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Writing About Writing - 20 Paying markets

Updated 9/9/22

One thing that writers love to talk about is writing. Whether they are successful authors, aspiring novelists, or novices, writers always have something to say about the craft - as well they should. Writing involves words, and while a painter or a composer may be relatively inarticulate, no writer can get away with a paucity of verbal expression. 

In the majority of cases, magazines that publish articles about writing want the perspective of experienced writers - those who have been published. Writing is a business as well as a calling, so these magazines are looking for advice on how to succeed at writing. But some of these publications are interested in the ordinary experiences of writers, regardless of how successful they are at the craft. The trials that writers face, both artistically and professionally, are instructive, as well as sobering. 

The following journals are looking for writing about writing. Even if you don't anticipate submitting anything to them, these publications are worth checking out for the resources and free tips.

For hundreds of paying markets, listed by genre, see Paying Markets.

(Image: Leonid Pasternak, "The Passion of Creation")


So Textual

"So Textual is a community and online platform for bookish individuals who seek smart conversations about literature, creative practice, and a considered lifestyle. We celebrate books alongside the contemporary reader. Keywords and topics we love: overlooked writers, art making, meaning-making, in media res, epistolary, riposte, plot twists, besotted characters, offline considerations, literary props, mythmaking, the So Textual homme, associate thinking, fragments, synthesis as mastery, the classics, films for the literary. Rates start at $200 for essays and $75 for lists. We’re a new literary platform and plan to increase pay in the future."

Writing Bad

Writing Bad was founded to be a resource to writers of all skill-levels. "Our goal is to offer resources to enable writers to further develop their knowledge and writing ability so that they may better achieve their writing goals. To do this, we publish writing advice articles on our website under the following categories: Prose, Poetry, and Marketing & Grammar. We are seeking writing advice articles to publish on our website. The articles will be published under the author’s name (or pen-name, if they so choose), along with a short short author bio about the author. Author bios are allowed up to one external link to an author website or an author’s social media page." Authors must have a minimum of two published essays, stories, articles, and/or books. Length: 800 to 2,000 words. Payment: 1 cent/word.

Writers Weekly

" focuses on “selling” the written word. We do not seek articles on how to write. Rather, we seek articles on how to make more money doing what you love….writing! We are also interested in other forms of home-based businesses and self-employment that may result from writing, such as self-publishing, corporate writing, etc. All ideas that help writers support themselves performing the work they love are warmly welcomed, provided we haven’t covered the topic on the past two years." Payment:  $60 U.S. on acceptance via PayPal for first rights only ($30 U.S. for reprints).

The Writer’s Chronicle 

The Writer's Chronicle wants essays on the craft of writing. Length: 2,500 to 5,000 words. All craft essays must analyze an element of creative writing. They should contain examples to illustrate the writerly advice they offer. Using more than one author to illustrate your analysis is recommended.

In addition, the Chronicle accepts interviews. Length: 3,000 to 5,000 words. "We feature interviews with well-known and up-and-coming authors in the genres of fiction, short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. In the past, we have published interviews with such authors as Nikki Finney, Yusef Komunyakaa, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Vijay Seshadri, Gregory Pardlo, and many others. We especially appreciate interviews that include discussions of writing craft, the evolution of the author’s own work, and literary influences and inspirations. We prefer interviews that have been revised heavily in the interest of accuracy, concision, and style. We are interested in an interview that represents a writer as well as possible in a somewhat personable manner. We only publish interviews that have been approved in proofs by their subjects." Payment: $18 per 100 words for accepted manuscripts. 

BookLife is seeking pitches from the BookLife community. "If you are an indie author, publishing professional, or serve another role within the book world, we invite you to submit proposals for guest columns to appear in Publishers Weekly, the BookLife Report, and on the PW and BookLife websites. All authors are compensated. We are specifically looking for articles that concern the craft of writing and editing, the experience of self-publishing, and the indie writing community. Feel free to get creative! Please submit your pitch and resume to with the subject line "Write for BookLife."

Note: Wordworks is open to BC and Yukon writers only

"We publish three full-colour issues per year. Each issue goes out to Federation of BC Writers members as well as to schools, libraries, businesses, and other organizations across BC and Yukon. We are always striving to increase our readership and the reach of our stories.

WordWorks pays $125 per page for original articles, paid upon publication. Articles range from 500 words for one page to 1,100 words for a two-page spread. We will consider longer features as well. These rates are subject to change in future issues. Have you previously written an article or blog post that fits our theme? We pay $50 for selected reprints." Issues are themed.

"Are you a writer and/or journal editor with something to say? Do you have a unique strategy of finding lit mags to submit to? Do you do a special ritual for every rejection (that somehow magically works)? Are you an editor who desperately wants to tell writers to please stop doing this one thing? Are there things you want to help people with, discuss, gripe about, seek clarification on, when it comes to literary magazines?

I am excited to announce a new feature of this site, which will include articles from working writers and editors. These pieces could be serious. They could be instructive. They could be funny and absurd. Anything and everything is welcome. "If you’ve got something to say or explore about lit mags, or if you’ve got an idea you want to float by me, send it along! Feel free to email with questions." All writers will be paid. $75

This Australian magazine publishes poems ($70), and articles of 600 words ($100) and 1200 words ($200) in the print edition with particular interest in the craft of writing and the writing life. Note: Pitches only. Issues are themed. See deadlines.


