Agents Seeking Clients

After you have finished your book, you will be anxious to find an agent. Believe it or not, there are agents who are anxious to find you! For your convenience I have assembled all my posts listing agents who are looking for new clients. The most recent posts are listed first. Start at the top and work your way down. (I have also listed links to helpful posts - how to work with an agent, some of the best ways to find the right agent for you, what agents want from writers, and more.)

A word to the wise! Before submitting anything to an agent, read their submission requirements carefully, and follow them to the letter. I'm not kidding about this. Agents are usually swamped with requests, and that means they will use any excuse to throw your submission into the cyber trash bin. Check your spelling a zillion times. Address your query to them personally and make sure you mention why you chose them.

And one more word - to the not-so-wise. There are a few unscrupulous people out there who claim to be agents, but who are really out to ensnare writers who are desperate to publish. Do NOT under any circumstances pay an "agent" to read your work, or to edit it. Do NOT get sucked into having your work crowdfunded, or placed before "beta readers." DO look agents up on Preditors and Editors, and on AgentQuery. You've worked hard on your book. It deserves good representation.

Good places to find lists of agents and what they want:

Manuscript Wish List

Agent Query

Query Tracker

Jonathan Dalar keeps a nice list of agencies located both in the US and the UK. He also includes a lot of specific information about agents and genres that can be quite useful.

Grad Student Freelancers Blog - weekly lists of agents looking for clients and other opportunities.

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Alex Reubert wants fiction that includes debuts, stories of love, family epics, and coming-of-age, at any age. He loves world literature and wants to see more books published in the U.S. that are not set in the U.S. He is eager to read and represent voices that have been historically de-centered. Thrillers and speculative stories that skew literary are welcome, as is any narrator looking back and trying to make sense of their life.

Tia Ikemoto is looking for middle grade, young adult, adult fiction and select nonfiction that speaks to a wide audience, upmarket & book club fiction, psychological and literary thrillers, women's fiction, updated rom coms, blockbuster or high concept commercial fiction, and historical fiction that takes us somewhere else or teaches us something new. Nonfiction: Pop culture, narrative nonfiction, journalism, of-the-moment essay collections, and the occasional experience-driven memoir.

Mariah Stovall is actively seeking writers with strong voices and intersectional and interdisciplinary perspectives. She works on adult literary and upmarket fiction, narrative nonfiction, essay collections and memoir. She’s most passionate about music, mental health/illness, Black America, linguistics, histories of objects and ideas, pop science, and deep dives into subcultures and social movements.

Natalie Edwards is seeking commercial, upmarket, and literary titles both contemporary and historical: stories of queerness and diaspora, hidden histories, workplace satires/sendups of #girlbosses, and anything that offers biting social commentary and disrupts conventional wisdom.

Hannah Todd (UK) is actively looking for commercial fiction across all genres including women’s fiction; police procedurals; clever thrillers; cosy crime; romantic comedies; accessible historical fiction focusing on WW2 and including dual timeline novels; sagas; emotional issues-led fiction.  
Madison Scalera wants domestic fiction, historical fiction, romance, and memoirs, particularly coming-of-age novels.  
Dani Segelbaum is looking for narrative non-fiction, popular culture, fashion, lifestyle, feminism, memoir, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, politics, and cookbooks. 
Elizabeth Fithian is looking for creators and creator/illustrators who create non-fiction, picture books, middle grade, YA fiction, and graphic novels. On the adult side, she’s eager to find a debut novel, as well as book club fiction, narrative non-fiction, literary fiction, memoir, fantasy, and mystery.  
Tasneem Motala is interested in character-driven MG and YA fiction and graphic novels, with or without a touch of magic, written by BIPOC authors only.  
Rachel Altemose represents a diverse array of genres (children’s through adult) and is particularly keen on narratives with unique voices, diverse perspectives, immersive settings, complicated familial relationships, young/twenty-something protagonists, magical realism/surrealism, or experimental style.  
Barbara Jones is looking for fiction and nonfiction, from highly literary works to much more commercial fare.

Bethany Fulk wants MG, YA and adult fantasy Historical Fiction/Fantasy, Retellings (myth, folklore, legends, fairytales), Mysteries/Speculative/Suspense.  
Susan Velazquez is looking for upmarket/book club fiction and women’s fiction, thrillers and horror, romance, science fiction, fantasy, YA, and narrative non-fiction that explores little-known time periods, historical events, or historical figures.  
Annie Romano is seeking adult fiction and narrative nonfiction.  
Juliana McBride loves commercial and literary fiction, young adult novels, and fantasy.  
Helena Sandlyng Jacobsen has a special interest in translated literature. She is particularly loves narratives involving complicated heroines, characters caught between two (or more) cultures, and the occasional blood-curdling, but impeccably constructed thriller. As for nonfiction, memoir and personal essay are her favorite genres, but she loves to explore new ideas in popular science and delve into historical biographies. CLOSED TO QUERIES

The Feldstein Agency (UK) is seeking adult fiction (excluding romance, historical fiction, and science fiction and fantasy) and adult non-fiction. 
D. Ann Williams represents Middle Grade and Young Adult novels and selected PB.  
Susan Finesman works with a broad range of genres, including fiction, cookbooks, and lifestyle.  
Laurie Robertson (UK) is looking for literary and upmarket commercial fiction as well as memoirs and social commentaries.  
Lauren Wendelken is passionate about nonfiction books with a social mission, or those which aim to make science accessible to all, as well as upmarket commercial fiction, literary fiction, and speculative fiction.

August 11, 2021 7 Agents Actively Seeking Nonfiction, Literary and Commercial Fiction, SFF, Graphic Novels, YA and more

Michael Mungiello's interests include intellectual histories, counterintuitive social science, literary criticism, and jazz. 
Chris Combemale is looking for a broad range of literary fiction and commercial fiction with an unexpected hook, from psychological suspense to speculative and fantasy. In non-fiction he is interested in memoir, essay, and expert-driven projects across subject areas with special attention to technology, food, pop-science, economics, and any book that asks big questions about forces of change. 
Janna Morishima specializes in graphic novels and visual storytelling.

Kate Rizzo (UK) is keen to find aspiring writers, and is interested in stories that explore our recent history or show us something about our world, whether through fiction or research and reportage. 
Annalise Errico is looking for more queer, BIPOC representation across the board, especially in romances that give Happily Ever Afters to complex and palpable characters. In fiction, she is seeking romance, thrillers, fantasy, commercial fiction, New Adult, Young Adult, and graphic novels. She is also looking for narrative nonfiction centering in on women’s stories and queer stories.

Noa Rosen is on the lookout for Fiction: Commercial, General, Graphic Novel, Historical, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, New Adult, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult. Non-Fiction: History, Humor, Journalism, LGBTQ, Memoir, Pop Culture, Psychology. 
Hannah Andrade is especially excited about stories rooted in history, mythology, and legends, particularly those that are lesser-known or underrepresented in traditional publishing, dark and transporting fantasy in YAs, and MGs with macabre elements and dark humor as well as nonfiction.

Logan Harper is seeking a variety of character-driven fiction and is particularly drawn to women’s fiction, book club fiction, psychological thrillers, domestic suspense, mystery/crime, upmarket and literary fiction.  
Bre Stephens wants Gothic, Horror, Speculative, Fantasy, Psychological Realism, Detective/Mystery, MG, YA, and in nonfiction, Art, History, Personal Journey, Healing, Memoirs, Biographies, Self-Help.

Alina Mitchell is actively looking for nonfiction proposals including memoir, biographies, how-to, elementary & secondary education topics, religion/spirituality, narrative nonfiction, and new perspectives in history, arts & culture. ​ 
Kirsten Aguilar is interested in Literary Fiction, Commercial/Upmarket Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Memoir, Essay Collections, and Family Mythology.

Hafizah Geter is open to submissions of literary fiction and narrative nonfiction.  
Ericka Phillips is interested in non-fiction authors working in the Buddhist and mindfulness arena with a focus on health and spiritual well-being.

Rebecca Eskildsen is actively growing her list, with a particular interest in middle grade, YA, and adult fiction. She is looking to elevate LGBTQ+ and BIPOC voices, among other underrepresented narratives.

Delia Berrigan Fakis is looking for nonfiction, as well as literary and commercial fiction, mysteries, and children’s picture books.  
Alison Lewis represents a wide range of nonfiction and fiction, with a particular focus on journalism, narrative nonfiction, cultural criticism, history, science, literary fiction, memoir and essays.  
Kathryn Willms is seeking History; Memoir; Sports; Business; Biography; Health and Wellness; Women’s Issues; Culture; Current Affairs; Journalism; Food and Drink; Self-improvement; Science; Film.

Sulamita Garbuz gravitates primarily towards nonfiction, with an emphasis on books with a social justice bent. 
Nicole Eisenbraun is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction, in all genres. 
Lisette Verhagen is seeking fiction and nonfiction, especially from immigrants and foreign language writers.

Tom Drake Lee is looking for commercial literary and genre fiction which tells stories and illuminates the human condition; fiction which has compelling plot, narrative and characters as well as non-fiction which tells us more about the world around us; nature writing, popular science, history and memoir.

Mia Vitale wants fiction as well as cultural criticism, humor, pop culture, identity (with a particular interest in multi-racial identity), urban environments, reportage, and memoir. 

Charlotte Gillies gravitates towards works that explore interpersonal relationships and questions of existentialism through a comedic lens.

Jared Johnson is interested in science fiction, fantasy (high, historical, or contemporary), magical realism, mystery, and thriller. In nonfiction, he is looking for narrative-driven books, and accessible scholarship that engages with current social issues.

Shannon Gallagher is interested in both fiction and nonfiction in all categories of children’s literature, from picture books to young adult, and she especially welcomes underrepresented perspectives. 

Katherine Odom-Tomchin is seeking Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror, Psychology, Memoir, True Crime, Narrative Nonfiction, Science, LGBTQIA+, Underrepresented Voices.

Charlotte Merritt's list covers a wide range of non-fiction, including history, memoir, politics, psychology and current affairs. 
Katie Fulford is looking for authors in both non-fiction and fiction.  
Emily Talbot is on the lookout for middle grade of any kind as well as picture books.  
Julie Crisp wants historical fiction, crime/thrillers, bookclub fiction and science fiction and fantasy.  
Kate Walsh is looking for commercial non-fiction, particularly with a political or current affairs slant. 
Michael Dean is primarily looking for a broad range of non-fiction.

Kima Jones is interested in representing literary fiction, essay collections, memoir, hybrid texts, commercial fiction, poetry, YA, speculative fiction, science fiction, and horror. 
Katie Fulford is looking for authors in both non-fiction and fiction, smart true crime, memoirs, nature, lifestyle and books about female and family issues. Her personal interests are in history, fashion, style and sport so anything in these areas is likely to pique her interest.  
Margaret Danko is actively looking for literary fiction, historical fiction with a dash of magical realism, fresh literary and commercial suspense, spooky contemporary and fantasy YA, narratives with a deep sense of place and history, quirky and heartwarming family stories, and rom-coms full of charm and whimsy. She is also interested in nonfiction in the areas of humor, lifestyle, popular science, health/wellness, true crime, politics, and current affairs.

Dan Milaschewski wants Action/Adventure, Commercial, Crime, Family Saga, Fantasy, General, Historical, Horror, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, Military, Mystery, New Adult, Religious, Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult; and in nonfiction History, Humor, LGBTQ, Pop Culture, True Crime.  
Emelie Burl represents Children's, YA, and Pop Culture.  
Bailey Tamayo is looking for middle grade, YA, and adult speculative fiction, fantasy, sci fi, horror, and anything in between.  
Kristin Ostby represents authors of middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as picture book author/illustrators and select adult fiction. 
Emily Glenister is seeking female-led reading group and commercial novels, as well as diverse/own voices, with an emphasis on crime/thriller (not political or environmental), upmarket commercial women's fiction with a unique hook, epic love stories, post-eighteenth century history, and gothic novels/ghost stories.  
Darlene Chan is interested in stories by and about BIPOC, women’s fiction, chick lit, crime fiction, YA, pop culture and books on film and the entertainment industry.  
Sera Rivers is currently accepting queries for middle grade and young adult fiction and graphic novels, as well as the occasional picture book.

Lee O'Brien is looking for books with clear stakes and an immersive world, as well as anything with lots of atmosphere, magic, monsters, intrigue, or a plot full of twists and turns across all age categories. 
Meridith Viguet is looking to represent adult “sweet spot” fiction that straddles the commercial and literary line as well as popular nonfiction, especially titles that examine life in rural areas in the US and around the world, and current, too-wild-to-be-true memoirs. 

