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82 UK Literary Agencies Seeking Clients

Hail Britannia!
Sometimes, I feel like giving up on American agents: form rejections, or (even worse) no rejections, and the perpetual "your work isn't right for me." You want them to say anything personal about your submission, just to know they've read what you sent them.

When all else fails, there are the Brits!

Not all of the agencies on this list will accept an American writer. But, I can guarantee you that if a rejection is forthcoming, it will be personal. I find that uplifting.

Because of the international nature of publishing, British agents can sell to publishers with world-wide distribution. And it is certainly more rewarding to work with an agent who sees you as an author, rather than a commodity. Check the website to see if the agency works with international authors.

Agency Address How to submit Genres Notes
Sheila Ableman Literary Agency 36 Duncan House, Fellows Road,
London NW3 3LZ 
1-page synopsis of your work
(which explains why you think
your book should be published)
two sample chapters and a
brief biography. Please also a standard stamped addressed envelope for reply.

No electronic submissions.

Popular history, science,
biography, autobiography,
general narrative and
'quirky' non-fiction that has strong commercial appeal. 
Has a particular interest in
TV tie-ins and celebrity ghost writing
The Agency 24 Pottery Lane
Holland Park
W11 4LZ
Send the first three chapters and synopsis as a
double spaced Word document via email to hd-office@theagency.co.uk

Electronic queries only.

YA and children's fiction Also represents screenplays, but only on referral
Aitken Alexander Associates Offices in NY, London, Delhi Send query with short synopsis, and first
30 pages in a Word document to submissions@aitkenalexander.co,uk

Electronic queries only.

Fiction, Non-Fiction Query one agent only
The Ampersand Agency Ltd

Ryman's Cottages, Little Tew, Oxfordshire, OX7 4JJ
A query letter and the first couple of chapters,
plus a brief outline and biographical details.
We will accept submissions by post or via email, as Word documents.

General fiction and non-fiction should be
addressed to amd@theampersandagency.co.uk

Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and Young Adult material should be addressed to jamie@theampersandagency.co.uk

Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Crime Fiction,
Thrillers, Science-Fiction,
Fantasy, Horror,YA, Non-Fiction,| Memoirs, History, Biography, Current Affairs
"Please note: we will not consider unpublished authors based in the USA, as in our experience an American writer needs an American publisher on board before British editors will take notice."
Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency Estelle House
11 Eustace Road
London SW6 1JB
Query letter, 1-page synopsis, 3 shapters

See individual agents for genre preferences and
email addresses

Commercial Fiction, Crime, Thrillers, Mysteries, Women's, Book Club Fiction, Children's Books, Fantasy,
"The focus at the Agency is on making our authors international bestsellers."

Very "commercially minded"
Diane Banks Associates Ltd Central London Query letter, bio, synopsis, and the first 3 chapters.
All as Word documents.


Commercial Fiction,
Non-Fiction, Personality-Led Media, Current Affairs
Also offers representation for film and TV rights
The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency Ground Floor, Watergate House, 13-15 York Buildings, London, WC2N 6JU Query letter, bio, synopsis, and the first 3 chapters.


Postal submissions accepted

Fiction, Children's Books, Non-Fiction, Biography, Business, Sport Please do not send submissions to more than one agent within the agency
Lorella Belli Literary Agency 54 Hartford House, 35 Tavistock Crescent, Notting Hill, London, W11 1AY Fiction: Query letter, bio, synopsis and the first 3 chapters.

Non-Fiction: Query letter, outline and the first 2 chapters.


Accepts postal submissions.

Twitter: @lblaUK
Journalism, Multicultural,
Books on Italy
Website under construction
Blake Friedmann Literary, TV & Film Agency Ltd The Submissions Department, Blake Friedmann Literary Agency, Second Floor, 122 Arlington Road, London, NW1 7HP Query letter (please make this the body of your
email), a full synopsis of approx. 300 words,
and your first three chapters/10,000 words. With regard to non-fiction, please include your
proposal in place of the first three chapters.

Please query one agent only. See the individual
agent's pages for genre preferences.

