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21 Podcasts Accepting (Mostly) Speculative Short Stories - Paying markets

Updated 9/4/23

People enjoy listening to stories - whether it's in person through author readings, on the radio, or on the net. Podcasts are especially popular because they are accessible on phones, and can be heard any time or place.

There is nothing quite so exciting as hearing your own story read aloud. The words you have only imagined come to life. They achieve substance, form, color. It's a thrill like none other.

On a practical level, podcasts are a wonderful way of keeping your stories in circulation. Almost all podcasts accept reprints, and quite a few of them pay. The podcasts below accept mostly speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy, and horror. 

Note: Some of these podcasts have submission periods, but most accept stories year-round. Read submission guidelines carefully before submitting.

Happy submitting!

Note: For hundreds of paying markets, broken down by genre, see: Paying Markets.


Creepy Podcasts. Genre: Horror. "We want to be scared. We want to see what kind of darkness you have at your fingertips." Payment: $0.02 per word with a maximum payment of $70 via PayPal invoice.

DrabblecastGenre: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror short fiction — 500- 4,000 words. Podcast. Payment:  $.03/word, with a cap of $300.00. See submission periodsAccepts reprints. 

Gallery of CuriositiesGenre: Speculative fiction up to 7,500 words. See themes. Payment:1 cent/word. Magazine and podcast. See submission periodsAccepts reprints.

Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction PodcastGenre: Flash fiction. Payment: $3 minimum. Accepts reprints.

No Sleep Podcast. Genre: Horror. Stories between 1200 and 2499 words. "They have to be really scary. Any perspective or tense is fine for these. Single character stories are fine. Prose or script format is fine. For the most part, these stories will be appearing on the regular show, so cool soundscapes and attention to how they’ll sound in production is helpful." Payment: $100, made via Paypal or Amazon gift card.

StarShipSofa. Genre: Science Fiction. "From the soft, social science fiction to the weird pulpy stuff to the vigorous hard SF and YA adventure. We welcome all sub-genres and all variety of punks in all their colours. From high-octane action to quiet philosophical stories, we’re after it all.Science fiction is a rich and diverse genre, push it’s boundaries as far as you can go. We welcome translations and are very interested in stories that take place/written by authors outside the US/Anglo-sphere, as well as as alternative movements and styles. These include (but not limited to) “non-Western” science fiction, Chinese SF, Soviet speculative fiction, Afro-futurism, etc." Payment: $50 USD flat rate per story for nonexclusive, one time audio rights. Authors are paid for their stories on the 7th of the proceeding month. Accepts reprints.

Escape PodGenre: Science fiction. "If your story isn’t centered on science, technology, future projections, alternate history, and how any or all of these things intersect with people, we’re probably not the right market for it." PaymentUSD $0.08 per word for original fiction. USD $100 per story for reprint fiction. Accepts reprints.

PodCastle. Genre: Fantasy. Word count: up to 6,000 words. Payment: $.08/word USD for original fiction 6,000 words or less, $100 flat rate for reprints over 1,500 words, and $20 flat rate for flash fiction reprints (stories below 1,500 words). See submission periodsAccepts reprints.

Pseudopod. Genre: Horror. Payment: $.08/word for original fiction, $100 flat rate for short story reprints, and $20 flat rate for flash fiction reprints (stories below 1500 words). Accepts reprints.

Cast of Wonders. Genre: Young adult short fiction, open to stories up to 6,000 words in length. Payment: $.08/word USD for original fiction 6,000 words or less, $100 flat rate for reprints over 1,500 words, and $20 flat rate for flash fiction reprints (stories below 1,500 words). See submission periodsAccepts reprints.

Sley House: Lit Bits. Genre: Short stories heavily grounded in science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, or thriller, or some blend of genres. Length: 6,000 words max. Payment: $100. See reading periods.

Thirteen Podcast is an audio-drama/audio fiction podcast specializing in feature length (~ one hour) productions that are characterized by slow-burn, atmospheric stories, horror and ghost stories. Payment for stories 5,000 words and above is $50 and payment for stories under 5,000 words is $25.

Tiny Tales is looking for fantastic, bizarre, and enthralling fiction stories to turn into podcast episodes. Word Count: 500-1200 words (stories longer than 1200 words will not be considered). Previously published works are acceptable UNLESS they were published on podcasts or another form of audio. Payment for accepted stories is $0.04/word (USD) paid via PayPal. See submission periods.

Tall Tale TV is a podcast specializing in science fiction and fantasy. You can submit a story up to 6,000 words. Simultaneous submissions and reprints are fine. Payment is not specified, but writers will receive monetary compensation.

Tales to Terrify features short horror, dark fantasy, and other disturbing fiction. "We greatly value diversity and inclusivity, and seek to publish fiction from writers of different races, religions, nationalities, physical or mental abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations." They hold open submissions for longer works (2,000-10,000 words) several times a year, and pay $0.01 USD per word for accepted submissions. They do not pay for flash fiction (less than 2,000 words). Reprints accepted. See submission periods.

Pillow Talking (Podcast). Genre: First person, narrative/creative nonfiction stories of real-life bedroom conversations. Payment: $25AUD.

Nightlight Podcast. Restrictions: Open to black writers. Genre: Horror. Length: between 3,000 and 6,000 words. Payment: $200; Flash fiction, 5 cents/word; Reprints, $50. Reprints accepted.

Ursa PodcastGenre: Literary fiction and satire, "but we will happily make exceptions if you have a character-driven genre story. We are looking for stories that take risks, that are provocative and demonstrate a unique voice. We like stories that thrill." Payment: 8 cents/word. Reprints accepted.

The Galactic Anvil Podcast. Genre: Fantasy and Science Fiction. Length: 5,000-20,000 Words. Payment: $50 for manuscripts >10k words. $25 for ones under 10k words. Reprints accepted.

The Lost Poetry Club. "We aim to create a kaleidoscope of voices and materials. Chosen work will be dramatized, but you are openly encouraged to contribute to our M.A.F.P. (mind-altering frequency protocol) with your own recordings and performances for a fully collaborative  experience." Accepts: Poetry, fiction, songs and "other." Payment: Over 300 words: £0.015 per word. Under 300 words: £5 flat rate. Reprints accepted.

Just Chills. Genre: Horror. Length: 4000 – 7000 words. Payment: $50.

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