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92 Calls for Submissions in June 2024 - Paying markets

This June there are more than seven dozen calls for submissions. All of these are paying markets, and none charge submission fees. As always, every genre, style, and form is wanted, from short stories to poetry to essays.

I post upcoming calls for submissions shortly before the first day of every month. But as I am collecting them, I post them on my page, Calls for Submissions. You can get a jump on next month's calls for submissions by checking that page periodically throughout the month. (I only post paying markets.)

Also see Paying Markets for hundreds of paying markets arranged by form and genre.

Happy submitting!

Note: I update this list continually throughout the month, so check back frequently for new submission calls.

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The Temz ReviewGenre: Prose (fiction and creative non-fiction) up to 10,000 words long. Payment: $20. Deadline: Opens June 1, 2024.

The Paris ReviewGenres: Fiction. Payment: Not specified. Deadline: Opens June 1, 2024, and closes when they reach capacity.

Totally Entwined: Love at Second SightGenre: Novellas, 30,000 - 50,000 words. Theme: Second chance romance. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

Green Writers PressGenres: Poetry, fiction, short story collections, environmental essay collections, middle-grade and YA/teen fiction, artwork, and photography. Green Writers Press is an independent, Vermont-based publishing company, is dedicated to spreading environmental awareness and social justice by publishing authors who promulgate messages of hope and renewal through place-based writing and environmental activism. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

The Wild UmbrellaGenre: Poetry, prose. Payment: €10 per poem and €25 per prose piece. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

Ruth’s and Ann’s Guide to Time TravelGenre: Stories about time travel. Word count must be between 500 and 4000 words. Payment: 1 cent per word for original stories or a flat $10 for reprints. Deadline: June 1, 2024. Accepts reprints.

Eternal Haunted SummerGenre: Poetry, short fiction. Theme: Gardens. Payment: $5. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

The Fires of RetributionGenre: Speculative Fiction. Theme: A collection of stories dealing with DRAGONS! Concept: We’re looking for a story that shows the struggle between man and beast. These aren’t Pete’s Dragon; these are vicious killers who would just as soon eat you as look at you. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

Darkest Shadow, Brightest LightGenre: Dark Fantasy. Word Count: 5,000 – 10,000. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

Hellbound BooksGenre: Horror. Payment: $5. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

Shivering Timbers! Genre: Pirate themed horror fiction. "Avast ye, scurvy seadogs! Within these pages there be swashbuckling zombies, petrifying privateers and bloodthirsty buccaneers hunting for cursed treasure in darkened coves. Come aboard and join our crew as we set sail on a chilling voyage across the kraken infested seven seas. Sharpen your cutlasses, raise the Jolly Roger and prepare to be terrified by tales of piratical peril. Arrr!" Payment: £20. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

ParabolaGenre: Original essays and translations, poetry, reviews. Payment: $400. Deadline: June 1, 2024. See themes.

Air/LightGenre: New and innovative works of literary arts across all mediums and genres including cross genre work. Length: Up to 4,000 words for prose, and up to 10 pages for poetry. Payment: Poetry: $50; Responses and department pieces: $100; Fiction and essays/nonfiction: $200; Visual art, music, and multimedia: $200. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

The Fires of Retribution AnthologyGenre: Speculative Fiction. Theme: A collection of stories dealing with DRAGONS! Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

Bannister PressGenre: Fantasy. "We are seeking international short story submissions by writers who identify as women for an anthology with a focus on what it means to be on the outside looking in, or comfortably or uncomfortably out of step with the world(s) at large, and with a fantasy element (either subtle or writ large). The story can be visually focused, or character/narrative focused, as long as it leaves the reader thinking about the story long after closing the book." Payment: 8 cents/word CAD. Deadline: June 1, 2024.

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch ShoresGenre: Speculative stories. Payment: 8 cents/word for original work. 2 cents/word for reprints. Deadline: June 2, 2024. Opens June 1.

MeanjinRestrictions: Open to Australians. Genre: Poetry. Payment: $250 per poem. Deadline: June 3, 2024.

Utopia Science FictionGenre: Utopian science fiction. See theme. Payment: $0.04/word for fiction, $30 for nonfiction, $25 for poetry. Deadline: June 4, 2024.

Absynthe MagazineGenre: Fiction, poetry, art, and nonfiction. Payment: $75 9CAD). Art $50 (CAD). Deadline: June 4, 2024.

ProfilesGenre: Character-driven fiction and non-fiction — both original works and works in translation — under 5,000 words. Art. Payment: €200+ per piece. Deadline:  June 4, 2024.

UnleashedGenre: Horror up to 10,000 words. Payment: $25 per piece. Deadline: June 5, 2024.

