/22

If you write LGBTQ fiction or nonfiction, here are 33 publishers that are eager for your work, none of which require an agent. The majority of these are small publishers, which means most do not offer advances, however all pay royalties, provide editing and covers, and distribute books without any charge to authors.

Romance, including all of its subgenres, is the most sought after genre by LGBTQ publishers, but if you write poetry, biography, memoir, or scholarly work, you will find a home for it on this list.

Scroll down the list for paying magazines that accept LGBTQ short work. 

For more than 150 publishers accepting submissions directly from writers see: Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts

Note: While the list below is niche-specific, there are many mainstream publishers that accept LGBTQ fiction and nonfiction as part of their general lists. Most larger houses require an agent, however.


Affinity Rainbow Publishing publishes works of lesbian literature in electronic media (eBooks) and Print on demand. Affinity is wholly owned by authors and the content of works will reflect their collective writing vision. No simultaneous submissions. Manuscripts sent to multiple publishers will be rejected. The genre is unlimited. No pornographic material. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Arsenal Pulp Press is a book publisher in Vancouver, Canada with over 400 titles currently in print. They are considering manuscripts only in the following subject areas:
  • Books by BIPOC authors
  • LGBTQ fiction and non-fiction, including young adult and children's
  • Literary fiction and non-fiction (no genre fiction, such as mysteries, thrillers, or romance)
  • Political/sociological studies
  • Cultural studies
  • Regional non-fiction, in particular for British Columbia
  • Graphic novels
  • Youth culture and young adult literature
  • Books for children, especially those that emphasize diversity
  • Craft books. 
"We are interested in literature that engages and challenges readers, and which asks probing questions about the world around us." Read submission guidelines here.

Aunt Lute Books is a nonprofit multicultural women’s press based in San Francisco. For over thirty years, they have been publishing literature that voices the perspectives of women from a broad range of communities. They have published a number of well-known feminist and lesbian authors. They are seeking manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, by women from a variety of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and subcultures. Note: They publish very few books per year. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Bella Books the largest lesbian-owned press devoted to the publication of books written for, by and about women-loving-women. Bella’s books reach worldwide audiences through print, eBooks, translations and distribution.  They now partner with a number of other publishers and independent authors to offer a range of reading choices on their website— Read submission guidelines HERE. No simultaneous submissions.

BLF Press is open to various types of literary work. They are especially interested in work that centers women of color and same gender loving women. Their preferred genres are short fiction, literary fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction. Prose (fiction and non-fiction) manuscripts should be from 40,000-80,000 words; poetry collections should be at least 50 pages.  If your work is under serious consideration elsewhere, please wait until you've received a decision before submitting it here. They ask for limited print and electronic rights. Read submission guidelines HERE. Has submission periods.

Blind Eye Books publishes science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance novels featuring LGBTQ protagonists. They do not publish short story collections, poetry, erotica, horror or non-fiction. Length: 70,000 to 150,000 words. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Bold Strokes Books offers a diverse collection of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer general and genre fiction. BSB genre fiction includes all romance sub-genres as well as action, adventure, crime, mystery/intrigue, and speculative fic (sci-fi/fantasy/horror). They will consider previously published works (including self-published works). Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

Bywater Books is looking for well-written commercial fiction targeted to lesbian readers. They are especially interested the following fiction and non-fiction categories: Romance, Mystery, Action/Thriller, Science-fiction/Fantasy, Eco-fiction, Young Adult/New Adult, General Fiction, Cross-genre, Memoir, Essay, and Autobiography/Biography. They do not publish poetry or erotica. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

Chelsea Station Editions publishes books of gay and lesbian interest. Their books are distributed by several wholesalers, including Ingram and Bella Distribution Services. Our books are easily ordered by libraries and booksellers, both online and brick-and-mortar, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, and TLA. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Cleis Press publishes provocative, intelligent books across multiple genres, including literary fiction, human rights, mystery, romance, erotica, LGBTQ studies, sex guides, pulp fiction, and memoirs.  Read submission guidelines HERE.

