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2 New Agents Seeking Women’s Fiction, Thrillers, YA, mysteries, Romance & More

Updated 4/24/20

Here are two new agents looking for clients. New agents are great for aspiring authors. They are enthusiastic, eager to make sales, and don't have a mile-high slush pile. While they may be new as agents, they often have connections in the publishing world and work in established agencies. Linda Scalissi is interested in representing authors of women’s fiction, thrillers, young adult, mysteries and romance. Monica Woods' interests include literary and commercial fiction, memoir, and compelling non-fiction in food, popular culture, science, and current affairs. Some of her dream projects include historical fiction about feminists, the Roma, and Maxim Lieber, darkly suspenseful stories (both true and made-up) with unreliable narrators, anything about Poland and its history, nonfiction that is creatively critical, and above all, novels written in a singular voice.

As always, be sure to go to the agency's website before querying. Submission requirements can change, and agents may switch agencies or close their lists.

If these agents don't suit your needs, you can find a comprehensive list of dozens of new and established agents here: Agents Seeking Clients


Linda Scalissi of 3 Seas Literary


About Linda: Linda Scalissi is excited to join 3 Seas Literary as their newest agent. Not only has reading been a lifetime passion, but she has a strong background in professional proofreading, editing and sales. She’s looking forward to receiving submissions and building strong, long-term relationships with her clients. She resides with her husband, two dogs and four rescue goldfish.

What she is seeking: Linda is interested in representing authors of women’s fiction, thrillers, young adult, mysteries and romance.

How to submit: E-queries only: queries [at] No attachments; paste everything into the email. The subject line should begin as follows: “QUERY FOR LINDA: (The title of the manuscript or any short message you would like to relay to us should follow.)” Please email the first chapter and synopsis along with a query letter. Also, be sure to include the genre and the number of words in your manuscript, as well as pertinent writing experience in your query letter. Read submission guidelines HERE.

Monika Woods of Triangle House

About Monika: Triangle House Literary is a boutique literary agency founded in 2019 by Monika Woods in partnership with the literary community at Triangle House. Her clients have won the PEN Bingham Award, been listed for the National Book Award, The Kirkus Prize, The Edgar Awards, LAMBDA Awards, and the Believer Book Award, appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, and been named books of the year by The New York Times and NPR, among other honors.

What she is seeking: Her interests include literary fiction and compelling non-fiction in cultural criticism, food, popular culture, journalism, science, and current affairs. Monika is particularly excited about plot-driven literary novels, non-fiction that is creatively critical, unique perspectives, a great cookbook, and above all, original prose.

How to submit: To query Monika at Triangle House Literary, please send an email with a description of your project as well as the first ten pages of your manuscript to She will respond if she’s interested in seeing more.

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  1. Stephen King himself once advised new authors to skip agents entirely and submit directly to publishers regardless of their proscriptions against accepting 'unagented' manuscripts. He further stated new authors have a better chance of having their book plucked from an editor's slush pile than an agent ever reading it. Finally, he said if an author is bound and determined to find an agent, try to find one 'that won't steal your money.'


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