Paige Terlip is actively building her list of illustrators and is especially looking for author-illustrators and graphic novel illustrators. 
Isabel Kaufman is seeking young adult fiction (all genres), science fiction/fantasy, romance, historical fiction, literary fiction, thrillers, horror, and graphic novels as well as narratives focused on travel, food, and the science of beauty. 
Lindsay Guzzardo represents adult fiction. 
Rukhsana Yasmin is focusing on non-fiction but she is also building a select fiction list, in particular, genre, literary and speculative fiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Ria Julien's interests include literature in translation, diaspora fiction, and nonfiction works of conscience on a wide range of topics including law, history, economics, women & gender, environmental and cultural studies.  
Jacey Mitziga is primarily drawn to literary fiction and upmarket commercial fiction, with a particular interest in underrepresented voices. She is also interested in memoir, narrative non-fiction in the categories of politics and current affairs, history, sociology, and deep-dive journalism.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Iwalani Kim is seeking adult upmarket and literary fiction and select narrative nonfiction.  
Nicole Cunningham is looking to acquire literary and upmarket women’s fiction, historical fiction, and novels with a magical or speculative bent. In nonfiction, Nicole wants essay collections, memoir, and well-researched, nonfiction that explores topics like reproductive health, motherhood, feminism, family, and the natural world.

Hannah Schofield is seeking commercial fiction, rom-coms, YA/crossovers, thriller/suspense, themes of motherhood or sisterhood, dark academia, voice-driven narratives for a millennial or Gen Z audience, and novels from traditionally underrepresented writers.  
Amy St. Johnston accepts fiction for all ages, from children to adults.  
Ian Drury wants fantasy/SF, historical fiction and action/adventure; and on the non-fiction side for history, biography and music.  
Abi Fellows is looking for fiction and non-fiction for adults and children. CLOSED TO QUERIES 
Liza DeBlock represents adult and YA fiction and nonfiction.

Alice Fugate is looking for children’s books and select adult projects.  
Ernie Chiara wants adult science fiction and fantasy and magical realism.  
Michelle Hauck is taking submissions for middle grade, young adult, and some limited adult genres. 
Chelsey Emmelhainz is focused on commercial, diverse voices in YA and adult fiction and nonfiction.  
Caitlin White is now open to select submissions in YA and MG fiction.

Jessica Saint Jean is looking for illustration portfolios and illustrated stories across all children’s lit genres, from board books to YA graphic novels.

Eve MacSweeney is interested in narrative non-fiction and literary fiction titles that speak to her interest in emotionally driven stories, singular voices, and compelling social issues, particularly as they concern the lives of women.  
Susana Alvarez is looking for narrative nonfiction and memoirs.  
Amy Flynn wants picture books, middle-grade, or YA fiction or non-fiction. 
Michaela Whatnall is seeking fantasy and science fiction. She is also interested in nonfiction for both children and adults, especially narrative nonfiction in the areas of history, the creative arts, and lifestyle.  
Jackie Ashton looks to represent writers in the categories of popular science, business, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and upmarket fiction. She is also interested in memoir and essay collections from accomplished writers. 
Kemi Ogunsanwo is primarily looking for literary & commercial fiction as well as YA fiction of all kinds. Note: Kemi only accepts UK writers. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Olivia Maidment is seeking historical, commercial, crime, and reading group fiction, along with narrative non-fiction. 

Sandra Pareja is looking for unconventional literary voices in fiction, non-fiction and sometimes poetry as well as translations. 

Laura Cameron is interested in literary, upmarket and women’s fiction and research-based narrative non-fiction as well as memoir. 

Chelsea Hensley is seeking Middle grade and young adult fiction as well as select adult projects. 

Lisa Amstutz is seeking nonfiction for all ages (preschool–adult), picture book and middle grade fiction, and picture book author/illustrators.

Barb Roose acquires adult fiction and non-fiction.  
Ameerah Holliday is primarily interested in young adult fiction, new adult fiction, fantasy/paranormal romance and novels in verse. For non-fiction she's interested in writing derived from performing arts or passion projects and discussions of mental health in minority communities.  
Jonathan Agin is looking for serious non-fiction—mainly history, politics, and popular culture.  
Amy Collins is seeking Business, How-To, Reference, History, Historical Memoir, Historical Fiction. 
Beth Marshea is actively seeking narrative nonfiction centering around cultural phenomena, adult fiction, YA, MG, and picture books.

Elle Thompson is interested in a wide variety of genres within YA and Adult fiction. 
Jen Nadol is seeking fiction and general nonfiction as well as all types of children’s literature (picture books, middle grade, and young adult).  
Jolene Haley represents middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction.  
Haley Casey wants adult, YA, and MG fiction.
Jennifer Herrington specializes in Romance, Women’s Fiction, and Mystery in both YA and adult fiction. 

Michael Signorelli is interested in literary and commercial fiction as well as nonfiction spanning science, current affairs, sports, and cultural history. 

Melissa Richeson wants picture books, chapter books, mysteries or magic in middle grade, and character-driven stories in young adult. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Kayla Cichello is seeking everything from heartfelt or humorous picture books to dynamic, unpredictable YA.

Kim Lindman is interested in representing narrative non-fiction, select short story collections, commercial and literary fiction for adults, with special interest in contemporary fiction and magical realism. 

Renae Moore is interested in speculative fiction, mystery, thrillers, and select romance in YA and adult books. Renae is always interested in #OwnVoices. 

Paloma Hernando is looking for both graphic novels and prose fiction for YA or adult. She loves romance, particularly queer romance, science fiction that feels fresh, high fantasy, and middle grade with a good sense of humor. She is also interested in non-fiction.

Ms. Lucy Irvine  
Ms. Tori Sharp  
Ms. Kelly Dyksterhouse  
Ms. Joyce Sweeney 
Ms. Jas Perry
September 16, 2020 - 6 Literary Agents Seeking YA, Nonfiction, Memoirs, Speculative Fiction and more
Danya Kukafka is interested literary fiction.  
Courtney Paganelli gravitates towards realistic adult or young adult novels that offer multiple points of view, feature complex relationships, or have dashes of paranormal activity or romance. In the nonfiction space. Courtney is drawn to true crime, millennial-driven self-help, practical business, pop culture, memoirs written by marginalized voices, and books that advocate for women’s rights and social justice issues. 
Renée Jarvis is seeking narrative nonfiction, speculative fiction, literary fiction, and children’s books. 
Stephanie Kim is interested in narrative non-fiction (memoir, pop culture, self-help) as well as select voice-driven fiction.  
Stefanie Rossitto is currently looking for historical fiction, and funny, witty, modern romances. She also enjoys anything and everything medieval as well as exciting historical romances and/or fiction based on real characters.  
Aida Lilly is seeking fiction in upper middle grade, YA, and adult, and select narrative non-fiction. Her favorite genres are adult and YA sci-fi and fantasy, contemporary YA, humor, and adult general fiction
September 10, 2020 - 3 UK Agents Seeking YA, Nonfiction, Literary Fiction, Crime and more

Juliet Mushens is looking for adult and YA fiction. She is looking for crime, thriller, YA, reading group fiction, ghost stories, historical fiction, SFF, romcoms, and high concept novels. 
Kevin Pocklington is looking for a wider range of non-fiction submissions and would like to develop a fiction list with new authors, including accessible literary fiction and crime titles.  
Patrik Walsh wants fiction and nonfiction, especially from new authors.

August 11, 2020 - 4 UK Agents Seeking Crime Fiction, Nonfiction, SFF, Literary Fiction, Memoir and more
Mark "Stan" Stanton is always on the lookout for new crime writers. He is actively searching for new novelists and non-fiction projects.  
Jamie Cowen is looking for genre fiction of all kinds, including crime, thrillers, SF, fantasy and horror, and all fiction for young adults. He is also looking for sport-related non-fiction, and commercial narrative non-fiction, and is keen to see submissions of all genres from BAME and LGBTQ writers.  
Julian Alexander represents fiction and nonfiction of all kinds, from history and medicine, heartwarming memoir, to illustrated books, to edgy detective novels and fast paced thrillers.  
John Ash is seeking  literary fiction, ambitious fantasy, and anything with a dark vein of humour running through it. On the non-fiction side, he loves to read literary and unusual narrative non-fiction and memoir, and is especially interested in writing on music, cultural history, nature and art.

August 5, 2020 - 7 New Agents Seeking YA, SF/F Romance, Nonfiction, BIPOC, LGBTQ and more

Analieze Cervantes is looking for stories in YA and Adult Fiction. She specializes in Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, and Mystery. Analieze is especially open to BIPOC and LGBTQ voices.  
Jackie Williams reads a broad range of commercial and genre fiction. In non-fiction, she looks for books that expand the reader’s empathy and self-awareness. 
Kianna Shore is actively looking for YA.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Patrick Munnelly is interested primarily in anything LGBTQ+ (nonfiction and fiction, including romance). In genre fiction, he prefers horror & fantasy. In nonfiction, he is interested in political science, current affairs, health & wellness, and fitness. 
Jemiscoe Chambers-Black is currently building her client list in middle grade, YA, and adult categories. Jemiscoe is especially open to BIPOC and LGBTQ voices and stories.  
Vanessa Campos is looking to help bring more diverse voices to business, entrepreneurship, and self-help.  
Shannon Snow is seeking romance, YA, fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers.
Simon Targett's interests stretch across a wide range of non-fiction as well as historical fiction.  
Ben Clark loves smart non-fiction of all kinds whether narrative, prescriptive or illustrated. On the fiction side he’s currently looking for tightly plotted thrillers, crime series and science fiction and fantasy.  
Anthony Goff represents literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction, and also several children’s writers.  
Margaret Halton focuses mainly on fiction.  
Anne-Marie Doulton's particular interests include literary fiction, narrative non-fiction (current affairs, biography etc) and high-quality thrillers and mysteries.  
Allan Guthrie's main area of interest is crime fiction.
Mariah Nichols is interested in adult and young adult fiction with genres including thriller, upmarket, romance/rom-com, horror, family drama, science fiction/paranormal, and women’s fiction, as well as nonfiction in categories such as cookbooks, memoirs, self-help, lifestyle, and how-to.  
Amy Giuffrida wants middle grade and YA horror, romance, fantasy and mystery as well as adult Horror, Romance/Chic Lit/Rom Com and nonfiction.  
Shanna Furey is looking for Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comedic, or General Fiction.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Devon Halliday is interested in literary and upmarket fiction with sharp, insightful writing and vivid characters. She’s partial to speculative fiction, women’s fiction, contemporary fiction, metafiction, light psychological suspense, and romcoms, as well as creative and narrative nonfiction, investigative journalism, broad-perspective memoir, and popular science, psychology, medicine, and philosophy.
Natalie Jerome has a specific interest in commercial Non-Fiction across areas of health and wellness, food, current events, culture, music and entertainment as well as looking for new authors in children’s fiction.  
Marina De Pass loves commercial and book-club fiction in all its forms – from psychological suspense to rom-coms and love stories.  
Justin Nash is looking for both grounded science fiction and SF of the far future.  
Jessica Woollard represents a diverse range of international literary fiction and narrative non-fiction. South East Asia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East are areas of particular interest. She’s long worked with memoir.  
Natasha Fairweather  represents predominantly writers of non-fiction as well as fiction.

Daniella Cohen is most interested in literary fiction, narrative memoir, and psychological thriller. She also loves poetry—particularly anthologies that center on feminism and religion.  
Evan Brown is looking for literary fiction, historical fiction, Fantasy, science fiction, sports history and memoir.  Open to submissions by referral only
Pam Gruber is seeking adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction with literary voices and commercial hooks. She is particularly interested in layered fantasy, speculative fiction, fantastical realism, rom-coms, and coming-of-age stories with a twist. She is also open to middle grade and YA graphic novels, as well as select narrative non-fiction on lesser-known subjects.  
Hannah VanVels represents YA, Middle Grade and Picture Books.

Stevie Finegan is seeking Fantasy, Science Fiction, Children’s, Graphic Novels, Non-Fiction.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Sara O'Keeffe has a particular passion for Irish writing.  
Niamh O'Grady is actively looking for accessible literary and reading-group fiction, and narrative non-fiction. 
Harriet Moore represents literary fiction, narrative non–fiction, illustrated non–fiction and poetry. 
Robbie Guillory is looking for outstanding writing across a number of genres: stand-out commercial fiction, science fiction that focuses on communities and relationships whilst the galaxy looks after itself, crime and psychological thrillers with a difference, gripping historical dramas, and beautiful nonfiction with roots in the natural world. (Note: Robbie prefers UK writers.)  
Hilary Delamere represents a wide range of children’s book authors and illustrators from pre-school books to YA novels.