Deep Hearts YA is a publisher of LBGTQ+ fiction for young adults. They publish all genres and sub-genres, including aro and ace lead characters. While they are primarily a romance publisher, romance need not be the primary plot; submissions need to have some theme of self-empowerment, self-acceptance, or other related message. Given that the characters and target readers are underage, there is to be no erotic content. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Desert Palm Press welcomes fiction and nonfiction by lesbian authors. They are interested in fiction manuscripts where the main characters are lesbians. The story should be engaging, new and fresh. DPP prefers a HEA ending, or at least a happy ending for now, but will consider all well written stories. Non-fiction will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Desert Palm Press (DPP) produces e-books and print books that are available worldwide through Amazon, Smashwords, Bella Books, and CreateSpace. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Dreamspinner Press publishes gay male romance stories in all genres. While works do not need to be graphic, they must contain a primary or strong secondary romance plotline and focus on the interaction between two or more male characters. The main characters of the story must end in a gay or gay polyamorous relationship. Other relationships (heterosexual, lesbian, mixed gender polyamory) are acceptable in secondary pairings or as part of the development of a main character. Accepts novellas. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Flashpoint (fornerly Regal Crest) is looking for LGBTQI novels with plots of action, adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery, thriller, romance and science fiction, or romance coupled with sub-plots of action, adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and science fiction.  They accept most genres, including non-fiction works. Manuscripts of 15,000 to 59,999 will be considered for eBook formats only, with the exception that manuscripts that fall between 50,000 and 59,999 words will be looked at on a case-by-case basis for print publication. Manuscripts with a minimum of 60,000 words and a maximum of 120,000 words will be considered for print and eBook publication. Longer works will need to be edited down in size or split into multiple volumes. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissionsHas submission periods.

Hansen House is looking for anything with queer protagonists or by queer authors so long as the story does not fall into the bury your gays trope. Authors need not be out personally nor professionally to submit, and we will be respectful of your identity whether you choose to entrust it to us or not. "We are interested a wide variety of stories. Bonus points for originality (i.e lesbian space pirates). We are especially interested in stories about asexual and allosexual characters as we would like to see more of those stories. Hansen House first and foremost is in search of engaging stories needing a great home. If your text doesn’t fit neatly in one genre, as long as it’s not solidly in our “Not For Us” category, send it in anyway. For length, we’re mostly searching for full-length novels, but we are open to stellar novellas as well (no shorter than 20k words unless in an already written series)." Read submission guidelines  HERE.
Harrington Park Press was previously the LGBTQ imprint of The Haworth Press (now part of Routledge/Taylor & Francis). The imprint is now relaunched by Haworth’s founding owner/publisher Bill Cohen as a specialized academic/scholarly print and e-book publisher devoted to emerging topics in LGBTQ diversity, equality, and inclusivity. "Our forthcoming books are intended for classroom adoption in advanced college courses and graduate and professional schools. They are primarily for LGBTQ faculty members teaching either from a disciplinary perspective, within the areas of psychology, sociology, social work, and health care, or cross-disciplinary topics significantly represented within the LGBTQ higher-education arena. We focus on books that are useful as required or recommended reading but also will interest book-reading members of the international LGBTQ community." Distributed by Columbia University Press. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Interlude Press focuses on LGBTQ-focused titles. They are looking for well-crafted original novels, novellas, and short stories of 10,000 to 90,000 words featuring diverse casts with lead characters from across the LGBTQ spectrum, and welcome and encourage manuscripts written by authors from all backgrounds. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

JMS Books LLC is a small electronic press publishing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender erotic romance, romance, and young adult romance. Length: Between 20,000 and 90,000 words. They do not pay advances. Authors earn 50% royalties on all electronic and print sales from their website and distributors. Read submission guidelines HERE.

LUPERCALIA press will showcase art and writing by trans and queer creators that focuses on themes of transgender and queer sex/sexuality/excess/celebration. "We do not have any strict definition of how trans or queer manifests in your personal identity, nor do we want to be gatekeepers. If you say you are trans or queer, we believe and accept that in you." Read submission guidelines HERE. Has submission periods.

Neon Hemlock publishes queer speculative fiction novellas and anthologies. They publish Baffling Magazine, and a yearly anthology, We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction, for queer short fiction reprints. Read submission guidelines and calls for submissions HERE.