Isobel (isobel[at]blakefriedmann[dot]co[dot]uk)


Tom (tom[at]blakefriedmann[dot]co[dot]uk)
Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Crime Fiction,
Thrillers, Children's Books ,YA, Non-Fiction
Also handles film and TV rights
The Blair Partnership 8-14 Vine Hill, London EC1R 5DX Query letter (in the body of an e-mail), synopsis,
and the first 10 pages. Both as Word or PDF documents. If sending a picture book use JPEG or PDF.



Fiction, Children's Books, Picture Books, Short Stories, Non-Fiction Represents J. K. Rowling
Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd (LBA) 91 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3PS http://www.lbabooks.com/submissions/

Electronic submissions should be sent to
individual agents.

Please include a cover letter, brief synopsis,
and the first three chapters of your work as a Word document or PDF attachment.

(See agent profiles for genres.)
"To date LBA has had terrific success in getting first-time authors published and we are actively looking for new writers to turn into international bestsellers."

Also handles dramatic rights.
The Bright Literary Agency ? http://brightliteraryagency.com/submission-process/

Email submissions only:


Twitter: @BrightLiterary
Children's Books, YA, Middle Grade, Picture Books, Illustrators Children's books only
Jenny Brown Associates 31 Marchmont Road, Edinburgh EH9 1HU

Prefers email submissions

Please see individual agents for submission details, including reading periods.
Literary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoir, Nature Writing, Popular Culture, Sport "If you have not heard from us within eight weeks then you can assume that we are not the right agency for your project."
Felicity Bryan Associates SUBMISSIONS, Felicity Bryan Associates, 2A North Parade Avenue, Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6LX http://www.felicitybryan.com/

Preferred format is Word or PDF

The email address is:

Postal submissions accepted
Fiction, Children's Books, Non-Fiction "We do not accept science fiction, horror, adult fantasy, light romance, self help, gardening, film and TV scripts, plays or poetry.

We also don’t accept picture/illustrated books for children or adults."
Georgina Capel Associates Ltd 29 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6PS http://www.georginacapel.com/submissions/

Send cover letter, 3 chapters and synopsis.

Postal submissions preferred.

See individual agents for email addresses
and genres.


Fiction, Children's Books, Non-Fiction, YA "We will only get in contact with you if we wish to pursue yours further. Under normal circumstances this will be within six weeks of receiving your submission."
CardenWright Literary Agency

27 Khyber Road, London SW11 2PZ Genevieve Carden: gen@cardenwright.com

Philippe Carden: philippe@cardenwright.com
Non-Fiction, YA
Website has no Authors page.
Celia Catchpole Oxford and London http://www.thecatchpoleagency.co.uk

E-mail submissions only: catchpolesubmissions@googlemail.com

Address to one agent:

Celia Catchpole: Children's Books | Picture Books

James Catchpole: Picture Books | Illustrators

Query letter, synopsis, sample chapters, and a bio.
All within an e-mail. No attachments will be opened.
Children's books only Accepts very few clients.
Mic Cheetham Associates Ltd 50 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BD
Address letter to 'Submissions Department.'

Query letter, synopsis, the first 3 chapters, a bio, and an SASE.
Literary Fiction, Crime-Fiction. Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Science-Fiction, Fantasy Website under construction
Anne Clark Literary Agency Cambridge http://www.anneclarkliteraryagency.co.uk/


Twitter: @AnneClarkLit
Children, YA Represents
authors in the UK and Ireland only
Jonathan Clowes Ltd 10 Iron Bridge House, Bridge Approach, London NW1 8BD http://www.jonathanclowes.co.uk/submissions

Send a synopsis and three chapters to:

Olivia Guest: olivia@jonathanclowes.co.uk


Nemonie Craven Roderick: nemonie@jonathanclowes.co.uk
Fiction (no science fiction) "If you have not heard from us within six weeks from submission, please assume we do not wish to represent your work."
Conville & Walsh Ltd 5th Floor, Haymarket House, 28-9 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4SP http://www.convilleandwalsh.com/index.php

Query only one agent. No postal submissions.
Non-Fiction, YA;Science Fiction, Fantasy,
Children's books
"We try to read and respond within a month."
Coombs Moylett Literary Agency 120 New Kings Road

Submit a synopsis and three sample chapters.

