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Free Publicity for Your KDP Select Free Days

Updated 11/27/22

NoteSelf-published authors have mixed feelings about KDP Select. For a good critique, read: Should Should You Enrol Your Ebooks In Amazon Kindle KDP Select? Also read: Is Kindle Unlimited Bad for Authors?

If you have published your book on Amazon and have signed up for the KDP Select program, you are probably wondering how you are going to let the world know that you have giveaway days coming up.

There are two steps to this process. First, you need to make sure your book has reviews. Many of the sites that advertise Kindle giveaways require a minimum number of reviews (three, five, ten or, in some cases, more than twenty).

How do you get reviews? Send out a press release, well in advance of your book's publication, to any groups, online media, and reviewers who might be interested - including everyone you have ever known or met. Offer to send them a free PDF file, and make sure you have a dynamite summary that will get them interested. (Pester the people who have promised to write a review until they do. This is not the time to be shy.)

Now choose your free days on KDP Select.

Once you have booked your free days. Send out notices to these sites. (Read their guidelines now. Many require advance notice):

Note: This list was updated on 11/27/22

Ereader News Today
Kindle Book Promos
Ereader Café
Awesome Gang 
Frugal Freebies
Bargain Ebook Hunter
Free Booksy
Ebooks Habit
Book Bub (Books only – no short stories)
Reading Deals  (Books only – no short stories)
Discount Book Man
Indies Unlimited
Free Books Blog


Book Bazaar at Kindle Boards - Join, and chat away.
Free Books - Goodreads group

On the day your book is free, post on these Facebook Sites:

Twitter Hashtags (Note: Twitter is in flux right now)

#BookADayUK (UK only)

Send Tweets to:



@IARTG (add #IARTG to any tweet you want them to retweet)

@MichRockx (fantasy)








@asmsg (writers circle)





















  1. Erica,

    Thank you very much for that list! Some new ones there.

    Darren White | @dazzawhit3 | | ||

  2. Thanks for sharing this helpful information. :) --- Suzanne

  3. "Free publicity" is redundant. Publicity is free; advertising costs money. Having said that, let me add that this is a fine list for authors. Kudos for putting it together and getting it out there.

  4. As a first time author who was literally just now moments away from publishing on KDP Select...Thank you! I had a nagging feeling that I didn't know all there was to know about promoting and publicizing my book ("Diary of a Future Ex-Wife") and the process is crazy intimidating! This information is invaluable!

    The downside for me is that I have to get some "survival" income very soon. Now I know that I'll have to work like a maniac to promote!

  5. Thanks for the great article!
    Another great site for authors to promote their ebooks and even audiobooks.
    There is also an affiliate program for authors, so they can promote their ebooks for totally free.


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