NineStar Press is seeking submissions of LGBTQA+ romance fiction and literary novels. Standalones, series & serials all considered across the board. Serials must have a defined ending in each installment. Previously published or self-published books are considered. Authors with orphaned books after the folding of a publishing company are encouraged to submit. You must own all rights to the story. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Periculum Press publishes non-fiction works on the subjects of alternative spirituality, Paganism, witchcraft, LGBTQ+ spirituality, self-development, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ issues. They currently are also accepting submissions of occult fiction. Read guidelines here.

Pride Publishing is an imprint of Totally Entwined, a romance publisher. Pride Publishing is actively acquiring empowering, enchanting and endearing storylines that are sure to capture readers’ imaginations from start to finish. We’re looking for stories with lead characters who identify as GLBTQI. 10,000 -100,000 word count per story. Series and serials will be also be considered. No advance, royalties unknown. Read submission guidelines HERE.

RedBone Press publishes work celebrating the cultures of black lesbians and gay men, and work that further promotes understanding between black gays and lesbians and the black mainstream. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Ride the Rainbow Books is looking for well-written lesbian fiction. If your book is under 55,000 words, it may be considered a novella or a short story. If this is the case, they may combine it with other works by you or by other authors in the same book. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Riptide Publishing accepts all genres of LGBTQ romantic, erotic, and literary fiction under the following three imprints: Riptide Publishing: primarily adult genre fiction with romantic or erotic focus; all heat levels from sweet romance to erotica are welcome; Triton Books: YA genre and literary fiction; Anglerfish Press: upmarket fiction (literary genre fiction) with little or no romantic or erotic focus; HEAs are not required here. You can find details about their publishing contract on the site under FAQs. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Riverdale/Magnus is the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) imprint of Riverdale Avenue Books. They are actively looking for titles, both fiction and nonfiction, in a wide variety of areas, including popular culture, entertainment, biography/memoir, self-help, spirituality, and current affairs, among others. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Sapphire Books welcomes high-quality unsolicited manuscripts by lesbian authors. They are seeking specifically: romance, mystery/intrigue with romantic elements and young adult. Novel manuscripts must be a minimum of 50,000 words. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Supposed Crimes publishes queer fiction. The focus is on genre fiction–Westerns, Science Fiction, Horror, Action–rather than just romance. Their characters happen to love women and kick ass. Read submission guidelines HEREHas submission periods.

Ylva Publishing is looking for new, talented authors, who write about lesbian and bisexual heroines. Authors are not expected to contribute to the expenses involved in publishing and marketing their work; however, they are looking for authors who will actively participate in every step of the publishing process and in the marketing of their book. Length: Minimum word count 60,000. Read submission guidelines HERENo simultaneous submissions.

Zero Street invites submissions of novels and short story collections, from LGBTQ+ authors new and established, that feature LGBTQ+ characters and/or themes. "We are particularly interested in BIPOC authors, trans authors, and queer authors over 50. Zero Street is committed to literary fiction with commercial potential, and to providing marginalized authors opportunities for a wide readership in the trade fiction market." Seeking: Literary fiction of all kinds, from stories of modern life to innovations on traditions of genre. The manuscript must be in English and should be between 60,000 and 100,000 words. Read submission guidelines HERE.



You must be a queer person of color/Indigenous/Aboriginal to submit to Anathema. Accepts fiction and nonfiction. Fiction: 1,500-6,000 words (soft min/max, but please within that general range). Original fiction only, no reprints. Must have some speculative content, however slight. No restriction on genre. Non-Fiction: 1,500-3,000 words (soft min/max, but please within that general range). Original content only, no reprints. Payment: $50 (CAD) for fiction and non-fiction, paid on publication.

The Gay & Lesbian Review

The magazine is targeted to “literate non-specialists,” i.e. well-educated readers who span a wide range of professions and interests. A high level of intellectual sophistication can be assumed; however, specialized jargon or highly academic language should be avoided. The G&LR publishes nonfiction and poetry—but not short fiction, personal memoirs, or journals. Payment: $100 for features and $50 for book reviews.

Plenitude Magazine

"Plenitude Magazine aims to promote the growth and development of LGBTTQI literature through an online publication of literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic narrative, book reviews and short film by both emerging and established LGBTTQI writers. We define queer literature and arts as works created by LGBTTQI people, rather than works which feature queer content alone. We are seeking literary fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, reviews, interviews, and novel excerpts at this time. We are not interested in genre writing, political essays, or rants." Payment: $80. Canadian authors only.

