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21 Children's and YA Magazines That Pay Writers

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Updated 11/20/19

The magazine market for younger readers is one many writers tend to miss. This is in part due to the fact that, unlike the adult literary journal market, one does not need to be a writer to publish in children's magazines. Articles can be written by parents, teachers, anyone with enough contact with children and young people to know what they like.

But where fiction is concerned, skilled writers are at a premium. If you write novels or are in the process of writing a novel for young readers, consider expanding on one of your characters or using your settings for a short piece.

Having your bio printed in a children's magazine will help draw attention to you and your books. (Even though these magazines are geared toward young people, their parents read them as well. I read my all children's magazines along with them.)

Note: For a list of paying markets for Humor, Short Stories, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Speculative Fiction and more see: Paying Markets.

Aquila is a British magazine geared to children between the ages of 8 and 13. The magazine has a readership of 40,000 children, the majority being in the 9-12 range. The content is designed to appeal to bright children who are confident and independent readers. Genres: Short stories between 1,000 and 1,150 words; Nonfiction articles of 800 words. Payment: £90. Read guidelines HERE.

BOYS’ LIFE is a general-interest, four-color magazine that prints 10 times yearly, with a circulation of 1 million, published by the Boy Scouts of America since 1911. Genre: Fiction and nonfiction.  Payment: $500 to $1,500. Read guidelines HERE.

Bumples publishes two magazine: Bumples for ages 6-10 and Bumple Buds for ages 3-5. Genre: Illustrated fiction about children and animals in mysteries, sports, poems and fantasies with serialized adventures in each issue. Stories are supplemented with puzzles, question games, and activities. Payment: $30.00 for stories, $20.00 for poems and games. Read guidelines HERE.

Cast of Wonders is a young adult short fiction market (12-17 age range), open to stories up to 6,000 words in length. The stories are audio and also published on the site. Genre: Fantasy, science fiction, light horror. Payment: $.06/word for original fiction of any length (yes, including flash!). For reprints. $100 flat rate for Short Fiction, and a $20 flat rate for Flash Fiction. Cast of Wonders is a qualified SFWA Short Fiction market. Read guidelines HERE.

Cricket Media publishes 11 magazines for children from the ages of 6 months through teens. Genres: Fiction, poetry and nonfiction: Babybug, Ladybug, Spider, Cricket, Cicada. Nonfiction: Click: Science and Discovery for ages 3-7; Ask: Science and Discovery for ages 7-10; Muse: Science and Discovery for ages 10 and up; Cobblestone American History for ages 9-14; Dig Into History: World History and Archaeology for ages 9-14; Faces: World Cultures and Geography for ages 9-14. Payment: 10 cents - 25 cents/word for submissions to Babybug, Ladybug, Spider, Cricket, Cicada. Rates for nonfiction magazines are negotiated. Read guidelines HERE.

East of the Web is seeking children's stories aimed at age ranges between 5 and 12. Genre: All genres. Payment: Starts at $0.05 per word with a minimum of $200. Read guidelines HERE. Reprints accepted.

Ember is a semiannual journal for all age groups. Submissions for and by readers aged 10 to 18 are strongly encouraged. Genres: Poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Payment: 2 cents per word or $20 per work, whichever is more. Read guidelines HERE.

FrostFire Worlds is intended for younger readers, from ages 8-17 and up. Genre: Science fiction and fantasy short stories, poems, art, articles, reviews, and interviews. Preferred are adventure stories, space opera, and magic opera [like space opera, but fantasy]. Also preferred are stories that take place on other worlds. Stories must have the following: characters the reader cares about, plots and subplots, and settings that draw the reader into them. Payment: $15 for original stories, $8 for reprints; $3.00 for original poems, $2.00 for reprints; $20 for cover art, $6 for interior illustrations. Read guidelines HERE.

Fun For Kidz is a magazine created for boys and girls from 6 to 13 years, with children 8, 9, and 10 the specific target age. Issues are themed. Genres: Nonfiction and fiction. Length: 300-325 words for a one-page magazine article or up to 600-650 words for a two-page magazine article. Payment: Five cents a word for both fiction and nonfiction, with additional payment given if the piece is accompanied by appropriate photos or art. Minimum of $10 per poem or puzzle, with variable rates offered for games, simple carpentry projects, etc. Read guidelines HERE.