Prefers postal submissions.
historical fiction, crime/ mystery/suspense and thrillers, women’s fiction across a spectrum ranging from chick-lit to sagas to contemporary and literary fiction,Young Adult fiction.
"We handle translation, US, film and TV sales for all our clients."
Creative Authors Ltd Based in NY http://www.creativeauthors.co.uk/join-us/

Twitter: @creativeauthors
Non-Fiction Responses for unsolicited submissions can take anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks.
Curtis Brown Literary and Talent Agency Haymarket House, 28 -29 Haymarket, London

Also see:

Everything This is a huge agency, with over 100 staff members.

The agency also runs a writing school.
Caroline Davidson Literary Agency 5 Queen Anne’s Gardens
W4 1TU

Prefers postal submissions.
Literary fiction and cerebral non-fiction (no genre fiction) Very selective

David Godwin Associates

55 Monmouth Street

Send the first thirty pages, a synopsis and cover
letter to Sebastian Godwin at:


Twitter: @DGALitAgents
Fiction and non-fiction See About page for agents' interests
DHH Literary Agency
23 - 27 Cecil Court

Query, synopsis, three chapters

Query only one agent. See individual agents for preferences.
Fiction and non-fiction If you don't get a reply by 16 weeks, they are not interested.
Diamond Kahn & Woods (DKW) Top Floor, 66 Onslow Gardens
N10 3JX

Email the first three chapters along with a synopsis

Query only one agent. See individual agents for preferences.
Fiction and non-fiction, children's, YA

(See individual agents for genres)
"Whilst we do consider submissions from international authors, we feel that generally US authors will be better served by an agent in the US."
Elise Dillsworth Agency 9 Grosvenor Road
N10 2DR

Cover letter, synopsis, three chapters

Fiction and non-fiction ( no sci-fi) Represents writers from around the world
Robert Dudley Agency Robert Dudley
Robert Dudley Agency
135A Bridge St
Kent TN25 5DP

Query letter, proposal, detailed CV, and SASE

Postal submissions only
Non-fiction Will not return materials if sent from abroad
Toby Eady Associates Third Floor, 9 Orme Court, London, W2 4RL toby@tobyeady.demon.co.uk


No submissions page
China, Middle East, Africa, India Takes referrals from other agents
Eddison Pearson Ltd West Hill House
6 Swains Lane
London N6 6QS
For submission guidelines, end a brief inquiry to enquiries@eddisonpearson.com  Children’s Books, YA Response time 6 weeks
Fraser Ross Associates 6 Wellington Place

Email submissions should be sent to fraserrossassociates@gmail.com

Twitter: @LindseyFraser
Children’s Books, YA The website has a Getting Published page with information about the process of publication.
FRA 91 St Leonards Road
SW14 7BL

Query, synopsis, and two chapters

Email submissions welcome, at: enquiries@futermanrose.co.uk
Commercial and Literary fiction, Non-fiction, Scripts for film and television
Biography and Autobiography (especially related to politics, show business
and the music business)
"Our non-fiction writers over the years have numbered senior politicians from all the mainstream parties including a leader of HM Opposition, and former secret agents including the most famous/notorious double agent of them all. We represent senior High Court judges, QCs, barristers, and an erstwhile Public Enemy No 1 (now happily reformed and working with the police) and major celebrities of stage and screen."
Graham Maw Christie 37 Highbury Place
London N5 1QP

Read their guidelines carefully and submit to:


Twitter: @LitAgencyGMC
Non-fiction only Response time two weeks
Annette Green Authors' Agency 5 Henwoods Mount, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 4BH http://www.annettegreenagency.co.uk/

Cover letter, a brief synopsis, and between 5,000
and 10,000 words ( 2-3 chapters)



Twitter: @akgreen
Literary fiction
general and mass market fiction, thrillers, comedies, horror
serious non-fiction (current affairs, history, science, politics etc)
popular culture (film, TV, sport, music etc)
older children's and teenage fiction

No sci-fi or fantasy
Responds within four weeks
Christine Green Authors' Agency LSBU Technopark
90 London Road

Fiction, non-fiction, adult and YA

No children's books, sci-fi or fantasy
Prefers exclusive submissions
Greene & Heaton Ltd 37 Goldhawk Road, London W12 8QQ http://www.greeneheaton.co.uk/pages/content/

"We do accept submissions by email but you will
only receive a reply if we are interested in discussing representation."