Siobhan McBride specializes in literary and commercial fiction—including mystery and crime, suspense, and psychological horror—and narrative nonfiction, including memoir. She is interested in reading about marginalized voices, strong females, gender issues (men and women), class divide, mental health issues, self-help and psychology, as well as dystopian themes and fantastic fiction.  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Sophie Pugh-Sellers is looking for both fiction and nonfiction projects, particularly innovative takes on classical narrative elements and stories told by radical new voices. 
Arlie Johansen is interested in literary fiction, memoir, narrative nonfiction, and feminist nonfiction. She particularly enjoys short story and essay collections, and both fiction and nonfiction that elevates traditionally underrepresented voices.  CURRENTLY  CLOSED
Larissa Melo Pienkowski is seeking picture books, YA, speculative fiction, magical realism, memoir, narrative nonfiction, cookbooks, and poetry.

April 7, 2020 - 3 Agents Seeking LGBTQ Fiction and Nonfiction
Claire Draper is seeking young adult fiction, middle grade, picture books, graphic novels, or a feminist memoir/collection of essays. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Emmy Nordstrom is looking for literary, upmarket, and commercial fiction, and narrative nonfiction, for adults and older young adults, and on the non-fiction side: memoir, deep dive journalistic accounts, investigative true crime, activism, essay collections, and progressive political and social commentary.  
Kiana Nguyen focuses primarily on YA Contemporary, but would love to work with low/high Fantasy (not-western/European based) and Sci-fi.

Lori Steel represents children's and YA literature.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Eryn Kalavsky is interested in narrative nonfiction, personal growth, parenting, health & fitness, cookbooks, spirituality and pop culture.  
Laura Mazer represents adult nonfiction only.  
Michael L. Joy accepts Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers, Art, Music, Pop Culture, True Crime, Business Self-Help, Graphic Novels.  
Erin Files is most interested in upmarket young adult, middle grade and adult fiction. She also enjoys literary-leaning nonfiction in the areas of psychology, history, and popular science. CLOSED TO QUERIES

March 5, 2020 - 6 UK Agents seeking Nonfiction, Thrillers, Memoir, Literary Fiction and more
Elena Langtry is interested in self-help, nature, nutrition and lived experiences. For her fiction list, Elena is looking for original psychological thrillers, commercial women's fiction and ‘contemporary lives’ stories.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Lina Langlee is looking for books across all genres and age groups.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Alice Saunders is actively looking for new talent in crime, thrillers, epic family sagas; book club literary fiction, and memoir. 
Stephanie Glencross is looking for commercial and upmarket fiction, including accessible literary fiction/ contemporary fiction, crime & thrillers, psychological suspense and legal thrillers/court-room dramas. 
Toby Mundy is looking for gripping narrative non-fiction, and well written, mind-expanding works in the areas of history, biography, memoir, current affairs, sport, popular culture and popular science. He also represents a small number of thriller writers and literary novelists.  
Carrie Plitt is actively building a list of authors writing non-fiction and fiction, with a focus on debuts.

March 3, 2020 - 3 New Agents Seeking Science Fiction, MG, YA, Memoirs, Literary Fiction, Nonfiction and more
Megan Barnard wants adult fiction, thrillers, memoirs, fairy-tale retellings, women's fiction, family sagas, and historical fiction.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Ashley Herring Blake is acquiring projects in Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult fiction.  
Reeves Hamilton is seeking Science fiction - particularly hard Sci-Fi, space opera, climate dystopias, and alternative histories, with some other interest in dark fantasy and classic-style sword and sorcery.

February 6, 2020 - 3 UK Agents Actively Seeking Literary Fiction, Nonfiction, Commercial Fiction, Thrillers, Memoirs and more
Jordan Lees represents crime and thrillers of all stripes (whether commercial or more literary), including speculative thrillers; literary fiction; true crime and smart non-fiction.  
Trevor Dolby is looking for popular science with a clear relevance to everyday life, narrative history, military history, humour, biography, popular culture, natural history and great memoirs by passionate people whose lives have been well lived.  
Lizzy Kremer represents commercial and literary fiction and nonfiction.

Kayla Lightner is looking for speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and horror), thrillers, short story collections, satire, family sagas, memoirs, essay collections, and narrative nonfiction. 
Maria Rogers is currently looking for non-fiction that explores big events from new angles, whip-smart cultural criticism, as well as original and urgent journalism and science writing. She’s also on the lookout for books to engage kids in non-fiction topics, from ancient history to contemporary issues.
Gail Fortune  
Bibi Lewis 
Peter Rubie 
Joseph Perry 
Marlo Berliner  
Claire Harris

Jennifer Weis is looking for new voices and authors preferably with a platform. Areas of specialty include but are not limited to health, psychology, memoir, current events and narrative nonfiction of special interest to women.  
Max Sinsheimer represents a range of adult nonfiction, with a particular interest in food and culture. 
Ben Miller-Callihan's interests include humor, YA and middle grade novels, speculative fiction, cookbooks, mainstream fiction, and anything food-related.  
Callie Deitrick is primarily interested in adult literary or upmarket-commercial fiction and narrative nonfiction. 
Sam Farkas wants upmarket fiction of all stripes, but especially historical; fast-paced, high-concept speculative thrillers; lyrical and immersive fantasy; and single-title romance. Sam is also open to Young Adult and Middle Grade of all genres. 
Jamie Carr represents novelists, short story writers, journalists, activists, and food and culture writers.
Iris Blasi is currently seeking nonfiction in the categories of biography, memoir, history, politics, science, business, “big idea” books, pop culture, cultural criticism, true crime, and narrative nonfiction. 
Ellen Goff is interested in all genres and formats of YA, especially anything spooky, historical fiction, and graphic novels. 

Veronique Baxter represents a wide range of authors, but is particularly interested in literary fiction, children’s writing and thought-provoking non-fiction of all kinds.  
Georgia Garrett represents writers of fiction, narrative non-fiction and children’s books. 
Jo Bell is seeking crime, thrillers & suspense, contemporary romance, women’s fiction spanning commercial, literary & historical, and humor. 
Max Edwards accepts both fiction and non-fiction. He represents genre fiction and YA novelists.

Kate Evans is seeking narrative nonfiction and fiction. 
Zoe King represents nonfiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Zoe Apostolides manages a list of crime, historical, young adult and children’s authors and is also looking to build a non-fiction list. She is especially interested in original horror novels, coming-of-age stories and any sort of whodunnit.  AGENCY CURRENTLY CLOSED TO QUERIES
Andrew Gordon is interested in handling quality non-fiction projects of all kinds as well as fiction. 
Lauren Gardner is looking for non-fiction projects ranging from people undertaking extraordinary challenges and having amazing adventures, to celebrities, aspiring foodies and lifestyle brands. She has a passion for children’s literature and is also looking for YA and middle grade debuts with heart, humor and maybe a supernatural twist or two. 
Jon Wood is looking for entertaining and diverse stories.

Maile Beal is seeking nonfiction and YA. 
Maggie Cooper is seeking historical novels, cookbooks and unclassifiable projects. 
Heather Carr is seeking nonfiction and literary novels. 
Ian Bonaparte is actively acquiring in the areas of journalistic reportage, current events, science, creative memoir, and history, and is especially interested in social justice. 
Abigail Frank is passionate about stories for young people, especially those that are hilarious, poetic, quietly heartbreaking, and/or swoon-worthy. She is also looking for select adult fiction and nonfiction. 
Melanie Castillo is actively looking for fiction and narrative nonfiction. 
Chelsea Eberly represents authors of middle grade, young adult, graphic novels, and women’s fiction, as well as writer-illustrators of picture books.

Ms. Christy Ewers of The CAT Agency Inc. 
Ms. Kelsey Klosterman of Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency 
Nicole Tugeau of Tugeau2, Inc. 
Ms. Sharon Chudnow of InkWell Management CLOSED TO QUERIES
Ms. Megan Manzano of Corvisiero Literary Agency CLOSED TO QUERIES
Ms. Andrea Walker of Olswanger Literary CLOSED TO QUERIES

Susan Canavan is seeking narrative nonfiction that explores the limitlessness of human potential or that change the way we think about the world around us. 
Kelly Thomas is interested in non-fiction (memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, and true crime) and fiction (psychological thrillers, mysteries, suspense, adventure stories, young adult, fantasy, and comedies).  
Tara Gilbert wants speculative fiction, romance, graphic novels, children's literature, YA, horror, LGBTQIA+ books, and Tarot cards.
September 5, 2019 - 9 Literary Agents Actively Seeking Thrillers, Memoir, Pop Culture, Cookbooks, Speculative Fiction and more
Mr. Jon Michael Darga of Aevitas Creative Management 
Ms. Agnes Carlowicz of Carol Mann Agency
Ms. Lindsey Smith of Speilburg Literary Agency 
Ms. Erin Clyburn of Corvisiero Literary Agency CLOSED TO QUERIES
Mr. Jonathan Cobb of Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency 
Ms. Phoebe Low of InkWell Management CLOSED TO QUERIES
Mr. Matthew Belford of David Black Literary Agency
Ms. Alicia Brooks of Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
Mr. Bobby O'Neil of FinePrint Literary Management
Ms. Laura McNeill of Peters Fraser & Dunlop CLOSED TO QUERIES
Ms. Megan Carroll of Watson, Little Ltd 
Ms. Florence Rees of A.M. Heath & Co. Ltd 
Ms. Charlotte Seymour of Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd

Ms. Meg Davis of Ki Agency

Ms. Jennifer Christie of Graham Maw Christie Literary Agents 
Ms. Jane Gregory of David Higham Associates Ltd 
Mr. Jamie Maclean of Coombs Moylett MacLean Literary Agency 
Ms. Cara Lee Simpson of Jonathan Clowes Ltd 
Ms. Sophie Gorell Barnes of MBA Literary Agents Ltd 
Lucy Morris of Curtis Brown 
Ms. Seren Adams of United Agents Ltd

Tessa David is looking for adult fiction, children's fiction and nonfiction. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Rory Scarfe represents a range of clients across commercial fiction and non-fiction as well as screenwriters. 
Donald Winchester is building his list and is interested in literary fiction and well-written commercial fiction, particularly debut authors, as well as memoir. In non-fiction, he is keen to see writing on history, popular science, nature, music, sport, film and technology.

August 6, 2019 - 4 Agents Seeking Horror, Kidlit, Commercial Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Memoir & more
Patrice Caldwell is seeking commercial fiction, everything from chapter books through adult, as well as nonfiction. as well as adult science fiction and fantasy with a literary twist  and narrative nonfiction. In general, Patrice loves horror, and is open to any fresh take on vampires.  
Ronald Gerber is actively building his list in many fiction and nonfiction genres, including speculative fiction, memoir, short stories and thrillers.  
Erin Casey is open to children's books and graphic novels. 
Hannah Brattesani is interested in literary fiction, poetry, and non-fiction lifestyle books.

Tim Bates is particularly interested in pop culture, narrative and serious non-fiction, food-writing, nature and the outdoors, sport and commercial non-fiction and fiction of all forms.  
Josephine Hayes is on the look-out for exciting new voices in commercial children’s fiction for all ages, particularly pacy and adventurous middle grade and teen fiction with lots of heart.  
James Wills is looking for commercial and literary fiction as well as narrative non-fiction, including history, sport, science, popular music, comedy and website/blog-based material.

Joseph Perry is actively acquiring nonfiction and fiction, including literary fiction, historical fiction, graphic novels, legal thrillers, and picture books, as well as trade and academic nonfiction. 
Stephanie Winter is actively seeking diverse and inclusive representation in Upmarket, Commercial, Historical, and Women’s Fiction, in addition to urban and magical fantasies, cozy mysteries, dramatic comedies, light romances, and genre-bending narratives. Within non-fiction, she’s interested in Humor, Pop Culture, Pop Psychology, Memoir, cultural or event-based History, select Dessert Cookbooks, LGBTQ+ narratives, and essay collections.
Dominic Yarabe is currently seeking marginalized voices throughout YA, adult fiction, and nonfiction in politics and sustainability. NO LONGER LISTED ON SITE
Charlotte Wenger is interested in working with authors and illustrators of children's books—board books through YA, but especially picture books—as well as adult nonfiction, particularly biographies and memoirs.

Annabel Merullo represents literary and commercial writers of fiction and non-fiction.  
Holly Faulks is seeking literary fiction and biography. 
Amy Fitzgerald is particularly interested in crime thrillers, reading group fiction, accessible literary fiction, YA, memoir and smart narrative non-fiction with a commercial edge.  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Hannah Weatherill handles the full spectrum of children’s books.

Nicole Geiger is focusing on both fiction and nonfiction in board books, picture books, young chapter books, and middle grade. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Chris Rogers is seeking exclusively nonfiction, including promising, eloquent, scholarly authors with general readership cross-over potential in all fields of history.  
Jade Wong-Baxter wants literary/upmarket fiction, speculative fiction, and narrative nonfiction, especially in the areas of memoir, cultural criticism, history, and pop culture.

