Thursday, January 14, 2016

185 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints

There is nothing quite like having your work published, especially after you have spent months sending your stories or poems to magazines that take forever to respond.

Sadly, the elation you feel when you have finally seen your work in print may be short-lived. Most stories and poems that make their way into literary journals have only a brief shelf-life. After readers have read your work and the issue has been archived, now what?

One good way to extend the life of your story is to send it to literary magazines that accept reprints.

Fortunately, there are a lot of literary magazines willing to accept stories that have already been published. Very few of them pay, because reprints have little value in the literary marketplace. (Only the first magazine that publishes your work will be credited.) However, some venues, notably podcasts, pay competitive rates for work that has been previously published.

All of these markets are currently accepting reprints and all allow simultaneous submissions. Make sure you read their websites carefully to see if your work will be a good fit. And make sure that all rights have reverted to you when you submit to them. (Look at the contract you signed with the original publisher. It should say "All rights revert to author upon publication" or "All rights revert to author after X months.")

Publication Submission Guidelines Payment Medium Genres
50-Word Stories No Electronic All genres, Flash Fiction only
Ancient Paths Online $1.25 per poem or fiction piece;
$1 will be added for any accompanying art work or photography (if also accepted)
Electronic Poems, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Spiritual themes only
Apocrypha and Abstractions
No Electronic All genres, Flash Fiction only (fewer than 500 words_
Avatar Review No Electronic All genres, poetry, nonfiction
The Bark

250,000 readers No Electronic Life with dogs
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores
2 cents/word for fiction, $1 per line for poetry Electronic Speculative Fiction

Submission periods
Bewildering Stories
No Electronic Speculative Fiction

Submission periods
Allegory $15 Electronic Speculative Fiction
Murderous Ink Press:Crimeucopia
Up to £7.00 Print and ebook Crime fiction
Nightlight $50 Audio Black writers only

See submission periods
Peach Velvet $2 Electronic  Poetry, prose, art, and photography
Burningword Literary Journal No Electronic and POD Poetry and Flash Fiction (up to 300 words)

Only open to writers under 30 No Electronic Poetry up to 50 lines and Fiction up to 5000 words
cahoodaloodaling No Electronic Narrative non-fiction, Fiction, Screenplays, Excerpts, and Poetry

"Our theme is the environmental crisis and the losses of species and habitat that are a result of this ongoing disaster."
No Electronic Poetry, Essays, and Fiction (1500 words max)