Submit to one agent only.

Twitter: @GreeneandHeaton
Everything except children's books and screenplays  Only represents clients based within the UK
The Greenhouse Literary Agency Transatlantic http://www.greenhouseliterary.com/index.php/

Send query to: submissions[at]greenhouseliterary[dot]com

Address your query to one agent only.
Children's books and YA Response time six weeks

Accepts international authors
Gregory & Company Authors' Agents Mary Jones, Submissions Editor Gregory & Company Authors’ Agents 3 Barb Mews London W6 7PA http://www.gregoryandcompany.co.uk


Twitter: @GregoryCoAgents
Crime fiction, epic family sagas, historical novels and upmarket commercial fiction

(See submissions page for a list of what they do not want.)
"If you do not hear from us for 6 weeks you should assume your submission is not suitable for our list."
The Hanbury Agency Ltd 53 Lambeth Walk, London, SE11 6DX http://www.hanburyagency.com/literary-agency/

Send a letter of introduction including your email address and phone number, together with a brief synopsis and the first 30 or so pages.

Postal submissions only. Make sure to include your email address in your submission packet. They do not return materials.

Twitter: @HanburyAgency
Fiction, Non-Fiction, History, Popular Culture, Current Affairs, Celebrity Memoirs, Ghost Writing "If you have not heard from us within eight weeks then unfortunately your submission has not been successful,"
Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency 4 Kelmscott Road,
London SW11 6QY


Do not send your submission to an individual agent.
Literary fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, crime and thriller, horror, YA, middle grade, memoir, narrative non-fiction including popular science and history, other quality non-fiction. Represents 60 authors between three agents.
Antony Harwood Ltd

103 Walton Street
Oxford OX2 6EB

Send cover letter, brief outline and the opening 50 pages by email


Postal submissions accepted.

Fiction and non-fiction in every genre Many co-agents in Europe and Asia
AM. Heath & Co. Ltd

(Nice, professional website)
6 Warwick Court

Uses online submission form

Twitter: @AMHeathLtd
Fiction and non-fiction "If you don't hear back from us within 6 weeks of sending your submission, please email us."
Rupert Heath Literary Agency 50 Albemarle Street

Send query letter only to:


Twitter: @RupertHeathLit
Commercial fiction, including historical, crime, thrillers and sci-fi, plus cutting edge literary fiction, history, biography and autobiography, and popular science, as well as books about nature, politics and current affairs, humour, popular culture, and the arts. "We'll only get in touch if we really like something."
hhb agency ltd 6 Warwick Ct, London WC1R 5DJ http://hhbagency.com/index.php/submissions/

Send cover letter, first 3 chapters and synopsis to:

Fiction and non-fiction Does not represent writers based beyond Europe
David Higham Associates Ltd 7th Floor, Waverley House
7–12 Noel Street
London W1F 8GQ

All adult submissions must be sent by post.

Children's book submissions may be sent to:


Books, Children’s / YA, or Scripts for Film, TV and Theatre Large agency. Represents some big names.
Janklow & Nesbit (UK) Ltd London and New York http://www.janklowandnesbit.co.uk/submissions

Please email an informative covering letter, giving some background about yourself and your writing; the first three chapters (or around fifty pages); and, a brief synopsis for fiction, or a full outline for non-fiction,

to submissions@janklow.co.uk.