Caroline Hardman accepts submissions of accessible literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, historical fiction, crime, suspense and thrillers. In nonfiction she is seeking popular science in the fields of human biology, medicine, psychology, ecology and sustainability, and memoir. She interested in writing on health (of the body or mind), wellness and lifestyle, and she always wants to hear from aspiring and established food writers.
Matthew Turner is looking for agenda-setting social issues – be they economic, political, scientific, environmental. Matt is looking for fiction which takes a side-long look at the world, and which hopes to speak, to some degree, about its present. 
Antony Topping's interests include historical thrillers, contemporary and historical literary novels, science, food, and humor.

Rachel Mills wants nonfiction books that effect positive change; books that can improve our individual lives or that campaign for a better future. 
Milly Reilly is interested in character-driven stories that delve deep into internal lives and the ways that people reveal themselves in friendships, families, and romantic relationships. On the non-fiction side, she is interested in memoir and narrative non-fiction, books on psychology, human behavior, illness and medicine, and political non-fiction that looks at gender, sexuality or race.

Shari Maurer is looking for YA & MG - all subgenres, Non-Fiction YA & MG, including biography, New Adult, Narrative Non-Fiction, Parenting. 
Maria Whelan is seeking literary fiction and upmarket women’s fiction, as well as non-fiction, revolving around peculiar or overlooked facets of society. 
Maureen Moretti loves Narrative Non-Fiction, especially Biography, Culture and History but reads widely in commercial fiction with a soft spot for Upmarket Women’s Fiction.   NO LONGER AN AGENT
Karen Murgolo seeks expert authors with compelling book ideas in the health and wellness areas; engrossing narratives on nature, science, food, and popular culture; delicious cookbooks, transformational memoirs, and inspirational and informational books that help readers live better lives. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Becky Thomas has a particular interest in literary and reading group fiction, narrative non-fiction and memoir, and writing on subjects such as popular culture, music, feminism, sport, nature, film and food. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Rachel Mann wants children's books.  
Leslie Gardner is interested in a wide range of fiction, from literary to fantasy as well as sci-fi, crime writing and fiction for young adults.  
Jodie Hodges wants children's and YA books as well as picture books.

Jacqueline Lipton is currently seeking submissions for middle grade and young adult, both fiction (all genres) and nonfiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Kerstin Wolf is looking for MG, YA, Young Adult, and Romance. 
Victoria Loder is interested in historical, mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy, steampunk, magical realism, paranormal fantasy, narrative non-fiction, feminist manifestos, memoir (travel and foodie).  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Chad Luibl wants narrative nonfiction with a strong emotional pull from journalists and writers who challenge the status quo. For fiction, he is drawn to novels that are more character or plot-driven, thrillers, speculative and historical fiction, and graphic novels.

Claire Harris wants psychological and commercial thrillers, serial detective stories, works of fiction inspired by actual crimes, mystery, suspense, cozies, anything involving serial killers, contemporary family dramas and nonfiction.  
Anne Tibbets is seeking science fiction, fantasy and horror. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Rebecca Carter is looking for ground-breaking new literary fiction writers, as well as writers of upmarket crime and thrillers, and some children’s and YA authors. In non-fiction, she works mainly in the fields of history, politics, social and cultural commentary, design and technology, the environment and travel, often mixed together with memoir, and with a strong emphasis on quality of writing and storytelling. 
Liz Dennis is looking for middle grade and YA which challenge the stereotypes, the mysterious where things are not always as they seem, and where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  CURRENTLY CLOSED TO QUERIES
Zoe Plant is looking for commercial, exciting middle-grade, young adult and adult fiction, including science fiction, fantasy and horror of all types. 
Claudia Young is interested in all types of writing, in particular cooking and food journalism, comedy and travel writing, literary fiction, contemporary as well as historical novels, crime fiction and thrillers.  
Matthew Marland is seeking nonfiction, crime, thrillers, historical fiction, literary and commercial fiction.

Heather Cashman is currently seeking submissions for middle grade and young adult. For fiction, she’ll consider all genres and loves a good genre splice. For non-fiction, anything that takes her back to those days in the library when she wanted to learn about someone, something, and somewhere new.   
Cecilia Lyra is actively seeking literary and commercial adult fiction that feature diverse, layered characters and unexpected plot twists.   

Will Francis has a particular interest in literary fiction, thrillers, speculative fiction, and genre writers with a literary edge, as well as non-fiction rooted in provocative, challenging ideas.  
Therese Coen wants everything.   
Jenny Hewson is looking for literary fiction, historical fiction, book club fiction, gothic fiction, narrative non-fiction, memoir and writing from academics and experts of all kinds.  
Judith Murray loves literary fiction and well-written genre fiction, including thrillers, crime, historical novels and women’s fiction; and literary non-fiction including history, biography, memoirs, cookery and travel writing.

Brenna English-Loeb is specifically looking for works of YA and adult science fiction, fantasy, and suspense, adult literary fiction; and in nonfiction, serious, groundbreaking sociological work. 
Karly Dizon specializes in middle grade and young adult genre fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary).  
Alexandra Franklin enjoys realistic upmarket and literary fiction. Campus novels, literary thrillers, and coming-of-age novels are of particular interest. On the nonfiction side, she is interested in unusual and offbeat memoir.

Claire Paterson Conrad represents a wide range of subjects and authors, both fiction and non-fiction, literary and commercial.  
Joanna Swainson is looking for crime and thrillers, ghost stories, speculative fiction, horror, and narrative nonfiction.  
Cara Jones is looking for exciting new voices in fiction, particularly crime and thrillers, and is also interested in thought-provoking narrative non-fiction.

Jessica Errera is looking for commercial women’s fiction with a fresh and fun hook, all genres of YA (especially diverse stories), contemporary romance, mysteries and suspense, the occasional historical fiction, and anything that might be read in a day on the beach.  
Kelli Martin is passionate about romance, focusing on contemporary romance and romantic suspense, and is also excited to discover new talent and shape content in commercial women’s fiction, including love stories, romantic comedies, suspense, family dramas, friendship dramas, beach reads, and women-coming-into-their-own stories. CLOSED TO QUERIES

John Butman is looking for big, preferably contrarian, ideas and authors who seek to influence thinking, motivate action, and reveal new truths through analysis, storytelling, research, data, and personal narratives—in business, history, technology, psychology, and politics. DECEASED 
Marlo Berliner is interested in all genres of MG and YA fiction, with particular emphasis on adventure, psychological thriller, suspense, mystery, paranormal, urban fantasy, horror, speculative, and romance. She also wants all genres of Romance, except inspirational, historical and erotic. She is also open to women’s fiction, mystery, thriller, and suspense.
Savannah Brooks is interested in nonfiction, memoir, young adult, and contemporary fiction. In both adult and YA. 
Katelyn Uplinger represents Nonfiction (historical and cultural topics); Fantasy & science fiction (and all speculative fiction); Horror; Historical fiction (in all sub-genres); Thriller; Women’s fiction; Romance (especially historical romance).

Hellie Ogden represents fiction, children’s books and non-fiction and enjoys novels with bold storytelling, moving prose and vivid, thought-provoking characters. In non-fiction she is looking for unique personal stories, cookery, lifestyle, and work that has a social following. 
Samuel Hodder is looking for a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction.  
Lydia Silver is particularly looking for magical middle grade adventures, funny contemporary stories and YA novels with an unusual voice. 
Peter Robinson represents both fiction and non-fiction with particular interests in crime, thrillers and historical fiction, together with history and popular science. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Tia Mele is looking for MG and YA. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Justin Brouckaert is seeking literary and speculative fiction.
Timothy Barry represents memoir and fiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Kelly Oden is interested in literary and speculative fiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Anne Tibbets represents adult science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and horror, with the occasional crossover YA.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Amy Stapp is interested in women’s fiction, mystery, suspense, historical fiction, young adult, and select narrative nonfiction.

Kristin van Ogtrop represents memoir, commercial women’s fiction, biography, lifestyle and big idea books driven by counterintuitive thinking.  
Lisa Leshne is most interested in narrative and prescriptive non-fiction, especially on social justice, sports, health, wellness, business, political and parenting topics. She loves memoirs that transport the reader into another person’s head and give a voyeuristic view of someone else’s extraordinary experiences. Lisa also enjoys literary and commercial fiction and some young adult and middle-grade books that take the reader on a journey and are just plain fun to read.  
Ryan Eichenwald is looking for Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Adventure, set in any time period and for any age group. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Jennifer Grimaldi is building a list of historicals, romance, horror, and YA & adult sci-fi and fantasy. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Weronika Janczuk is looking for: Young adult, fantasy & sci-fi, literary fiction, commercial fiction, women’s fiction. romance, crime, mystery & thrillers, memoir, non-fiction (innovative ideas & research; projects with a potential for social & cultural impact, etc.).  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Rhea Lyons is looking for literary/commercial crossover (especially those with a speculative bend), plot-driven commercial fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. She is also interested in narrative nonfiction, health & wellness, pop culture, and true crime-- particularly books that blend history, science, and pop culture. For children's books and young adult, Rhea is especially interested in novels about girls who play sports for the sake of sports, and in nonfiction books that hint at being educational / empowering but are primarily entertaining. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Kerry Glencorse of Susanna Lea Associates
Mandy Suhr of Miles Stott Children’s Literary Agency
Hayley Steed of The Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency
Kate Burke at Blake Friedmann
Chloe Seager at Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency
Amy Levenson is open to nonfiction, and all fiction genres.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Masha Gunic is only looking to acquire middle grade and young adult novels.  
Jim Kelly leans toward biography and history, and also has a passion for crime, both real and imagined.  NO LONGER APPEARS ON WEBSITE
Annie Bomke is interested in representing a wide variety of adult and YA fiction and nonfiction.  
Lauren Scovel is especially interested in fiction and nonfiction involving social justice, political issues, and other timely and underrepresented stories.

Britt Siess is seeking Adult Fiction submissions in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Speculative, Horror, and Thriller genres. She's partial to feminist literature and anything based on a fairytale. In Middle Grade, she's seeking fantasy (does not have to be contemporary) and supernatural elements. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Alice Williams represents children's literature in both fiction and nonfiction.
Elizabeth Resnick is looking for books about food, travel, health & wellness, popular science/psychology, cookbooks, and Big Ideas. In fiction, she appreciates deeply researched historical settings.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Roger Freet is seeking narrative and idea-driven nonfiction in the areas of religion, spirituality, memoir, and cultural issues by leading scholars, pastors, historians, activists and musicians. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Peter Ryan is seeking classic sci-fi, adventure, contemporary stories of life, mysteries, and thrillers.  
Johanna Castillo is interested in Upmarket Commercial Fiction. Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Memoir, Inspirational Self-Help, Latinx Fiction and Nonfiction (adult & children), Literature in Translation, Narrative Nonfiction, and Cookbooks.
Julia Kardon is seeking literary and upmarket fiction and memoir, especially with a focus on identity or with an international lens, narrative nonfiction, journalism, and history.  
Karyn Fischer is particularly drawn to young adult and middle grade novels.

Tara Gelsomino (One Track Literary Agency) represents romance, women's fiction, mysteries, and young adult.  
Matthew Huff (Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency) is interested in novels with a dash of mystery and adventure, whether that be a middle grade/young adult novel, a high concept fantasy saga, or a twisty literary thriller. NO LONGER ACCEPTING QUERIES

Lara Lea Allen (Lotts Agency) is seeking all genres of commercial fiction, YA fantasy, and nonfiction. 
Emma Sector (Prospect Agency) is interested in picture books and Middle-grade and YA of all types, but especially fantasy adventure, magical realism, and historical fiction.       NO LONGER AN AGENT
Leslie Zampetti is interested in middle grade and young adult novels, especially mystery and contemporary. For adult fiction, Leslie is interested in literary mysteries, upmarket romance and women’s fiction, and historical fiction from lesser-known eras and places. For nonfiction, Leslie finds narrative nonfiction that straddles the boundaries between crime, memoir, and literature especially appealing.  
Dara Kaye represents nonfiction only.  
Léonicka Valcius is seeking under-represented voices in picture books, MG and YA, nonfiction, and adult fiction.

Jaidree Braddix
David Laurell 
Ann Rose
Madison Smartt Bell
Alyssa Taylor  
Kat Enright (Seymour Agency) is looking for YA of all genres, Adult SFF, Romance of, and select nonfiction. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Leslie Meredith (Mary Evans) is interested in new voices in memoir; in science, psychology, health, nature, and animals; and in spirituality and mind-body-spirit practices.

Jessie Stover (Seymour Agency)  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Tina Pohlman (Ross Yoon)  

Stacey Kondla is interested in Young Adult and Middle-Grade fiction and nonfiction.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Sonali Chanchani is looking for speculative YA, upmarket and literary fiction, contemporary women’s fiction, psychological mysteries and thrillers, family sagas, and historical projects with a touch of magical realism, popular psychology, humor, essay collections, and memoirs that speak to larger societal concerns.