The MarginsRestrictions: Open to Asian American and diasporic poets. Genre: Poetry. Payment: $50 to $90 (USD) for original and translated poetry; the fee varies based on the number and length of poems. Deadline: June 6, 2024. Accepts reprints.

Stone's ThrowGenre: Noir, dark fiction, crime short stories. Length: between 1,000 and 2,000 words. See themePayment: $25. Deadline: June 7, 2024. 

805 Lit and ArtGenre: Short fiction, CNF, poetry, art. Payment: $15. Deadline: June 7, 2024. (?)

Mouthfeel PressGenre: Poetry chapbooks, fiction novellas, and full-length nonfiction. Translations accepted. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 9, 2024. 

Griffith Review. RestrictionsFirst Nations writers only. Genre: Nonfiction. "GR Online is Griffith Review’s online publishing platform, where we showcase short (1,000–1,500 words) pieces of commentary, analysis and critique on subjects as diverse, esoteric or topical as you like." Payment: $500. Deadline: June 9, 2024.

Northern GravyRestrictions: Northern Gravy welcomes submissions from UK & Ireland writers of any background, including first-time writers. Genre: Fiction, Poetry and Kid Lit (writing for Middle Grade and Young Adult audiences) Payment: £100 per contributor. Deadline: June 9, 2024.

Samjoko Magazine is devoted to publishing "exemplary work from content creators around the world. Focusing mainly upon the written word, we hope to create an immersive digital and print platform that stands out for its honesty and desire to take risks for the sake of artistic expression. We have no set aesthetic, though different themes will be focused upon periodically." Payment: $20. Deadline: June 10, 2024.

Bright Wall/Dark RoomGenre: Essay on theme: "To the Sea.” "We're looking for essays on movies about being drawn to the sea, swallowed up by the sea, in love with the sea, swimming in the sea, living at sea, learning how to let the sea teach you about its depths." Payment: $100. Deadline: June 10, 2024.

New WordsGenre: Trans gender poetry. Payment: $15. Deadline: June 10, 2024. Reprints accepted.

MslexiaRestrictions: Open to women. Genre: Fiction poetry, nonfiction. Payment: £25. Deadline: June 10, 2024. See themes.

Poetry MagazineGenre: Poetry. Payment: For text poems, $10/line with a minimum honorarium of $300 per poem. For visual poems, audio poems, and video poems, $300 per poem. If a piece is published in multiple formats, such as print and video, payment is made for each format. For prose, $150 per published page. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

The Journal of Compressed Creative ArtsGenre: Fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, mixed media, visual arts, "and even kitchen sinks, if they are compressed in some way.” Payment: $50. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

Big Wing Review. Genre: Essays, prose, flash fiction, poetry, spoken word, and visual art works. Theme: Healing. Payment: $10. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

Dracula Beyond StokerGenre: Fiction based on Stoker’s characters. See themePayment: 5 cents/word. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

PropaguleGenre: Short stories that are intrepid with regard to experimentation and oddity; the strange, the surreal, the atypical, the unexpected. Payment: $30 (max). Deadline: June 15, 2024.

Bull City PressGenre: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction Chapbooks. Payment: Royalties (?) Deadline: June 15, 2024

UnderblongGenre: Poetry, art. Payment: $20. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

BafflingGenre: Speculative flash fiction. Length: Under 1200 words. See themesPayment: 8 cents/word. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

Eye to the TelescopeGenre: Speculative poetry. Payment: $0.04/word, up to $25. Deadline: June 15, 2024. See theme.

Carte Blanche (Canada). Genre: Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, translations. comics, photography. Payment: $75. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

Nat. Brut. showcases the work of writers and artists who have been historically devalued or pigeonholed by art and literary institutions. "We publish work that has been buried, ignored, and disappeared from public consciousness. Equally, we seek work that comes from artists’ buried, ignored, and disappeared impulses and practices—the risky, the exploratory, and the potentially ugly." Genre: Short stories, poetry, CNF, comics. Payment: $30. Deadline: June 15, 2024.

The Offing: InsightGenre: Creative nonfiction (usually personal essay) that centers one’s personal experience against the backdrop of art, literature, and culture. Insight essays generally fuse together two topics that don’t typically belong together, weaving—and investigating—what is perceived versus what is true. Ultimately, these essays explore the ways in which interacting with this aspect of culture or ideology changed you or made a lasting impression.. Payment: $25–$100. Deadline: June 16, 2024.

Bullshit LitGenre: Poetry collections "mostly". Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 16, 2024.

Carcanet PressGenre: Lives & Letters. Nonfiction. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 21, 2024. Proposals only.

Flame Tree Press: Myths, Gods & ImmortalsGenre: Speculative fiction on theme: Circe. Payment: 8 cents/word. Deadline: June 23, 2024.