The Wanderer

"We are committed to publishing the work of artists whose lens isn’t the straight, white, cis male one that dominates our culture. If you are queer, trans, non-binary, a person of color, a woman, disabled; if you’re a beginning writer or an experienced one, The Wanderer wants to read your work. We’re also actively searching for: Poems in Spanish, Book Reviews, and Excerpts." Payment: $25; $10 for book reviews. See submission periods.


Glittership podcast is looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror, interstitial, speculative, whatever. "Stories must contain some queer content. I believe in queer as a large umbrella term and specifically include trans, genderqueer, intersex, two-spirit, pan and ace/aro identities in addition to LGB. If your story includes an identity not listed here that you feel is queer, please don’t self-reject." Payment: 3 cents per word ($30 minimum). See submission periods.

VIDA Review

The VIDA Review is a bi-monthly online literary magazine publishing original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, and interviews. They are exclusively interested in work by those often marginalized in literary spaces, including people of color; women, agender, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, non-binary, trans, and two-spirit people; LGBQIA people; people with disabilities; and people living at the intersections of these identities. Payment: Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry pays $15-$20 per author.

Fourteen Poems

"We want to represent all that's thrilling about the new wave of LGBT+ poets. If you’re a poet, even if you’ve never been published before, we want to read your work. Every issue we publish 14 of the best queer poems we’ve found, and we want to include you! We publish 4 times a year, but take submissions all year round.  To be considered, email up to 5 poems, preferably in a pdf format, with a small paragraph about yourself to Payment: £25 for each poem published.


"Foglifter welcomes daring and thoughtful queer work, in all forms, and we are especially interested in cross-genre, intersectional, marginal, and transgressive work. We want the pieces that challenged you as a writer, what you poured yourself into and risked the most to make. But we also want your tenderest, gentlest work, what you hold closest to your heart. Whatever you’re working on now that’s keeping you alive and writing, Foglifter wants to read it." Payment: $25. See submission periods.

Baffling Magazine

"We are looking for speculative stories that explore science fiction, fantasy, and horror with a queer bent. We want queer stories and we want trans stories and we want aro/ace stories. We want indefinable stories. We welcome weird, slipstream, and interstitial writing." Up to 1,200 words. Payment: 8 cents/word. 

"Most of our submission categories are open only to folks who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or POC and who currently live in or hail from a rural area. We do welcome “allies” who do not identify as LGBTQ+/POC/rural to submit in certain categories, such as interviews, reviews, blog articles, etc. When such categories are open for “ally submissions”, they will be labeled clearly." Payment: For publication in the digital magazine, writers are paid a $20 honorarium, and visual artists are paid $50. For publication in their annual print anthology, writers are paid $50 plus $10 per page, and visual artists are paid $150. All anthology contributors also receive a copy of the anthology in which their work appears, and a 1-year subscription to our digital magazine. For blog content, they offer a $10 honorarium. See submission periods.

Stellium is a literary magazine centering Black queer and trans prose writers. (Other Black and QTPOC writers accepted.) Genre: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art. Payment: $50.

Alpennia publishes short stories in the lesbian historic fiction genre, to be produced in audio format for the podcast, as well as published in text on the website. Payment: 8 cents/word. 

Speculatively Queer publishes speculative queer fiction. See their open calls for submissions. Payment: 8 cents/word. 

Decoded publishes "everything from experimental comics to thinly-veiled fanfiction to good old formulaic genre is right up our alley, so don’t disqualify yourself – submit! Our only requirements are that you be a queer creator and that you bring your very best work to the page." See their open calls for submissions. Payment; Flash short story (up to 1499 words) – $25, Short story (1500 to 3499 words) – $100, Long form (3500 – 7500-ish words) – $200, Comics – $75 (no limit, but keep in mind your whole comic will run in one day). See submission periods.

The Quiet Ones is a tri-annual queer-centered horror and dystopian fiction magazine dedicated to atmospheric terror and psychological frights for adults and young adults. "…and we’re not just about the scares. Here, we value inclusivity, respect, creativity, authenticity, and bravery, and the stories we publish reflect these core values. Our goal with every issue is to amplify queer and female voices through both the new and emerging authors we seek and the narratives that claw their way onto our pages. We have interviews and craft essays for you to enjoy as well!" Payment: $25.


