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Agents Seeking Paranormal Romance Writers

Updated 9/12/22

Paranormal romance is a genre that blends romance with fantastic elements - vampires, fairies, psychics, ghosts, anything in that category. (Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) It never really goes out of style.

That means your touching love story between a time-traveling intergalactic pirate and a kleptomaniac housewife can find representation.

There are a number of good solid agents looking to represent paranormal romance. Make sure you read the agency website and the agent's bio before submitting. Submission requirements frequently change, and agents may close their lists or switch agencies.

You can find a full list of agents actively seeking new clients here: Agents Seeking Clients

Name of agency Name of agent(s) Submissions Notes
3 Seas Literary Agency Michelle Grajkowski

Cori Deyoe This agency takes a very long time to respond to queries, if at all
The Axelrod Agency Steven Axelrod The agency's website is minimal. No submission instructions. But the agent has represented a number of well-known authors.
Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency Meredith Bernstein
Agent has a good track record.
Rees Literary Agency Rebecca Podos 

Taj McCoy
See individual agents for submission guidelines Romance across categories, paranormal romance
Seymour Agency Lesley Sabga

Elisa Houot
See individual agents for submission guidelines Romance across categories, paranormal romance
BookEnds Jessica Alvarez

Jenissa Graham Paranormal, and YA paranormal romance
Browne & Miller Literary Associates Danielle Egan-Miller Adult fiction only
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management Jim McCarthy Represents YA
Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency Ethan Ellenberg This agent is listed as the #1 most non-responsive agent on query tracker
The Janczuk Literary Agency Weronika Janczuk Romance/fantasy
Handspun Courtney Miller-Callihan "warm and supportive"
Bradford Literary Agency Laura Bradford Romance/speculative
The Knight Agency Deidre Knight

Elaine Spencer

Lucienne Diver

Nephele Tempest

Kristy Hunter Over 2000 sales in major publishing houses
Marsal Lyon Literary Agency Kevan Lyon

Jill Marsal

Patricia Nelson
Agency represents many romance writers, all of whom are women
Nelson Literary Agency, LLC Joanna MacKenzie genres
Spencerhill Associates Nalini Akolekar

Ali Herring Romance/fantasy
Donald Maass Literary Agency Jennie Goloboy

This agency is highly respected
Root Literary Taylor Haggerty Accepts both YA and adult
Park & Fine Literary And MediaPeter Knapp

Go to Contact page and click on "submissions"
Their website is difficult to navigate
New Leaf LiterarySuzie Townsend"loves YA and strong characters and voice-driven stories that break out of the typical tropes of their genres"
D4EOPam Victorio

Mariah Nichols"looking for HOT paranormal YA"
HollowayNikki Terpilowski"I would love a mg or ya fantasy or scifi set in Ethiopia. Or an adult royal romance. Or a historical fantasy romance. Or a biopic related to the royal family."
KT Literary Sara Megibow friendly
Darley AndersonTanera Simons UK and US authors
The Booker Albert Literary Agency (UK)Helen Lane
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Ginger Clark LiteraryGinger Clark, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
MacGregor & LuedekeColleen Oefelein
Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, YA, NA
SerendipityAmeerah Holliday Romance, YA, NA
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