Friday, April 6, 2018

2 New Agents Seeking YA, Scifi/Fantasy, Memoir, Spirituality, Health, and more

Here are two new agents building their client lists. Kat Enright (Seymour) is looking for YA of all genres, Adult SFF, Romance, and select nonfiction. Leslie Meredith is interested in new voices in memoir; in science, psychology, health, nature, and animals; and in spirituality and mind-body-spirit practices.

Always check the agency website before submitting. Agents may switch agencies, and submission requirements can change.

If these agents don't suit your needs, you can find a comprehensive list of new and established agents expanding their client lists here: Agents Seeking Clients.


Kat Enright of the Seymour Agency

Ever since she got her hands on a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in third grade, Kat has been obsessed with stories.Her love of books led her to a career in publishing, where she gained a variety of experience working at Skyhorse Publishing, first as a Sales and Marketing Assistant before transferring into editorial at Sky Pony Press. She’s thrilled to explore the agenting side of the business with The Seymour Agency as an intern.

What she is looking for: Kat is looking for fresh, new stories particularly from marginalized voices. She’s actively seeking YA of all genres, Adult SFF, Romance of, and select nonfiction. In YA, she’s looking for twisty dark tales with compelling protagonists and in SFF she’s looking for vibrant worlds that draw from traditionally underrepresented cultures. A HEA is a must for all romances. In nonfiction, she is looking for cookbooks and coffee table and gift books.

How to submit: Send a query and the first five pages of your manuscript to

Leslie Meredith of Mary Evans

Leslie Meredith worked for many years as a book editor, most recently for fifteen years at imprints of Simon & Schuster. She began in publishing with an internship at The University of Pittsburgh Press and worked as a senior editor at McGraw-Hill, Bantam, and Ballantine, and as editorial director at Harmony/Crown.

Over her decades as a book editor, Leslie edited bestsellers by Sy Montgomery, Lawrence Krauss, Jean Twenge, Ben Mezrich, Stacey O’Brien, Mark Obmascik, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Patricia McConnell, Stephen Jay Gould, Christiane Northrup, Caroline Myss, Jack Kornfield, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

What she wants: She is interested in new voices in memoir; in science, psychology, health, nature, and animals; and in spirituality and mind-body-spirit practices.

How to submit: Send query to Leslie at
  • Please put the word query in the subject line.
  • A brief letter about your book (genre, summary and/or synopsis, word count, etc.)
  • A bit about you/your writing background
  • Include your book proposal as a single Word attachment. [The elements of a solid book proposal include: Overview; About the Author; Chapter Outline; Marketing/Publicity; Comparative Works; Sample Chapter.]

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