Beestung is a quarterly online micro-magazine for non-binary and two-spirit writers and readers, with an emphasis on intracommunity sensibilities. beestung resists the canon and all forms of bigotry. Beestung considers poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, hybrids, and art, by creators who fall under the non-binary umbrella or who are two-spirit. Multilingual work and work in translation is welcome. Payment: $20.

QT accepts poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, book reviews, personal essays, reflections, memoirs, as well as artwork, drawings, comics, photographs, collages, and other visual media. "Here, queer literature is not limited to explicitly queer content, but rather works created by LGBTQ2SIA+ people. Individuals from underrepresented communities, especially women, trans people, and BIPOC artists and writers are encouraged to self-identify in their submission email. Creators based in, or content featuring Toronto will be given extra consideration, but QT welcomes all pieces and artists with a connection to Canada." Payment: Featured artists and authors will receive an honorarium of $15. Issue designers will receive an honorarium of $100.

clavmag is a digital literary magazine. "we publish creative writing by LGBTQIA+ people.
we created clavmag to fulfil our need to shout into the literary void, and as a platform for other people who feel the same way". Payment: £52. 

Orion's BeauGenre: Gay fantasy: fiction, poetry, art. Payment: $3. 

Rough Cut PressRestrictions: Open to LGBTQIA writers. Genre: Experimental fiction, nonfiction, art poetry. 650 words max. Payment: $25.  See themes.

Fairy Tale ReviewGenre: Queer fairy tales written by queer writers. Poetry, art, drama, and prose. Payment: $50. See deadlines.

just femme & dandyGenre: Fashion for the LGBTQIA+ community. "We offer a space in the literary & arts world that has yet to exist, and hope to celebrate the queer, trans, non-binary, and intersex community, who have long since coded ourselves with how we adorn and dress our bodies when it has been dangerous to identify solely with words. Until recently, we could only find a handful of models within popular culture and the public imagination to inform our own aesthetic choices, and so the styles (and art) we don and make operate as a patchwork quilt, collaged together with vintage and thrift store finds, our sister or mother’s lipstick and gowns, our father’s neckties and waistcoats". Payment50 USD per text-based submission and 150 USD per multimedia submission (video, photography, image + text, fashion spread + interview, etc.). See themes.

Alocacia is a monthly mini journal of queer at-home nature writing. "We appreciate both traditional work, as well as the weird, erotic, explicit, anti-colonial, and whatever you can come up with. This is a journal about plants, gardening, and indoor horticulture. Please don’t send us work that isn’t about plants, gardening, or indoor horticulture." Payment: $10.

A Velvet Giant is especially interested in work by genderqueer & LGBTQ+ people, women, people of color, global writers, people living with disability and/or chronic pain/illness, and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Payment: $20.

Indecent is looking to build a space for Queer creators and Queer representation. "We want gay campfire stories, trans fairy tales, literary retellings with unlikeable lesbians, gothic horror with nonbinary protagonists, and everything in between. From bisexual cryptids to polyamorous cowboys to space-faring enbies, we want your best." Accepts fiction, flash fiction, poetry, art, multimedia. Payment: $4. Reprints accepted.

Pride Quarterly is a genre fiction magazine for QTBIPOC creators. "We’re open to original and reprinted genre fiction year-round with periodic, unannounced closures. We’re particularly interested in romance, historical fiction, mystery & crime, thriller & suspense, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. All submissions should be aimed at a general adult audience." Flash (1,000 words) up to novelette length (17,499 words) for original fiction (NOT FLEXIBLE). Flash (1,000 words). Payment: $0.08/word for the first 1,000 words and $0.01/word after for original fiction. $0.01/word for reprints. $15 for poems. They also pay a minimum of $100 for cover art, $50 per page for comics, and $25 for reviews on bookish QTBIPOC topics. Narrators, please feel free to reach out with your rates for podcast and audiobook work.

Fifth Wheel Press is an independent community-focused publisher of art and writing by queer, trans, and gender non-conforming creatives. "We pay all contributors in the form of either royalties (for published editions) or contributor stipends (for anthologies, zines, and blog pitches). blog features and interviews conducted by the press offer free submissions but are unpaid."

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