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33 Canadian Literary Magazines That Pay Writers

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I have a special fondness for Canadian literary magazines. They often pay their writers, don't ask for "perpetual rights," and for the most part do not charge submission fees. In addition, Canada has a deep respect for literature and literacy. It is an honor to be published in one of their literary journals.

All of these magazines are paying markets. The majority accept non-Canadian writers. English is the preferred language, but sometimes French is accepted as well. I have indicated which magazines have submission periods, but not when they are unless the guidelines are explicit. (Read their guidelines carefully.) A few (not many) charge a small fee to submit online, but offer snail mail submissions, for which there is never a charge.

Note: You can find hundreds more paying markets on this page: Paying Markets.

Journal Guidelines Payment Notes
The Puritan https://puritan-magazine.submittable
$100 per interview,
$100 per essay,
$100 per review,
$75 per work of fiction, and
$20 per poem (or page, capped at $80 for poems running four
pages or more).
Submission Periods
Queen's Quarterly http://www.queensu.ca/quarterly
Negotiated Articles, essays, and reviews should not exceed 2500 words
Agnes and True http://agnesandtrue.com/
$75.00 (CAD) per short story  Prefers Canadians, but anyone with "Canadian sensibilities" will be considered
Antigonish Review http://www.antigonishreview.com
Poetry $5.00 per page to
a maximum of $25.00
plus two copies

Fiction $50.00 plus two c
opies (one digital and one print)

Articles/Essays $50.00
plus two copies (one digital and one print)

Book Reviews $50.00
plus two copies (one digital and one print)

Cover Art $100.00
plus two copies (one digital and one print)
No simultaneous submissions
The Malahat Review http://www.malahatreview.ca/
$60 CAD per published page

Accepts poetry, fiction, reviews, CNF, translations, art
No simultaneous submissions
Our Times http://ourtimes.ca/Write/article_31.php $50 Poems that reflect the themes of workers' lives, rights, insights, and social justice.

Canadians only.
Understorey https://understoreymagazine.ca/guidelines/

$30 - $60
Poetry and prose submissions are open to writers and artists who self-identify as women and live in Canada (or are Canadian citizens living abroad).
Arc Poetry http://arcpoetry.ca/submit/ $50 per page

Poetry, reviews of poetry, articles 
about poetry
Submission period: September 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018.
Augur http://www.augurmag.com/submissions/ For reprints: $10 per flash and
$20 per short story

For previously unpublished fiction/poetry rates are: $25 for flash, $20 for poetry, and $0.02/word for fiction.
Submission periods
Canthius http://www.canthius.com/submissions/ $15 per poem and $50 per work of prose (fiction and CNF) Accepts poetry and prose from a diversity of established and emerging women and genderqueer writers.

Submission periods
CAROUSEL https://carousel.submittable.com/submit Fiction: 1-4 pgs: $55 / 5+ pgs: $100; Poetry: $20 per work (paid in CDN currency) Fee to submit online.

No fee for snail mail.

DO NOT SUBMIT from Jan 10 to Jun 30
carte blanche http://carte-blanche.org/submissions/ Modest honorarium Accepts poetry, fiction, CNF, translation, photography, comics

Submission periods
Claremont Review https://theclaremontreview.
$10 CAD per magazine page up to a maximum of $50, or $50 CAD if your artwork appears on the cover. Publishes poetry, short stories and visual art by young adults aged 13-19, from anywhere in the English speaking world.

Submission periods
Contemporary Verse 2: The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing  http://www.contemporaryverse2.ca/
Poetry: $30 per poem,
Interviews: $50-$100,
Articles: $50-$100,
Essays: $40-$150,
Reviews: $50-$80
Accepts submissions from Sept. 1 through May 31.
Existere http://www.yorku.ca/existere
Small honorarium Accepts all genres of poetry, short plays, short stories, postcard/flash fiction, art and literature reviews, critical essays, interviews, sketches, photos, etc.
Feathertale https://feathertale.com/submissions/ Only contributors that are
published in print journal will
receive payment
Publishes humorous poetry, short fiction, cartoons and sketches

The Fiddlehead   https://thefiddlehead.submittable.com
$60 CAD per published page Accepts fiction, including excerpts from novels, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

Different submission periods for different forms.

filling Station $25 honorarium Accepts poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, critical non-fiction (about literature and occasionally about visual art), and visual art.
Freefall https://freefall.submittable.com/submit $10.00 per page in the magazine, to a maximum of $100.00

$25.00 per poem

$10 for artwork
Non-contest submissions are closed from September 1st to December 31st.

Accepts fiction, poetry, CNF, art, book reviews.

Canadians only
Grain http://www.grainmagazine.ca/
$50 per page to a maximum of $250 Submission period is from September 1st, 2017 to May 31st, 2018.

Accepts poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction
HA&L https://halmagazine.wordpress.com
Small honorarium Publishes poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, long form essays, reviews, portfolios, video, film, and sound.
The New Quarterly https://tnq.ca/submissions/ $250 for fiction and nonfiction, $40 for poetry Accepts fiction, nonfiction,  poetry

Snail mail only

Canadians only
On Spec https://onspecmag.wordpress.com
Poems (4-100 lines): $50 plus
Short-short stories (under 1000 words): $50

Fiction (6000 words max.)

1000-2999 words: $125
3000-4999 words: $175
5000-6000 words: $200 
Accepts speculative fiction, poetry

Submission periods
Plenitude Magazine http://plenitudemagazine.ca/submit/
$80 per prose contribution (including book reviews and articles) and $35 per poem. Seeking LGBTQ literary fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, reviews, interviews, and novel excerpts 
Prairie Fire http://www.prairiefire.ca/submit/submission-guidelines/ 10 cents/word up to $250, online max is $75

$40 per poem

Art rate varies
Accepts fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

Snail mail only
Pulp Literature http://pulpliterature.com/submissions
$0.035 – $0.07 per word for short stories (to 7000 words), $0.025 – $0.05 per word between 7000 and 10000 words, and $0.015 – $0.035 per word for works over 10000 words.

Poetry and interior illustrations pay between $25 – $50. Sequential art (graphic novels and cartoons) and illustrations are at a rate of $25 to $75 per page
Short stories, novellas, poetry, comics, illustrations

Submission periods

Accepts some reprints at half rate
Room http://roommagazine.com/submit $50 for one page, $60 for two pages, $90 for three pages, $120 for four pages, $150 for five or more pages Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art by women (cisgender and transgender), transgender men, Two-Spirit and nonbinary people
subTerrain http://subterrain.ca/about/35/sub-terrain-writer-s-guidelines Poetry: $50 per poem
Prose: $.10 per word (to a maximum of $500.)
Fee to submit online, no fee for snail mail
The Temz Review https://www.thetemzreview.com
$20 Fiction, poetry, and reviews
Vallum http://www.vallummag.com/submission.
Payment not specified Poetry, essays, reviews
Subterranean Blue http://www.subterraneanbluepoetry.com/
$10 Poetry

"We are especially looking for homegrown Poets from the Canadian/American Indian Community, Quebec, small town Canada, International Poets and anyone who was ever considered "the other”.
Geist http://www.geist.com/writers/submit Payment not specified Canadian connection required

Accepts fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art
Polar Borealis http://polarborealis.ca/submission-guidelines/ 1 cent per word. $10 for one thousand words or less. $20 for two thousand words or less (but reasonably above one thousand). $30 for three thousand words or less (but reasonably above two thousand) Canadians only

Speculative fiction and poetry
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
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