We prefer topics to deal with common social issues normal–or not so normal– problems people everyday.
No Electronic Fiction, Poetry
Century 121 No Electronic Poetry, Short Fiction (2000 words max)
and Photography
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal No Electronic Poetry, Fiction, Art
and Photography
Children, Churches and Daddies No Electronic and Print Poetry, Fiction
Greenprints $150 Print Gardening
Columbia Journal No Electronic Poetry, Fiction,
Liquid Imagination Closed to reprints Semi-pro to Pro Electronic Poetry up to 25 lines, Fiction up to 300 words,
Essay up to 300 words
Copperfield Review No Electronic Historical Fiction and Poetry, Nonfiction
Cricket Online Review No Electronic Poetry, fiction, essays, sound, film, short drama, & experimental visual art
Danse Macabre
No Electronic Magical Realism
(under 2000 words)
Dark Futures $5 Electronic and Print Speculative Fiction and Nonfiction
Deep South Magazine No Electronic  Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction about the deep South
Digital Science Fiction No Electronic Speculative Fiction
Down in the Dirt No Electronic and Print Almost any genre
East Coast Literary Review
No Print Poetry,
Flash Fiction,
Short Stories (up to 8,000 words)
Easy Street No Electronic Flash fiction, fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, reviews, interviews, editorial columns, news, and opinion pieces
Ekphrastic No Electronic Poetry, micro, flash, and shorter fiction, and interesting reflections, essays, and other prose about or inspired by art
Every Writer's Resource
No Electronic Flash Fiction (500 words max)
Expanded Horizons No Electronic Speculative fiction
about under-represented groups
Extracts No Electronic Poems, stories (1500 word max), and book reviews, as well as excerpts from upcoming novels, memoirs, and poetry and story collections
Fabula Argentea
$8 for short stories and poems, $3 for flash, $15 to $25 for longer stories  Electronic Poems, flash fiction, short stories
LA Review of LA A few pennies Electronic Stories and poems and stuff. Pictures. Sound files. Non fiction. Weird and offensive shit. Polite banter. Stuff about LA. 
Fast-Forward Festival No Electronic Speculative fiction about time travel
The Fear of Monkeys
No Electronic Politically conscious stories, poems, essays
The Fem
No Electronic Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art written by marginalized people
The Feminist Wire No Electronic Feminist fiction and poetry
Fiction on the Web
No Electronic Short stories, all genres
Flashes In The Dark No Electronic Horror (1000 words max)
The Font – A Literary Journal for Language Teachers No Electronic Short stories, articles, essays, anecdotes, poems, cartoons and other forms of creative writing or visual art on the theme of language teaching or learning
FriGG No Electronic Fiction, nonfiction, poetry - all topics
Front Porch Review No Electronic Fiction, poetry, essays and visual arts
(5000 words)
Frontier Tales No Electronic and Print Westerns
Geist Unknown Print Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art, reviews
either by Canadians or with a connection to Canada
No Print Short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, social justice, literary insights
Hyperpulp No Electronic and Print Speculative fiction -
all stories translated into Portuguese
Jersey Devil Press No Electronic and Print Speculative fiction
Jewish Literary Journal No Electronic Poetry, fiction, nonfiction -
All submissions must be Jewish in nature
Joyland Unknown Electronic and Print Fiction
Kaleidoscope $10 - $100 Electronic Fiction, nonfiction, poetry - Must focus on some aspect of disability
Labletter - Monthly Notes No Electronic Flash fiction (500 words max), poetry, images
Lamp Light Flat fee Electronic and Print Horror, Dark Fiction, Noir, flash fiction and short stories
The Lascaux Review No Electronic  Poetry, Fiction, Essays
The Legendary
No Electronic  Poetry, Fiction,
The Linnet's Wings No Electronic Poetry, Fiction,
Literally Stories No Electronic Short stories,
all genres (500 to 3000 words)

Sometimes takes up to 4,000 words, but the work has to be "outstanding"
Literary Mama No Electronic Short stories, and poems about motherhood
A Literation No Electronic

Published on Tumblr
Short stories, poems, art
Phantasmacore Token payment Electronic  Speculative

Submission periods
The Lorelei Signal $2 Electronic and Print Fantasy featuring strong, complex female characters
Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles "a few pennies" Electronic "Stories and poems and stuff. Pictures. Sound files. Non-fiction." 
Lotus-eater No Electronic Poetry, prose (up to 5000 words), nonfiction, book reviews
Luna Station Quarterly No Electronic Speculative fiction written by women
$2 Electronic and Print "Twisted humor, funny horror, or anything else you think will disturb and amuse us."
Meat Stories No Electronic Poetry, fiction, essay, nonfiction.
The only guideline is that your work is somehow inspired by the title.
Mediterranean Poetry No Electronic Poetry and prose inspired in some way or the other by the Mediterranean world
Midnight Circus No Electronic and Print Short stories and non-fiction of no more than 5000 words, mixed-media, and poetry. Themed issues.
Midwestern Gothic No Print Fiction and poetry featuring work about or inspired by the Midwest
The Missing Slate No Electronic and Print Fiction, poetry, essays, reviews and criticism 
The Moon

Shutting down in 2016 - closed to submissions No Electronic Poetry and Prose (2000 words max)
Mouse Tales Press!submissions
No Electronic and Print Poetry and Prose (4000 words max)
Mulberry Fork Review No Electronic Short stories, flash fiction, essay, lyrical essays, creative nonfiction or prose poetry, articles, interviews, reviews (and anything else of interest)

