Thursday, January 9, 2014

From Query to Book Deal in 72 Hours

I love stories like this. But don't we all? The American Dream is not "by working hard I will eventually own a car and a really big TV," it's "I will win the lottery and buy a plane."

The writer's equivalent to winning the lottery is what happened to Elisa Parsley. She sent a query (just one), and the agent signed her up the next day. The following day the agent did an auction. (That's when an agent sends a book to several publishers simultaneously.) And the day after that, Parsley landed a contract with a major publishing house.

The reason this story made headlines is not just that it fulfills a wish - to gain fame, fortune, and a major publisher without having to suffer for it - but that it is pure fantasy.

Writers spend years getting their work into print, countless hours perfecting their craft, countless revisions, countless rejections, endless frustration. And yet, the fantasy that one day everything will fall into our laps is hard to shake.

Deep in our heart of hearts, we want to believe.

Source: Publisher's Weekly.

From Query to Book Deal in 72 Hours: Debut Author Elise Parsley

By Sally Lodge, Dec 17, 2013

It’s a true story that reads like fiction – and it’s one that should raise the spirits of any aspiring author. Elise Parsley, a 27-year-old piano teacher in Plymouth, Minn., leapt from being an unpublished, agentless author-illustrator to one with both an agent and a book contract in three days.

The quick-fire timeline went like this: Parsley sent Steven Malk at Writers House an e-mail query on Tuesday, November 19; he signed her on as a client on Wednesday, and on Thursday submitted her picture book, If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t!, to multiple publishers. Connie Hsu at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers made a pre-empt offer on Friday, which Malk and Parsley accepted that evening. The book is scheduled for fall 2015 publication.

“It’s really crazy to think that a month ago, nobody knew who I was, and now several people do!” said Parsley. She explained that Alligator, the story of a spunky girl named Magnolia who sets off a domino effect of chaos when she brings an alligator to school for show-and-tell, is “my third story that I’ve tried to see through all the way to the end, but it’s the first one that has gotten really good feedback.”

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