Wednesday, December 17, 2014

49 Facebook Groups for Authors

Before Facebook, writers could only meet on Wednesdays
Facebook groups are a great way to connect with readers and other authors. In addition, they provide a venue for announcing your new release, promoting your free days on Amazon, discussing topics related to publishing, and marketing and writing tips, and anything else related to books.

Do read each group's rules before you join, and make sure to follow them. (You will be banned if you spam the group with multiple posts, or if you stray off topic, e.g. you decide to post an ad for your hand-knitted dog sweaters.) 

Note that when you are on a group's Facebook page, similar groups will pop up in the right hand column. You may find some niche groups there for your particular genre or interest.


General Reading and Book Promo Groups

  1. Amazon Book Clubs:
  2. Great Deals on Amazon Kindle:
  3. Books:
  4. All About Books:
  5. KindleMojo:
  6. We Love Books:
  7. Books: (book links only– no contests, etc.)
  8. Books #2:
  9. Books #3:
  10. Passion for Books:
  11. Books Gone Viral:
  12. Books, Books and More Books:
  13. Ready to Read: (new releases)
  15. I Luv Books:
  16. Book Junkies:
  17. Book Promotion:
  18. BOOK REVIEW & PROMOTION - (29,000+ Members) - Authors can post books for sale.
  19. Authors (27,000+ Members) - Different types of posts allowed on specific days. Read guidelines.
  20. Book Lovers (20,000+ Members) - Closed group (only members can see posts).
  21. Writers and Readers Unite (25,000+ Members) - Authors may post about their new books and readers may post review or comments.
  22. Authors & Book lovers (21,000+ Members) - This is a discussion group for authors and book lovers to chat about their favorite books. All Authors are welcome to promote here.
  23. Nook & Kindle Readers (20,000+Members) - Share your Kindle and Nook favorite books with us all. Readers and writers alike. Let us know what you are reading or what you have written. We love free download books too. (Closed group).
  24. Book Promotion (24,000+Members) - The purpose of this group is to enable authors to promote their books, to readers of all tastes.
  25. Indie Writer Book and Self Promotion (10,000+ members) - Closed group (only members can see posts).
  26. Readers and Authors Promotions (7,000+ members) -  This group is for Authors to promote their books and for Readers who are looking for great books to read. Authors promote as much as you like.
  27. Writers and Authors' Promotions (1,341 members) - Sister group to Writers Helping Writers, this group is for members to promote their own books as well as those of others.

Free Book Promos
  1. Free eBooks for Kindle, Nook and More:
  2. Free Today on Kindle and Beyond:
  3. Free Kindle and Nook Books for Readers:
  4. - Free/Discount Kindle Book of the Day.

99-Cent Book Promotions

  1. Author 99cent Book Promotions:
  2. 99 cent Kindle Deals:

Author Groups

  1. Author & Book Lover Discussion Group:
  2. Indie Authors International:
  3. Author Meeting Place:
  4. Authors, Agents, and Aspiring Writers:
  5. Authors:
  6. Marketing Ideas for Authors:
  7. Aspiring Authors:
  8. Author Exchange:
  9. Writers' Group:
  10. Kindle Authors Helping Authors:
  11. Writers Like Writers:
  12. Support an Author:
  13. Genre Writers (Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk et al)
  14. Aspiring Novelists
  15. Creative Writing
  16. Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art)


  1. Excellent - thank you. I have my own but always good to learn from those in the biz.

  2. I would humbly like to add my recently formed Writers Network Club to the list. We are building a great bunch of members and offering many benefits in the process, including free blog site and monthly writing contests.

  3. We've got a great little community of writers on OWS Word Mafia also.


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