Please label all attachments clearly with your name and the title of your work.
Fiction and non-fiction This is a large agency.
Johnson & Alcock Ltd Clerkenwell House | 45-47 Clerkenwell Green | London | EC1R 0HT http://www.johnsonandalcock.co.uk/submissions/

Send a cover letter, synopsis, and first three chapters to the agent you are querying. Query one agent only.
Fiction and non-fiction Only responds if interested
Tibor Jones & Associates 2-6 Atlantic Road
London SW9 8HY

Send query, one-page synopsis, and first five pages to:

Unusual fiction "Irresistible Culture in Impossible Times"
Jane Judd Literary Agency 18 Belitha Villas
London N1 1PD

Accepts postal submissions as well as electronic.
Fiction and non-fiction Works with Jennifer Unter in New York
Ki Agency Studio 315, Screenworks, 22 Highbury Grove, London N5 2ER tel: 020 3214 8287 http://www.ki-agency.co.uk/index.php/contact

Email a full synopsis and first three chapters
Fiction and non-fiction Represents screenplays and TV rights as well
LAW (Lucas Alexander Whitley) 14 Vernon Street
London W14 0RJ

lawagencysubmissions@gmail.com - for general submissions

lawchildrenssubmissions@gmail.com - for children's, YA and artwork submissions

Twitter: @LAWsomeTweets
Fiction and non-fiction (see individual agents for preferences) Does not usually represent authors from overseas
Susanna Lea Associates Ltd Paris, New York, London http://www.susannalea.com/submissions.aspx

Electronic submissions only. See Submissions page.
Fiction and non-fiction

No sci-fi
International authors
Limelight Celebrity Management Ltd 10 Filmer Mews 75 Filmer Road London SW6 7JF http://www.limelightmanagement.com/submissions

Query, brief synopsis and the first three chapters only as Word or Open Document attachments.

Thrillers, crime, historical, suspense, mystery and women's commercial fiction. Also non-fiction, especially illustrated books in the areas of arts and crafts, cookery, biography and autobiography, popular science, business, natural history, sport, travel and health Response time 8 to 10 weeks

Lindsay Literary Agency East Worldham House, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 3AT http://www.lindsayliteraryagency.co.uk/submissions/

Send query, synopsis and three chapters to:


Accepts postal submissions

Twitter: @lindsaylit
Fiction, children's books,
selected non-fiction
Small agency - one agent only
Andrew Lownie Literary Agency 36 Great Smith Street

Electronic submissions only.

Non- fiction: mail@andrewlownie.co.uk

Fiction: david.haviland@andrewlownie.co.uk

Fiction and non-fiction Aims to reply within two weeks
The Lutyens & Rubinstein Literary Agency 21 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 2EU http://www.lutyensrubinstein.co.uk/agency-submissions

Send 5000 words (first three chapters) with a cover letter and a short synopsis to: 

Electronic submissions only.
Fiction and non-fiction, children's books Agency owns a bookshop
Andrew Mann Literary Agency 39 - 41 North Road,
London N7 9DP

Send email submissions to:

Fiction, general non-fiction, children's books Small agency
Marjacq Scripts Box 412, 19/21 Crawford St
 W1H 1PJ

Query only one agent.
Fiction and non-fiction for adults and children Also represents screenwriters
The Marsh Agency Ltd 50 Albemarle Street

Online submissions system

Twitter: @TheMarshAgency
Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction Specializes in authors with international potential

Does not represent US authors
MBA Literary Agents Ltd 62 Grafton Way, London, W1T 5DW http://www.mbalit.co.uk/content/submissions

Send the first three chapters, a synopsis, your CV and a cover letter

Twitter: @MBAAgents
Fiction and non-fiction Six agents
Eunice McMullen Ltd Low Ibbotsholme Cottage
Low Ibbotsholme
Troutbeck Bridge
LA23 1HU

Send query letter, synopsis, and the first 2 chapters: all in the body of the e-mail to:

Children's books Accepts very few new clients
The Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency Mayfair, London http://madeleinemilburn.co.uk/contact/submissions/

Query letter (in the body of an e-mail), synopsis, and the first 3 chapters. Both as attached Word or PDF documents. Send to:

Twitter: @agentmilburn
Fiction and non-fiction "We represent authors based all over the world and also review successfully self-published and established authors."
Mulcahy Conway Associates

First Floor
7 Meard Street

Fiction: Query letter, synopsis, the first 50 pages, and SASE.

Non-Fiction: Query letter, a proposal, comparable books, sample chapters, and SASE.