Flame Tree Press: Myths, Gods & ImmortalsGenre: Speculative fiction on theme: Anansi. Payment: 8 cents/word. Deadline: June 23, 2024.

The Fairy Tale MagazineGenre: Fairy-tale inspired stories/poems. Payment: $25. Deadline: June 24, 2024.

Off Topic Publishing: Poetry BoxGenre: Poetry. Payment $30 CAD.  Deadline: June 25, 2024. This is a monthly call.

HavokGenre: Flash fiction. See themes. Payment: $50 via PayPal for each story selected for an Anthology. No payment for online publication. Deadline: June 28, 2024.

Dragon Soul Press: Malice. Genre: "All crime (mystery, noir, suspense) stories are welcome. All genres are accepted." Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

The GhastlingGenre: Literary fiction and illustration devoted to psychological horror, folk horror, ghost stories and the macabre. Payment: £15. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

ChannelGenreFiction, art, creative non-fiction, and poetry that engages with the natural world, and have a particular interest in work which encourages reflection on human interaction with plant and animal life, landscape and the self. Payment€40/poem, and €50/page of prose up to €150. Deadline:  June 30, 2024.

The Sprawl Mag. Genre: Speculative poetry, short fiction, and visual art. "Whether it is utopic, dystopic, magical, or sci-fi, we look forward to seeing your work." Payment: $20 CAD. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Silk and SinewRestrictions: Open to Asian and South Asian diaspora writers. Genre: Folk horror rooted in the experience of the Asian Diaspora. From lengths of muscle and vein, ground bones, endless ropes of sinew it is with our bodies folk horror is woven. Payment: 5 cents/ word. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

A Brood of VampiresGenre: Short stories and poems with vampires as the main theme of the piece. Payment: £10. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Bright Wall/Dark RoomGenre: Essay on theme: "Heartbreak." Payment: $100. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Eerie River: The Earth Bleeds at NightGenre: Horror. See themePayment: 5 cents per word. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Unicorn PressGenre: Poetry collections. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Midnight & IndigoRestrictions: Open to black women. Genre: Fiction, personal essays. Payment: 7 cents/word for fiction, $100 for essays. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

The New York Times: Modern LoveGenre: Essay on modern love. Payment: Not Specified. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Nonprofit Quarterly Magazine: Climate Justice IssueGenre: Nonfiction articles by climate writers and leaders of all ages that describe work being done in the field, visions for the future, personal experiences with the climate movement, and how climate intersects with issues of health, gender, disability, neurodivergence, racial justice, and economic justice. (Word count: 800–3,000). Creative writing by youth—from personal narrative to fiction to poetry—that describes living through the current climate crisis. How is your community being shaped and re-shaped by climate? (Word count: no more than 1,000 words.)” Payment: $200-500 for writing, $50-100 for art. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

The DeadlandsRestrictions: Open to BIPOC writers. Genre: Fiction. "The Deadlands exists in liminal spaces between life, death, and elsewhere. We are looking for fiction that concerns itself with death—but also everything death may involve." Payment: 10 cents/word. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Funny storiesGenre: Nonfiction. We are looking for stories about something that happened to you in your life - in your relationship with a partner or spouse, a parent or child, a family member or friend, at work or at home that made you and the people around you laugh out loud. Did you mean for it to be funny? Payment: $200. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: GrandmothersGenre: Nonfiction. Everyone has a great story about the unconditional love between grandmothers and their grandchildren. We are looking for heartwarming, insightful, and humorous stories celebrating grandmothers. Payment: $200. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Dragon’s Roost PressGenre: Cosmic Horror stories set in and around Arkham, Innsmouth, and other mythos related areas that take place in or are associated with Lovecraftian tales AND which feature a public or private institution of some sort. Payment: 6 cents/word. Deadline: June 30, 2024. May close early is cap if reached.

Deadly Yellowstone: A Collection of Mystery ShortsGenre: Mystery short stories set within the borders of Yellowstone National Park. Use of the unique landscape and wildlife of Yellowstone is encouraged! Length: Up to 10,000 words. Payment: $25. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

JMS BooksGenre: LGBTQ romance stories, 12,000 words minimum. See themePayment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Codhill PressGenre: Poetry manuscript. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

