Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2 New Agents Seeking Submissions

Here are two new literary agents seeking writers. Sarah Phair (Trident Media) is looking for women’s fiction. Katie Zanecchia of Ross Yoon Literary Agency is seeking adult narrative non-fiction that catalyzes social change.

IMPORTANT: You should NEVER query an agent without checking the agency website first. Submission requirements change, and agents may close their lists, or switch agencies.

Note: You can find a complete list of agents seeking clients here: Agents Seeking Clients


Katie Zanecchia of Ross Yoon Literary Agency


Katie, Ross Yoon’s literary agent in New York City, has worked at the intersection of content, creativity, and advocacy for her entire career—from literary magazines and major publishers to arts-based non-profits. She began her career at Writers House Literary Agency, where she also helped create their first digital rights department. Recently, she’s helped build and celebrate creative communities at CreativeMornings and Girls Write Now, where she’s experienced the transformative power of the written word first hand. She graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course and has a BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Virginia. You can find her @klz4k just about everywhere on the internet.

What she is seeking: Katie is interested in adult narrative non-fiction that catalyzes social change, challenges the status quo, gives voice to the underrepresented, and inspires improvement of all kinds—whether it’s through the lens of women’s rights and feminism, arts and design, technology, politics, social science, memoir, or pop culture.

She is not looking for fiction or children’s books.

How to Submit: Email a query letter, a proposal, and sample chapter to katie [at] rossyoon.com. I read every query and will respond to projects I’m interested in within 4-6 weeks (if not sooner!). No snail mail, please.


Sarah Phair of Greenbuger Associates

Sarah’s love of books was the driving force that brought her to New York City to pursue an M.A. in Literature. After that, she decided that the best way to build a career in books was as a literary agent. However, Sarah realized that she had to learn her craft and get broad-based experience if she was going to be in a position to excel. She sought out Trident, because she believed that it was the preeminent literary agency. Sarah began her career as an assistant, managing the business of two agents at Trident. She was then promoted to the position of Audio Agent. In that position, Sarah negotiated deals with audio publishers for Trident authors. Her next promotion was as a sales agent in Trident’s unique Foreign Rights Department. In this position, Sarah contacted editors at publishers around the globe to offer the works of Trident authors and negotiate deals on their behalf. With this diverse experience, Sarah is ready to become a leading literary agent at Trident. “I now have the background, coupled with my energy and passion for great stories, to offer clients both skills focused on negotiating deals and career management.”

What she is seeking: She is solely looking for women’s fiction — both commercial and upmarket. She seeks stories that are character driven, that make you think and feel. Sarah wants to take her experience and drive and match that with “stories that use a fresh voice to explore different aspects of the female experience: emotionally complex, with insights, laughter, and sometimes tears.

How to submit: See website.

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