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5 Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts from Writers

Here are five science fiction and fantasy publishers that don't require an agent. Several offer competitive advances and royalties.

In publishing, as with all businesses, it is "brand recognition"that counts, and some of the names on this list are very well known.

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Edge Publishing

Small Canadian press.You do not have to be Canadian to submit your work, they accept manuscripts from any nationality worldwide. They have a distribution throughout North America.

What they are looking for: Science Fiction and Fantasy between 75,000 and 100,000 words. Adult audience (20 and up).

Terms: Advance and royalties. "We rarely ever negotiate the royalty percentages and/or advances that we offer, and if we do so, then only with previously published writers."


"We are a micro-niche, nano publisher currently slated to offer about 10 titles a year. We are based upon a collective structure that enables editors to personally select projects and become Project Leads as the editor in charge. This means that starting with your acceptance, you'll have one person that is completely invested, from editing, through design and into publicity, in your project."

What they are looking for: "Books worth burning." Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy.

Terms: Montag Press retains a 70/30 share (net) with the author for worldwide primary and secondary rights including digital, options, film and video production, and print rights, which is exclusive for 10 years from the date of publication.



Pyr is the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Prometheus Books. They have international distribution. "We are not currently looking for short story collections, anthologies, novellas, or nonfiction. We prefer novels in the 100,000 to 130,000 word range. For science fiction, we do not consider material under 85,000 words in length. For fantasy, we do not consider material under 95,000 words in length. We are also looking for speculative Young Adult fiction in any subgenre. These manuscripts may be shorter."

What they are looking for: For adult fiction, we ONLY accept submissions in the subgenres of epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, military science fiction, space opera and contemporary/urban fantasy. No horror, science fiction, or slipstream. For Young Adult fiction, other subgenres will be considered. Only full manuscripts accepted—no partials or outlines. No multiple submissions; please wait for a response to your manuscript before sending another.

Terms: Advance plus royalties


Baen Books was founded in 1983 by science fiction editor and publisher Jim Baen (now deceased). Baen was one of the first publishers to use the Internet as a means of "spreading the word" about a book or author. Publishes in digital and print format.

What they are looking for: Science fiction with powerful plots with solid scientific and philosophical underpinnings are essential for science fiction submissions. For fantasy, any magical system must be both rigorously coherent and integral to the plot, and overall the work must at least strive for originality. Manuscripts should be at least 100,000 words. 

How to Submit: Send your manuscript by using the submission form at:  http://ftp.baen.com/Slush/submit.aspx

Attach the manuscript as a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file. Any other format will not be considered.

Send the manuscript as a single file (do not break it into separate chapter files). The form only accepts a single file so any synopsis and contact info needs to be in the file with your manuscript.

Your submission must include your name, email address*, postal mailing address, and telephone number on both your cover letter and the first page of the manuscript. *[If you have an alternate permanent email address, please include it, in case your primary account goes out of service.] Include a plot outline if possible.

Click HERE for more details.

Bundoran Press 

This press only accepts query letters from Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Preferred length is 60,000 to 100,000 words but they will consider longer if exceptional. They are not accepting single author short story collections or external anthologies. Generally they are interested in stand-alone novels only; series will only be considered from authors with significant publication experience. No fantasy, horror or other genres. 

Please note that Bundoran Press only publishes 2 to 4 novels per year.

How to submit: Please include the following:

Query letter in the body of an email with the following information and your contact details.

The query letter should include the title and word-length of the novel and a brief synopsis (150 words max) that describes the central conflict, main character (s), the theme and genre (space opera, near-future, medical SF, etc.) of the novel and its general tone (dystopian, optimistic, political).

Personal details should be limited to your 3 most significant publication credits (if any) and any professional, educational or experiential qualifications that inform your work.

Do NOT include manuscripts, chapters or a longer synopsis. If your query letter captures our imagination, we will ask for additional material.

Please format your text with the Times or Times New Roman font, at 12pt size.

Single paragraph spacing.

Single text spacing.

Read details here.


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