Twitter: @MulcahyLitAgent
Fiction and non-fiction, children's books and YA Welcomes new clients
Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd

20-23 Greville Street

Covering letter, 1-page synopsis (attached), First three chapters (double or 1.5 spaced, attached)


Postal and email submissions accepted
Fiction, non-fiction and children’s fiction. No children’s picture books, poetry or scripts for film, TV, radio or theater "If you have not heard from us after 3 months please assume your submission has been unsuccessful."
PFD (The Peters Fraser & Dunlop Group Ltd) Dunlop, Drury House, 34-43 Russell street, London WC2B 5HA http://www.petersfraserdunlop.com/about-us/submissions/

Postal and email submissions accepted

Only submit to one agent:

Fiction and non-fiction Handles international rights
Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd 20 Powis Mews
W11 1JN

Postal and email submissions accepted

(See individual agents for email addresses)
Fiction, non-fiction, YA, and children’s fiction "We will try to respond within six to eight weeks."
Sheil Land Associates

52 Doughty Street

Query, CV, synopsis, 50 pages

Everything, as well as playwrights, film and TV (including animation and children’s) writers, documentary makers and directors, radio and TV presenters One of the top five agencies in the UK
Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd 71 Hillgate Pl

Submit to only one agent
Fiction and all types of children's books Be sure to read their pet peeves before submitting
Skylark Literary Agency 19 Parkway, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9HD http://www.skylark-literary.com/submission-guidelines/ Children's books and YA Two agents
The Susijn Agency 820 Harrow Road, London NW10 5JU http://www.thesusijnagency.com/aboutus.htm International fiction

No self-help, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, children's, illustrated, business. No screenplays, theatre plays.
International focus
Jane Turnbull Barn Cottage, Veryan, Truro, TR2 5QA Prefers initial contact by letter. Fiction and non-fiction - no sci-fi or fantasy "Friendly," but takes very few new clients
United Agents 12-26 Lexington Street
London W1F 0LE

Query only one agent. See individual agents for specific guidelines.
Fiction and non-fiction They only respond if interested
United Talent Agency Offices in New York and London http://www.theagencygroup.com/departments/
Fiction and non-fiction Four literary agents
The Jo Unwin Literary Agency Jo Unwin, RCW. 20 Powis Mews, London, W11 1JN http://www.jounwin.co.uk/submissions/

Prefers postal submissions.
Fiction and non-fiction Only works with authors from the UK and Ireland
Wade and Doherty Literary Agency Ltd 33 Cormorant Lodge
Thomas More Street
London E1W 1AU

Send query, synopsis, and first 10,000 words to:

Fiction and non-fiction for adults and young adults Responds within seven days
Watson, Little Ltd 22 Highbury Grove, Highbury East, London N5 2DQ http://www.watsonlittle.com/about/submissions/

Query letter, synopsis, first 3 chapters

Query one agent only
Fiction and non-fiction for adults and children Responds within four to six weeks
Whispering Buffalo Literary Agency Ltd 97 Chesson Road
W14 9QS
http://www.whisperingbuffalo.com/about.php?cms_id=9 Fiction and non-fiction Does not publish client list
Eve White 54 Gloucester Street

Electronic submissions only

Twitter: @EveWhiteStaff
Fiction for adults and children International
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME) Offices in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Nashville and Miami ldnsubmissions@wmeentertainment.com

Query letter (within the body of an e-mail), synopsis, and the first 3 chapters (or first 50 pages)Twitter: Literary agents
Simon Trewin @simontrewin
Cathryn Summerhayes @Taffyagent
Claudia Webb @ClaudiaWebb1
Fiction and non-fiction Website unresponsive
Susan Yearwood Literary Agency (SYLA)

2 Knebworth House
Londesborough Road
Stoke Newington
N16 8RL


Twitter: @Susanyn
Commercial and literary fiction, psychological thriller and crime, young adult, children’s books, non-fiction Represents diverse authors
Brotherstone  Creative Management 6 Bayley Street
+44 (0) 7908 542 866
+44 (0) 207 502 5037

If you are sending fiction, please include the first three chapters or fifty pages of your novel, a one to two page synopsis and a short covering letter.

For non-fiction, please send a detailed outline, with a sample chapter and a covering note.

They do not accept scripts for theatre, film or television.

Please email your submission to:

Commercial and literary fiction, nonfiction Transatlantic agency 
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