(Emphasis on the Crimea) No Electronic and Print Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, in English, Romanian, Crimean Tatar and Turkic languages
Neon No Electronic and Print Poetry and prose focusing on isolation, post-modernism, technology, dislocation, apathy, the apocalypse, memory, Kirk Cameron and urban decay
New Moon Girls No Print Short stories in which the main character is a girl ages 8 to 12 and includes subject matter and a plot that empowers girls of this age. Nonfiction
New Pop Lit No Electronic  Short stories
NonBinary Review Semi-pro Electronic  Themed
Mosaic ? Electronic Articles and reviews by writers of African descent
Van Gogh’s Ear: Best World Poetry, Prose & Art No Print Poetry and prose. Poem length shouldn’t be more than 165 lines and prose length no more than 1,500 words.
OSA Enizagam No Print Poetry, flash fiction, fiction and nonfiction (up to 4000 words)
The Other Stories No Audio Fiction (up to 4000 words)
Pantheon Semi-pro Electronic and Print Themed issues (see prompts)
Most genres of fiction and poetry
Pear Drop
No Electronic Poetry, flash fiction, fiction and nonfiction (up to 5000 words)
Pen Sword Magazine No Electronic Short form fiction and non-fiction that presents the military service experience
Pulp Literature 50% of rate for original fiction Print Pulp fiction up to 50 pages

Submission periods
Petite Hound Press!submissions
No Electronic and Print Short poems, flash fiction, art
Dark Futures Phase 2 Magazine $5 Electronic Dark science fiction
Phenomenal Literature (India)
No Print Novels, poetry, short stories, drama, plays, Critical/Research/
Academic Articles, translations, book reviews, interviews, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, essays, travelogues and creative writing
The Poeming Pigeon
No Print Poetry and Prose, themed issues
The Prison Compendium

Open until September 30, 2016 Semi-pro Print Stories related
to incarceration
Pulp Spirit No Electronic Pulp fiction, mystery, westerns, adventure
Punchnel’s Semi-pro Electronic Poetry,
essays, and
short fiction (1200 words max)
Quantum Muse

(Offers peer reviews only) No Electronic Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Alternative
A Quiet Courage No Electronic Poetry and
flash fiction
(100 words
r.kv.r.y. No Electronic Poetry, short stories and nonfiction (3000 words max)
relating to recovery
Randomly Accessed Poetics No Electronic Poetry and prose of any genre (1500 words max)
Reading Out Loud No Audio Fiction up to 4000 words
Referential Magazine No Electronic Poetry and prose that refers to another work on this website or in its archives
River Poets Journal
No Electronic and Print Poetry (3 to 6 poems)
Short Stories (under 5,000 words)
Flash Fiction (under 1,000 words)
Essays (under 500 words)
Short Memoir (under 1,000 words)
Excerpts from novels that can stand on their own  (under 3,000 words)
Art (illustrations and paintings)
or Photography
Rufous City Review No Electronic Poetry and flash fiction
Sanitarium Magazine

You have to register first
Token payment Electronic Horror
Santa Fe Writers Project
No Electronic Fiction, creative nonfiction, and book reviews
The Savage Kick

Token Payment Print "Contemporary grit" articles and short stories between 1000-8000 words
The Schuylkill Valley Journal No Print Poetry, short stories (2000 words max), and critical essays (3000 words max)
Breath and Shadow ? Electronic Breath & Shadow only accepts work from people with disabilities.
Seconds Magazine No Electronic Speculative fiction - reprints only (4000 words max)
Semaphore No Electronic and Print Poetry, fiction, nonfiction (10,000 words max). Post-post modernism
The Shine Journal: The Light Left Behind
No Electronic Poetry, Nonfiction, Essays, Flash Fiction (2000 words max) focusing on grief and loss
Short Fiction Break No Electronic Fiction (2000 words max)
The Short Humour Site
No Electronic and Print Humorous short fiction and nonfiction (500 words max)
Sidereal Journal!submit/c24vq No Electronic and Print Bizarro fiction and nonfiction (3000 words max)
The Singularity
No Electronic Speculative fiction
Sixers Review No Electronic Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, the Occasional Photograph
Skidrow Penthouse
No Print? Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction.
Trust the beautiful and hellish expanses of your dream-infested typing hands.
Slim Volume: See Into the Dark