Kieryn Ziegler is accepting queries for all genres. In fiction, she especially loves books about exciting new worlds, found families, fantastic female characters, and stories with diverse POVs, and would love to see more LGBTQ+ characters in sci-fi and fantasy. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Elizabeth Rudnick's interests primarily lie with middle-grade and young adult fiction of all types—from realistic fiction to fantasy (with a special soft spot for horse- and dragon-related titles).

Jennie Kendrick is interested in YA and MG fiction, particularly Own Voices works. CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS 
Sandra Jordan represents mysteries exclusively. AGENCY DOES NOT APPEAR TO EXIST
Whitney Ross represents middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction across all genres, with an emphasis on historical, SF & fantasy, romance, and contemporary fiction. She is also open to non-fiction submissions in the areas of design, cooking, and fashion.

Joseph Parsons is looking for Non-fiction – Including literary and creative nonfiction, travel and nature writing, current events, history, biography, long-form journalism and scholarly work written for a general audience; Fiction – Contemporary (post-1945) American literary fiction. Joseph is especially seeking new voices including the work of women, people of color, and others who may have been underrepresented in past years, in particular LGBTQ and immigrant authors.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Natalie Grazian is currently accepting queries for commercial, upmarket, and literary adult fiction. She would love it if you sent her contemporary fantasy. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Julia Livshin (independent agent) is primarily interested in literary fiction and quality commercial fiction, but is also on the lookout for narrative nonfiction, memoir, and children’s literature. She’s particularly excited about cultivating new writers.  
Meg Davis (Fletcher & Company) is drawn to novels with a deep sense of place. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Erin McFadden (Fletcher & Company) wants both fiction and nonfiction.
Jordan Hamessley is actively building a list of diverse children’s fiction from picture books through YA and select adult science fiction and horror authors. She is also looking for quirky, non-fiction picture books with a STEM focus.  
Eva Scalzo is interested in romance and YA in all categories.

Jennifer Chen Tran (Bradford Literary) is interested in representing literary and commercial fiction. In nonfiction, she loves books that broaden her world view or shed new light on “big ideas.”  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Amanda Annis (Trident Media Group) is looking for literary fiction and nonfiction.  
Wendi Gu (Janklow & Nesbit) want illustrators, children's literature, and adult literary fiction and nonfiction that speaks to cultural identity negotiation, displacement, and race relations.

Elianna Kan of Regal Hoffmann is particularly interested in Spanish language fiction and nonfiction, and translation in general.  
Lynnette Novak of the Seymour Agency is looking for fantasy, thriller, contemporary romance, mystery, and sci-fi in adult fiction. And in YA she wants fantasy, sci-fi, horror, contemporary, thriller, and mystery.
Rachel Horowitz (Bent Agency) specializes in children’s and commercial adult fiction. NO LONGER AN AGENT 
Jennifer Haskin (The Corvisiero Agency) is seeking young adult literature, fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian fiction.  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Lexi Wangler (Massie & McQuilkin) is primarily looking for literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, crime fiction, cultural criticism, narrative nonfiction, essay collections, memoir and young adult fiction. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Adrienne Rosado of Stonesong is seeking adult and children’s fiction, as well as select non-fiction in the areas of pop-science, business, and the occasional quirky history.

Riddhi Parekh of Laura Dail Agency is interested in young adult and middle-grade fiction, picture books, kids non-fiction; open to considering adult commercial fiction. NO LONGER LISTED ON THE AGENCY'S WEBSITE

Kimberly Jago of Jago Ciro Entertainment prefers books with strong voices, rich landscapes, and an air of the mysterious and fantastic geared towards young adults.
Root Literary
Heather Jackson Literary Agency 
Cullen Stanley International
The Bindery
Luba Ostashevsky (Ayesha Pande Literary) is interested in nonfiction projects that can instill in readers a sense of wonder about the world as well as those that highlight individuals or problems that we seldom see, or projects that transport us in time or place, or provide distance on the familiar.  
Rica Allannic (David Black Agency) is interested in cooking, narrative nonfiction, popular culture, history, and memoir projects, as well as in helping authors from diverse backgrounds tell stories that are important to them.

Ann Leslie Tuttle (Dystel, Goderich & Bourret) is actively seeking all kinds of romance from contemporaries, historicals, and romantic suspense to paranormals and inspirationals. 
Julie Tibbott NO LONGER AN AGENT  
Ali Herring (Spencerhill) is interested in commercial YA and MG (esp. sci-fi, fantasy and adventure), romance, southern women’s fiction, and Christian/inspirational fiction.
September 7, 2017 2 New Agents Seeking Clients NOW
Meg LaTorre-Snyder (Corvisiero Literary) is interested in representing Fantasy, Historical fiction, Romance (with magical elements), Space opera, Steam punk and Thrillers (with magical elements). NO LONGER AN AGENT

Lucinda Karter (Jennifer Lyons Agency) is seeking a range of fiction—adult, young adult, and children’s; history, biography, memoir, and food; finance and economics; and novelty books. CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS
Hilary Harwell (KT Literary) is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction.

Julie Dinneen (D4EO) is interested in literary fiction, commercial fiction, women’s fiction, romance, and select memoir. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Shaheen Qureshi (Capital Talent Agency) wants literary fiction and nonfiction, with an emphasis on historical fiction and narrative nonfiction, as well as memoirs, cookbooks, and graphic novels.
Connor Eck (Lucinda Literary) is actively looking for middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction, as well as nonfiction.

Carolyn Savarese (Kneerim & Williams) is interested in health, food, arts, culture, lifestyle and design.
Greta Moran (The Beth Vesel Literary Agency) is looking for literary fiction and narrative nonfiction.  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Samantha Wekstein (Writers House) is interested in YA fiction, as well as historical, romance, women’s fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Lauren Bieker (Fineprint) is looking for commercial and upmarket women’s fiction.

May 23, 2017 - 4 New Agents Actively Seeking Clients
John Bowers (Bent Agency) is looking for literary fiction and serious nonfiction.  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Jocquelle S. Caiby (Serendipity) specializes in fiction for young adults and adults. 
Katelyn Hales (Robin Straus Agency) in interested in literary fiction, speculative fiction, and nonfiction.
Larissa Helena (Pippin Properties) wants picture books, MG, and YA books. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Blair Wilson (Park Literary & Media) is actively looking for middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as MG, YA, and adult nonfiction. In nonfiction, Blair is interested in narrative nonfiction, crafting/instructional, true crime, pop culture, lifestyle, sexuality & identity, design, and STEM topics. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Joanna MacKenzie (Nelson Literary) is seeking  literary-leaning projects with commercial potential, thrillers, mysteries, women's fiction, and YA coming of age stories. 
Sarah Bedingfield (Levine, Greenberg, Rostan Literary Agency) is interested in most types of literary and upmarket commercial fiction.
Gabrielle Piraino (DeFiore) is seeking nonfiction as well as sci-fi/fantasy, horror, thrillers, and up-market chick lit for adults. She is also interested in children's books.  NO LONGER LISTED ON THE AGENCY WEBSITE
Quressa Robinson (Nelson Literary Agency) is looking for women’s fiction from #ownvoices authors, as well as a wide range of fiction and nonfiction.

Damian McNicholl (Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency) is seeking fiction and nonfiction, including memoirs. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Kaitlyn Johnson (Corvisiero Literary Agency) is interested in young adult, new adult, and adult fiction, especially fantasy. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Laura Crockett (TriadaUS) is interested in YA and adult fiction. 
Claire Roberts (Claire Roberts Global Literary Management) is looking for all types of fiction as well as memoir and narrative nonfiction.
Natascha Morris (Bookends)  is seeking picture books, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, historical fiction, and narrative non-fiction.  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Justin Wells (Corvisiero Literary) is looking to represent middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult novels. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Mitch Hoffman (Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency)
Caryn Karmatz Rudy (DeFiore and Company)
Amaryah Orenstein (Go Lit)
Stacy Testa (Writers House)
Alison Fargis (Stonesong)
Shannon Hassan (Marsal Lyon Literary)
Kerry D’Agostino (Curtis Brown)
Peter Rubie (FinePrint Literary Management)
Hannah Brattesani (Emma Sweeney Agency)
Eric Smith (P.S. Literary)
Joseph Perry (Perry Literary)
Cecilia Lyra (P.S. Literary)

Danielle Smith of Lupine Grove Creative NO LONGER AN AGENT
Lorin Oberweger of Adams Literary NO LONGER AN AGENT
Victoria Marini of Irene Goodman Literary Agency  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Linda Kasten of Loiacono Literary Agency NO LONGER AN AGENT
Chris Wellbelove of Aitken Alexander Associates
Kathleen Schmidt of Empire Literary  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Monika Woods of Triangle House

Amanda Ayers Barnett (Donaghy Literary) is interested in mystery/thrillers and middle-grade, young adult, new adult and women’s fiction, coming of age novels and precocious main characters. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Michael Caligaris (Holloway Literary) is looking for literary fiction, autobiographical fiction, short story collections or connected stories as a novel, LGBTQ lit, novels that are set in the Midwest or could be considered Americana, crime fiction, mystery/noir, dystopian fiction, civil unrest/political uprising/war novels, memoir, New Journalism and/or long-form journalism, essay collections, satirical/humor writing, and environmental writing. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Melissa L. Edwards of Stonesong
Margaret Bail of Fuse Literary NO LONGER AN AGENT
Cathryn Summerhayes of Curtis Brown
Peter Knapp of Park Literary & Media
Suzie Townsend (New Leaf Literary + Media)
Katie Grimm (Don Congdon Associates)
Tamar Rydzinski (Context Literary Agency)
Patricia Nelson (Marsal Lyon Literary Agency LLCCurrently closed to queries except by referral
Quressa Robinson (D4EO Literary Agency)

Ed Maxwell (Sanford J. Greenburger Associates) is seeking expert and narrative nonfiction authors, novelists and graphic novelists, and children’s book authors and illustrators. 
Aimee Ashcraft (Brower Literary) is interested in literary and upmarket fiction, historical and women’s fiction, and young adult fiction (all genres). 
Shana Kelly (Einstein Literary) is looking for novels with great writing and surprising plots; her favorite books fall between commercial and literary. She has a soft spot for well written thrillers and psychological suspense. NO LONGER LISTED ON SITE

Molly O'Neill (Root Literary) is most actively seeking young adult and middle-grade fiction. She is also seeking a select number of children’s illustrators.

Ayanna Coleman (Quill Shift Literary Agency) is seeking young adult and middle-grade fiction in all genres. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Maximilian Ximenez (L. Perkins Agency)is actively pursuing clients for both fiction and nonfiction works. In fiction, he is acquiring science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thrillers, particularly cyberpunk and neo-noir as well as books with a uniquely deconstructive bent. For nonfiction, Maximilian is seeking popular science, true crime, and books pertaining to arts and trends in developing fields and cultures.  
Hannah Fergesen (KT Literary) is looking for young adult and middle-grade, as well as some select adult fiction.
Serene Hakim (Ayesha Pande Literary) is looking for is actively seeking young adult (all genres but in particular: science fiction and fantasy with a unique hook, realistic YA with diverse characters), upmarket women's fiction, and anything that gives voice to those whose voices are underrepresented and/or marginalized.

Elizabeth Copps (Copps Literary Services) represents a wide range of genres from MG and YA, to adult contemporary + literary fiction, mystery, psychological thriller, women’s fiction, historical fiction, horror, and select nonfiction projects.
Melissa Nasson (Rubin Pfeffer Content) is interested in middle-grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction. She is also accepting picture book queries. She is open to all genres, but has a special love for fantasy and science 
Janna Bonikowski (The Knight Agency) is seeking women's fiction, romance, historical fiction, literary/commercial fiction, young adult, and suspense. fiction.

Rachel Crawford (Mackenzie Wolf Literary Services) is interested in literary and commercial fiction and YA. In nonfiction she’s interested in tech, futurism, psychology, environment, and science.  
Kira Watson (Emma Sweeney Agency, LLC) is particularly interested in Children’s Literature (YA & MG).  NO LONGER AN AGENT
Catherine Cho (Paper Literary) is seeking debut novelists, particularly in literary and reading group fiction.

Rick Pascocello (Glass Literary Management), a long-time marketing executive at Random House, is looking for nonfiction, including memoir, biography, history, narrative, business, sports, and popular culture, along with mainstream and literary fiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Grace Ross (Regal Hoffmann & Associates) is interested in literary fiction; historical fiction; international narratives; and dynamic plots that bridge genres. In nonfiction, she is looking for socially and politically conscious narratives, especially those that engage with cultural conversations about gender, race, and class in an accessible way; but she's also drawn to popular science, biography, cultural theory, and memoir. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Vanessa Robins (Corvisiero Literary) is seeking NA, YA—gritty plots with diverse characters; Fiction—thought out thrillers, romance with strong female leads, heavily based science sci-fi, and sports-centric plots; Nonfiction—memoirs including coming of age, cultural/ethnic/sexuality, survivor, and humor themed. Bonus points for Medical Narratives (characters with medical illnesses and chronic diseases, or MS told through a medical professional’s view point). CLOSED TO QUERIES

Amelia Appel (TriadaUS) is most interested in literary fiction, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and horror.

