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35 Calls for Submissions in August 2018 - Paying Markets

There are more than two dozen calls for submissions in August. As always, anything you can think of is wanted - flash fiction, speculative fiction and poetry, creative nonfiction, children's stories, along with several interesting themed issues.

All of these literary magazines pay, and none charge submission fees.

Make sure to follow submission requirements carefully. Editors become cranky when writers don't follow their submission rules.

If you want to get a jump on next month's calls for submissions, check the page Calls for Submissions, which is where I post new calls as they come up.


Body Parts: Issue #11: A is for Aliens, Apocalypse and ArmageddonGenre: Horror. Themed issue. Payment: $5 for flash fiction and $10 to $20 (depending on length) for short stories and nonfiction to authors, and $5 to $20 for artwork and photography. Deadline: August 1, 2018.

MojoGenre: Comics. "We are looking for anything: Political commentary. Comedy. Memoir. Or just a good story. Feel free to submit genre-bending work." Payment: $15. Deadline: August 1, 2018.

Critical ReadGenre: Nonfiction. They want pitches for stories about the origins of the fine, literary and performing arts. Payment: Not specified. Deadline: August 1, 2018 or possibly mid-August. (?)

The First LineGenre: Short story with the first line: "The window was open just enough to let in the cool night air." Also, critical essays about your favorite first line from a literary work.  Length: 300-5,000 words for fiction, 500-800 words for nonfiction. Payment: $25-50 for fiction, $25 for nonfiction, $5-10 for poetry. Deadline: August 1, 2018.

Blood Bath Litzine. Genre: Horror. Length: Up to 2,500 words. Poetry up to 15 lines. Payment: £10 per 1,000 words for prose, and £10 per poem. Deadline: August 1, 2018.

Don't Cry to MamaGenre: Horror short stories. Length: Between 2,500 and 6,000 words. Payment: $25. Deadline: August 1, 2018.

London Reader: Drama & Dragons/Fans & FantasyGenre: Creative writing and artwork where fantasy and fantasy games are central to the story. Payment: Portion of revenues. Deadline: August 5, 2018.

Bright Wall/Dark RoomTheme: Work. Genre: Essays, criticism, poetry, reportage, interviews, and short humor pieces. Payment: $25 per story. Deadline: August 6, 2018.

Ruminate. Ruminate welcomes submissions that both subtly and overtly engages faith from all the world religions. Genre: Fiction. Payment: $15/400 words for prose. Deadline: August 14, 2018.

CricketGenres: Middle Grade (9 - 14) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, recipes, and activities on theme of Make a Splash. Payment: Fiction: up to 10¢ per word, Nonfiction: up to 25¢ per word, Poems: up to $3.00 per line; $25.00 minimum. Deadline: August 15, 2018.

Heart and Humanity: Back to School: Lessons Learned. Genre: Essays, fiction or poetry about lessons learned from school. Payment: $15-25. Deadline: August 15, 2018.

Outlook Springs is a literary journal "from another dimension." Genres: Fiction, poetry, and non-fiction tinged with the strange. Payment: $25 for fiction, $10 for poetry. Deadline: August 15, 2018.

Punk Rock FutureGenre: Speculative fiction. Length: 350-500 words. Payment: 6 cents/word.  Deadline: August 15, 2018.

Robot Dinosaurs. Genre: Short story featuring a robot dinosaur of some kind. Payment: $60.  Deadline: August 15, 2018.

PsychopompGenre: Short story, up to 5,000 words. Payment: 2 cents a word up to $100 (and starting at a minimum of $5). Deadline: August 15, 2018.

Three CrowsGenre: Speculative fiction stories set in dark, weird, and gritty fantasy, horror, and sci-fi settings. Payment: $25. Deadline: August 22, 2018.

Spark: Lab Coats and Love LettersGenre: Flash fiction between 300 and 1000 words. "Send us your stories featuring broken bones, mishaps, and long nightshifts. As long as there is a happily ever after, we want to see them." Payment: 2 cents/word. Deadline: August 24, 2018.

Alien DimensionsGenre: Speculative short stories, “Set it in space, in the far future, and include some friendly non-humanoid aliens helping to solve a pseudo-scientific problem.” Payment: US$10.00 for 3500+ words. Deadline: August 24, 2018.

Every Day FictionGenre: Flash Fiction. Payment: $3. Deadline: August 27, 2018.

Midnight BreakfastGenre: Fiction and nonfiction on theme of “America and Other Nightmares,” which is inspired by the horror of modern-day America, but not limited to it. Payment: $50. Deadline: August 27, 2018.

BriarpatchGenre: Nonfiction "writing and artwork on a wide range of topics, including current events, grassroots activism, electoral politics, economic justice, ecology, labour, food security, gender equity, indigenous struggles, international solidarity, and other issues of political importance." Payment: $75 - $225. Deadline: August 30, 2018.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: "Grandparents". Genre: True stories about grandparents. "The moment a grandchild is born, grandparents are born too. Just seeing your baby hold his or her baby is an unbelievable experience. Everyone has a great story about the unconditional love between grandparents and their grandchildren. We are looking for true heartwarming, insightful and humorous stories celebrating grandparents and grandchildren; written by grandmothers and grandfathers about being grandparents and written by grandchildren about their grandmothers and grandfathers. Stories about or by step-grandparents and honorary grandparents are welcomed too." Payment: $200. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Geek Out! Genre: All genres: "Where queer meets geek. Whatever you geek out about, we want to read it!" Payment: $5 per printed page. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Apparition LitGenre: Speculative fiction on theme of Diversion. Payment: $0.01 per word, minimum of $10. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

FreefallRestrictions: Canadians only. Genre: Prose and poetry. Prose: Maximum length 4000 words. Fiction: short story & novel excerpts, non-fiction, writing related or general audience topics, creative non-fiction, plays, postcard stories. Poetry: Submit 2-5 poems, any style. Length of any individual poem cannot exceed 6 pages. Payment: For prose, $10.00 per page in the magazine, to a maximum of $100.00 and one copy of issue that your piece is published in. For poetry, $25.00 per poem and one copy of issue that your piece is published in. Payment is made upon publication.  Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Filling StationGenre: Previously unpublished poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, critical non-fiction (about literature and occasionally about visual art), and visual art. Payment: $25. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Qu Literary MagazineGenres: Fiction, essays, poetry. Payment: $100 per prose piece, $50 per poem. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Tech Edge MagazineGenre: Nonfiction articles on Teaching Tech. Payment: $50-$125 per article. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Strange ConstellationsGenre: Speculative fiction. Payment: $30 per piece. Deadline: August 31, 2018. Accepts reprints.

The New QuarterlyRestrictions: Canadian writers only. Genre: Poetry, nonfiction and short fiction. Payment: $250 for fiction and nonfiction, $40 for prose. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

FiresideGenre: Novels and novellas. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Typehouse. Genre: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry. Payment: $7. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Unnerving Magazine: Inspired by Stephen King. Genre: Short story submissions of horror, dark science fiction (light), dark fantasy, crime, thriller, and suspense inspired by Stephen King. Payment: 6 cents/word. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

Pioneertown. Genre: Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, hybrid work, and beyond. Payment: $20. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

The Spectacle. Genres: Fiction, Poetry, CNF. Payment: $20. Deadline: August 31, 2018.

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