Thursday, June 8, 2017

15 Paying Markets for Tech Articles

Updated 7/12/20

The whole world is looking for techies, which means if your area of expertise is web development, website design, and/or all those things with confusing initials, you can write about it and make money!

Here is a list of publications that are hungry for your knowledge, and quite willing to offer you a decent amount of money for your articles, blog posts, and tutorials.

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A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. Length: 1,500 - 2,000 words. Payment: $200 per article. Read their submission guidelines.

SitePoint publishes articles about HTML, CSS, and Sass. Payment: $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials. A tutorial is generally any in-depth article that has either a demo or code download link or that is very code-heavy in general, even if it doesn’t have an actual demo. Payment: $300 or more for articles and tutorials that are lengthier. Read their submission guidelines.

Word Candy provides content on a variety of topics relating to WordPress, online marketing and entrepreneurship. Payment: 6 cents/word. Read their submission guidelines.

The Layout features how-to articles on WordPress geared to business. They are looking for article from experts in the field, whether you're a designer, developer, or just a knowledgeable writer. Length: 700 - 1,200 words. Payment: Up to $150. Read their submission guidelines.

Tutorials Point publishes all kinds of tech-related tutorials. They are specifically looking for people having sufficient domain knowledge in the following areas: Information Technology, Software Quality management, Java technologies, Mainframe technologies, Web development technologies, Project Management, Accounting and Finance, Telecommunication, Big Data, Microsoft Technologies, Business Intelligence, SAP Modules, Open Sources, Soft Skills, Academic Subjects from Engineering and Management Syllabus. Payment: $250 - $500. Read their submission guidelines.

WPHUB - "all things WordPress." WPHUB focuses on the WordPress development community, specifically toward theme developers, plugin authors and customization specialists. They are looking for writers with some development background. Payment: $100 - $200 per article. Read their submission guidelines. publishes articles and tutorials on Photoshop. Payment: $25 - $50 for articles, $50 for quick tips, and $150 - $300 for full tutorials. Read their submission guidelines.

Vector Diary publishes tutorials about Illustrator. "If you have anything interesting and new to share about illustrator, you are welcomed to write for Vectordiary. It can be a technique you have for your projects or it can be a step by step to draw an illustration. Anything readers are keen to know can be submitted." Payment: $150. Read their submission guidelines.

Linode includes a community of authors who contribute to Linode Guides and Tutorials. "We are always looking for guides on popular, trending topics, and updates to existing guides." Payment: $250. Read their submission guidelines.

Indeni publishes articles about IT operations. "If you’re really good with firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches or severs, we’d like to work with you." Payment: $200. Read their submission guidelines.

Make Tech Easier is a tech tutorial site that teaches people the easier way to handle complicated tech. "We cover tutorials for various operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, Mobile OS (iOS and Android), popular web app like Browsers (Firefox/Chrome), WordPress, and gadgets reviews. We are always looking for more writers to help us turn this site into something bigger and better." Payment: Amount not specified. Read their submission guidelines.

Labmice is a site for serious techies. They are looking for Field Notes, Best Practices, lessons learned, white papers, written material, guidelines, how-to's, technical explanations, etc. about almost any It topic including Windows 2000 Administration, Computer Security, Technical Project Management, etc. "Obviously we want "real world" documents, and not things that are easily found in any textbooks. You must be the original author/creator of the document and most declare that all of the content of the submitted work is original, unless referenced with permission from the original author." Length: 1,000 to 1,500 words. Payment: Negotiated. Read their submission guidelines.

Tutorial Board is looking for tutorials in graphics by writers who are skilled with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Maya or any other industry standard CG software.  Payment: Up to $150 p/tutorial. Read their submission guidelines.

Smashing Magazine publishes articles about Web development and design. "We aim for exciting, creative articles that also cover recent developments within the industry. Writing does take time, but substance is more important than length." Payment: Not Specified. Read their submission guidelines.

SlickWP is a blog focused on teaching our readers how to get the most out of WordPress and the Genesis Theme Framework. They are mainly interested in publishing WordPress and Genesis focused tutorials or reviews of WordPress themes and plugins. Payment: $100. Read their submission guidelines.

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