Deadline February 2016 No Print Poetry and flash fiction. Themed anthologies
The Snapping Twig No Electronic Poetry, short-fiction, flash, rambles, letters, spoken-word, prose, excerpts, poetic-rants, tributes, creative non-fiction, articles, and nearly genius ideas – TO – photography, art (and all its many forms), film shorts, and / or other art media.
Space Squid $5 Electronic and Print Scifi/humor. Flash fiction, short stories (2000 words max)
Stepping Stones Magazine No Electronic Poetry, short fiction (4000 words max), visual and audio art
Still Crazy

For writers over 50 only No Electronic and Print Poems 50 lines (Poems of 30 lines or less are more likely to be accepted.)

Short stories 3,000 words (Stories of less than 2500 words are more likely to be accepted.)

Non-fiction 1,500 words
Still Point Arts Quarterly
Token payment and 2 copies of issue Print Art, articles, essays, fiction, and poetry - focus on art
Stories out of the South

Open to authors from the Southern states No Electronic and Print Flash fiction, fiction -  literary fiction, magical realism, and speculative fiction
Story Shack Magazine No Electronic Flash fiction up to 1,000 words
Sub-saharan Magazine Semi-pro Electronic and Print Stories that present Africa in a Fantasy, science fiction, or horror setting or with speculative elements (2000 words max)
SubverCity Transmit No Audio Weird tales 1,000 to 3,000 words. Longer stories may be serialized
The Summerset Review No Electronic and Print Literary fiction and nonfiction of up to 8,000 words, poets may submit up to five poems
Survivor's Review

Open to cancer survivors, family members and caregivers No Electronic Poetry, short stories, essays (up to 1000 words)
Synesthesia Literary Journal No Electronic Poetry (up to 5 poems)
Short fiction
Nonfiction (up to 7,500 words)
Plays (up to 7,500 words)
Reviews: books, event, and commentaries (up to 3,500 words)
Visual art
Tales from a Small Planet No Electronic Stories about what it's like to live abroad
Tales of the Zombie War Semi-pro Electronic Zombies! (In poetry and prose) A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments No Electronic Poetry, essays, fiction, articles, artwork, videos, and other contributions
THEMA Token Print Poetry and prose - themed issues
Thirteen Ways No Electronic Fiction (12,000 words max), poetry, non-fiction, essay, and art
This Space No Electronic Poetry and prose focusing on mental health
Through the Gaps No Electronic Stories with a political or social message
Touch: The Journal of Healing
No Electronic and print Poetry, prose, & graphics that depict elements of human interaction and speak of the physical, emotional, and/or universal, spiritual touch of humanity
The Tower Journal No Electronic Poetry, fiction, art, essays
TQ Review:
A Journal for Trans* //
Queer Voices No Electronic and print Poetry, fiction, art, essays
Travel by the Books No Electronic Poetry, essays, short fiction, and author Interviews that explore the setting of a book or the hometown of a famous author or poet, or that take the reader on a tour following in the characters’ or author’s footsteps
TulipTree Review No Print Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
UNBUILD walls No Electronic Speculative fiction
Underwater New York No Electronic Fiction, nonfiction, art, music and poetry inspired by the underwater objects and phenomena that surround New York City
Unlikely Stories: Episode IV No Electronic Activist prose, music and poetry
The Vehicle No Electronic and Print Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama
Vine Leaves Literary Journal

Token Electronic and Print Poetry and fiction vignettes (800 words max)
Visibility Fiction Token Electronic Short young adult fiction with protagonists with diverse identities
Frozen Wavelets Token Electronic Speculative flash fiction and poetry
Whirlwind Magazine No Electronic and Print Poetry, non-fiction, and now art/photography. aiming to represent struggle in all aspects of life
Wordgathering No Electronic Disability literature
Workers Write! Semi-pro Print Working class fiction - themed issues
Write To Meow
No Print Essays, fiction - anthology about cats
Write To Wildlife
No Print Essays, fiction - anthology about wildlife sanctuaries
Write To Woof
No Print Essays, fiction - anthology about dogs
The Writing Disorder No Electronic and Print Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Art, Reviews, Interviews, Comic Art and Experimental work Youth Imagination
Youth Imagination
No Electronic Writing for and by teens - all genres
Bizarrocast Token Audio Speculative fiction, strange stories (6000 words max)
The Breakroom Stories Token Audio Strange tales
The Drabblecast Semi-pro Audio Weird stories (4000 words max)
GlitterShip Semi-pro Audio LGBTQ stories (6000 words max)
No Extra Words No Audio Flash fiction (2000 words max)
Timeless Tales

