Monday, November 19, 2012

How to List Your Blog on Technorati

If you have stumbled across this blog post, it's because you've entered a time warp. Technorati is no longer listing blogs. As of May 29, 2014, it is now an advertising platform. Facebook has also "monetized" and soon Twitter will as well. 

You can see Technorati's final list of top 100 blogs here.


Listing your blog on Technorati is a little complicated, but it is well worth it. With over a million blogs, Technorati is [was] the mother of all blog directories.

The entire registration system is automated, so if you run into problems nobody will help you. This means you have to follow all of their instructions to the letter.

If you follow these steps, you shouldn't have any problems listing your blog.

1) Write a new blog entry, but do not publish it.

2) Go to the Technorati website and create an account ("join").

3) Add your blog title, URL, blog feed URL, and description. (To find your blog feed URL, scroll down to the bottom of your blog page and hover over "Posts (Atom)."  The URL will appear in green in the lower left corner of your screen.)

You will receive an email almost immediately with the subject line “Technorati Claim in Progress.” Click on the link provided in the email for instructions. Scroll down to “Claim Status.” Click “check claim.” You will see this note:

Claim Status – (your blog)
Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the blog by looking for a unique code. Please put the following short code [ … ] within a new blog post and publish it. This code must appear in the published post and it must also appear in your corresponding RSS feed once published. Once it is published, use the "Verify Claim Token" button on this page to tell Technorati your blog is ready for Technorati to verify the claim token and proceed to final review.

4) Copy and paste the 12-symbol token into the body of your new unpublished post. (The best place to put it is between two paragraphs.) It must be an unpublished post for the process to work!

5) Publish your post. Then go back to your account and click “verify your claim token.” You will get a confirmation email in about 10 minutes.

Note: You may receive the following rejection:.

Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. Unfortunately, we have encountered a problem reading your site's data. Please log into [technorati] and go to [your account] to update any necessary site information and continue the claim process.
Don't panic, just check that your token appears on your published blog and not just on your blog editing page. Go back to your account, and repeat the process.
6) At this point sit back and wait a few minutes for your next email, which will be:
Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review.
7) The next email you receive will be this confirmation:
Congratulations, your claim is now complete! Please allow 24 to 48 hours for Authority and recent posts to begin showing for your site now that it has been successfully claimed. Once they are there, we will update your site's Authority once per day.
At first you may not see your site listed in the Technorati Blog Directory for all of the categories you've selected. As you write blog posts around those topics, you should see your Topical Authority in those categories begin to rise.
In my experience, it takes roughly a day for a blog embedded in an author's website to get confirmed. It takes a grand total of 15 minutes – start to finish – for Technorati to list a Blogger site (yet another reason to duplicate your website blog on Blogger).
Good luck!


  1. Erica,
    When you got your 'token', did you put this number in the title of your post or just in the body of it? I've tried it both ways but the crawlers just can't find it to save their lives... Also,does the RSS feed to the post with the token look something like: of post.html ??
    A.J. Aston, Technorati-challenged

    1. A.J., you put the number in the body of your post. Between two paragraphs is best. Your RSS feed should look like this:


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