Friday, April 30, 2021

Self-Published Book Gets Movie Deal ... Without an Agent

This is an eye-opening article about a writer who could not get his book published and ended up with a movie deal.
Not a single agent was interested in D. Eric Maikranz' debut novel about a young man who is haunted by the total recall of two past lives and then stumbles upon an ancient secret society of other people just like him. So, he self-published his book. But there was a twist. 

On the first page, he encouraged his readers to help by offering a cash reward to anyone who would introduce his novel to a Hollywood producer. And it worked!

Under normal circumstances, I would raise a skeptical eyebrow about this strategy. But, I know from experience that fans will do more for your book than agents or publishers. And if your fans are motivated by the same reward an agent would get, why not give them the opportunity? 

As a case in point, my first book was sold to Random House by a new assistant. The assistant, who had just been hired, loved my book. My agent had not been able to sell my book in two years, but all it took was her young assistant's enthusiasm to get Random House interested. Who is more enthusiastic about your writing than your loyal readers? Give them a chance. You may be surprised. 

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Want To See Your Book Become A Movie? It’ll Take Perseverance And Patience.

By D. Eric Maikranz -April 6, 2021: Book Baby Blog

From Hollywood to Nepal, this story of how a self-published novel became a major motion picture started with an author’s crazy idea of turning readers into agents. Crazy… until it worked!

My debut novel, The Reincarnationist Papers, is being re-released in print, eBook, and audiobook by Blackstone Publishing this year, the same year that the movie Infinite, a Paramount Pictures adaptation of my novel starring Mark Wahlberg and Dylan O’Brien, will hit theaters globally. This has been a dream come true for me, but only a few people know what it took to get here. It’s been a long journey of ups and downs, successes and rejections, risks and giant rewards, and it all started with the tiniest of ideas...

Read the rest of this fascinating article HERE.

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