October 11, 2016 - 7 Literary Agents Seeking Horror NOW
Ginger Clark (Ginger Clark Literary)
Connor Goldsmith (Fuse Literary)
Amelia Appel (TriadaUS)
Elizabeth Copps (Copps Literary Services)
Becky LeJeune (Bond Literary Agency)
Michelle Johnson Closed to queries
Maximilian Ximenez (L. Perkins Agency)
October 6, 2016 - 2 New Agents Actively Seeking Writers
Anna Worrall of The Gernert Company is looking to represent smart women’s literary and commercial fiction, psychological thrillers, and narrative nonfiction.

Tracy Marchini of BookEnds is seeking picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, magical realism, historical fiction, and non-fiction.

October 4, 2016 - 12 Literary Agents Seeking Picture Books NOW
Jill Corcoran (No longer an agent)
Emily Van Beek (Folio Jr. / Folio Literary Management)
Jennifer Flannery (Flannery Literary)
John Rudolph (Dystel & Goderich)
Victoria Selvaggio (Jennifer De Chiara Literary)  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Mary Cummings (Betsy Amster Literary EnterprisesCLOSED TO QUERIES
Wendi Gu (Greenburger Associates)
Laura Biagi (No longer an agent)
Natalie Lakosil (Irene Goodman) CLOSED TO QUERIES
Christa Heschke (McIntosh & Otis)
Erica Rand Silverman (Stimola Literary Studio)
Adriana Dominguez (Full Circle Literary)

September 20, 2016 - 17 Literary Agents Seeking Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy NOW
Tamar Rydzinski (Context Literary Agency)
Kaylee Davis (Dee Mura LiteraryCLOSED TO QUERIES
Renee Nyen (KT Literary)  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Patricia Nelson (Marsal Lyon LiteraryCurrently closed to queries except by referral
Rebecca Strauss (DeFiore and Company)
Victoria Selvaggio (Jennifer De Chiara Literary)  CLOSED TO QUERIES
DongWon Song (Howard Morhaim LiteraryCLOSED TO QUERIES
Carrie Pestritto (Laura Dail Agency)
Emily Van Beek (Folio Literary)
Christa Heschke (McIntosh & Otis)
Hannah Fergeson (KT Literary)
Ginger Clark (Ginger Clark Literary)
Peter Knapp (Park Literary)
Becky LeJeune (Bond Literary Agency)
Michelle Johnson Closed to queries
Jennifer Azantian (Azantian Literary) (Closed to submissions) 
Lindsay Mealing (Emerald City Literary)  NO LONGER AN AGENT

September 15, 2016 - 2 New Literary Agents Seeking Writers
Annie Hwang (Ayesha Pande) is interested in all categories of literary and upmarket fiction.  
Jess Dallow (Brower Literary) is looking for YA and adult, with a keen interest in contemporary, thriller, romance, and women’s fiction.

September 13, 2016 - 15 Agents Seeking Adult Fantasy Novels NOW
Danielle Burby (HSG AgencyCLOSED TO QUERIES
Mark Gottlieb (Trident Media Group) Note: In 2018, the Association of Authors' Representatives recommended that Mark Gottlieb be expelled from the AAR due to an ethics violation. You can read the full report HERE.
Mary C. Moore (Kimberley Cameron & Associates) Closed to queries
Valerie Noble (Donaghy Literary) Closed to queries
Lisa Rodgers (Jabberwocky Literary) Closed to queries
Lauren Speiller (Triada US) 
Maximilian Ximenez (L. Perkins Agency) 
Connor Goldsmith (Fuse Literary)  Closed to queries
Ginger Clark (Ginger Clark Literary)
Michelle Johnson  Closed to queries
Jennifer Azantian (Azantian Literary) (Closed to submissions)
Lindsay Mealing (Emerald City Literary) NO LONGER AN AGENT
Kaylee Davis (Dee Mura LiteraryCLOSED TO QUERIES
Rebecca Strauss (DeFiore and Company) 
Victoria Selvaggio (Jennifer De Chiara Literary)  CLOSED TO QUERIES

September 8, 2016 - 6 Literary Agents Seeking Steampunk NOW
Lydia Moëd (The Rights Factory) NO LONGER AN AGENT
Cate Hart (Harvey Klinger) currently closed to queries
Shira Hoffman (McIntosh & Otis, Inc.NO LONGER AN AGENT
Jen Hunt (Booker Albert Literary Agency)
Sara Megibow (KT Literary)
Lane Heymont (Tobias Agency)

August 30, 2016 - 2 New Agents Seeking Submissions NOW
Sarah Phair (Greenburger Associates) is looking for women’s fiction.
Katie Zanecchia (Ross Yoon Literary Agency) is seeking adult narrative non-fiction that catalyzes social change. NO LONGER AN AGENT

August 18, 2016 - 8 Literary Agents Seeking Graphic Novels NOW
Maria Vicente of P. S. Literary
Christa Heschke of Mcintosh & Otis
Gordon Warnock (Fuse Literary)

Anjali Singh (Ayesha Pande Literary)

Clelia Gore (Martin Literary Management) NO LONGER AN AGENT

Dara Hyde (Hill Nadell Literary)

Linda Camacho (Gallt & Zacker Literary) 
Ben Grange (L. Perkins Literary)

August 11, 2016 - 14 Literary Agents Seeking Memoirs
Emma Patterson (Brandt & Hochman)
Rob Kirkpatrick (The Stuart AgencyCLOSED TO QUERIES
Gordon Warnock (Fuse Literary)
Alexis Hurley (Inkwell Management)
Chris Park (DeFiore and Company)
Jessica Papin (Dystel & Goderich)
Anjali Singh (Ayesha Pande Literary)
Vanessa Robins (Corvisiero LiteraryCLOSED TO QUERIES
Jennifer De Chiara (Jennifer De Chiara Agency)
Carrie Pestritto (Laura Dail Agency)
Roz Foster (Frances Goldin Agency)
Erin Niumata (Folio Literary)
Sam Hiyate (The Rights Factory)
Emily Forland (Brandt & Hochman)

August 9, 2016 - 6 Established Literary Agents Looking for Clients
Allison Hunter of Trellis Literary
Courtney Miller-Callihan of Handspun Literary Agency 
Linda Epstein of Emerald City Literary Agency (CLOSED TO QUERIES)
Chris Bucci of Aevitas 
Lisa Gallagher of DeFiore & Company Literary Management Inc. 
Annette Crossland of A for Authors, Ltd. (U.K.)

August 4, 2016 - 9 Literary Agents Seeking Thrillers
Victoria Lowes Cappello (NO LONGER AN AGENT)
Carrie Pestritto
Bernadette Baker Baughman
Kimberly Brower (CLOSED TO QUERIES)
Michelle Brower (CLOSED TO QUERIES)
Jessica Papin
Mitch Hoffman
Evan Gregory

August 2, 2016 -  2 New Literary Agents Seeking Clients - Fiction, Nonfiction, YA. MG, Thrillers and more
Kristy Hunter (The Knight Agency) is looking for fiction in a wide variety of genres.

Suzy Evans (Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency) is seeking nonfiction, self-help, culinary books, thrillers, children's books, graphic novels.

July 19, 2016 - 2 New Literary Agents Seeking Submissions NOW - Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Thrillers, Nonfiction and more
Marya Spence (Janklow & Nesbit) is looking for literary novels and collections, upmarket commercial fiction, cultural criticism and voice-driven essays, narrative journalism with a humorous or critical edge, and pop culture. 
Sarah Manning (Bent Agency) is looking for crime, thrillers, historical fiction, commercial women's fiction, accessible literary fiction, fantasy and YA. Closed to queries.

July 12, 2016 - 12 Agents Looking for Science Fiction - NOW
Carlie Webber (Fuse Literary)
Jennie Goloboy  (Donald Maass Literary Agency)
Moe Ferrara (BookEnds)
Marisa Corvisiero (Corvisiero Literary)
DongWon Song (Howard Morhaim Literary) (CURRENTLY CLOSED TO QUERIES)
Amelia Appel (TriadaUS)
Caitlin McDonald (Donald Maass Literary)
Penny Moore (Aevitas Creative Managment) (CURRENTLY CLOSED TO QUERIES)
Amanda Rutter (Red Sofa Literary)
Matt Bialer (Sanford Greenburger)
Andy Kifer (Gernert) (NO LONGER AN AGENT)
Lisa Rodgers (JABberwocky Lit)

July 7, 2016 - 10 Agents Looking for Historical Romance
Scott Eagan (Greyhaus Literary)
Jessica Watterson (Sandra Dijkstra Literary)
Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency)
Laura Bradford (Bradford Literary)
Emmanuelle Morgen (Stonesong)
Sarah Younger (Nancy Yost Literary Agency)
Elise Erickson (Harold Ober) NO LONGER AN AGENT
Jen Hunt (Booker Albert)
Saritza Hernández (Andrea Brown)
Patricia Nelson (Marsal Lyon Literary AgencyCurrently closed to queries except by referral

July 5, 2016 - 2 New Literary Agents Actively Looking for Clients
Margaret Sutherland Brown (Emma Sweeney Agency) is particularly interested in commercial and literary fiction, mysteries and thrillers, narrative non-fiction, lifestyle, and cookbooks.
Latoya Smith (LCS) is seeking: High-concept women’s fiction; Romance (contemporary, romantic suspense, cowboys, LGBTQ, erotic, inspirational, paranormal); High-concept thrillers and horror; Comedy. In nonfiction, she wants: Memoir; How-to/Advice; Relationships; Health/Wellness; Politics/Current Events /History.
June 21, 2016 - 2 New Agents Looking for Clients - Fiction, Nonfiction, Kidlit, Crime and more 
Suzy Evans (Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency) is looking for adult and children's nonfiction, MG commercial fiction, and YA fiction.  
Barbara Berson (The Helen Heller Agency, Canada) is interested in literary fiction, non-fiction and YA.
June 3, 2016 - 3 New Agents Actively Looking for Writers - Fantasy, Sci-fi, Literary Fiction, Nonfiction, Kidlit
Lindsay Mealing (Emerald City Literary) is seeking science fiction, fantasy, and young adult. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Gill McLay (Bath Literary Agency, UK) is interested in children's books.
Christina Clifford (Union Literary) is looking for literary fiction and narrative nonfiction in the genres of historical biography, memoir, business, and science

May 5, 2016 - 4 New Agents Seeking Clients NOW - Fantasy, Scifi, YA, Romance, Literary Fiction and more
Kelly Peterson (Rees Agency) is looking for MG, YA, NA, and adult fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, historical fiction, and romance. 
Amanda Jain (BookEnds) is seeking historical fiction (in all genres), women’s / book club / upmarket fiction, romance, mysteries, and narrative nonfiction in the areas of social history, archaeology, art history, and material culture. She is also interested in select young adult and middle grade projects with unique hooks and a strong voice.
Albert Lee (Zachary Shuster Harmsworth) is interested in nonfiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Alexandra Weiss (The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency) is looking for fiction in all categories.

April 14, 2016 - 2 New Agents Looking for Clients
Elise Erickson (Harold Ober Associates) is seeking romance and all of its subgenres, women’s fiction, paranormal, mystery including clever cozy mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, commercial literary fiction, and some YA. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Lori Galvin (Zachary Shuster Harmsworth) is seeking cookbooks.

April 5, 2016 - 3 New Agents Seeking Clients
Ryann Wahl (Holloway Literary) is interested in representing literary fiction, upmarket fiction, and young adult novels. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Michael Hoogland (Dystel & Goderich) is looking for sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, upmarket women’s fiction, and some children’s books (picture books, MG, and YA), as well as a wide variety of narrative nonfiction, including science, history, and politics. 
Erik Hane (Headwater Literary) is seeking literary fiction, and for nonfiction, he seeks popular science, sports writing, popular culture/modern life, essays, and history.

March 10, 2016 - 2 Agents Seeking Clients - Science Fiction, Fantasy, MG, YA, Nonfiction & more
Paul Stevens (Donald Maass Literary Agency) is looking for science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and humor (both fiction and nonfiction). CURRENTLY CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS

Tanusri Prasanna is looking for kidlit, ranging from picture books and middle-grade to YA (including YA/Adult crossovers.

