Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3 New Literary Agents Actively Seeking Clients

Updated 8/17/20

Here are three new literary agents seeking clients. New agents are a boon to writers. They are hard-working, enthusiastic, and will go the extra mile for their clients.

Hilary Harwell (KT Literary) is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction. Julie Dinneen (D4EO) is interested in literary fiction, commercial fiction, women’s fiction, romance, and select memoir. Shaheen Qureshi (Capital Talent Agency) wants literary fiction and nonfiction, with an emphasis on historical fiction and narrative nonfiction, as well as memoirs, cookbooks, and graphic novels.

As always, go to the agency's website before sending your query. See which publishing houses they have worked with, what type of books they have represented. And don't forget to do a google search on the agency (and agent) to check for other authors' experiences.

ALWAYS check submission requirements before sending your query. Requirements may change, and agents may close their lists.

Note: For many more agents looking for writers see: Agents Seeking Clients

Hilary Harwell of KT Literary

About Hilary: Hilary joined the KT Literary team to support office operations and assist with queries and manuscripts, and now acts as Associate Agent with clients of her own. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in Anthropology and went on to work in the back office of a major Swiss Investment Bank for eight years before deciding to trade numbers for letters. When not reading or editing or writing stories of her own, Hilary likes to hike the Rockies with her family and dreams of one day owning her own horses.

What she is seeking: Middle grade and young adult fiction.

How to submit: Please email your query letter and the first three pages of your manuscript in the body of the email to Hilary at hilaryquery@ktliterary.com. The subject line of your email should include the word “Query” along with the title of your manuscript. Queries should not contain attachments.

Julie Dinneen of D4EO

About Julie: After years of editorial work, professional writing of many descriptions and an internship at The Bent Agency, Julie joined D4EO Literary as an agent in 2017 to build her own list of upmarket fiction.

What she is seeking: Literary fiction, commercial fiction, women’s fiction, romance, and select memoir. She will consider high-concept YA with blockbuster potential, psychologically complex horror, and female-centric thrillers. In these categories, she is looking for select projects with storytelling that won’t let go.

How to submit: To query, please send a query letter and the first ten pages in the body of the email to jdinneen.submissions@gmail.com. Response time is between ten minutes and four weeks.


Shaheen Qureshi of Capital Talent Agency

About Shaheen: "I have worked in publishing and editing for the past five years. As the former managing editor of Tadween Publishing, a Middle East academic press, I facilitated the publication of a political cartoon book and a collection of interviews with Iraqi activists. Before being promoted as literary agent, I assisted Capital Talent Agency’s senior literary agent Cynthia Kane with reading and editing manuscripts. I also teach writing workshops and volunteer in public schools in Washington, DC as a writing mentor and tutor. I received my B.A. at Bard College where I was awarded the Wilton Moore Lockwood prize in creative writing, and have published poetry in Bard Papers and Sukoon Magazine. As a growing literary agency in Washington, CTA will provide me with a strong platform to represent authors, and I’m looking forward to getting to work on behalf of interesting writers and their works."

What she is seeking: Literary fiction and nonfiction, with an emphasis on historical fiction and narrative nonfiction, as well as memoirs, cookbooks, and graphic novels. "I am particularly interested in character-driven stories that give voice to the underrepresented and marginalized. Books that challenge the status quo and examine race, class, food, gender, colonialism, or history in a new light always grab my attention."

How to Submit: Submissions should be sent to literary.submissions@capitaltalentagency.com. For fiction and nonfiction submissions, send a query letter in the body of your e-mail. Attachments will not be opened. Response within six weeks.

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