Themed anthologies
CLOSED $20 Print Retellings of fairy tales and myths
The Dirty Spoon $50 (?) Podcast Essays, interviews and articles about people who work in our consumable culture.

See submission periods
Gallery of Curiosities .01/word Podcast Weird speculative fiction
Hourglass Books No Print Themed issues
Reprint Poetry No Online Poetry
Pseudopod  $.06/word for original fiction, $100 flat rate for short story reprints, and $20 flat rate for flash fiction reprints (stories below 1500 words). Podcast Horror
Cast of Wonders $.06/word for original fiction, a $100 flat rate for Short Fiction reprints, and a $20 flat rate for Flash Fiction reprints Podcast YA,
High fantasy,
Science fiction
Revisitations No payment for reprints, will pay for original work Digital Fiction, Flash, Poetry and Memoir
The Lascaux Review $25 Digital Stories, poems, and essays
Funds for Writers $10-$15 Digital
Practical tools and information related to getting paid to write
Writing World

Currently backlogged
$25-$35 Digital
Articles about writing
Back to College $27.50+ Digital Issues of importance to the older student
Podcastle $20 - $100 Audio
and text
S-Curves No payment Online publication Preference given to authors from Topanga Canyon
Rocky Mountain Revival No payment Audio Submit up to five poems, three flash fiction pieces (1,000 words max), or short stories/creative non-fiction up to 3,000 words.
Grasslimb ? Print Poetry, prose, art
Azure: A Journal of Literary Thought

Published by Lazuli Literary Group
No Electronic Complex literary fiction
The Moth

Ireland No Print Poetry and short stories
Quail Bell Magazine No Electronic Short stories, art, multi-media, poetry
Memoir Mixtapes  No Electronic Poetry and short stories
Manawaker Studios $3 Podcast Flash fiction
Craft No Electronic Fiction and nonfiction
After the Pause No Electronic Poetry, flash fiction
Carrier Pigeon No Electronic Fiction, poetry, short plays
Eunoia Review No Electronic Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction

$15USD and 100-7500 words of fiction paid $0.01USD per word Electronic Speculative romance, mystery, and alternate history,
DNA Magazine No Print Creative non-fiction, prose, poetry and Twitterature
The Lake No Electronic Poetry
Nice Cage No Electronic Poetry and short fiction
Defuncted No Electronic They are looking for work that was previously published but is no longer available to read online because the journal it was published in has gone defunct.
Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy
? Print Stories must be by a writer who is American or Canadian, or who has made the US or Canada their home. Story length must be 17,499 words or less. 
Zooscape  $20 for reprints Electronic All stories must be furry.
Lighten Up Online No Electronic Poetry
Empty House Press No Electronic "We are willing to read work that has appeared on an author’s personal site or blog or at an online venue that has closed provided that the work is otherwise no longer available or appears in a significantly different form and appropriate acknowledgements are included."
Serial Magazine No Electronic "Accept genre fiction like action-adventure, science-fiction, mystery, fantasy, horror, thriller,  romance, and westerns."
No Sleep Podcast Yes (various) Podcast Horror
Doubleback Review No Electronic "We only publish previously-published work from journals that no longer exist; we do not publish previously unpublished work nor previously published work that is still available online or in active print circulation."
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  1. S-Curves, a Los Angeles-based literary journal, also welcomes previously published work. We primarily feature writers living/working in Topanga Canyon, but are open to non-canyon writers subject to space available.

  2. The Moon posted that it is shutting down.

  3. Great list. Thanks for posting it.

  4. This is a terrific resource. Thank you for putting it together.


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