March 3, 2016 - 11 Agents Seeking Women's Fiction
Carly Watters (P.S. Literary)
Stephany Evans (Ayesha Pande)
Sarah Joy Freese (Wordserve Literary)
Stacy Testa (Writers House)
Sharon Pelletier (Dystel & Goderich)
Carrie Pestritto (Laura Dail Agency)
Linda Camacho (Gallt & Zacker Literary)
Allison Devereux (Cheney Agency)
Carlie Webber (Fuse Literary)
Ann Leslie Tuttle (Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC)
Reiko Davis of DeFiore and Company
Molly O'Neill of  Root Literary
Stacia Decker of Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency CLOSED TO QUERIES
Jennifer Udden of Barry Goldblatt Literary CLOSED TO QUERIES
Miriam Altshuler of DeFiore and Company
Maggie Riggs of Riggs Agency
Eric Myers of Myers Literary Management

February 18, 2016 - 2 New Agents Seeking Clients NOW
Stephanie Fretwell-Hill (Red Fox Literary) is looking for authors and illustrators of board books, picture books, middle grade, and young adult in any genre. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Kemi Faderin (Dystel & Goderich) is looking for smart, plot-driven YA, historical fiction/ nonfiction, contemporary women’s fiction, and literary fiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Rob Kirkpatrick (The Stuart Agency) is looking for memoir, biography, sports, music, pop culture, current events, and history.  CLOSED TO QUERIES
Rachel Beck (Liza Dawson) is interested in women's fiction, thrillers, romance, YA, and literary fiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES

Alex Slater (Trident) 
Maria Vicente (P.S. Literary)

Veronica Park (Corvisiero Literary)

Rebecca Podos (Rees Literary)

Sarah LaPolla (Bradford Literary) CLOSED TO QUERIES

Jill Marr (Sandra Dijkstra Literary)

Alec Shane (Writers House)

Lane Heymont (Tobias Agency) CLOSED TO QUERIES

Evan Gregory (Ethan Ellenberg Literary)

Heather Flaherty (The Bent Agency) CLOSED TO QUERIES

Stacey Graham (Red Sofa Literary) is looking for humor books, humorous memoir, dark middle grade, New Age with a strong platform, quirky nonfiction (YA/MG and adult), history, and horror.  CLOSED TO QUERIES through 6/1/19, she will only take pitches at conferences 1st half of 2019
Shaun Dolan (Union Literary) is seeking literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, pop culture, and sports narratives. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Alexa Stark of Trident Media Group is seeking literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, young adult, memoir, narrative nonfiction, popular science, cultural criticism and women’s issues. 
Leigh Eisenman of Mackenzie Wolf is seeking literary and commercial fiction for adults as well as nonfiction, and select narrative nonfiction. 
Mitch Hoffman of Aaron Priest Literary Agency is seeking authors writing across the spectrum of fiction and nonfiction, including thrillers, suspense, crime fiction, and literary fiction, as well as narrative nonfiction, politics, popular science, history, memoir, current events, and pop culture.

Carlie Webber
Paula Munier (closed to queries)
Kaylee Davis
Laura Biagi (No longer an agent)
Sam Morgan (No longer an agent)
Mark Gottlieb Note: In 2018, the Association of Authors' Representatives recommended that Mark Gottlieb be expelled from the AAR due to an ethics violation. You can read the full report HERE.
Evan Gregory 
Sara Megibow
Jennie Goloboy
Beth Campbell (No longer an agent)
Lynnette Novak
Lisa Rodgers
Nicole Resciniti
Kaitlyn Johnson (No longer an agent)
Kurestin Armada
Tara Carberry (Trident Media Group) is looking for women’s commercial fiction, romance, new adult, young adult, and select nonfiction. NO LONGER LISTED ON TRIDENT'S SITE
Jaida Temperly (New Leaf Literary & Media) is seeking middle grade and young adult titles as well as adult mystery and high fantasy. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Ann Collette of Rees Literary Agency  REFERRALS ONLY
Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary 
Julie Stevenson of Waxman Leavell Literary Agency 
Alec Shane of Writers House  
Jennifer Johnson-Blalock of Liza Dawson Associates NO LONGER AN AGENT
Mallory C. Brown of TriadaUS CLOSED TO QUERIES

Lynnette Novak of Seymour Agency

Adrienne Rosado of Stonesong 
Sergei Tsimberov (Ayesha Pande Literary) is seeking literary fiction and nonfiction with historical, political and international themes. NO LONGER LISTED
Elise Capron (Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency) is looking for adult literary fiction, multicultural fiction, debut novels, story collections, and, on the non-fiction side, trade-friendly cultural and/or environmental history.
Nan Thornton (Aevitas) is looking for literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, biography, memoir, and nonfiction in the areas of health, science, business, parenting, and education. CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS
Arielle Datz (Dunow, Carlson, & Lerner) is seeking Fiction (adult, YA, or middle-grade), both realistic or fantasy/sci-fi. In nonfiction, she is looking for essays, unconventional memoir, pop culture, and sociology.
Sam Morgan of Jabberwocky Literary (No longer an agent)
Lane Heymont of Tobias Agency 
Evan Gregory of Ethan Ellenberg Literary 
Emmanuelle Morgen of Stonesong 
Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency
Anjali Singh (Ayesha Pande Literary) is seeking character-driven fiction or nonfiction works, literary thrillers, memoirs, YA literature and graphic novels. 
Tricia Skinner (Fuse Literary) is looking for romance.

October 13, 2015 3 New Agents Looking for Writers
Megan Close Zavala (Keller Media) is looking for self-help, dating/relationships, pop culture, pop psychology, management, career, entrepreneurship, health, and science. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Sandy Harding (Spencerhill Associates) is seeking thrillers, women’s fiction, romance, and literary fiction for the adult market. 
Caitlin McDonald (Donald Maass Literary Agency) is looking for science fiction and fantasy for all age levels.

October 6, 2015 - 8 Agents Seeking Women's Fiction Writers
Kimberly Brower of Brower Literary CLOSED TO QUERIES
Mallory C. Brown of TriadaUS CLOSED TO QUERIES
Danielle Burby of HSG Agency CLOSED TO QUERIES
Marie Lamba of Jennifer De Chiara Literary
Carly Watters of P.S. Literary
Patricia Nelson of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency Currently closed to queries except by referral
Courtney Miller-Callihan of Handspun

October 1, 2015 - 2 Agents Looking for Children's Book Writers
Jodell Sadler (Sadler Children's Literary) is looking for Author-Illustrators, Picture Books, Chapter Books, MG, and YA (especially funny), fiction and creative nonfiction, and freeverse. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Michelle Witte (Mansion Street Management) is looking for Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children’s Non-fiction, Picture books, Early readers. CLOSED TO QUERIES

September 3. 2015 - 3 Literary Agents Actively Seeking New Clients
John Cusick (Folio) is looking for MG and YA. He is seeking author/illustrators and artists as well. 
Matthew DiGangi (Bresnick Weil Literary Agency) is seeking American history, sports, politics, weird science, food, pop/alternative culture, and video games. 
Sue Miller (Donaghy Literary Group) is looking for Young Adult (all genres), Literary, Upmarket and Commercial Fiction, and character-driven Romance (all subgenres).

July 30, 2015 - 2 New Agents Seeking Writers: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Nonfiction, Thrillers
DongWon Song (Howard Morhaim Literary) is seeking science fiction and fantasy – especially epic fantasy or high fantasy. He is also interested in books about food, science, and pop culture. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Laura Mamelok (Susanna Lea Associates) is looking for literary fiction, high-end commercial fiction, women’s fiction, literary crime/thrillers, and young adult fiction with crossover appeal. In nonfiction, she is looking for narrative nonfiction, current affairs/journalism, memoir, and humor. NO LONGER AN AGENT

July 16, 2015 - 3 New Agents Actively Seeking Clients: Fantasy, Romance, NA, YA, Nonfiction
Amanda Annis (Trident Media) is seeking general-interest and upmarket nonfiction, spirituality and wellness, and literary fiction. 
Mallory C. Brown (TriadaUS) is interested in young adult, new adult, fantasy, romance, women’s fiction, and nonfiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Pete Knapp of New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc. is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction across all genres, and he's also seeking smart, high-concept adult fiction.

July 7, 2015 - 2 New Agents Seeking Clients
Danielle Burby (HSG Agency) is looking for young adult, mystery, women’s fiction, and fantasy. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Eric Smith (P.S. Literary) is looking for YA and adult sci-fi and fantasy, thrillers and mysteries; and in nonfiction, cookbooks, pop culture, humor, essay collections, and blog to book ideas.

June 18, 2015 - 2 New Agents Actively Seeking Writers - Literary Fiction, Thrillers, Romance, Memoir, Nonfiction and more
Mary South (Lowenstein Associates) is seeking literary fiction, and in nonfiction: neuroscience, bioengineering, women's rights, design, and digital humanities, as well as investigative journalism, essays, and memoir.  
Saba Sulaiman (Talcott Notch Literary) is seeking literary and commercial fiction, romance (all subgenres except paranormal), psychological thrillers, cozy mysteries, and memoir. In young adult, she seeks contemporary realistic stories. She also is looking for middle grade fiction. In nonfiction, she accepts humor books.

June 5, 2015 - 3 New Agents Seeking Clients - Fantasy, Sci-fi, Nonfiction, Thrillers, YA and more
Moe Ferrara (BookEnds) is seeking science fiction, fantasy, and romance. 
Amanda Rutter (Red Sofa Literary) is seeking fantasy, science fiction, and YA contemporary.
Jennifer Johnson-Blalock (Liza Dawson) is looking for nonfiction: current events, social sciences, women’s issues, law, business, history, the arts and pop culture, lifestyle, sports, and food, including cookbooks and health/wellness; and in fiction, thrillers, especially ones that are psychological or have a literary bent, upmarket women’s fiction and contemporary YA. NO LONGER AN AGENT

May 22, 2015 - 2 New Agents Seeking Clients - Sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, romance, and more
Eve Porinchak (Jill Corcoran Literary) is looking for edgy, psychological thrillers, gang-lit, and realistic contemporary. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Penny Moore (Aevitas Creative Management) mainly represents children’s literature, including picture books, middle grade, and young adult. She also has an interest in select platform nonfiction projects that speak to younger audiences. Though she’s interested in all genres, she’s specifically seeking inventive works featuring breakout voices and compelling plot lines that will make young readers feel seen and heard for the first time. CLOSED TO QUERIES

May 8, 2015 - 2 New Agents Actively Seeking Clients
Linda Camacho (Gallt & Zacker Literary) is seeking adult, middle grade, and young adult fiction across all genres (romance, horror, fantasy, realistic, light sci-fi, and graphic novels), select literary fiction (preferably with commercial bent). 
Noah Ballard (Curtis Brown, Ltd.) specializes in literary debuts, upmarket thrillers and narrative nonfiction, as well as select YA and middle grade that breaks the mold.

April 29, 2015 - 2 New Agents Seeking Clients - Nonfiction
Trena White (Transatlantic Agency, Canada) is looking for nonfiction in these areas: current affairs, business, culture, politics, technology, religion, and the environment.
Leila Campoli (Stonesong Literary) is seeking nonfiction projects in business, finance, investing, science, pop culture, and current events.

Jesse Finkelstein of Transatlantic Literary is looking for nonfiction. No longer listed on site
Kurestin Armada of Root Literary is looking for Magic Realism, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ (any genre), select Young Adult and Middle Grade, Graphic Novels, Mystery (including mystery with elements of SF/F), and Romance. In nonfiction, she is looking for Design, Cooking, Pop Psychology, Humour, Narrative, Photography, and Pop Science. Closed to queries

March 30, 2015 - 2 New Literary Agents From Established Agencies Seeking Clients Now
Kerry D’Agostino of Curtis Brown, Ltd., is interested in a wide range of literary and commercial fiction, as well as narrative nonfiction and memoir. 
Lydia Blyfield of Carol Mann Literary, is seeking adult, young adult and middle grade fiction, as well as nonfiction projects in the areas of self-improvement, lifestyle, relationships and business. NO LONGER AN AGENT

Cara Mannion of Harold Ober Associates is looking for YA and adult commercial fiction, including romance (and all its subgenres), historical fiction, women’s fiction, paranormal, science fiction, horror, mysteries and thrillers, as well as nonfiction biography. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Stephanie Delman is looking for literary fiction, historical/book club fiction featuring stories that haven’t been told, upmarket women’s fiction, and smart psychological thrillers/suspense, as well as nonfiction pop culture, narrative memoirs, and blog-to-book projects.
Amanda Leuck of Spencerhill Associates is looking for literary and commercial YA, new adult fiction, urban fantasy, and romance in all genres, including edgy romantic suspense, contemporary and paranormal.
Victoria Selvaggio of Jennifer De Chiara Literary is looking for all genres (lyrical picture books, middle grade and young adult fiction, new adult, mysteries, suspense, thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, narrative nonfiction, adult fiction), thrillers and all elements of weird, creepy stuff.  CLOSED TO QUERIES

February 12, 20152 New Agents Actively Seeking Clients
Heather Flaherty (Bent Agency) is looking for children’s, middle grade, and young adult fiction and nonfiction, as well as select new adult fiction, and pop-culture or humorous nonfiction. CLOSED TO QUERIES
Sarah Nagel (Writers House) is looking for psychological thrillers, horror, mystery, suspense, literary fiction, realistic Young Adult and Middle Grade with a hint of magical realism, and for nonfiction - medical ethics, true crime, humor books and memoir. NO LONGER AN AGENT

February 2, 20152 New Agents Looking for Writers
Lane Heymont of the Tobias Agency is especially interested in sci-fi and fantasy. 
Caitie Flum of Liza Dawson Associates is looking for historical fiction, mysteries/thrillers of all kinds, magical realism, and memoirs. Caitie is also looking for Young Adult and New Adult projects, particularly romance, historical fiction, mysteries and thrillers, and contemporary books with diverse characters. Currently closed to queries.