Guardian Angel Kids bills itself as a healthy and safe entertainment for 2-12 year old children. Genres: Games, stories and activities. Payment: 3 cents per word for articles and stories. Poems $10. Photos $3 each with an article. Original Artwork $5-25 per illustration-1 illustration/picture per article/story. Read guidelines HERE.

Highlights for Children publishes several magazines geared to pre-schoolers through grade school with a total circulation of more than one million. Genres: Stories, poems, illustrations, photography, hidden pictures, cartoons, puzzles, songs, and more. Payment: Pay ranges from $40 for art, poetry and crafts to $175 and up for fiction and articles. Read guidelines HERE.

Hunger Mountain is an annual print journal of the arts, housed at Vermont College of Fine Arts publishing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art, young adult and children’s writing, and literary miscellany. Genres: YA and Children’s Lit: Please submit a text only manuscript of up to 8,000 words. Payment: $50 for prose and $25 for poetry. Read guidelines HERE. Opens for submissions on May 1.

Spaceports & Spidersilk is an online magazine for younger readers from 8 to 17 and beyond. Genres: Stories and poetry in fantasy, science fiction, and mild horror. "We want spooky, not terrifying. Most of all, we want ADVENTURES! And especially SF or fantasy adventures." Payment: $6.00 for each accepted original story; $2.00 for each accepted story reprint; $2.00 for each accepted poem; and 10.00 for the door art. Read guidelines HERE.

One Teen Story publishes 4 stories a year and accepts submissions from teen writers ages 13-19. Genres: Short stories of any genre—literary, fantasy, sci-fi, love stories, horror, etc. . "We seek stories that deal with issues of identity, friendship, family, and coming-of-age. Gratuitous profanity, sex and drug use are best avoided. We’re open to all genres of well-written young adult fiction between 2,000 and 4,500 words." Payment: $500 and 25 contributor copies. Read guidelines HERE.

Short Edition accepts work up to 8,000 characters for short stories and poems, and up to 7,000 characters for children’s stories. Stories are published online and sold in dispensers (!?)  Payment: $125 for each selected short story and $75 for each poem as an advance payment on the royalties that each author will receive on a yearly basis from the Short Story Dispenser subscriptions. Read guidelines HERE.

U.S. Kids publishes two magazines, Humpty Dumpty (ages 2 - 6) and Jack and Jill (ages 6 -12). The magazines are designed to promote reading as well as sparking a child’s curiosity in a wide range of topics. Genres: Fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Payment: $25 and up. Read guidelines HERE. Submissions by snail mail only.

Youth Imagination publishes stories relevant to teens. Genres: Fiction, including modern, urban or classical fantasy, as well as sci-fi, slipstream, literary, action-adventure or suspense. "We particularly love stories exploring their issues, such as bullying, drugs, romance, school, parental issues, teacher issues, etc., as well as about the grit and character of teens and young adults." Payment: Flash 200 to 999 words $3; Short Story 1000 to 8,000 words $8; Long Story 8,001 to 20,000 word $15. In addition to the payments, there is a bonus of $2 per flash, story or long story for accepting payment via PayPal. Read Guidelines HERE.

Issues in Earth Science publishes fiction and nonfiction for middle grade and young adult readers  that incorporates earth science concepts as key elements, and also represent a key idea that might be taught in an earth science classroom. Length: 1,000-3,000 words. Payment: 6 cents/word. Read Guidelines HERE.

Blue Marble Review showcases the creative work of young writers ages  13-21. Its name is inspired by the view of earth as seen from the Apollo 17 spacecraft; the image, known as the Blue Marble, provides inspiration for dreamers, discoverers and explorers. The magazine publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays, opinion pieces, travel writing, photography and art. Payment: $25 per published piece, $75 for cover art. Read Guidelines HERE.

Voyage has no restrictions on the kind of YA fiction they’re looking for. "We simply aim to publish good work and provide a space for new and established voices. We are simply looking for stories that surprise, inspire, entertain, or enlighten. We’re on the hunt for personal essays and other creative nonfiction that specifically relates to the teen experience." Length: Up to 6,000 words.  Payment: $200 per accepted story/CNF piece. Reprints accepted.

Smarty Pants short stories should be kid-friendly, free of violence, and “questionable” content. Fun, humorous, and clever work is always appreciated. Length: Up to 800 words. Payment: $15.

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