Thursday, May 3, 2018

12 Paying Markets for Pet-Loving Writers

If you are a writer who owns a pet, you can write about the experience. Most pet magazines are looking for nonfiction articles. But even if you are a fiction writer, there is room for creative writing. Many magazines explore the history of domestic pets, as well as other topical aspects of pet ownership.

What they are looking for:

Pet care: All pet magazines welcome articles on how to care for animals. Keeping pets healthy and happy is one of the primary concerns of pet owners.

Products: Which types of products do you use for your pet? Which are better avoided? Equipment articles are especially relevant to horse owners.

Activities: Taking your dog for a walk is rather mundane, but what if your pet's activity involves providing comfort to people who are bereaved? Even a simple aquarium can provide a feeling of peace and tranquility. Activities that promote a positive view of pets are strongly encouraged by magazine editors.

Profiles: Owners of  animals that have pedigrees are particularly interested in breed profiles. But any article that relates to specific sub-types is sought after: Dogs that don't shed (for people with allergies), fish that like small spaces (for dorm rooms, and children), cats that can be herded (that's a joke).

As with all freelance articles, make sure you perfect your pitch. Most magazine editors don't accept freelance articles on spec, but even those who do like a good, solid pitch.

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Your Pet Space posts cover a variety of needs—such as which books and products are especially helpful, profiles of pet breeds and organizations. They also love espousing causes for companion animals.Your Pet Space needs content from many writers to be able to give a wide range of perspectives on a variety of pets and pet subjects. They also encourage submissions from nonprofit organizations and pet vendors about their work and products. Payment: They pay $20 per article, upon publication, for each article that meets all of their submission guidelines. 

Nashville Paw magazine is Middle Tennessee's community pet magazine. It reaches an audience of 50,000+ pet lovers each issue in print and online. Print circulation is 16,000+ per issue. "While we look for intelligent, thoughtful articles that are well-researched and well-constructed, we also appreciate the humor and sarcasm that often comes through in the voice of many of our writers." Send a brief query letter outlining your topic, as well as possible interview contacts, any available hi-res images (300dpi saved as jpg files), sidebar ideas and any other relevant information. Payment is negotiated.

Birds - Tweet!

Bird Talk

Bird Talk publishes informative articles on the care of birds; photo essays on historical and current events dealing with birds; how-to articles; and human-interest stories. Sidebars to accompany articles are a plus. The ideal manuscript is an 800- to 2,000-word article accompanied by high-quality color slides, digital images or professional illustrations. Payment: $100 to $200 for short features (1,000 words or less) and $300 to $400 for longer features (1,500 to 2,500 words), including accompanying high-quality photographs.

Note: Bird Talk is currently "rebuilding" their website. There is no information when the new site will be online.

Dogs - Woof!

The Bark, a magazine about life with dogs, has a circulation of 250,000 readers. The magazine publishes essays and fiction, as well as a few short poems. They also publish book reviews. Reprints are accepted. Payment: Payment is upon publication; compensation varies according to complexity and length of article and is individually negotiated. Who Pays Writers lists a payment of 67 cents/word.

BlogPaws is "an inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media. We connect brands with pet parents and pet parents with each other." Send a brief, compelling pitch rather than a complete post. Payment: $75 per accepted post.

Dogster publishes opinion, editorials, columns and essays about dogs. Please send your query, background and link to writing samples via their online form. They will contact you only if they are interested in discussing your query. Payment: Who Pays Writers lists a payment of 3 cents/word.

Cats - Meow!

Catster publishes opinion, editorials, columns and essays about cats. Please send your query, background and link to writing samples via their online form. They will contact you only if they are interested in discussing your query. Payment: Who Pays Writers lists flat fees of $50 - $75 for news and opinion articles.

Horses - Neigh!

The Chronicle of the Horse is a national weekly magazine with approximately 16,000 subscribers. The magazine focuses primarily on dressage, hunters and jumpers, events, foxhunting and steeplechase racing. In addition to reporting sport horse news, we feature articles on horse care and profiles of prominent horse people. They occasionally accept humor, human interest and historical articles. No poetry, please. Send query first. Payment: $150 - $400.

Horse Network covers all facets—big and small—of the horse community, from news, to opinion, to satire. 500-750 words is a sweet spot for posts. Payment: They pay for original, published content on Horse Network. In addition to regular article fees, contributing authors have the chance to earn social share bonuses for their stories.

Horse Illustrated is looking for informative, in-depth, upbeat articles (limited to 2,000 words) that will help readers better care for and enjoy their horses. They may be about such topics as training (for both horse and rider), management or horse-related activities. Payment: Articles are paid upon publication. Rates of payment are based on quality, not length. Articles accompanied by high-quality photographs earn the highest rates.

Reptiles - Hiss!

Reptiles is a bimonthly magazine that caters to reptile and amphibian hobbyists at all levels of experience, from beginner to veteran. Publishes nonfiction only. Query via email before submitting. Article queries for new, original articles should be emailed to No reprints. Payment: $300 is the usual payment for a 2,000 to 2,500-word article with photos. Payment is made in U.S. dollars no later than 90 days upon publication.

Fish - Glug!

Tropical Fish Magazine

Tropical Fish Magazine is all about the fascinating world of aquariums. It covers freshwater and  saltwater as well as aquatic plants, and any matter pertaining to fishkeeping. Their guidelines are very specific so follow them carefully. Nonfiction articles only. Photos required for most articles. Payment: Not specified. They do not pay by the word.

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