January 15, 20152 New Agents Seeking Writers
Kirsten Carleton of Waxman Leavell is looking for upmarket young adult, speculative, and literary fiction, YA noir/thriller/mystery.
Amanda Panitch of Lippincott Massie McQuilkin is looking for young adult and middle grade only: high fantasy set in a non-Western inspired setting, dark psychological thrillers, quirky mysteries, literary contemporary, historical fiction set in a place or time not often explored in fiction, or anything featuring food as a main element. NO LONGER AN AGENT

January 2, 20152 New Agents Actively Building Their Client Lists
Leon Husock has a particular interest in science fiction and fantasy, young adult and middle-grade novels.  CURRENTLY CLOSED TO QUERIES
Cynthia Segraves is interested in representing young adult, children’s, nonfiction, memoir, and commercial fiction.

December 19, 2014 - 2 New Agents Seeking Writers
Heather Alexander of Pippin Properties is looking for picture books, middle grade, YA, and literary graphic novels. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Dan Balow of Steve Laube Literary Agency is looking for nonfiction for the Christian market, but represents a select number of novelists working in Christian historical, contemporary, Biblical, and futuristic genres.

December 5, 20142 New Agents Actively Seeking Writers
Abby Saul of Browne & Miller Literary Associates is looking for great and engrossing writing, no matter what the genre.
Melissa Edwards of The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency is interested in reading international thrillers with likeable and arresting protagonists, lighthearted women’s fiction and YA, female-driven (possibly small-town) suspense, and completely immersive fantasy.

November 21, 2014 - 2 New Agents Seeking Clients
Rebecca Scherer of Jane Rotrosen Agency is seeking women’s fiction, mystery, suspense/thriller, romance, upmarket fiction at the cross between commercial and literary.
Kimberly Brower of Brower Literary is seeking commercial and literary fiction, with an emphasis in women’s fiction, contemporary romance, mysteries/thrillers, new adult and young adult, as well as certain areas of non-fiction, including business, diet and fitness. Kimberly is interested in representing English-language writers from all countries.

November 7, 2014 - 2 New Agents Seeking Writers
Monika Woods' interests include literary fiction and compelling non-fiction in cultural criticism, food, popular culture, journalism, science, and current affairs.
Linda Scalissi of 3 Seas Literary is seeking women’s fiction, thrillers, young adult, mysteries and romance. NO LONGER AN AGENT

October 23, 2014 - 3 New Agents Actively Seeking Writers
Alec Shane of Writers House is seeking humor, biography, history (particularly military history), true crime, “guy” reads, and all things sports. “What I’m looking for in fiction: mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, historical fiction, literary fiction, and books geared toward young male readers (both YA and MG).
Cassie Hanjian of DeFiore & Company is seeking New Adult novels, plot-driven commercial and upmarket women’s fiction, historical fiction, psychological suspense, cozy mysteries and contemporary romance. In nonfiction, she’s looking for projects in the categories of parenting, mind/body/spirit, inspirational memoir, narrative nonfiction focusing on food-related topics and a limited number of accessible cookbooks. Cassie does not accept submissions in the following categories: science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children’s, literary fiction, poetry, and screenplays. No longer an agent.
Tina Schwartz of The Purcell Agency is seeking Chapter books (all kinds except fantasy); Middle Grade (contemporary/realistic, sports, mystery, humor, multicultural, issue driven [no fantasy]); Young Adult (edgy, issues, contemporary/realistic, light romance, sports, mystery [no fantasy]). Tina is also seeking nonfiction Chapter books, Middle Grade, and Young Adult – all topics. She is not seeking: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Paranormal or Picture Books submissions at this time. Currently closed to queries.

October 15, 20142 New Agents Seeking Writers
Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency is seeking Christian and Inspirational Fiction and Nonfiction, Women’s fiction (contemporary and historical), New Adult, Southern Fiction, Literary Fiction and Young Adult. 
Patricia Nelson of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency is looking for adult and YA fiction. On the adult side, she is interested in literary fiction and commercial fiction in the New Adult, women’s fiction, and romance genres. For YA, she is looking for contemporary/realistic fiction as well YA mystery/thriller, horror, magical realism, science fiction and fantasy. She is also interested in finding exciting multicultural and LGBTQ fiction, both YA and adult. Currently closed to queries except by referral

September 26, 20142 Literary Agents Actively Seeking Writers
Brent Taylor of TriadaUS Literary Agency is looking for middle grade, young adult, new adult, and select mystery/crime and women’s fiction.
Lana Popovic of Chalberg & Sussman is looking for Young Adult and Middle Grade projects, from contemporary realism to speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and historical. For the adult market, Lana is interested in literary thrillers, horror, fantasy, sophisticated erotica and romance, and select nonfiction. An avid traveler, she has a particular fondness for stories set in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, although she also loves reading deep and original stories about American subcultures. NO LONGER AN AGENT

September 12, 20142 New Agents with Established Agencies Looking for Clients
Valerie Noble of Donaghy Literary Group is looking for YA/NA science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction and historical fantasy. Currently closed to queries.
Genevieve Nine of Andrea Hurst & Associates is looking for Fantasy (open to all subgenres except game-related), Science Fiction, Mystery, Historical Fiction Retellings (classics, fairy/folk tale, myth), Contemporary Realism (especially with elements of humor). She also represents the following adult and new adult categories: Mystery (detective/PI, amateur, cozy, historical, comic, caper), Thriller (supernatural, historical, disaster, ecological), Gothic/Hauntings/Quiet Horror, Historical Fiction, Retellings (classics, fairy/folk tale, myth), Romantic Comedy, Magical Realism, Food Memoir, Travelogue/Travel Memoir. Note: Genevieve Nine has retired.

September 4, 2014 - 2 Agents from Reputable Agencies Looking for Writers
Mark Gottlieb of Trident Media Group. Note: In 2018, the Association of Authors' Representatives recommended that Mark Gottlieb be expelled from the AAR due to an ethics violation. You can read the full report HERE.
Soumeya Bendimerad of Hannigan Salky Getzler is actively seeking to represent literary fiction, upmarket/book club fiction, and select young-adult and middle grade. She is drawn to intelligent literary fiction with a fresh voice, coming of age stories, novels with elements of travel or stories set in other countries, family sagas, experiments with form, and complex but sympathetic characters. In non-fiction, she is seeking topics in popular culture, music and art history, unconventional business, politics, narrative non-fiction, sociology, cooking, travel, and memoir.

August 25, 2014Agents Seeking Paranormal Romance Writers
This is a list of 26 agents looking for paranormal romance. Links and contact info provided as well as details about track records.

August 20, 2014Agents Looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers
This list of over 130 agents representing sci-fi and fantasy is constantly growing. All of these agents are expanding their client lists.

August 15, 2014 - 2 Agents From Established Literary Agencies Looking for Clients
Stacy Testa of Writer's House is looking for literary fiction and upmarket commercial women’s fiction, particularly character-driven stories with an international setting, historical bent, or focus on a unique subculture. She also represents realistic young adult (no dystopian or paranormal, please!). For nonfiction, she is particularly interested in young “millennial” voices with a great sense of humor and a strong platform, startling and unique memoirs, and voice-driven narratives about little-known historical moments.
Catherine Luttinger of Darhansoff & Verrill NO LONGER AN AGENT

July 31, 2014 - 2 New Literary Agents Actively Seeking Clients
Rachel Brooks of BookEnds is excited about representing all genres of young adult and new adult fiction, as well as adult romance. While she is looking for all sub-genres of romance, she is especially interested in romantic suspense and urban fantasy.

July 21, 20142 Agents Looking for New Writers
Pam Victorio (D4EO) is looking for adult genre fiction (no erotica) as well as MG, YA, and New Adult fiction.
Mackenzie Brady Wilson (SK Agency) is looking for memoirs, lost histories, epic sports narratives, true crime and gift/lifestyle books as well as select adult and YA fiction.

July 4, 20142 New Agents Seeking Clients
Whitley Abell  is primarily interested in Young Adult, Middle Grade, and select Upmarket Women’s fiction. Closed to queries
Alexander Slater (Trident Media Group) is interested in children’s, middle grade, and young adult fiction and nonfiction, from new and established authors.

June 21, 2014 2 Literary Agents Seeking Clients Now
Mary Krienke of Sterling Lord Literistic is looking for  literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and realistic YA.
Renee Nyen of KT Literary is looking for Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction.

June 13, 2014 - Established Agent Looking for New Clients
Andrea Hurst is no longer accepting clients. She is retired.

May 26, 2014 - 4 Literary Agents Actively Looking for Clients
Jessica Watterson of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Annette Crossland A for Authors, Ltd. (U.K.)
Kate Johnson at Mackenzie Wolf Literary Services (UK and US)

May 11, 2014 - Literary Agent Looking for Writers
Maria Ribas of Stonesong

April 28, 2014 - 3 Literary Agents Looking for New Clients
Michelle Richter of Foreword Literary Agency
Rebecca Podos at Rees Literary Agency
Laura Biagi (No longer an agent)

April 15, 2014 - 2 New Literary Agents Seeking Clients
Taylor Haggerty of Root Literary Agency
Jennifer Azantian of Jennifer Azantian Literary Agency (Closed to submissions)

March 27, 20142 Agents Looking for Clients
Lisa Gallagher 
Caitlen Rubino-Bradway NO LONGER AN AGENT

March 18, 2014 - 3 New Literary Agents Seeking Clients
Cate Hart (Corvisiero Literary Agency) is looking forYA. She will consider any genre, but is looking especially for Fantasy and Magical Realism. For Middle Grade, she is looking for Fantasy, Adventure and Mystery with a humorous or heart-warming voice and a unique concept. For Adult, she is only accepting Historical Romance. Cate will also consider select LGBTQ and Erotica. For Non-Fiction, Cate will consider select histories and biographies. 
Rena Rossner (Deborah Harris Agency) is looking for Fantasy and Science Fiction in all its permutations.
Holly Lorincz (MacGregor Literary) is looking for general market submissions in these areas: historical romance, literary or classic westerns, political or conspiracy thrillers, women's fiction, or literary fiction. NO LONGER AN AGENT

February 13, 20144 Literary Agents Seeking New Clients
Christopher Rhodes of Stuart Agency  NO LONGER AN AGENT

Allison Devereux of Cheney Agency

Allison Hunter of Trellis Literary

Laura Zats of Headwater Literary Management
January 16, 2014 -  3 Literary Agents Seeking New Clients
Lara Perkins of Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
Nikki Terpilowski of Holloway Literary
Jordy Albert 

November 24, 2013 - Literary Agents Seeking Clients
Rachael Dillon Fried (Sanford Greenburger Associates)
Shannon Hassan (Marsal Lyon Agency) 

October 28, 2013Literary Agents Looking for New Clients
Beth Phelan (Gallt & Zacker Literary)
Monica Odom (Bradford Literary) NO LONGER AN AGENT
Connor Goldsmith (Lowenstein Associates) CURRENTLY CLOSED TO QUERIES

October 19, 2013 -Literary Agents Seeking New Clients
Anna Olswanger (Olswanger Literary)
Adam Muhlig (McIntosh & Otis)

September 27, 2013Established Literary Agents Looking for New Clients
William Callahan (Inkwell)
Emma Parry (Janklow & Nesbit) 

August 2, 2013 - Literary Agents Who Are Seeking Writers
Beth Campbell of BookEnds, LLC is looking for romance, cozy mystery, YA, fantasy, science fiction, and women's fiction submissions. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Sarah Nego of Corvisiero Literary is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction manuscripts, particularly speculative fiction. NO LONGER AN AGENT

July 10, 2013 Agents Seeking Authors
Jessica Negron of Talcott Notch Literary is interested in all kinds of YA and Adult fiction, but lean toward science fiction and fantasy (and all the little sub-genres), romance (the steamier, the better), and thrillers. NO LONGER AN AGENT
Steven Hutson of WordWise Media represents a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children. Spiritual themes are a favorite. Please no erotica, poetry, chainsaw murders, picture books, or screenplays.

June 20, 2013Literary Agents Seeking New Writers
Roz Foster of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Sarah E. Younger of Nancy Yost Literary
Bridget Smith of JABberwocky 


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