105 Meadowlark ReaderRestrictions: You must be a Kansas resident or have lived in Kansas at some point in your life. Genre: True stories about Kansas written by Kansans. Payment: $10. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Poet LoreGenre: Poetry translations. Payment: $50. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Plenitude Magazine Restrictions: Open to Canadians. "Plenitude Magazine aims to promote the growth and development of LGBTTQI literature through an online publication of literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic narrative, book reviews and short film by both emerging and established LGBTTQI writers. We define queer literature and arts as works created by LGBTTQI people, rather than works which feature queer content alone." Genre: Fiction, CNF. Payment: $50 - $100. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Far Futures 3 – An Anthology of Deep SpaceGenre: Speculative fiction. Submissions will involve space travel in some form to deep space. Stories may start or end planet-side, but the bulk of the tale must be in space. Military sci-fi is welcome. Payment: ½ cent per word to a maximum of $50. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Space and Time. Genre: Speculative fiction. "We welcome poetry, art and fiction that bend rules, transcend genre and break stereotypes." Submissions accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian. See theme. Payment: 1 cent/word for prose, $5 for poetry. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Worldsmyths: Dark Fantasy Short Stories. Genre: Dark Fantasy Short Stories. Payment: $25. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

OficGenre: Short fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction, art. "Send us your dead doves, your blorbos, your plinkos, your wretched meow meows yearning to be free; that thing you wrote that made you think, “I don’t know where this belongs”; the stuff you’d never show anyone you know IRL. Give us your shameless, self-indulgent smut; the manuscript to the video essay you dictated to your YouTube subscribers in your head; your thoughtful explorations of trauma and identity; your Pepe Silvia wall; your sci-fi, your fantasy, your romance, your realism. We want anything and everything. As long as you identify as a fan, we want to read your work." (Up to 12,000 words). Payment: Small honorarium. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Nothing Exists Alone. Genre: Full-length fiction manuscripts on climate change. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

The Hudson ReviewGenre: Fiction, poetry, essays, book reviews; criticism of literature, art, theatre, dance, film, and music; and articles on contemporary cultural developments. Payment: Not specified. Deadline: June 30, 2024. (Poetry only)

Chestnut ReviewGenre: Poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, visual media (art/photography). Payment: $120. Deadline: June 30, 2024. Submit early in the month to avoid submission fee.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Cat StoriesGenre: True stories and poems. "We are looking for first-person true stories and poems up to 1200 words that highlight the unique personalities that dogs have. Celebrate your dog, or a dog you know, with a wonderful story about what he or she does. Stories can be serious or humorous, or both." Payment: $200. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dog StoriesGenre: True stories and poems. "We are looking for first-person true stories and poems up to 1200 words that highlight the unique personalities that cats have. Celebrate your cat, or a cat you know, with a wonderful story about what he or she does. Stories can be serious or humorous, or both." Payment: $200. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

New Orleans ReviewGenre: Fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Payment: $300 for prose, $100 for poetry. Deadline: June 30, 2024. In celebration of Pride, there are no submission fees for LGBTQIA2+ writers in June. We are especially interested in trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming voices.

Haven SpeculativeGenre: Speculative fiction and poetry. Payment: 8¢ per word for fiction and $20 for poetry. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Fulcrum PublishingGenre: Nonfiction works that explore conservation and stewardship, American culture, civics, and the American West. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2024. Reprints accepted.

The Third Black Beacon Book of MysteryGenre: Mystery short stories with an unforgettable protagonist and a clever puzzle to solve. Payment: $25 and $10 for reprints regardless of length, plus one print copy. Preferred word count between 3,000 and 9,000 words. Deadline: June 30, 2024. Reprints accepted.

AllegoryGenre: Speculative Fiction. Payment: $15. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Bamboo RidgeGenre: All works by and about Hawaii's people. Payment: $50. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

TypehouseRestrictions: In honor of Pride Month, no-fee submissions are open for all LGBTQIA2+/Queer writers, not limited to those from the US. Genre: Prose, poetry, art. Payment: $25. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Variant LitGenre: Poetry, fiction, flash fiction, art. Payment: $10. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Even Cozier Cosmic. Genre: Cozy cosmic horror. Payment: 1 cent/word. Deadline: June 30, 2024.

AM InkGenre: Short Story Collections, Children's Books, Nonfiction, Film Related Titles. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2024.


Thema: A New RoutineGenre: Fiction, poetry, and art on theme: A New Routine. Payment:  $10-$25 for short fiction and artwork, $10 for poetry. Deadline: July 1, 2024. Accepts reprints.

The Other Stories (Audio). Genre: Horror on themes. Payment: 15 GBT. Deadline: July 1, 2024. See themes.

Flash Fiction OnlineGenre: Flash fiction. Payment: $100. Deadline: Opens July 1, 2024.

Harbor Editions: Hybrid Chapbook Reading PeriodGenre: Hybrid chapbook. Chapbooks should be around 20-50 pages. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: July 1, 2024. No submission fee for BIPOC writers.

It Came from the Trailer ParkGenre: Horror-comedy with the same feel as The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Shaun of the Dead, or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: July 1, 2024.

ShenandoahGenre: Creative Nonfiction. Payment: $80 per 1000 words of prose up to $400. Deadline: Opens July 1, 2024, and closes when they reach capacity. 

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