"We’re looking for posts about writing, literature, agents, publishing, hangover recipes—anything to do with the craft and business of writing. Topics must be relevant to our audience, which consists of sophisticated journeyman writers and poets. Length should ordinarily be limited to 1000 words. Reprints are welcome. We’ll provide a link to the contributor’s most recent publication." Payment varies.

Funds for Writers seeks submissions “on earning a living as a writer.” Articles should fall between 550 and 650 words. Payment: “via PayPal or Venmo – $60 for unpublished original articles; $20 for reprints.”

"WOW! welcomes queries from its audience of women writers. Please make sure you’ve read through our articles on the home page to get an idea of the style and tone of our publication before submitting a query. Remember, each e-zine issue focuses on a theme. Articles range anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 words—whatever length is necessary to cover the topic. Pay is arranged between the writer and editor for the piece, but most articles pay $50 or $75. In-depth pieces that require many different sources to cover the topic and have a higher word count pay $100 or $150."

The Growlery is seeking essays in the 500-1000 word range. Topics: What The Hell Am I Thinking: Writers On Why They Write. Greatest Misses: Writers On Failure. Killer Reviews. Writers love and fear reader reviews at the same time, which is what makes them an interesting topic to explore. Payment: Contributors will receive 3-5 cents per word. See submission periods.

Book Fox

Book Fox seeks writers who can help other writers. "You will do this by creating blog posts that are literary resources. Bookfox isn't looking for simple, 1000-word blog posts requiring minimal research, but deep and vast knowledge of a particular topic, substantiated with citations from specific books, and expert-level advice. Your articles should have weight and heft. Topics can cover writing craft and also the business of writing/publishing. For instance, for craft, you could write about topics such as: Plotting, characterization, dialogue, POV, voice, or sentences. For publishing, you could give advice on finding agents, self-publishing, writing a query letter, marketing your book, etc.” Payment: Roughly 10 cents a word for original writing (so $300 for a 3,000 word article).

“For our Open-Theme Summer Issue we are prioritizing prose over poetry, but we will consider any manner of works on any subject, so long as it meets our primary objective: we want writing and art that centers the process and product of writing as art." Payment: Unpublished Poetry & Prose – USD 3¢/word, minimum $5, maximum $25. Art $10. Reprints $5. See submission periods. Accepts reprints.

"We are seeking articles and essays about the windy, wonky, fun, weird, hair-pulling, frustrating, tricky, super-spectacular process of hunting down different journals, lit mags, zines, reviews, and so on to ask them to hang your poem, story, odd or end up on their internet fridge. We want tips, tricks, ideas, fears, experiences, interviews, hot-takes, rants, reviews, etc., and so on." Payment: Contributors will receive $20. Accepts reprints.

"We’re looking for stories about literary life and culture. We’re interested in the ways that books or their authors fit into the culture at large, and we enjoy rigorous criticism for a general audience. We’ve published essays on craft, those that veer into criticism, and reported pieces on literary issues. If you’re pitching a personal essay on writing life, it helps to describe how an incident in your life speaks to larger issues in the literary world." Payment: Not specified.

"We only publish articles and eBooks about various aspects of writing and publishing. The bulk of what we publish are research based literary journal or publisher reviews. We do all of these review articles in-house and are not open to freelance submissions of this kind. Most of our articles are between 250-1200 words in length." Payment: $40 - $60 per article. 

The Writer

"The Writer is dedicated to expanding and supporting the work of professional and aspiring writers with a straightforward presentation of industry information, writing instruction and professional and personal motivation. In the pages of our magazine, writers share experiences, expertise, struggles, advice, successes, and suggestions. Our editors are interested in query letters on concrete topics written by emerging and experienced writers in all genres. We are looking for clear takeaway for our readers: What can they learn to improve their writing or advance their careers? What specific how-to tips and strategies will accomplish this?" Payment: Not specified.

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Blog is open to pitches for original nonfiction articles on topics that might be of interest to new and/or established creators of science fiction and fantasy. SFWA welcomes pitches from both members and nonmembers; Black, Indigenous, and other writers of color, as well as writers of other under-represented identities, are encouraged to submit article pitches. Ideal article length is between 500-800 words. Payment: 10 cents/word.


CRAFT explores the art of prose, celebrating both emerging and established writers. "We focus on the craft of writing and how the elements of craft make a good story or essay shine. We accept submissions of essays on writing craft, critical essays, and book annotations. We accept completed interviews/hybrid interviews or pitches. Craft and critical essays range from 1,500 to 2,500 words concerning the craft of fiction or creative nonfiction." Payment: $50- $100.

Poets & Writers Magazine publishes articles in four areas:

News & Trends: brief articles (500-1,200 words) that keep our readers abreast of pertinent information in the writing and publishing industries.

The Literary Life: essays (1,500-2,500 words) on the more contemplative aspects of writing, ranging from creative process to the art of reading.

The Practical Writer: advice and how-to articles (1,500-2,500 words) that offer nuts and bolts information about the business of creative writing.

Features: profiles of and interviews with (2,000-3,000 words) contemporary writers who reflect the rich diversity of current American literature. Other features include articles and essays (2,000-3,000 words), frequently grouped into special sections, that provide an in-depth look at subjects of interest to creative writers, such as writers conferences and residencies, small presses, regional writing, and the distinctions of genre.

Payment: Not specified.

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