Tuesday, June 5, 2018

2 New Agents Seeking MG, YA fantasy, commercial fiction, humor and more

Here are two new literary agents expanding their client lists. Lara Lea Allen (Lotts Agency) is seeking all genres of commercial fiction, YA fantasy, and nonfiction. Emma Sector (Prospect Agency) is interested in picture books and Middle-grade and YA of all types, but especially fantasy adventure, magical realism, and historical fiction.

Remember to check the agency guidelines before submitting. Agents may switch agencies or close their lists, and guidelines can change.

For a comprehensive list of new and established literary agents seeking clients see: Agents Seeking Clients.


Lara Lea Allen of The Lotts Agency

Lara has worked in large publishing houses like HarperCollins and St. Martin's. She is particularly skilled at working with an author to shape and hone their manuscript without losing an author's voice.

What she is seeking: "I’m currently looking for upmarket commercial fiction across all genres. The common thread is a strong, interesting voice and an atmospheric sense of place.  I appreciate a good sense of adventure and wit in a story--extra points if it has a strong female protagonist—but I’m not above an emotional pull if the story warrants it.  I’m more open to fantasy if it’s YA than adult, and I’m not looking for straightforward romance.

On the YA and middle grade side, the style of writing—a strong, sure plot, a sense of adventure, and a memorable protagonist with a sure voice—is the same. I’m not currently looking for nonfiction on the YA side. I am open to graphic novels, however.

For nonfiction, I like unusual histories (like COD) and pop culture narratives, including humor, though not celebrity bios or memoirs. I don’t represent business, lifestyle, self-help or cookbooks."

How to submit: Please send a brief email query that includes a description of the book, any information on previous publications, and the first 5-10 pages in the body of the email to queryla@lottsagency.com. Please put the title of the work and your name in the subject line of your email.


Emma Sector of Prospect Agency

Emma majored in English at the University of Vermont. She was an intern in Hachette's advertising and promotions department. She worked for Simon & Schuster's Children's Division for the next six years, first in marketing and later in editorial.

What she is seeking: Middle-grade and YA of all types, but especially fantasy adventure, magical realism, and historical fiction. She loves picture books with big ideas and few words and chapter books with quirky, vibrant characters.

How to submit: Submit a query letter, three chapters and a brief synopsis via the online form.

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